The Local Boys Score Three Touchdowns
Barberton was Never Dangerously Near Massillon’s Goal
Every Member of Massillon High
Played to Win from Start to Finish
A Financial Loss

Friday afternoon, before a moderately large crowd, Massillon High gave an exhibition of what it can do against a team of its own size and weight.  Much delay was experienced in starting the game, as the greater part of the team did not arrive at the grounds, being delayed by a derailed car at the square.  The crowd grew quite impatient and Manager Tucker finally started after the team on foot but happily met the car and the game finally started about 4:30.

Barberton kicked off to Massillon; the ball was fumbled and no advance was made; Barberton in turn made a fumble.  The Massillon boys now made great gains toward south goal, Burkhart hitting the line for fine advances, and the home team went steadily up the field.  The ball was given to Albright who made a magnificent run for thirty-five yards.  On the next down Burkhart received the ball and went around left end for a fifty yard run, making the first touchdown.  Albright failed on goal.  On the second kickoff Albright secured the ball at the twenty yard line and reached the thirty-five yard line before going down.  Massillon now played straight football going through the line at will.   When the thirty-five yard line w as reached a fumble was made but Merwin secured the ball; the fumble was repeated, Barberton getting the ball but losing it directly by a blocked punt.  Line plunges were made and Albright scored the second touchdown but Merwin failed on goal.

On the third kick Massillon made a good gain but time for the first half was called, Massillon having possession of the ball at the thirty-five yard line.

At the end of the second half the visitors were given a chance to score by receiving the kickoff.  The ball was not caught until it reached the five yard line and was only advanced to the twenty yard line.  Barberton now made a nice twenty-five yard run but went outside of bounds.  The run was made by Booth, the opposing left half.  The visitors fumbled, Albright making a fifteen yard gain.  Massillon steadily pushed down the field, Kirchhofer making the third touchdown.  Goal was not kicked.  Massillon High kicked off, the ball going outside at the thirty-five yard line.  When the ball was brought back Massillon was forced to punt.  Booth again made a magnificent run of forty yards but was “laid out” when tackled and time was called.  The game was a good clean one and few accidents were in evidence.

The line-up was a follows:
Massillon                Position               Barberton
Hollander, Smith        L.E.                 Fuergeson
Jones                        L.T.                   Sneddon
Stoner                       L.G.              Kreighbaum
Tucker                        C                       Chisnell
Ratchford                  R.G.                 Robertson
Kaylor                      R.T.                      Davies
Merwin                     R.E.           Booth, Boden
McFarren                 Q.B.                   Peterson
Albright                     L.H.                     Witwer
Burkhart                   R.H.
Kirchhofer (capt.)     R.B.                       Boden
(capt.) Rowe

Time – Two fifteen minute halves.

Stewart and Blinn, of Barberton, alternated as referee and umpire.
Timekeepers – Julius Wittmann and Jack Shreve.
Head Linesman – Bast.

The Massillon boys put up a good, fast game and gave the crowd a fine exhibition of the game.  Every man played his position in fine style and the team played together well.

Burkhart as a ground gainer surprised everybody, going through the line and around end at will apparently, while Albright tore around end for great gains.  Kirchhofer played a hard plunging game and McFarren put up a good fast game.  Merwin played a fast game while “Pete” Hollander was a star in the first half, Smith doing his best in the second.  The work of Kaylor was one of the features.