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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1962: Massillon 52, Akron South 6

Tigers Roll Over Akron South 52-6
Bengals Play Versatile Football In Chalking Up First Win Of Season


They made the disbelievers believe!

Many of the fans who jammed the Tiger Booster club meeting last Monday came to unleash a blast at the Washington high school football team and Coach Leo Strang. This Monday they’ll be there to heap praise on Leo and his Bengals.

For the Tigers put on an awesome display of football Friday night at Tiger stadium. They scored by just about every means possible and displayed fine defensive play, too, while clobbering a hapless Akron South eleven 52-6 before 9,570 fans.

Until the second half when Strang had his second string in, the Cavaliers failed to get out of their own territory, getting no further than the 38-yard line. South was held to 22 yards rushing, 11 passing and one first down via an offside penalty.

Meanwhile in the first half the Orange and Black rolled up 236 yards on the ground, 88 in the air and 10 first downs. They had a 27-0 lead.

When the final report was in, the Tigers had rolled up 513 total yards – 331 on the ground and 182 in the air – and 21 first downs. South’s figures were 144 total yardage – 139 rushing and five passing – and nine first downs.
* * *
HOWEVER, lest Massillon fans get too carried away with their team’s first victory, it must be said that South was not a good team. There are tougher ones on the list for the next nine games.

As Strang said, “When South gets organized; it will be a good team. I liked the looks of that sophomore halfback Taylor (Sterling).” Taylor gave the Orange and Black reserves fits running kicks back and sweeping the ends in the second half. He had a 22-yard and a 38-yard runback.

Since three of the Tigers’ eight six-pointers were scored via the airwaves and about a third of their yardage picked up that way, Strang was asked if he would continue throwing. “If the defense gives us the opportunity to do so, we will,” he said.

The Tigers scored the first time they got their hands on the ball. Junior Tailback Tom Pope ran the opening kickoff back 17 yards. The Bengals moved from the 27 to score in 10 plays and three first downs.
The fast, shifty back, playing his first high school game – the Cavaliers, showed in a preview last week – also draw a lot of praise from his coach, Ted Osborn. “He’s got all the makings of a good one,” Osborn said.

Osborn commented on his team’s showing thusly: “I was pleased with their effort. We were ready for Massillon defensively but couldn’t handle them. We are about a month behind them offensively. We put in half of our offense just this week.”

Strang was happy about the victory in that it did his charges “a lot of good after last week’s loss.” He thought all of his work on blocking this week was time well spent since a lot of big holes were opened in the South line and downfield defenders felled.
* * *
“I THOUGHT our three quarterbacks did a fine job, especially Ron Swartz,” Strang added. Swartz, a junior, saw more action than either senior Mike Koenig or junior Tom Gatsios. Koenig did not play much of the second half since the second-stringers were in. All three quarterbacks figured in the scoring. Koenig passing for one touchdown, Swartz for two and Gatsios running for another.

In re-capping the scoring, the play chart shows the Tigers scored eight of the 12 times they got their hands on the ball. Junior wingbacks Bill Blunt and Graydon Eckard and Senior Fullback John Kanney each scored twice and sophomore Tailback Jim Lawrence once besides Gatsios’ score.

Key plays in the series were a 26-yard run around right end by Koenig when a pass play misfired and a 21-yard run by Blunt on a counter play off an inside trap. Kanney ultimately slashed off left guard for the score with 7:51 remaining in the initial period. Wil Paisley provided the conversion.
* * *
AFTER FORCING South to punt, Massillon took over on its 22. On the second play Kanney took off around right end on a sweep and romped 72 yards to pay dirt at 4:03, getting a key block from short side End Bob McAllister, a junior, in the process. Paisley added his conversion.

After another South punt, the Orange and Black had the ball on the Cavalier 46. The Tigers were set back 15 yards for holding, and on a second-and-20 situation from their 44, Koenig connected with Blunt for WHS’ next score. “The Rabbit” got a good block from junior long side End Mike Jones to help him reach touchdown land at 1:06. Paisley made his third PAT.

Shortly after the second quarter had started, Massillon took over on its 44 following a punt. Eight plays and four first downs later the score was 27-0. The big plays in the series were a 12-yard keeper by Swartz and nine yards off tackle by Lawrence as Strang started to clean the bench.

Lawrence made this score, through the center from the three at 8:35. Paisley missed the conversion this time.

The Bengals almost had another score before the half ended. The Orange and Black took over on a punt and carried to the South 17 on the first play as Swartz tossed to Jones for 32 yards. Three plays later from the nine, junior Fullback Terry Getz tried to throw to Jones after a pitch-out, but the pass was just knocked from his hands in the end zone. The Tigers lost the ball on downs.
* * *
TOUCHDOWN NO. 5 came in the middle of the third stanza. The Tigers got the ball via a touchback when a South punt carried into the end zone from the Bengal 39 on the Cavaliers’ first trip out of their own territory. Four first downs and seven plays later the score came.

The big plays were runs of 16 yards each by Blunt on the counter and Statue of Liberty and Koenig’s 11-yard keeper around right end. Blunt went in on the counter with 5:34 remaining. Koenig’s pass to McAllister for the conversion was incomplete.

Then came the Cavalier’s lone score. Taylor took off on his 38-yard kickoff return. In six plays and two first downs, South moved from its 43 for the score. Taylor’s sweep of right end 27 yards was the key play. Fullback Bob Culver scored from the 13, going off right tackle at 2:17. Taylor tried to sweep again for the two extra points but failed.

The Tigers scored three six-pointers in the last canto, two in the last minute and a half. The Orange and Black started a drive after South’s TD as the third quarter was coming to an end.

Eckard started things off with a 14-yard kick return. This was their hardest drive of the night, taking 13 plays and four first downs. The important play in the series was a 34-yard pass from Swartz to Blunt.

Swartz passed to Eckard to the sixth score with 9:31 remaining on a fourth-and-four situation from the 10. Paisley’s kick was no good.

South got only one drive going in the last period – two lost fumbles stifled others. After the Cavaliers’ lone push from their nine to the Massillon 48, the Tigers took over on their 48. Swartz connected with Eckard again, with Don Alexander, junior long side end providing a nice block, and the Orange and Black had a TD on its first play. The time was 1:26. Paisley booted the conversion.

Alexander’s twin brother Ron got into the act to set up the Tigers’ last score. The junior short side end recovered a South fumble on the Cavaliers’ 17. Gatsios went in on the first play at 0:31, shaking off a couple of would-be tacklers in the attempt. Paisley missed the PAT.

The Right Way

Ends – Patterson, Griffin, Kyle, Stormer, DeRoss and Liggens.
Tackles – Beach, Johnson, Williams and McAdams.
Guards – Pearson, Leathers, Harper, Joseph, Hopkins and Williams.
Centers – Grey and Shaw.
Backs – Marsh, Ellis, Horton, Ford, Kerney, Foster, McCombs, Johnson, Tyson, Taylor and Culver.

Ends – McAllister, Perry, Franklin, Jones, R. Alexander and D. Alexander.
Tackles – Mercer, Clendening, Profant, Fabianich, Lash, Frank, Morgan,
Tarle and Miller.
Guards – Ehmer, McDew, Castile, Randles, Roderick, Swisher, Paflas,
Geckler, Mathias, and Rivera.
Centers – Bradley, Scassa and Bash.
Backs – Koenig, Kanney, Toles, Blunt, Gatsios, Swartz, Sullivan,
Thomas, Pope, Rink, Eckard, Gamble, Davis, Gets,
Lawrence and Hill.

South 0 0 6 0 6
Massillon 21 6 6 19 52

Massillon – Kanney, 2, (3 and 72-yard runs); Blunt 2, (55-yard pass from Koenig, 22-yard run); Eckard, 2 (10 and 52-yard pass from Swartz); Lawrence (3-yard run); Gatsios (17-yard run).
Akron South – Culver (13-yard run)

Massillon – Paisley 4 (kicks)

Referee – Pete Lanigan (Columbus)
Umpire – Andy Moran (Berea)
Head Linesman – Chuck Hinkle (Canton)
Field Judge – Williams Darenfight (Canton)

Mass. Opp.
First downs – rushing 16 8
First downs – passing 5 0
First downs – penalties 0 1
Total first downs 21 9
Yards gained rushing 340 154
Yards lost rushing 9 15
Net yards gained rushing 331 139
Yards gained passing 182 5
Total yards gained 513 144
Passes attempted 13 8
Passes completed 6 1
Passes intercepted by 0 0
Times kicked off 9 2
Kickoff average (yards) 49.8 43.5
Kickoff returns (yards) 30 159
Times punted 1 6
Punt average (yards) 33.0 35.8
Punt returns (yards) 7 6
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 0 6
Lost fumbled ball 0 2
Penalties 3 4
Yards penalized 25 20

Ben Bradley
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1958: Massillon 28, Akron South 0

Tiger Gridders Defeat Akron South 28-0
Bengals Find Going Tough But Played Game Close To Vest


That Massillon Tiger football fans and all others among the crowd of 12,256 at Tiger stadium went home Friday night with mixed emotions just could be an under-statement.

