The Football Team Won by a Score of 12 to 0
New Philadelphia Put Up a Strong Game
and Showed Surprising Strength Near the Close of the Game
Massillon High Rallied and Held the Opponents on Downs

Saturday afternoon before a crowd of about one hundred and fifty people the Massillon high school football team more than redeemed itself for any former defeats by trouncing New Philadelphia High by the score of 12 to 0.  The game was one of the best seen on a Massillon field this season.

The game was called at 2:30, New Philadelphia kicking off to Massillon.  The kick was a nice one and Smith received it at the fifteen yard line and advanced to about ten yards.  Massillon started line bucks, but New Philadelphia displayed unexpected strength.  The boys managed to push a few yards up the field toward north goal, but rather than run the risk of being held for downs, McFarren called a punt and Albright responded by making a fine one of forty yards.  New Philadelphia managed to reach the fifty yard line when a fumble was made and Massillon secured the ball.  Burkhart now found a hole and slipped through for a fifteen yard run, after which the opposing line was hit for long gains, Kirchhofer displaying fine talent in this line.  The boys were now at the five yard line and Albright took the ball and put it across the line directly beneath the goal posts amid the cheers of the onlookers.  The goal was an easy one and was kicked by Albright.

The local team now kicked to the visitors, who received the ball at the fifteen yard line and advanced to the twenty-five yard line, where McFarren made a nice tackle.  Slow gains by the opposition were now in order and on a fumble by New Philadelphia Jones by quick work managed to fall on the ball.  Big “Dutch” Senhauser, the adversaries’ right half, was now laid out.  Massillon here devoted its efforts to line bucks and gained steadily.  The locals here made some great runs – Smith one of twenty-five yards, Albright thirty-five yards and Burkhart twenty yards, in close succession, bringing the home team to the five yard line when time was called.  The score was 6 to 0.

At the beginning of the second half Massillon again kicked to the guests.  The ball was caught at the twenty yard line and advanced fifteen yards by good dodging.  The visitors could not realize on Massillon’s line and a fumble was made which resulted in a loss to them of twelve yards.  Albright tackled the man before he could make any gain.  Massillon here made good gains, though it had to fight gamely for them.  The home aggregation now neared its goal and its blood was up for a second touchdown to make it better than its first game with this team, and Albright carried the ball under the goal posts and once more kicked goal.

Massillon once more kicked to the opposition, the ball being received at the fifteen yard line, where the man was instantly tackled without a gain.  The New Philadelphia team succeeded in reaching the twenty-five yard line when the man with the ball was tackled behind the line and was carried back fifteen yards.  A punt was called by the visiting team and was fumbled by McFarren, New Philadelphia regaining the ball.  The opposing team now played the best of the whole game, going through Massillon’s line for its five yards regularly.  Time for the second half was rapidly nearing the end and the home boys put forth every effort to keep the visitors from a touchdown.  As they reached the five yard line Massillon braced itself and the result was a yard to gain on the third down when time was called, the score standing 12 to 0.

The line-up was as follow:
New Phila.             Position                Massillon
L. Zellner                   LE                   Hollander
Kislig                         LT                         Jones
Cunning                     LG                   Ratchford
Page                           C                        Tucker
Olmstead                   RG                     Wagner
Ripeth                        RT                         Smith
Orr                            RE                      Merwin
K. Zellner                  QB                  McFarren
Foster                        LH                    Burkhart
Senhauser, capt.         RH                     Albright
Wilkin                        FB                 Kirchhofer

Alternate referee and umpire, Bast and Doeschock.
Timekeepers, Cronebaugh and Wiley.
Head Linesman, Souers.

The record of the High school team now stands as follows:
Wooster                  5
Massillon                 0

Canton                    8
Massillon                 0

New Philadelphia     0
Massillon                 5

Barberton                0
Massillon               15

Canton                  12
Massillon                 5

The game with Wooster on next Wednesday will be rather one sided with the present crippled state of the team, with Kaylor sick, McFarren with a sprained wrist, and Stoner doubtful as to being able to play.