Ex-Highs Defeat the M.H.S. at the Park Saturday
(This is also considered an Exhibition Game)

The football game at the park Saturday afternoon between Massillon High and ex-Highs resulted in a victory for the latter by the interesting score of 5-0. As was expected, the alumni outweighed the students considerably, but the good organization of the latter almost made up for this. The game was called at 2:45 and until near the end of the first half both teams fought fiercely within an area of fifty yards. With but several minutes to play the ex-Highs pushed Miller over the line for a touchdown. An attempt at goal failed.

In the second half, by a clever use of the forward pass, S. Wells made a splendid run for a touchdown. However, this was ruled out by the referee on account of some technicality or other. No scores were made in the second half. No ill feeling was shown with the exception of a slight argument between Lee Willenborg and several of the high school faculty on account of some partiality shown to the ex-Highs. However, matters were amicably settled and “all went merry as a wedding bell.”

The teams with blood in their eyes faced each other as follows:

Massillon High – 0 Position Alumni – 5

Klotz LE Reed
G. Wells LT Becker
Baer LG Garrett
Wenger C Schworm
Wagner RG Youngblood
Miller RT Hagan
Grinnell, Smith RE Brown
Graze QB Merwin
Wagner RH Jones
S. Wells LH Thompson
Dow FB Miller

Head Linesman – Lee Willenborg.
Referee – Anderson.
Linesmen – Moody and Borroway.
Timekeeper – Prof. Hopkins.

Time of halves – 25 minutes.