After the 1958 band of Bengals clipped the wings of a spunky Akron South club 28-0, some folks seemed contented with a hot-and-cold running performance that marked the debut of Coach Leo Strang.

Others, like the good citizens of Missouri, want to be shown.

Program Cover

There were quite a few people, apparently, who were not satisfied with the margin of victory. They came expecting a real show of razzle-dazzle football and there were many, too, who pictured the Tiger clan running the Cavaliers right out of the stadium. Before too much second-guessing, fans perhaps should keep three things in mind:

(1) That the Tigers played it close to the vest; (2) that they need a little more time to
synchronize the attack; and (3) that South has a better team than lots of people figured.
* * *
STRANG’S GANG struck for three touchdowns in the first half and from there on out they played under wraps. True, the Tigers used several plays from the spread formation and kept things interesting with a sharp passing attack but as a whole, they didn’t reach into their bags of tricks. They didn’t have to.

South helped matters along, favoring the nattily-attired host crew with a fumble, a poor punt, a penalty and a deflected pass that paved the way for three Massillon TDs.

Aside from the gifts, the orange and black made many fans happy with a 63-yard march for their third touchdown. A 72-yard run by co-captains and Fullback Dave Dean had them buzzing too but after Dean rambled to the South 18, the Tigers could go no further than the 16 in four plays.

This run went to waste midway in the third period but before the fourth quarter arrived, a bad South punt made a fourth Tiger six-pointer possible.

Quarterback Joe Sparma, who hit on seven of 10 passes for the night, tallied the last touchdown. The others were made by Dean from the seven after Massillon recovered a fumble at the Cavalier 24; big Bill Zorn who was standing in the end zone when South’s Jim Turner deflected the ball into his hands (on a Sparma pass) in the first stanza; and the other giant end, Bob Vogel, whose catch of a Sparma aerial on a play covering 14 yards climaxed the 63-yard drive late in the second quarter.
* * *
VOGEL MADE the first two and only extra points and thus became the first Massillon player in history to rack up a two-point conversion. Under the new rule he scored four points, twice converting Dean’s touchdown by going across on an end-around play and then after Zorn’s score by hauling in a jump pass from Sparma.

Other “first” of the new campaign had Dean scoring the first touchdown and carrying the ball for the first time. Halfback Cornelius Clark making the first tackle on the game-opening kick-off, Zorn receiving the first pass on the second touchdown, Sparma throwing the first pass on the same play, and Clark recovering the first fumble on the second play from scrimmage.

Ultra-important, naturally, was the first digit in the win column. Victory No. 2 will be sought next Friday night when Canton Lincoln comes here. Lincoln will open its season against Cuyahoga Falls at Fawcett stadium this evening.

If everything goes right, the forward pass will be a big threat against the Lions and all other future foes.

Coach Strang, miffed at some of the mistakes the boys made but realizing the need for more work, found no blame with the air arm.

Sparma’s seven completions (two others were almost caught by Vogel who made an extra big effort both times) were good for 68 yards. The two touchdown plays and two other snags by Zorn gained over 12 yards each, while three shorter connections were made.
* * *
ZORN GOT his hooks on two pegs, one for 13 yards and the other for 14 during the
63-yard drive while another end, Jerry Mitchell, made a nifty catch for eight yards during a final quarter march that ate up 62 yards before it fizzled out due to a fumble.

The 68 yards through the air and 220 by rushing gave the Bengals a net of 288 yards. South collected 141 on the ground and 20 yards in its only completed pass. Most other statistics favored the local team with first downs being 12-9.

South ran the ball 38 times and for some strange reason, remained on the ground after it was three and four touchdowns in arrears.

The Cavaliers provided the Massillon offense with somewhat of a problem at times. Their defense was sparked by guard Mose Burrell who was all over the field much like South’s 1957 star, Owensby Pearson.

The Bill Hawkins-coached outfit suffered a cruel blow when Jim Brooks, a tough defensive end, sustained an injury in the third period. He had ligaments in his knee torn and apparently is through for the season.

Massillon came out of the fracas with two injuries.
* * *
THE DEFENSE of the Tigers wasn’t the same after middle guard Hase McKey retired in the second quarter because of a leg injury. He did not play at all in the second half. Guard and linebacker Gail Karrenbauer received a cut on the cheek, which required two stitches. Both boys should be in shape for the Lincoln contest.

The game was only about a minute old when the diminutive Clark pounced on a fumble at the South 24-yard line. In five plays and at 8:52 Strang’s combine clicked for its first touchdown of the season.

Dean ran three times for 17 yards and after Tailback Jim Hershberger was held for no gain. Dean cracked the middle for six points. On the conversion, the Tigers completely fooled the invaders with the end-around. Vogel made it good although he fumbled in the end zone.

On the kickoff that followed, South was penalized 15-yards for clipping but it got one first down before being forced to punt. A host of Tigers blocked the try by Halfback Danny Spencer and it was Massillon’s ball at the Cavalier 26.
* * *
THE TIGERS also took advantage of this break. Dean, Hershberger and Wingback Jim Wood made a first down and after an in-motion penalty, Dean and Wood carried to the 13 from which point the Sparma-Zorn combination worked for six – with a stroke of luck. The pass, coming on fourth and one, was knocked up in the air by Turner but Zorn, behind Turner and Leon Harris, was there to catch it as it came down. Vogel took Sparma’s jump pass and it was 16-0 with 1:54 left in the quarter.

The next time Massillon had possession Hershberger quick-kicked 33 yards. South moved from its own 28 to the Massillon 36 before a fumble, with Zorn recovering, ended the drive.

Mixing up pass plays and power slants, the Bengals went all the way in 10 plays. In addition to a catch by Zorn, for a total of 28 yards, Hershberger had a seven-run blast and Dean rammed for nine. At the 14 it was fourth and one when Sparma found Vogel all by his lonesome in the end zone. Dean was stopped shy of the goal line on the conversion attempt with only 38 seconds remaining in the half.

After an exchange in the third panel, it was Massillon’s ball at its own seven. Corky Pledgure, in at tailback, picked up three before Dean got loose.

Dave hit off the left side and saw daylight at the 25. He cut toward the sidelines and appeared to be going all the way but Harris caught him from behind at the Cavalier 18.
* * *
THE 72-YARD jaunt went for naught because of what happened in the next four plays. Hershberger made two. Sparma’s pass was just out of the reach of Vogel near the final stripe. Wood lost a foot on a reverse. On last down Sparma whipped a jump pass to Wood but the latter, boxed in as he made the reception, was stopped after a three-yard gain.

South made little progress due to a penalty and a fumble and the Akronites had to kick. Spencer’s poor punt was caught by sub Fullback Bob Morrow at the 25, where he was promptly earthed. But a 15-yard clipping call against South put the oval on the Cavalier 10.

Hershberger rolled to the one-foot line and then was held at the line of scrimmage before Sparma sneaked across as play in the quarter ran out. Pledgure swept to the left on the PAT attempt, was halted short of the Promised Land, and that was the final score, 28-0.

In the last session the Tigers went on the prowl in a fine way. They barreled from their own four (following a clipping penalty on a South punt) to the enemy 33. Enroute Pledgure checked in with a 13-yard pickup, Dean ran once for 10 and a pass, Sparma to Mitchell made eight. On third down at the South 40, Sparma fumbled with Spencer recovering for the visitors. That was that.

After a pushing penalty against South, a delay-of-game penalty against Massillon, three runs good for 31 yards and a pass which made 20, Strang’s debut and Assistant “Ducky” Schroeder’s 100 consecutive game here went into the history books.

First Downs – Rushing 8 6
First Downs – Passing 4 1
First Downs – Penalties 0 2
Total First Downs 12 9
Number of Rushing Plays 50 39
Yards Gained – Rushing Plays 228 141
Yards Lost – Running Plays 8 20
Net Yardage – Running 220 121
Passes Attempted 10 1
Passes Completed 7 1
Passes Had Intercepted 0 0
Yards Returned –
Intercepted Passes 0 0
Yards Gained – Passing 68 20
Net Yardage – Running and
Passing 288 141
Number of Kickoff Returns 1 4
Yardage – Kickoff Returns 31 57
Average Length of Kickoff
Returns 31 14.2
Number of Punt Returns 2 0
Yardage – Kickoff Returns 9 0
Average Length of Kickoff
Returns 4.5 0
Number of Punts 1 3
Total Yardage on Punts 33 102
Average Length of Punts 33 34
Number of Penalties 5 8
Yards Lost on Penalties 35 70
Number of Fumbles 3 3
Own Fumbles Recovered 1 1
Ball Lost on Fumbles 2 2

Bob Vogel


Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1957: Massillon 33, Akron South 0

Tigers Beat Akron South 33-0
Massillon Defense Outshines Offense In Football Opener


The jitters…missed…tackles…missed blocking assignments…fumbles…off-the-beam passes…he zigged when he should’ve zagged…all were evident as the Massillon Tigers blew the lid on a new football season at the stadium Friday night.

