SEPTEMBER 27, 1906
(This game was considered a scrimmage or exhibition game)

Ex-Highs Made Two Touchdowns in the Last Half

Spectators Nearly Stop the Game by Crowding on the Field

S.A. Wilson Came Last Night
McChesney Here on Friday

The Massillon High School football team opened the season by losing the first game to the ex-High football team on the high school grounds Wednesday afternoon by the score of 10 to 5.  The high school boys made the first touchdown of the game in the first half.  The ball was in the possession of the high school boys and as they had two downs and about five yards to gain they punted the ball towards the goal when Graze managed to get the ball and scored a touchdown.  The ex-High team worked hard to get the ball across the goal line, but fumbles kept them from doing so the score ended (this portion of the line is unreadable…High School’s favor.

In the second half the game went the other way.  The ex-Highs braced up and managed to score two touchdowns.  Merwin, who played quarterback for the ex-Highs, punted the ball near the goal line, which Dow fumbled.  Burkhart picked up the pigskin and scored the first touchdown for the ex-Highs.  The second touchdown was scored by Keller, the
ex-Highs bringing the ball up the field to the goal line by forward passing and line bucking.  Much difficulty was experienced by the teams on account of the spectators crowding over the lines, making it almost impossible for the game to proceed.  Time and time again both teams were penalized for being offside and tackling too low, some of the players using the rules in use last season.  The High School team is (this portion of line unreadable…) to put up a good fight with any high school team in the vicinity.

The line-up and summary follow:

Ex-High            Position    High School
Snyder  left end             Graze
Fiegenschuh left guard           H. Wagner
Crookston               center           Winger
Keller       right guard        Bair
McGuire   right tackle     Wells
S. Reed    right end     Taggart
Merwin      quarterback         Swanson
Thompson   left halfback Wells
Burkhart   right halfback          Wagner
Miller    fullback               Dow

Score of first half:
High 5; ex-high 0.

Time of halves:
25 and 30 minutes.

Graze, Burkhart and Keller.

Referee – H. Reed.
Umpire – Becker.
Timekeepers – Brown and Hay Smith.

OCTOBER 8, 1906
(Regular Season Game)

School Team Defeated
Wooster High by the Score of
21 to 0

In the preliminary game the Massillon High School football team defeated the Wooster High School team by the score of 21 to 0.  It was thought that on account of the increased weight of the visitors that the local team would suffer a bad defeat, but although the visitors weighed fifteen pounds more to the man they could not hold the locals.  Koltz’s end run from the locals’ fifty yard line was the feature of the game, although Swanson, Wells and Dow starred.  The High School team is now in fine form and is ready to meet any of the high school teams.

Line-up and summary:

Massillon – 21            Position   Wooster – 0
Koltz   right end       Slaybaugh
Grinnell     right tackle Firestone
Bair  right guard               Ibrig
Winger    center            Redick
H. Wagner  left guard     Miller
G. Wells     left tackle Weygant
Taggart  left end             Everly
Swanson      quarterback  Shallenberger
S. Wells      left halfback   McSweeney
C. Wagner right halfback Bender
Dow     fullback               Baer

Swanson 1; Wells  2; Dow  1.

Kicked goal:
Dow  1.

Referee – Merwin, of Massillon.

Time of halves – 20 and 15 minutes.


Ex-Highs Defeat the M.H.S. at the Park Saturday
(This is also considered an Exhibition Game)

The football game at the park Saturday afternoon between Massillon High and ex-Highs resulted in a victory for the latter by the interesting score of 5-0.  As was expected, the alumni outweighed the students considerably, but the good organization of the latter almost made up for this.  The game was called at 2:45 and until near the end of the first half both teams fought fiercely within an area of fifty yards.  With but several minutes to play the ex-Highs pushed Miller over the line for a touchdown.  An attempt at goal failed.

In the second half, by a clever use of the forward pass, S. Wells made a splendid run for a touchdown.  However, this was ruled out by the referee on account of some technicality or other.  No scores were made in the second half.  No ill feeling was shown with the exception of a slight argument between Lee Willenborg and several of the high school faculty on account of some partiality shown to the ex-Highs.  However, matters were amicably settled and “all went merry as a wedding bell.”

The teams with blood in their eyes faced each other as follows:

Massillon High – 0       Position      Alumni – 5

Klotz           LE              Reed
G. Wells      LT           Becker
Baer            LG            Garrett
Wenger         C        Schworm
Wagner       RG    Youngblood
Miller           RT             Hagan
Grinnell, Smith                   RE            Brown
Graze          QB           Merwin
Wagner       RH              Jones
S. Wells      LH      Thompson
Dow            FB              Miller

Head Linesman – Lee Willenborg.
Referee – Anderson.
Linesmen – Moody and Borroway.
Timekeeper – Prof. Hopkins.

Time of halves – 25 minutes.