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Visitors Toss Lateral and Forward Passes in 25-yard March to Touchdown but Tigers Win Seventh Straight, 52-7


Though their goal line was crossed for the first time this season Friday evening, the Washington high Tigers looked more like the steam roller football machine they were in their first four games of the season as they leveled Akron West 52-7 for their seventh straight triumph.

The Akron Cowboys in crossing the Tiger goal line in the early minutes of the fourth quarter after a march of 25 yards attained the distinction of being only the second team to score against a Massillon eleven in two years. Last year the Tiger goal line was not crossed until Canton McKinley pushed three touchdowns over in the finale of the season.

West Achieved Ambition
For West, the game was somewhat of a moral victory despite its over whelming defeat. The Cowboys rode into Massillon with the expressed purpose of scoring a touchdown and they left nothing undone to get it.

They tossed laterals, they used the mouse trap, they shot passes and ran spinners and all the other trickery and they even came up with a new fullback, Henry Bergdorf who with but a few quarters of football at his back, stole the show from his teammates. Unfortunately he sustained a minor injury, a cracked rib and had to be removed from the game.

Rain fell shortly before game time and as a result the smallest crowd of the season, 4,000 fans, turned out to see the game, one of the best home attractions of the season.

Tigers Powerful At Start
The Akron Cowboys were caught in a wave of Tiger offense in the opening period and the ground trembled for the second time in as many nights as Massillon backs thundered through their opponents for three touchdowns in nine plays.
It looked like a record high score was in the making, but West braced and the visitors from the first period to the middle of the fourth quarter gave ground stubbornly and resisted all but two efforts of the Tigers to again score.

Then in one grand push the Cowboys obtained possession of the ball on the Massillon
25-yard line and coupled with two aerial pegs and line plays smashed their way across the goal to attain their big objective of the evening.

Massillon Strikes Back
They paid for it a moment later, however, for the Massillon boys aroused at seeing their goal line crossed for the first time this season, lashed back with an attack that produced a touchdown in two plays and two more before the gun sounded the end of the game.

To little 125-pound Ed Herring goes the honor of the most sensational run of the evening a dash of 56 yards through the entire West team on the second play after the Cowboys got their touchdown. Ed twice reversed his field and then sprinted like a frightened hare for the Cowboys’ goal. He was supported by fine blocking as were most of the Tiger ball carriers last night. The forward wall played its usual strong game.

The Tigers were distinctly the better team. They made 20 first downs to West’s eight, which incidentally were more than any other opponent could get this season.

The first three times the Massillon gridders came into possession of the ball, they scored and it took just three plays to get the ball over each time.

They kicked off to West, held the Cowboys without gain and got the ball on a punt on the West 25-yard line. Dutton made 16 yards in two efforts and Jake Gillom romped over for the first score. Glass failed to kick the extra point.

Again Massillon kicked off and again the Tigers held, this time getting the ball on a punt on their own 45-yard line where Jake Gillom was thrown after a five-yard return. Dutton went 25 yards around his left end to the West 20-yard line. Anderson circled his right end to the one-yard line and Jake went over on the next play. Dutton carried the ball across for the extra point.

Poor Punt Starts It Again
Again Morningstar kicked off and this time when West failed to advance the ball beyond the 33-yard line, Stokos punted straight up, the ball being grounded by one of his teammates on the 35-yard stripe. The first shot out of the box, Dutton fired a 20-yard pass to Anderson for a first down on the 15-yard line. Dutton ran to the two and one-half yard line before being tackled and Glass plunged over for the touchdown. Dutton was tackled before he could get across for the extra point.

The quarter ended with the score 19-0 and the game was getting well into the second period when the Massillon eleven managed to slip another over. This time they advanced the ball
largely through the efforts of Bob Glass and Mike Byelene from their own 40-yard line to the West 25. There Buggs, Morningstar and Woods opened a hole a mile wide for Herring to gallop through to a touchdown. The attempt for the extra point failed and the half ended with the score 25-0 in the Tigers favor.

West fought over every inch of ground it gave in the third period but the Tigers managed to launch a sustained march from the kickoff that carried the ball from their own 20-yard line across the visitors’ goal. It went something like this: Gillom three yards right tackle; Dutton five yards at left tackle; Gillom first down on the 38; Dutton’s pass incomplete; Anderson nine yards right end; Dutton first down in midfield; Dutton to Morningstar 20 yard; Dutton five, Dutton 18 and a first down on the seven-yard line; Anderson right end no gain and Glass a touchdown. Dutton carried over for the extra point.