Very, very conspicuous also was a Tiger victory – their 11th straight opening triumph – with the count being 33-0 over an out-manned but scrappy Akron South team.

The better part of over 10,000 fans (9,621 paid) toasted the Tigers after they completely outplayed the enemy.

But the orange and black had to work, work, work every inch of the way in a maiden gridiron voyage that was just about as typical as any of them.

Program Cover

Despite the fact that they hit for five touchdowns, three of them by hurryin’ Ivory Benjamin, the home town boys were not too impressive. They simply were not a good offensive football team. Their longest sustained drive of the night was only 35 yards and they never made more than three first downs in any one series of plays but a mixture of long-distance strikes and a fairly soft South defense let them come home without being subject to too much pressure.
* * *
COACH LEE TRESSEL, whose team some time ago indicated that it was far better fixed defensively, had little to say about the offense.

“A look at the statistics reveals quite a difference but it really didn’t seem like we moved the ball that much,” he said.

To this we add that the statistics were deceiving. Before subtracting losses, the Tigers made 305 yards by rushing. But two runs by Benjamin accounted for half of that total.

Tressel was not satisfied with the quarterbacking and it looks like there will be a lot of work ahead for the trio which took their turns guiding the club last night. Starter Bob Getz, Mark Anthony and Joe Sparma had looked like fine passers in pre-season scrimmages but weren’t consistent in their first real test. Tressel found fault in the blocking department and answered “could be” when somebody reasoned that the offense might have been sharper had not injuries and sickness kept the team from practicing as a unit more often.
* * *
THE TIGER TUTOR smiled when the talk shifted to defense.
Anchored by the line-backing of Chuck Beiter and Roger Reese, the Tigers limited the Cavaliers to two first downs over land and a net total of 38 yards.

“We’ll know who did the jobs after we see the movies,” Tressel said.

It might be said, too, that the Bengals appeared to let down after clicking for two quick touchdowns…both gifts after South fumbled the ball away deep in its own back yard.

With only about two minutes gone, Benjamin scored the first of his three TDs. It came three plays after Reese recovered a fumble at the Cavalier nine.

Beiter, limited to light work because his asthma took the wind out of his sails early in the evening, tallied the second touchdown with just two seconds remaining in the first
period – eight plays after he had recovered a South bobble at the enemy 35.
* * *
THE SCOREBOARD timer showed only six seconds left in the first half when Benjamin winged his way 74 yards and clinching touchdowns were added in the third and fourth quarters – by Benjamin on a 10-yard run midway in the third frame and by Ron Williams, the big right end, on a 37yard pass play with Halfback Gene Stewart on the gunning end on the first play of the final stanza.

The final quarter was a real comedy of errors. Massillon had two passes intercepted but hauled in four South forwards.

Another look at the figures and we find that Benjamin gained 153 yards in 15 carries while Stewart lugged 10 times for 55 yards and Beiter seven for 54.

Corky Pledgure, who has been waging a battle with Stewart for the right half job, came up with the second longest jaunt of the evening when he raced 50 yards to the South 30 in the last quarter. However, the nice run was wiped off the books by an in motion penalty against the locals.

South was not the worst team ever to appear here. The Cavaliers got themselves in hot water right off the bat and never completely recovered. Otherwise, the battle that was predicted might have materialized.
* * *
ON THE THIRD play of the game Halfback Willie Gray fumbled, Reese recovered, and the Tigers had possession on the South nine. After Benjamin lost a yard on a sweep, Stewart came back with six at the middle and then on third down, Benjamin found a hole at right tackle and followed Beiter through and into pay dirt. Sophomore Hase McKey tried the extra point but the ball hit the left upright and bounced back.

South received again and made one first down before wingback Henry Adams, the team’s hardest runner, fumbled on a double reverse attempt. McKey covered the oval this time but after four plays picked up 19 yards, the Tigers lost the ball on an interception.

Bob Getz’s toss was short at the South nine and Rudy Bell, defensive halfback, grabbed the pigskin and returned to the South 34. Adams recovered his own fumble at the line of scrimmage before Quarterback Bill McFrey’s fumble was recovered by Beiter at the Invader 35.

Beiter made 21 yards on two runs and Stewart got four before a three-yard loss put the ball on the 13. Then Mark Anthony went to the air. With South converging on a short man, end Clyde Childers went deep and snagged the ball, fighting his way to the one from which point Beiter smashed over right guard for a score with only two seconds left in the quarter. McKey’s placement this time was low and to the right.

Massillon indicated that it was going to get tougher the first time the Tigers had possession in the second canto. From the 26 Benjamin got six and Stewart three before the slippery Ivory, helped by Tom Heine’s fine block, rambled for 27 to the South 38. But after Benjamin came back with two and Beiter lost four on a sweep, the ball went over to the blue and white clad forces again.
* * *
GETZ HIT Williams down the middle but after pulling a juggling act, Williams fumbled (after a 15-yard gain) and South recovered. South couldn’t move the Orange forward-wall and had to punt but the local lads relinquished possession again on another pass interception.

Then came Massillon’s best defensive performance of the night. As a pass, Johnny Williams to Adams, was good for 25 yards the visitors moved to a first and 10 goal situation at the five. Adams was held for no gain and Gray got three on a dive play, then the same lad was stopped at the line of scrimmage two more times and the Tigers assumed command at the two.

They moved out, with Beiter making 10 on a trap and Stewart nine on an off-tackle slant, and were on the 26 when Benjamin took it off the right side. Given nifty blocking, he hit the jackpot – twisting away from one defender and then giving another a hip. One Akron boy appeared to be catching up around the Cavalier 30 but Ivory just shifted into overdrive and went in unmolested. There were only six seconds remaining in the half when McKey booted the extra point to make it 19-0.

The Tresselman received the third period kickoff and advanced from their own 17 to the 47 but were forced to punt. During this effort Benjamin raced for 11 on an option play, for 10 off tackle and Beiter got 10 up the middle.
* * *
CHILDER’S PUNTED 41 yards to the South 12 and the Cavaliers got back to the 33 before fumbling again. This time Leaman Williamson, the defensive left end, recovered at the South 27.

Steward whizzed for 17 before Benjamin followed his blockers beautifully for 10 yards and his third six-pointer. At 4:33 Jim Hershberger, another sophomore kicker, came in to convert.

On the last play of the quarter Bill Woodard’s punt was grounded on the South 37.

On the first play of the final session the Stewart-Williams combination wound up the scoring. Stewart took the ball on a reverse and as he was hit, threw far into the right corner. Williams made a nonchalant catch at the two and stepped past the final stripe at 11:52. Hershberger again converted.

A lot could be said about the rest of the game but all the action was meaningless. Neither side could work up anything resembling a sustained drive. It was in this period that the Tigers intercepted four South passes – two by safety man Cornelius Clark, one by middle guard Noan Taylor, and the other by big Bill Zorn after Taylor had batted the ball.

Second and third stringers played most of the quarter.

The summary:
ENDS – Childers, Williams, Snavely, Zorn, Hagan, Pierce, Mitchell, Dean.
TACKLES – Slabaugh, A. Slicker, Donat, Karrenbauer, Brownlee, Bordner.
GUARDS – Haine, Heimann, McKey, Taylor, J. Kasunick, Cook.
CENTERS – Swartz, Williamson, Shilling, Reese.
QUARTERBACKS – Getz, Anthony, Sparma.
HALFBACKS – Benjamin, Stewart, Pledgure, Snively, Clark, Garcia,
Young, Hershberger.
FULLBACKS – Beiter, Kanney.

ENDS – Toomer, Wims, Scott, Bell.
TACKLES – Woodard, Bioniarz, Slater, Ivey.
GUARDS – Green, Pearson, Burrell, Spencer.
CENTERS – Power, Nicolinio.
QUARTERBACKS – McFrye, Campbell, Williams, Carruthers.
HALFBACKS – Haynes, Owens, Stradwick, Smith, Gsellman, Bell, Gray.

Score by quarters:
Massillon 12 7 7 7 – 33
Akron South 0 0 0 0 – 0

Referee – Leo Less, Youngstown.
Umpire – John Russ, Youngstown.
Head Linesman – Ed Corsi, Shaker Heights.
Field Judge – Andy Moran – Berea

Scoring plays: Massillon
First period – Benjamin, 4-yard run; Beiter 1-yard plunge.
Second period – Benjamin 74-yard run.
Third period – Benjamin 10-yard run.
Fourth period – Williams (pass from Stewart), 37 yards.

