Won Game
Against Wooster High by One Point
Massillon   6                         Wooster   5

Local School Was Greatly Out-weighed and Weakened
Wooster Gained Well on Forward Passes
Reception at Captain’s Home
Wooster Astonished

Massillon High School, 6; Wooster High, 5.  Thus in half a dozen short words is told the story of the victory of science over beef, of indomitable pluck over cock-sureness, and principally of nerve over avoirdupois.  By means of a touchdown by Wagner and a goal kicked by Captain Grinnell, the Massillon High School football team won by one point in one of the most closely contested games in the city this season.  It was played on the high school grounds Friday afternoon.

Wooster high was not so much chagrined as surprised.  The fact that a team which was not supposed to be as strong as the eleven which it defeated at home, several weeks ago, by  the score of 22 to 0, should snatch a victory out of the very jaws of defeat was a proposition so amazing that the Wooster enthusiasts were still endeavoring to figure it out, when they departed for home in a bewildered manner, Friday evening.

The Massillon team entered the game really as a matter of honor.  Several of the strongest players had been compelled to leave the team on account of a low scholastic standing and a cancellation of the game was seriously considered on this account.  Wooster high objected, however, and Massillon high felt honor bound to play the game and die fighting if necessary.  As is seen by the result it was the other fellow who needed the obituary.

When Wooster’s giants of bone and brawn weighing nearly in the neighborhood of 175 pounds, stepped majestically on the field the hearts of the carriers of the orange and black pennants became exceedingly heavy and they consoled themselves with the thought that possibly Massillon would score once anyhow.  When the game commenced and the guns began to shoot it was seen that Wooster’s men were not there with the expected speed and Massillon’s stock soon rose many points in the popular estimation.

Massillon high won the game near the end of the second half when all seemed lost.  Wooster high had scored a touchdown near the beginning of the game and with the score 5 to 0 in Wooster’s favor Massillon was hoping against hope for something to happen – and happen it did.  Darkness was making final preparations for falling on the face of the earth and the sun had just set beyond the brewery to the west – this is the way all good stories begin, dear reader.  Wooster’s dusty football heroes had just punted the ball to Massillon’s team and the latter had commenced a series of nerve racking line bucks.  One which was worked very frequently was a double pass from Captain Grinnell to Wagner.  It was on this play that the touchdown was made.  Wagner had just received the ball from Grinnell and had half started around the right end.  In the dusk, the figures of the players seemed like silhouettes.  Suddenly Wagner saw a large hole directly where left tackle should have been and dashed into it.  Down the field he went warding off tackler after tackler and scored the touchdown between the goal posts after a thirty yard run.

After the Massillon fans had sufficiently recovered from their astonishment they realized that the game was practically won.  Pandemonium broke loose.  The air was filled with orange and black pennants, hats, canes, handkerchiefs and various other sundry articles of wearing apparel.  Half back Wagner was raised on the shoulders of half crazed students and carried around the grounds.  When the police had succeeded in once more clearing the field, Wagner held the oval while Captain Grinnell sent it sailing six inches above the bar, clinching the victory.  And then they all howled again.
The game, the best of the season in many respects, was opened at 3:40 o’clock, when Captain Grinnell kicked off to Captain McSweeney.  Hammersmith downed him before he had gained many yards.  Firestone attempted to punt but Hammersmith again came into the lime light by breaking through and blocking the punt.  A second trial at a punt was successful and was received by K. Miller.  Grinnell and Wagner commenced a series of line bucks which carried the ball back into Wooster’s territory.  Wooster received the ball and Firestone, Wooster’s 185-pound fullback, promised to make a touchdown, but was downed by the diminutive Keeley Miller.  Firestone and Captain McSweeney gained many yards on line bucks but soon Wooster was penalized for hurdling.  The ball was again carried down into Massillon’s territory and, after a long, skirting end run, Wyant carried the ball across the line for a touchdown.  The ball being far to the side, Firestone missed goal.  Prospects were looking exceedingly poor for Massillon.  Wooster fans talked confidently of a score worse than the 22 to 0 defeat administered at Wooster.  Score 5 to 0.

Fireston kicked off to Hollinger, who gained twenty yards.  Grinnell made a series of his famous gains through tackle.  Grinnell punted to Firestone, who never moved before Wells was on him like a flash.  Firestone dropped the ball but Wyant picked it up and gained forty yards through some loose tackling by the Massillon players.  Frailey failed badly on an attempt at a field goal and Captain Grinnell kicked out from the 25-yard line.  Massillon now gained steadily.  Hammersmith sent Massillon fans into the first spasm of ecstasy when he carried the ball across the goal line on a forward pass from Grinnell.  It turned out though that the ball had touched the ground and Massillon was penalized the usual fifteen yards.

Wooster was again penalized for hurdling but made large and consistent gains by the use of the forward pass. Wells’ work in getting down the field on punts and forward passes at this stage of the game was remarkable.  Several times he seemed to drop out of space and crush the man with the ball to earth before he had advanced a step.  Frailey attempted another field goal, which went far wide.  When Grinnell punted back, McSweeney carried the ball a good distance on a double pass and the half ended with the ball on Massillon’s 25-yard line.

In the second half Firestone kicked to K. Miller.  Each side had its second wind and held hard.  The ball was kept in the middle of the field for some time, Massillon gaining on punts, but being surpassed in forward passes.  Grinnell and Wagner made smashing gains through tackle and guard, while Hollinger hit the line well.  After the touchdown that won the game, it was so dark that the different teams could be distinguished with difficulty.  The game soon ended with the ball in Wooster’s territory.

The teams lined up as follows:

Massillon   Pos.         Wooster
Hammersmith le         R. Smith
W. Miller        lt  Frederick and Markley
Carr               lg      Greenwald
Herzog           c           Walters
Erb                rg         C. Smith
Baer               rt          Reddick
Wells             re         Barnhart
K. Miller      qb            Frailey
Wagner        lhb            Wyant
Grinnell (capt.)                   rhb   McSweeney
Hollinger        fb        Firestone

Massillon – Wagner.
Wooster – Wyant.

Goals kicked:  Massillon – Grinnell.

Time of halves:  25 and 20 minutes.

Referee and umpire, alternating –      Merwin of Massillon
Cameron of Wooster
Timer – Hall of Massillon.
Head Linesman – Richeimer of Massillon

Attendance – 300.

Firestone, Wooster’s giant fullback, affectionately termed “Sloppy” by his teammates held a parade all by himself up and down the field before the game.  Luckily he did not hear all the remarks that were made.

Frailey, Wooster’s quarterback, played a clean, snappy game.  He was knocked out for several minutes in the second half.

Captain Grinnell improves in line bucking with every game played.  His skill in this line is commencing to rank with his punting.

Coach Hall was as pleased as everybody else when Wagner made the touchdown.  His hat went into the air in regular college style.

It was not Hammersmith’s fault that the score was not 12 to 5.  He carried the ball across the line but the score was ruled out on a technicality.

The high school girls conducted a little game of piracy with their tickets.  They said the team “needed the money.”
Of course the exuberance of the team after the game was too good to keep.  When the curtain had dropped on the last act, a break was made for the high school bell and the glad news that Massillon high had conquered over its opponents was rung out over the city.  In the evening the members of the team planned a surprise which was held at the home of Captain Grinnell in Front Street.