High School Football
Team Defeated at Wooster

On Wednesday afternoon on the athletic field of Wooster University the Massillon High School met one of the worst defeats in the history of the football team, the score standing
44 to 0.

The local team was completely out-classed, showed poor form, played slow ball and utterly failed to stop Wooster’s fierce end runs and line bucks.  The Wooster team has shown wonderful improvement since the game here, when it beat the Massillon team by the score of 5 to 0, and it is now altogether the fastest aggregation Massillon has met this season.  Massillon, of course, was greatly handicapped by the absence of some of the regular players and the lack of practice of the last week was clearly shown.  Wooster has the advantage of good coaching and has a spirit of willingness that the home team lacks.

The game was called at 3:15, Wooster kicking off to Massillon, which faced the east goal, Smith received the ball at the twenty yard line and advanced ten yards.  Quarterback Merwin called line bucks which were found to be a hard proposition, end runs were tried which were hardly more successful, and the result was the loss of the ball on downs at the fifty yard line, Wooster here taking the ball through Massillon’s line for great gains and with several long gains on end, Mouchy, Wooster’s big fullback, carried the ball across the line for the first touchdown after about five minutes of play.  Elder kicked an easy goal.  Smith again secured the ball on Wooster’s kickoff and advanced it to the twenty-five yard line where he lost it on a fumble, Wooster taking the ball around the end for fifteen yards and after a few bucks through the line Captain Blough, of Wooster, took the ball for the second touchdown, Elder missing an easy goal.

On Wooster’s next kickoff Smith once more received the ball and succeeded in making the thirty-five yard line, where, after the first down, another fumble was made and Wooster again fell on the ball.  Massillon now succeeded in stopping one of Wooster’s bucks but on a double pass the big Wooster fullback carried the ball back to the goal post for the third touchdown, where Sellers missed an easy goal, the score standing 21 to 0.

Albright caught the ball on the kickoff at the fifteen yard line and was downed at the twenty yard line.  Massillon was held to a one yard gain on two downs and a punt was called.  Albright kicked to the forty yard line, Wooster made a good gain and an end run netted them fifteen yards.  The next down Wooster lost a yard but Mouchy, taking the ball behind good interference, scored the fifth touchdown, which, when goal was kicked, left the score 27 to 0.

Wooster again kicking to the locals, Burkhart carried the ball to the twenty yard line, where the inevitable fumble was made but the ball was not lost.  Albright punted to the center of the field and the clever triple pass by the opposing school worked well, netting them fifteen yards, when Albright made a nice tackle just as time for the first half was called.  The Massillon boys naturally felt pretty sore but after a short rest went back to face the music.

Massillon kicked to Wooster and they by a double pass succeeded in reaching the
thirty-five yard line where the same tick play was worked which took the ball way down the field and in another down Halfback Blough made another touchdown, Sellers kicking goal.  On the next kickoff the ball was advanced to the thirty yard line and Massillon was held for downs at the forty yard line, Wooster walking down the field.  Center Tucker made a nice tackle, the opponents were held for a down and their double pass was blocked, but a quarterback run and several line bucks took Blough across the line for the sixth touchdown, after which Elder kicked goal.

Wooster again kicked off and the usual fumble by Massillon was made.  Wooster held for two downs but one of the longest runs of the game, one of forty yards, took Wooster a long way down the field and but for a tackle by Burkhart and Kirchhofer, would have netted another touchdown.  Massillon again got in and Wooster was held for a down but Blough taking the ball was pulled across goal for the seventh touchdown of the game.  Sellers missed an easy goal and before the ball was kicked off time was called, the score standing 44 to 0.

The halves played were twenty and fifteen minutes.

Following is the line-up:
Wooster                       Position          Massillon
Bricker                         LE                 Hollander
Reiman                         LT                  Schnierle
Saborn                         LG         Wagner, Jones
Orr                               C                       Tucker
McSweeney                 RG                Ratchford
Lindsay                        RE                      Myers
Sellers                          QB                   Merwin
Mouchy                        FB               Kirchhofer
Lanbach                       RH                  Burkhart
Blough (capt.                LH                   Albright

Coach St. John, of the university, refereed in a very satisfactory manner.
Snyder, of Massillon, umpired.
McFarren and Manlin were timekeepers.
McGlen was head linesman.

But High School Football Players
to Have One More Game

A meeting of the High School football team of 1904 was held Thursday afternoon.  Owing to the crippled condition of the team, with Schnierle and Kirchhofer out of school and Tucker out of town, besides nearly the whole team being more or less hurt, the team was disbanded for the season, and the only remaining game, that with Barberton High for next Saturday, was cancelled.

Officers were elected for the season of 1905, Fred D. Mersin captain and Lyman H. Tucker manager being the selections.