Extra Points: Massillon – McKey (placement); Hershberger 2 (placements)

Mass. Ak. South
First downs, rushing 11 2
First downs, passing 3 4
First downs, penalties 1 1
First downs, total 15 7
Plays 57 49
Rushing yardage 305 45
Yards lost, rushing 24 7
Net yards, rushing 281 38
Passing yardage 76 82
Total yardage 356 120
Passes Attempted 12 23
Passes Completed 4 5
Passes had intercepted 4 4
Fumbles 5 10
Own fumbles recovered 3 5
Punts 1 2
Punts, average 41 20
Penalties 7 2
Yards penalized 55 10

Ivory Benjamin
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1952: Massillon 54, Akron South

11,735 See Tigers Smash Akron South 54-0
Massillon Team Begins Defense Of State Title With Display Of Power


One down and nine to go and the road to the state high school football championship is still long and rough. And you are probably still dripping with perspiration from the baking you received in Tiger stadium Friday evening while watching the Washington high school Tigers begin defense of their four-year state title reign by whaling Akron South 54-0.

The Massillon gridders had little difficulty hurdling their first obstacle but nine other teams still remain to be beaten before the rocky path that leads to the state throne can be turned into a glory road.

“We will meet better teams.”

That was the warning Coach Chuck Mather sounded to his jubilant players as they undressed in puddles of perspiration after their first triumph.
* * *

Program Cover

THE TIGERS looked good as they passed and ran through South for eight touchdowns, but South admittedly is down this year and as a result Massillon remains untested. All nine future opponents rank considerably higher than South in ability according to pre-season estimates. Next comes Cincinnati Elder.

Unless your collar is wilted – unless your sweaty clothes lifted some of the paint from the stadium seats, unless you were one of the 11,735 fans, you cannot appreciate this story or the conditions under which the young Massillon gridders played last night.

Coach Mather used 47 players in the game to give his boys as much rest as possible. Coach Gordon Larson of South didn’t have that many on the bench.

But the players emerged from the oven-like temperatures in good condition and even Center Jim Clark, of Akron South could hardly be considered a casualty, even though he suffered a shoulder dislocation. He has had it many times before. Massillon’s team physician snapped it back in and he was ready to continue play.
* * *
COACH MATHER, obviously pleased but desiring that no one get too excited over the defeat of South, said he thought the “boys played pretty good ball.”

And so did most of the fans who were able to see the game through sweated glasses and the perspiration tears.

The Tigers were complete masters of South and could have run up a higher score had Mather not elected to spray the field with substitutes.

The locals came out with a versatile running and passing attack that exploded for eight touchdowns, three on forward passes and five on running plays.
* * *
ANYBODY who had any doubts as to the speed of Lee Nussbaum had them removed when he raced 83 yards for one touchdown, running away from the South secondary. His stride is so long he just doesn’t look like he’s running fast. And there was little Bob Misere, firing the ball 40 yards. South didn’t think he could throw that far and his receivers got behind the Cavaliers’ secondary. That should have been enough to scare a whole row full of visiting scouts who were watching the game from the east side of the field.

Big Jim Geiser played a fine game on the line and Capt. Bob Khoenle backed it up viciously in addition to scoring a touchdown. Sam Williams came into his own on pass receiving, pulling in several including a touchdown toss from Misere in which he gave the South secondary a free ride on his back over the goal line.

And when you are looking for bright spots in the game, don’t overlook a cut back run by Clarence Stewart, who chugged 28 yards for what would have been a T.D. had not Massillon been penalized for a rule infraction. Chug ran around all through the South team. Nobody could find him.

Defensively, the Tigers looked better than they did last year. When the regulars were in the game, they threw up a virtual iron wall against South’s offense, and they put on a couple of goal line stands, shades of last year’s Barberton nightmare in stopping South’s only touchdown bid in the second period. Twice they turned back the Cavaliers after the latter had registered first downs inside the three-yard line.

Otherwise South never threatened, nor even got a look at the Massillon goal line.
* * *
STATISTICALLY the Tigers were superior in every way. They made nine first downs to South’s seven and gained 334 yards from scrimmage to South’s 96. The visitors’ only really long gain was a 65-yard second period pass from Quarterback John Williams to End Bob Spicer that set up the only touchdown threat.

Only once were the Tigers forced to punt.

Mather thought South was better defensively through the middle than last year’s team which was defeated 53-13 by the local eleven. The Tigers had a hard time freeing Halfbacks John Francisco and John Traylor. The latter’s nicest run was the return of an intercepted pass in which he scooted 45 yards down the sidelines for a touchdown.

South fumbles also helped the Tigers to score. The visitors were guilty of eight bobbles and four times Massillon gridders wound up on the ball.

The Tigers scored the first time they got the ball but they had to overcome four, five-yard penalties in the march that began 42 yards from the goal. A quick pass over the line of scrimmage, Misere to Khoenle, produced the first score.

A 46-yard pass, Misere to Williams, in which Sam carried two of the South secondary on his back the last 10 yards produced the second T.D.
* * *
SOUTH practically gave the Tigers their third touchdown. The South punter got a poor pass from center on fourth down that rolled back to the one-yard line where the Tigers took over. A five-yard offside penalty set the locals back temporarily but Traylor eventually went over standing up.

South’s only flurry came in the second period after it had stopped a Tiger touchdown bid on the 10-yard line. Gordon Dokes went 16 yards around end for the visitors’ initial first down. In two more plays, Cavalier runners were thrown back six yards but Williams got away his long pass to Spicer who went all the way to the Tiger 15 before he was hobbled.

Williams skirted his left end for a first down inside the three where the Tigers braced and threw back four thrusts at the line. Then on the next play the Tigers fumbled trying to carry out and Dokes covered for South on the two and one-half yard line. Here the Tigers again braced and threw the visitors back to the 17.

On first down Nussbaum took the ball on a pitchout and running hard and fast went 83 yards to score. The half ended 26-0.
* * *
TRAYLOR’S 42-yard touchdown return of Williams’ pass produced the first points of the second half and the only points of the third period.

A 41-yard pass from Misere to Williams put the ball on the three-yard line and set the stage for an early fourth period score. Nussbaum legged it the rest of the way.

A South fumble covered by Nussbaum on the seven got the locals in position for their second score the fourth period. Stewart went over from four yards out.

Final points of the game were produced by the second team after covering a South fumble on the 31. Stewart ran 28 yards for what appeared to be a touchdown which only resulted in another five-yard penalty against Massillon. The Tigers struck right back, however, and John Mlincek and Homer Floyd lugged the leather to the five where Roy Johnson pitched behind the line to Jim Letcavits for the score.


ENDS – Williams, Khoenle, R. Francisco, Gardner, Crone, Speck, Letcavits, Lentz.
TACKLES – Younkers, Geiser, Woolley, Lopez, Schram, Dean, Gumpp, Rubio, Williams.
GUARDS – Fabianich, Kraus, Yoder, Eaglowski, Clinage, Agnes, Shilling.
CENTERS – Corral, Jones, Allison, Kimmins.
QUARTERBACKS – Misere, Roy Johnson, Frmholtz, Crescenze, Porter.
HALFBACKS – J. Francisco, Traylor, Tasseff, Mlincek, Floyd, Boekel, Longshore, Miller, Climo, Boone.
FULLBACKS – Nussbaum, Stewart, Lorch, Stone.

ENDS – Beasley, Spicer, Tarr.
TACKLES – Carson, Litz.
GUARDS – Bittle, Markwood.
CENTERS – Clark, Sues.
QUARTERBACKS – Williams, Foster.
HALFBACKS – Vukich, Williams, Jones, Browning.
FULLBACKS – Dokes, Monroe.

Score by periods:
Massillon 13 13 7 21 54

Massillon – Khoenle; Nussbaum 2; Stewart; Traylor 2; Lecavits; Williams.

Points after touchdown: Massillon – Boone 6 (placekicks).

Referee – Rupp, Shaker Heights.
Umpire – McPhee, Poland.
Head Linesman – Less, Youngstown.
Field Judge – Lobach, Akron.