West opened up with its tricks after that and had laterals flying in all directions. With Bergdorf, Longacre and Nichols doing most of the fancy stuff, the Cowboys marched to three straight first downs, carrying the ball to the 15-yard line. Here the Tigers smothered three plays and on fourth down McDew snared Bergdorf’s pass on the goal line and was tackled almost immediately.

Dutton in two plays carried it at least 12 yards up the field, but the Tigers were called for holding and were penalized to their one-yard line.

Dutton dropped deep in the end zone to punt and booted the ball out on the 25. This presented West with a scoring opportunity.

West Scores Touchdown
Nichols put a lateral to Bergdorf for four yards. Nichols sneaked through for five on a spinner and on the first play of the fourth period Bergdorf crashed through to a first down on the 14-yard line.

Nichols made a yard and Longacre a yard and Bergdorf passed to Stokes for six yards. Needing two yards for a first down, Bergdorf took the ball on fourth down and carried it to within a yard of the Tiger goal. He tried to put it over but failed. Then Longacre piled through for the touchdown and Bergdorf swept through for the extra point and West was happy.

That aroused the Tigers. They received and Morningstar lugged the ball back to the 34. Dutton ran the ball around his left end for a gain of 10 yards and on the next play Herring, twice reversing his field, dashed 56 yards for a touchdown. He also carried the extra point across.

West received, could not gain and punted back to its own 44. Dutton hurled an 18-yard pass to Glass for first down on the 26. A pass failed, but Herring scooped up a pass just as it was about to hit the ground and got away for nine yards before being tackled. Dutton ran the remaining 17 yards for the touchdown and Glass carried the extra point over.

Dutton covered Longacre’s fumble on the Akron 45-yard line to put the Tigers in position for their last touchdown. He passed to Herring for a 25-yard gain and on the next play Glass romped through for a touchdown. Dutton failed to carry the extra point across.

The game was played cleanly and few penalties were called. Each team lost 15 yards.

More Praise For Band
The high school band was prepared to stage a spectacular drill between halves and while the wind greatly interfered with the fireworks in connection with the performance, the stands thrilled at the manner in which the young musicians played and executed their steps. All band members had flashlights attached to their caps, which were turned on. At the game time the flood lights of the field were turned off. Those detailed to light fireworks had a hard time touching off the fuses because of the high wind and thus the drill was not as spectacular as it otherwise would have been.

Good For West
Massillon Pos Akron West
Anderson LE Stokos
Held LT Miller
Updegraff LG Grigas
Voss C Abney
Woods RG Mikaloshek
Buggs RT Snyder
Morningstar RE Pender
Dutton QB Nichols
Gillom LH Longacre
Molinski RH Renz
Glass FB Bergdorf

Score by periods:
Massillon 19 6 7 20 52
Akron West 0 0 0 7 7

Massillon – McDew, le; O. Gillom, re; J. Anderson, lt; Moffett, rt; Russ, lg; Miller, rg; Snavely, c; Byelene, qb; Herring, lh; Spillman, rh; Snyder, fb.
West – Matthews, rg; Van Adams, lh; Sattes, lh; Roseman, lg; Weaver, rh; Forzano, rh; Petrow, lg; Field, le; Sours, rt; Evans, lh; Walker, le; Mull, fb; Forney, le.

Massillon – Gillom 2; Glass 3; Herring 2; Dutton.
West – Longacre.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Dutton 2 (carried); Herring (carried); Glass (carried).
West – Bergdorf (carried).

Referee – Jenkins.
Umpire – Gross.
Head Linesman – Rupp.

Massillon Squad
No. Name Pos. Weight
24 A. Morningstar RE 167
22 Charlie Anderson LE 163
32 Neri Buggs RT 181
38 Junior Held LT 187
68 Ralph Updegraff LG 160
34 Walter Woods RG 173
86 Don Voss C 185
44 Howard Dutton QB 143
54 Bob Glass FB 170
52 Jacob Gillom HB 151
88 Ed Molinski HB 175

Average Weight 168 lbs.

82 Jim McDew RE 144
64 Odel Gillom LE 145
26 Junior Anderson LT 170
42 Jack Moffett RT 180
40 Walter Russ LG 158
28 Jim Miller RG 154
20 Don Snavely C 145
50 Michael Byelene Q 150
78 Edgar Herring HB 125
38 Don Spillman HB 142
62 John Snyder FB 150
80 Matthew Carter HB 145
48 Bob Swoger E 150
30 Bill Lee C 132
56 Bob Graybill G 140

Augie Morningstar