Mass. South
First downs 9 7
Passes attempted 13 6
Passes completed 5 1
Had passes intercepted 0 1
Yards gained passing 120 65
Yards gained rushing 229 80
Total yards gained 349 145
Yards lost 15 49
Net yards gained 334 96
Times punted 1 2
Average punt (yards) 31 29
Yards punts returned by 0 0
Times kicked off 9 1
Average kickoff (yards) 43 47
Yards kickoffs returned by 21 94
Times fumbled 4 8
Lost ball on fumble 1 4
Times penalized 10 7
Yards penalized 60 45

Bob Khoenle
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1945: Massillon 21, Akron South 0

Tigers Rip Akron South For 21-0 Win On Soggy Field
Cavaliers Display Tough Defense As Bengals Open Before Crowd Of 15,000


If you ask Augie Morningstar and his Washington high school Tigers they’ll tell you that the weatherman is a contrary cuss and apparently “agin’em” but despite the weatherman’s lack of cooperation Augie’s 1945 edition of the famed Massillon Bengals ushered in their fall campaign Friday night on a sloppy, slippery battlefield at Tiger stadium by conquering Akron South’s doughty and rugged Cavaliers 21 to 0. At least 15,000 fans braved rain laden skies to be on hand for the lid lifter. It did not rain during the game but it came down plenty Friday afternoon.

During their four week’s training program, the Tigers had to put up with all kinds of torrid weather and a practice field baked hard by the sun’s searing rays. Only once prior to last night did they go through a workout in the rain and on a wet field.
Drenching Downpour Soaks Field
But last night it was different. A drenching downpour struck Massillon early Friday afternoon and continued until early evening. It turned the Tiger stadium gridiron into a soggy, slippery mass of mud and grass. So the Massillon gladiators, in addition to fighting off opening night nerves, also were forced to handle a ball that was as slippery as an eel and run on anything but a solid footing. The tarpaulin had not been spread on the field Thursday night.

Although they lacked a consistent offense and were hampered offensively as badly as the Tigers by the wet field, South’s fighting Cavaliers lived up to their reputation of being a tough defensive ball club. They made the Tigers fight for every inch of ground they gained during that muddy battle and Coach Franck (Doc) Wargo trotted out a big, husky line that gave Massillon’s forward wall a ding-dong battle all night.
Cage Shines for South
Paced by the brilliant Louie Cage, Akron South’s captain and all-city tackle in 1944, the invading Cavaliers were hard to push around. Cage played a stellar defensive game until he was injured in the third quarter. He’s a lot of football player, is that big, rangy colored boy.

Massillon tallied points in every quarter, scoring touchdowns in the first, third and fourth periods and tallying two points in the second heat on an automatic safety. South never threatened but that didn’t keep the visiting lads from being hard to handle when Massillon was in possession of the pigskin.
Still showing some rough spots, but getting better as the game progressed the Tigers presented a well knit ball club that will improve as it gains experience.

Several times during the first half it looked as if the Tigers were rolling but each time their drive bogged down, either through penalties or difficulties in handling the slippery ball. They showed marked improvement in the second half with their offense several times clicking for sustained marches down the field.

In the matter of statistics the Tigers held the edge in all department. They made eight first downs to one for South. The completed three of seven passes for 33 yards while South completed two of seven, winding up with a net loss of two yards. One of South’s passes was good for nine yards. On the other they lost 11.
Tigers Hold Edge
In total yards gained from all types of play the Tigers had a gross of 208 with a loss of 31 for a net of 177 yards. South had a gross of 37 and lost 37, winding up a yard to the red on net gain.

The Tigers fumbled seven times and recovered five of them. South fumbled seven times and came up with the ball three times.

Massillon scoring was well divided between Bert Webb, Ray Zorger and Dick Richards with Virgil Cocklin, a sophomore, making one of four attempts to gather points on placement kicks after touchdowns.

It was fleet footed Bert Webb who started the Tigers off on their 1945 scoring by clicking off a 51-yard sizzler on a punt return for Massillon’s first set of counters about midway through the first quarter. It was a beautiful run by Webb who was given some fine assistance along the way by his blocking teammate.

South gained possession of the ball on its 18 when Webb’s attempt to pass to Richards failed. After Captain Fred Bonk had tossed Frank Delorenzo for a four yard loss Cage punted to Webb who speared the ball on Massillon’s 49. Off like a flash Webb weaved his way through the South team, streaking straight down the middle of the field. So well did he pick his spots and so well did the blocking in front of him function that he scampered the last 25 yards without a South man being within yards of him. Cocklin came in and booted the extra point from placement.

It was pretty much of a see-saw battle the remainder of the quarter. Morningstar began to run Alex Giloff and Don McGuire into the game to relieve Webb, Richards and Zorger.

Two Points On Safety

The second quarter was well advanced when McGuire punted to Bob Atchinson who fumbled on his 29, Bill Piper covering for Massillon. McGuire, Richards and Giloff hacked away on off tackle plays to the seven yard line where the slippery oval got away from Giloff and Eli Joyce covered for South. Bernie Green, Bob Waltz and Bonk tossed Fred Jesser around with gusto and without gain in his two smashes into the line and Cage dropped behind his goal line to punt.

The pass was low and Cage had no chance to get away a kick as the Tigers came surging in. So he dropped on the ball back of his goal line, giving the Tigers two points on an automatic safety.

After a punting duel to start, the third quarter, the Tigers were favored by a break that paved the way for their second touchdown. Charles Brown, South fullback ,fumbled and Virgil Edie pounced on the leather on South’s 15. Cage was hurt on this play and forced to leave the game but he was in and out from then on.

The Tigers then turned loose a determined drive for a touchdown. Richards hit for two. McGuire and Webb picked up five in two tries and Zorger made it a first down to South’s eight. McGuire hit for three, Webb picked up three and then lugged the ball to the one and with fourth down coming up Zorger lunged through the middle and across the goal line for the second set of counters.

Cocklin’s toe failed him this time and the score was 15-0 Massillon.

The finish of the third period and the start of the fourth saw the Tigers uncork their best and most sustained offensive punch of the game.

The Tigers had the ball on their 45 when the final period opened. With second down coming up Webb went five to the 50 for a first down. Edie squirmed through right tackle for five more. Webb then broke loose through right tackle and headed for the sidelines, picking up 13 before being nailed. Richards made five and Giloff rammed for a first down to South’s 15. Webb made four more but with Cage back in the game South’s defense stiffened and the Tigers were stopped on the eight.

Steve Kirkbaumer fumbled for South and recovered on his four and a South penalty took the ball back to the one from where Jesser punted to Richards who ran from South’s 25 to the 18 before being tackled.
Richards Scores On Next Play
This set up the Tigers third and final touchdown. Webb’s attempted pass to Richards was batted down by Kirkbaumer but Webb then picked up five at right end getting to the 13. On the next play Richards roared through a nice hole at left tackle and then reversing his field dashed the remaining yards for the third set of counters. It was a neat and well timed bit of offensive work. Once again Cocklin failed to negotiate the extra point.

With the clock running out, Coach Morningstar sent in his reserves and they drove deep into south territory with Don Byelene, Bill Gutchall and Milan Chovan spearheading the attack before they lost the ball on a pass interception by Kirkbaumer just as the game ended.
Wet But Happy
Massillon 21 Pos. Akron South 0
Zeller lc Joyce
Green lt Gage
Waltz lg Brown
Darrah c Zakich
Brooks rg Jordan
Krisher rt Oldfield
Bonk re Becker
Edie qb Gates
Webb lh b Jesser
Richards rh b Delorenze
Zorger fb Kirkbaumer

Score by quarters:
Massillon 7 2 6 6 21

Touchdowns: Massillon – Webb; Zorger; Richards.
Points after touchdowns: Massillon – Cocklin (placement)

Safety: Massillon

Massillon – Cocklin, hb; McGurie, hb; Giloff, fb; Piper, rg; Richards, lg; Bishop, le; Johnson, re; Darrah, c; Yost, qb; Byelene, hb; Ceckler, lt; Piper, rg; Gutschall, fb; Chovan, hb; Uliveto, rg; Young, rt.
Akron South – Shepherd, hb; Atchinson, lg; Fondas, hb; Brown, fb; Hopkins, lt; Yensor, hb.

Referee – McGhee.
Umpire – Boone.
Head Linesman – Graf.
Field Judge – Peabody.

Mass. South
Total first downs 8 1
Yards gained by rushing 173 23
Yards lost by rushing 31 37
Net yards gained by rushing 144 -12
Forward passes attempted 9 7
Forward passes completed 3 2
Yards gained by passes 33 11
Total net yardage, 177 -1
Passes had intercepted 1 0
Number of punts 3 6
Average distance of punts 33 31
Number of kickoffs 3 3
Average distance of kickoffs 30 46
Number of fumbles 7 7
Times ball lost on fumbles 2 4
Number of penalties against 8 3
Yards lost by penalties 50 12

Fred Bonk
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1936: Massillon 57, Akron South 0

Crowd of 3,000 Sees Massillon Eleven Score More Points on Visiting Cavaliers Than Canton Bulldogs Gathered


That old adage, ox cannot lick Tiger, became a living reality here Friday evening when the Bengals of Washington high pounced on the heavy Akron South high Cavaliers for a 57-0 victory.

Playing on a heavy field which should have favored the visiting team because of its weight advantage, the Massillon eleven smashed through to its fourth straight triumph of the season, increasing its total of points to 225.

Second Stringers Demonstrated Courage
The first squad was never in danger of being scored upon, but the visiting Cavaliers pushed the ball to the second team’s four-yard line, where the light line of the Cubs repelled the attack with a courageous stand and took the ball on downs.

A surprisingly large crowd of 3,000 fans turned out on the wet evening to see the battle which offered the first comparison of strength between the Massillon and Canton McKinley football teams.

Canton and South met two weeks ago, the Bulldogs winning 35-0. Massillon’s 57-0 victory last night with the second team playing within a few minutes of half of the game, would indicate the local eleven stronger again this year than its Bulldog rival.

Sees Great Battle
To get the loser’s standpoint, however, Doc Wargo, coach of the South high team was asked after the game how he thought the Canton and Massillon teams would stack up. “It will be a battle,” he said. “Canton is bigger than you are and its line will give your line plenty of trouble. You can also expect Ballos and Scott to make a hole somewhere. You are faster than Canton, though and the Bulldogs will have a time trying to catch your backs. You certainly have a fast team.”

And that’s about the way the annual clash stacks up at this writing. Monday carpenters will begin the task of throwing up temporary bleachers for it. Monday members of the Booster club have a chance to get two tickets each for the big game. Wednesday the ticket sale will be opened to the public and from the way industries are laying their money on the line for blocks of 100 and 150 seats, another sellout appears in the making.

South high brought quantity but no quality here last night. Doc Wargo turned loose the biggest team that has faced Massillon this season, but it was slow and lacking in drive.

It was polished enough in executing its shifts and plays but could get nowhere against the Tiger first stringers. It was in excellent condition, better than any eleven that has played here and not once was it necessary for the visitors to take time out for injuries. The only timeout for injuries was taken by Massillon, that when Dick Shrake had the wind knocked out of him in a pileup.

But where South lacked drive, the Massillon eleven had everything in spite of a wet field and slippery ball. Eight touchdowns were shoved over, two on passes. Seven of the eight tries for the extra point were successfully converted and a safety was tossed in for good measure, when the Massillon line drove Ed Baranick, visiting fullback across his own goal line.

In the scoring spree the Tiger eleven made 23 first downs, while holding their opponents to three. They completed seven of 16 passes for 117 yards. One of the intercepted passes was grounded. They also completed another pass for a point after touchdown.

The visitors completed three of seven passes for 20 yards.

Score in Seven Plays
It took but seven plays after the kickoff for the Tiger machine to score its first touchdown.

Young booted to Glass who caught it on his 10-yard line and came back to the 37. Byelene hit for five, Herring three and Byelene one and with fourth down coming up and a yard to go, Herring swept his right end for 31 yards and a first down on the 22-yard stripe. Byelene carried twice and put the ball on the five-yard line for Herring to score the first touchdown on a right end sweep. Glass bucked through center for the extra point.

The Tigers kicked to South but when the Cavaliers were tossed backward, Shortle punted to Herring who returned 11 yards to the South 44-yard line.

A pass to Anderson gained eight yards and Byelene made it first down on the 30. Glass hammered center for 15 yards and Byelene tossed a pass to Gillom for the touchdown. Glass again plunged for the 14th point of the ball game.

Neidert brought back Glass’ kickoff to the 20-yard line, but he fumbled on the first play from scrimmage; Glass recovering for the Tigers on the 15-yard line. A five-yard penalty and a three-yard loss from scrimmage on a fumble couldn’t keep the Tigers from scoring. Glass hammered for 10 yards and Byelene on fourth down made a daring dash to the three-yard line where Herring, after being repulsed in one attempt, took it over the second time he carried the ball. Again Glass plunged for the extra point and the total was 21-0. Herring was replaced by Shrake and did not play any more of the ball game. He was not hurt.

Another fumble by Neidert after the following kickoff was recovered by Snavely on the
18-yard line and the Tigers again began clawing in payoff territory. They took the ball to the six-yard line where the period ended. Here South showed its best defensive stand of the day and tossed Shrake twice and Byelene to take the ball on downs on the four-yard line.

Score Two Points On Safety
Young made a yard, but on the next play Baranick was tossed behind the goal line for a safety and that added two more points to the Tigers’ total

South kicked from the 20-yard line following the safety and Snyder, the blocking halfback, who is seldom noticed in his efforts at helping the other fellows out, caught the ball and returned nicely to the 31-yard line. Glass in two plunges lugged the leather to the 15-yard line. Shrake made seven and Byelene five and Mike went around his right end for the touchdown. Again Glass plunged for the extra point and the score was 30-0.

The next Tiger drive began on a fine 25-yard return of a punt by Shrake to the Massillon 49-yard line. Shrake and Glass made seven yards and Byelene running hard behind good interference smashed to the 26-yard line, a gain of 15 yards. Byelene made four but a
15-yard penalty for holding sent the Tigers backward. Byelene made up the loss and five more on a pass to Gillom and Glass smacked the center for a first down on the 10-yard line. Byelene’s pass was knocked down, but he hit center for six yards and Glass hammered through to the one-yard line and took it over on the next play. Shrake raced around his left end for the extra point and with the score 37-0 and three minutes left to play a complete new Massillon team was sent into the game. There was no further scoring, the half ending with the Tigers holding the ball in midfield.

The Tiger first team with the exception of Herring went back into the game at the start of the third period. It took the local eleven awhile to get going; South forcing Glass to punt for the first time in the ball game after the kickoff. The visitors following that punt made their first first down of the ball game on Shortle’s fine end sweep from punt formation. Gillom stopped the spurt when he broke through and tossed Hose for a seven-yard loss and when Shortle kicked poorly, Snyder made a daring catch of the ball and got back 15 yards to the South 44-yard line. A 15-yard penalty for holding made it first down and 25 to go but it didn’t stop the Tigers as Byelene tossed 17 yards to Anderson and Glass made three at center. Another five yards for offside was inflicted on the Tigers but still they hammered away, Byelene making first down in two carries on the 24-yard line and then snapping a pass to Anderson for a touchdown. A fumble spoiled the try for the extra point.

Score Touchdown Quickly
Two touchdowns followed in rapid succession. South elected to kick off; Young booting the ball into the bleachers at the end of the field. Massillon took it on the 20 and surged forward again, Glass running 21 yards to his 41; Byelene snapping a pass to Anderson for a first down on the visitors’ 49; Byelene twisting around his right end to the 24; Glass plunging twice to the seven-yard line and Shrake carrying it over in two attempts. Glass went through tackle for the extra point and the score was 50-0.
Again South kicked off to Charley Anderson who came pile driving up the alley to the
48-yard line. On the first play, Glass went through his left tackle on a 52-yard dash for a touchdown and Byelene passed to Anderson for the extra point. That ended the scoring of the ball game as the Tiger scrubs went in. They finished the game and did not come close to scoring, but gave a great demonstration of courage when they turned back the heavier South team on the four-yard line and took possession of the ball. Young Freddy Toles, sparkled in the closing minutes of the game when he nearly got away twice.

Despite the inclement weather, the game was not the mud splashing contest those who remained at home expected it to be. Before improvements were made at the local field, it would have looked like a gravel pit, but last night, shirts of players were not soiled sufficiently to make the numbers of players invisible.

The sod took up the moisture and remained firm despite the long cleats players were wearing.

The spectators too had reason to appreciate the covered section of stands. A light drizzle fell in the third period but never reached those in the protected section.

The band remained under cover last night and played from the stands but did not drill. The band is to receive its deserving award next Friday when it will be taken to New Castle on the special train. A loyal organization, the band always responds when called upon.

Victory No. 4
Massillon Pos. Akron South
Gillom LE Whitten
J. Anderson LT Avellino
Wyatt LG Lester
Snavely C Meszaros
Miller RG Burke
Peters RT Molder
C. Anderson RE Shortle
Byelene QB Schaadle
Herring LH Baranick
Snyder RH Kidder
Glass FB Young

Score by periods:
Massillon 21 16 20 0 57

Massillon – MacMichael, t; Toles, hb; Shrake, hb, qb; Edwards, e; Herman, hb; Pizzino, fb; Swoger, t; Lee, c; Bob Miller, t; Sedjo, g; Greenfelder, g; Howard, g; Wurzbacher, e; Endes, c; Lucius, g; Harsh, t.

Massillon – Glass 2; Herring 2; Gillom; Byelene; C. Anderson; Shrake.

Point after touchdown:
Massillon – Glass 5(carried); Shrake (carried); Anderson (pass).

Safety – South (two points for Massillon).
Referee – Jenkins (Akron).
Umpire – Lobach (F. & M.).
Head Linesman – Barrett (Akron).

Mike Byelene
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1932: Massillon 12, Akron South 6



CENTERING their entire offense in two mighty thrusts, the Washington high school Tigers drove through Akron South Saturday afternoon to a 12-6 victory, their fourth consecutive triumph of the season.

Presenting a deceptive offense and a lateral pass off a pivot that especially bothered the Tigers, South gained far more ground from scrimmage than did the Massillon team, but with one exception, faltered when within striking distance of the goal line and either lost the ball on downs or fumbled.

Straight Football Brings Scores
Washington high on the other hand put on but two offensive exhibitions and both resulted in touchdowns, earned touchdowns, not the result of breaks but long drives up the field with nothing but straight football resorted to.

The Tigers had several other opportunities to score but fumbles set them back for losses and ended the threats. The game proved to be another thriller making three in a row of the hair raising type for the Massillon fans. South in fact injected the spice into the game when with Massillon leading 12-0 at the end of the third period, the Cavaliers came back with a rally that scored one touchdown and had every Massillon fan waiting with abated breath, fingers crossed, pulling for the Tigers to stop a second offensive that did not end until a South fumble was recovered on the 11-yard line.

South was driving for its second touchdown when the fumble occurred. But even had Williams, Cavalier ball carrier held the pigskin when brought to earth it still would have been fourth down with five yards to go and the unusual would have been necessary to have kept the Tigers from regaining possession of the ball.

Tigers Badly Crippled
South’s fourth period rally, however, came with the Tiger team badly riddled with injuries. Both ends were out, as was Krier, guard while Monroe and Amic were none too strong because of injuries sustained earlier in the game. Likewise Schimke, regular guard did not play which meant that only three of the regular linesmen were on the forward wall to stave off the South thrusts.

The Cavaliers however had to fight for every inch of ground they gained in scoring their first touchdown and then barely pushed it over on the third down by inches.

Kester gave the fans a thrill early in the game when he grabbed the first Akron punt on his own five-yard line and raced back to the Akron 39-yard line before being tackled. He was caught from the rear when he slowed up in an effort to get around the Akron safety man. A Massillon player was behind the Akron man but was unable to spill him for fear of penalization for illegal clipping. The Tigers worked the ball down to the 30-yard line where Kester kicked outside on the five-yard stripe. South returned the kick and soon the Massillon team was again down on the 23-yard stripe with a first down when Kester muffed a pass from center that was slightly off direction for a loss of 18 yards. That ended this threat.

Start Touchdown Drive
Following an exchange of the ball, Shrake intercepted Anderson’s pass on the Massillon
45-yard line and raced back to South’s 35-yard stripe before being tackled. Shrake made three yards and Amic a first down in two off tackle smashes. He cracked left tackle for two more before the period ended with the ball on the 20-yard line.

The Tigers became touchdown hungry and South could not stop them. Shrake picked up a yard, Knowlton two yards and Amic hammered through for a first down on the 12-yard line, Amic hit his left guard for four yards on the next play and two more on another attempt, placing the ball on the six-yard line. Behind big Burkish he plowed through from this point for a touchdown. Krier’s attempted kick was low and wise.

The half ended with the score 6-0, neither team getting near their opponent’s goal the remainder of the period.

The second half brought forth more action. South staged the first rally, carrying the ball from its own 39-yard line to the Massillon 18-yard stripe where it surrendered the pigskin on downs. Massillon then put on a rally which carried the ball straight up the field 82 yards for a touchdown. Knowlton, Amic and Shrake were principal gainers in advancing the ball to their own 41-yard line. Knowlton then got off to a jaunt on a spinner that brought a first down on the Cavaliers’ 42-yard stripe. Amic gained five yards in two plays and Knowlton wiggled through for a first down on the South 35-yard line. Amic made three yards through center. Then it was that Shrake provided the most sensational run of the day when he took the ball on a reverse and circled his left end for a touchdown. He appeared to be stopped momentarily by three Akron players but he pulled out of the group and pranced on for his six points. Heben failed to make the extra point by inches.

South Scores
South began to threaten in the last period. The Cavaliers started their first march when they took the ball on Knowlton’s punt on the Massillon 34-yard line. The Tigers had been set back to the five-yard stripe because of a 15-yard penalty for using the hands on offense. Neidert got five yards in two attempts and Williams on the clever lateral circled his right end for 14 yards and a first down on the 14-yard line. Neidert failed to gain but picked up three yards on a second attempt. Williams then went around left end on the same lateral for six yards. Kotch picked up the yard needed for a first down on the Massillon
three-yard line.

Kotch failed to gain, but Neidert picked up two yards placing the ball within a yard of the Massillon goal. Neidert then dove over for the touchdown. Anderson’s attempted dropkick was low and wide. South’s next offensive began on the 40-yard line and did not end until Williams’ fumble was recovered by a Massillon player on the 11-yard line. He had again attempted to circle the left end on the lateral pass but this time the Massillon defense was waiting for him and a hard tackle by Shrake upset him so badly that he muffed the ball on the way down and a Massillon player quickly pounced upon it. Shrake got away to a 15-yard dash around his left end to give the Tigers a first down and take the ball out of danger.

The Tigers were not at their best Saturday and it appears did not care to be. They resorted to little more than straight football and frequent substitutions kept the personnel of the Massillon lineup changing continually. In brief the Massillon team appeared to be under cover. Kester played little more than a full quarter and Heben’s only efforts were off tackle smashes which gained but a few yards.

South Leads In First Downs
South made 13 first downs to Massillon’s nine and tried four passes one of which was intercepted. Massillon tried but one pass which was grounded. South was penalized
15 yards and Massillon 40 yards.

Massillon probably had 700 fans among the crowd of 2,000 spectators who attended the game. The Tigers next opponent will be New Philadelphia which will be played Friday evening at New Philadelphia.

Lineup and summary:
Massillon Pos. Akron South
Lohr le Kapper
Burkish lt Wonn
Krier lg Sekerich
Hoyman c Kalgreen
Critchfield rg Hyschak
Monroe rt Sahur
Brunker re Geissinger
Knowlton qb Anderson
Kester lh Lee
Shrake rh Neidert
Amic fb Kotch

Score by periods:
Massillon 0 6 6 0 12
Akron South 0 0 0 6 6

Substitutions: Massillon – Heben, lh; Swihart, le; Mansbury, fb; Snavely, rt; Adams, rt; Jones, rt; Keller, re; Bray, lt.
Akron South – Rozuk, re; Williams, lh; Rechnor, rh.

Massillon – Amic; Shrake.
Akron South – Neidert.

Referee – Shazer (Case).
Umpire – Morgan (Youngstown).
Head Linesman – Kester (Mt. Union).

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1931: Massillon 6, Akron South 7

Tigers Still In Quest Of First Victory Look Ragged in Defeatat Hands of Akron South


Another effort to win its first football game of the season will be made by Washington high school Friday evening when it meets Junior Home of Tiffin on Massillon Field in a game expected to attract the largest crowd of the year because of the enthusiasm of members of the Junior O.U.A.M. over the coming event.

The Washington high team should feel humiliated over its 7-6 defeat at the hands of Akron South, Saturday and perhaps now that certain members of the team have been forced from their exalted positions down to the end of the table by younger stars, a better team spirit will result.

Fumbles End Advances
The Tigers had several good chances to score Saturday, fumbles recovered by the Cavaliers thrice ending drives within the 16-yard zone. Washington high’s only score came on a break of the game, however, when Knowlton intercepted a pass in the first period on his 25-yard line and scampered 75 yards for a touchdown. Foster’s attempted placekick was wide of the uprights and by that point the local team lost, for with only a minute or so of the game remaining a determined South drive ended with Kotch plunging across on the fourth down from the one-yard line while Anderson’s perfect dropkick gave the Cavaliers a 7-6 victory. But even had the score been reversed with Massillon in possession of the seven, the game would have been no great credit to the orange and black, considering the experience and weight advantages the local school possessed.

South had an entirely green team on the field and one that was considerably outweighed by the Massillon eleven. Yet the Cavaliers battled the Tigers on practically even terms making the same number of first downs, six and playing a portion of the game in Massillon territory.

As has been the case in previous games this season it was not the veterans who stood out on the Washington high team Saturday. Rather it was the newcomers to the squad who sparkled. Knowlton, a member of the reserves last fall and Kester, a sophomore, were the only boys who could gain any ground. Schimke was outstanding on the line. Willis Monroe, third string tackle sub didn’t do a bad job filling in at the right tackle gap and was hard to pass. The Cavaliers gained most of their ground through the left side of the line where Mudd and Price, both veterans, reign.

Backfield Veterans Stopped
South’s forward wall held the Massillon offensive, one that should be a power this year, to six first downs. Williams and Clendening who in their sophomore and junior years tore large holes in the lines of their opponents’ seldom gained any yards. Both are mere shadows of what they were a year or two ago in gridiron performance.

In Tiffin Junior Home the Massillon team will face a much stiffer opponent than Akron South. Last year Tiffin was selected as having one of the outstanding football teams in the state, some sports writers even placing the eleven in No. 1 position. While the team did go through its season without a defeat the No. 1 ranking was too exalted a position for the Juniors since their schedule was not as difficult as some of the other undefeated teams in the state.

However, the Juniors have practically a veteran team on the field this year and another defeat for Washington high seems inevitable unless the Tigers realize they can’t loaf and win football games. Friday evening’s encounter promises to be the most colorful of the season, for at least two Junior Order bands and a drum corps will be in the stands in addition to the Washington high band.

Members of the order from surrounding cities will attend the game since it is the only one played by the school in this section of the state. The game also will be the semi-final on the home schedule of the Tigers. Only the encounter with Dover will be played on Massillon Field after Friday.

Line up and summary of Akron South game:
Massillon Pos Akron South
Brunker LE H. Neidert
Price LT Mollen
Mudd LG Ridge
Hoyman C Wonn
Schimke RG Black
W. Monore RT Schnur
Getz RE Kapper
Knowlton QB Anderson
Foster LH C. Neidert
Kester RH Rackich
Singer FB Kotch

Score by periods:
Massillon 6 0 0 0 6
Akron South 0 0 0 7 7

Massillon – Williams for Singer; Clendening for Knowlton; Singer for Midd; Toles for Schimke; Mudd for Toles; Heisler for Brunker.
Akron – Seckich for Schnur; Kauger for Rackich; Kalgren for Wonn; Reckner for C. Neidert.

Massillon – Knowlton.
Akron South – Kotch.

Point after touchdown:
Akron South – Anderson (placekick).

Referee – Rang (Akron).
Umpire – McPherson (W. & J.)
Head Linesman – Gross (Marietta).

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1930: Massillon 7, Akron South 7

Washington High And Akron South Battle To 7-7 Tie


An offside penalty inflicted on Akron South enabled Washington high school to tie the Cavaliers of the Rubber City 7-7 Saturday afternoon in an interesting battle at League Park, Akron.

After a listless first half in which the local team gained but little ground, the Tigers went out in the last two periods to batter through the inspired Akron defense and score a touchdown and come within a few yards of pushing over a second marker.

Fortunate to Gain Tie
But though the local team on a whole out played its opponents yet the Tigers can consider themselves fortunate that they broke even, for had not Akron been offside when Clendening’s placekick after touchdown went wide, the score would have read:
Akron 7; Massillon 6.

Though the line showed a lot of strength in the first two periods, the Massillon offense failed to flash any driving power and was exceptionally poor on lending interference to the ball carrier. Time and again the runner was dropped in his tracks when his teammates failed to clear South tacklers out of the way. As a result, the first quarter and a large portion of the second period was nothing more than a kicking duel between Kester of the local school and Gabalac and Porter of south. They booted the ball almost on even terms, Kester kicking against the wind in the first period.

In the second period however, South began to resort to a more versatile attack, and forward passes were mixing in with end runs and spinner plays. The deceptiveness mystified the Massillon defense and after Porter had returned a punt from his own 10-yard line to his 35-yard line, the Cavaliers launched an attack that did not end until the Tiger goal line was crossed.

Rogerson Scores On Pass
Neidert found an opening at center for two yards, but Gabalac wiggled through on a spinner play to his 45-yard line. Neidert went through left guard for a gain of five yards and Rogerson ripped off four more on a reverse play through his left tackle. Porter made it first down on the Massillon 43-yard line. Gabalac was stopped after a center rush of three yards and Clendening knocked down a long pass destined for Rogerson, Porter crossed up the Tigers, however, before being downed. The Tigers braced momentarily, and only allowed Rogerson three yards in two attempts Neidert faked a spinner and found an opening for six yards, and with only a foot to go, Gabalac slipped through for a first down on the Massillon eight-yard line. Gabalac lost a yard, and the Cavaliers still had eight yards to go after Rogerson carried the ball. Then it was that Gabalac stepped back and hurled a perfect pass to Rogerson, who was left unguarded. He caught the ball on the goal line and went over in one step. Gabalac placekicked the extra point. Neither team showed any more offense the remainder of the first half.

Tigers Strong In Third
The Tigers started in with a rush in the third quarter that served notice that sooner or later they were going to score a touchdown. They carried the ball from their own 35-yard line to the Akron 37-yard line, when a 15-yard penalty ended the touchdown march.

Though the orange nad black began their drive for points in that period, they did not succeed in crossing the Cavaliers goal line until the early minutes of the fourth quarter. After an exchange of punts, they came in possession of the ball on their own 47-yard line. Bordner hit for five yards but a five yard penalty sent the locals backward instead of forward. Kester’s pass was knocked down but Williams moved the ball 15 yards in three cracks at the line for a first down on the South 37-yard line. He hit for three more, but the Tigers were offside and penalized five yards. Kester reeled off five around right end and Williams faked a spinner and shot through left guard for four yards. The same play yielded seven more yards and a first down on the Akron 26-yard line. Kester got a yard at tackle but Clendening was stopped without gain. The teams reversed their position on the field as the quarter ended. Kester tossed a pass to Clendening that gained but one yard and with fourth down up, the Massillon quarter flipped the ball to Hess who ran to the Akron five-yard line before being downed. In two plays Kester carried the ball over for six points. Cledening’s attempted placekick for the try for point after touchdown was wide and short of the goal posts, but South was ruled offside on the play and the point was given the Tigers and the score was tied at 7-7.

Lose Ball On Eight-Yard Line
The local team threatened again in the middle of the period when it carried the ball from the 49-yard line to the eight-yard line where it was lost on downs by inches. The Cavaliers had but the one opportunity to score while the Tigers were only dangerous on two occasions.

While Massillon failed to make a first down during the first half, the Cavaliers negotiated the 10-yard distance four times. On the other hand, the Tigers made four first downs in each of the third and fourth periods, while the Rubber City boys were stopped in their tracks.

The local team intercepted four Akron passes, knocked three down while five were completed for a total gain of 50 yards.

Massillon tried five passes and completed two for a gain of 20 yards.

The game nearly set a record for the small number of players taking part. Only one substitution was made by Coach McGrew while the South tutor altered his lineup but twice during the afternoon.

Only a small crowd witnessed the tussle a great contrast to the huge crowds which have viewed Akron-Massillon games in years past.

The high school band was taken by bus to the game and kept one side of the field ringing with music while the south band pepped up the other side.

Line up and summary:
Massillon – 7 Pos. Akron S. – 7
Getz LE Orcutt
Willison LT Ridge
Worthington LG Smith
Schott C Huth
Monroe RG Popavich
Price RT Mansor
Hess RE Niedert
Kester QB Porter
Clendening LH Gabalac
Singer RH Rogerson
Williams FB C. Niedert

Score by periods:
Massillon 0 0 0 7 7
Akron South 0 7 0 0 7

Massillon – Bordner for Singer.
Akron South – Martinkus for Mansor; Kazon for Popavich.

Akron South – Rogerson.
Massillon – Kester.

Point after touchdown:
Akron South – Gabalac (placekick).
Massillon – Willison (forfeit).

Referee – Smith.
Umpire – Clifford.

John Kester
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1929: Massillon 10, Akron South 6

Tigers Win First Game In Three Years From Akron South


That old adage “the third time’s the charm: has once more withstood the attack of the unbelievers. Eleven husky boys wearing the blue and white of Akron South, tried vainly to break down the reliability of the old saying Saturday afternoon and now the Washington high gridders are gloating over their 10 to 6 victory, the first registered over a South high team in three years.

But the Akron team was not charmed into a mystic state of coma Saturday afternoon. In fact it was very much awaken, so much so that the Cavaliers dug their cleats into the turf of Massillon Field and played their best football of the year. This will be attested by Akron fans.

Tigers Score Early
Uncorking a fierce offense with the initial kickoff, the Tigers swept 38 yards down the field for a touchdown before four minutes of the game had expired. It was an inspired Massillon team that lined up for the kickoff after that sudden rush and another drive began for the opponent’s goal. It was then that the unexpected happened and the luckiest break that is possible in football today gave Akron a touchdown. A Massillon man fumbled on the Akron 38-yard line, and Akron player grabbing it before it touched the ground and racing unmolested 54 yards across the local team’s goal line.

The break awakened the spirit of the Rubber City gridders and they came back to put on a great battle and display their best football of the season. Had they not had that stimulant it is altogether probably that they would have been swamped under a heavy score by the orange and black.

With a team equally as heavy if not a little more so than the Massillon eleven. Doc Wargo brought his Cavaliers to this city Saturday hoping for a victory. Smarting under a defeat handed it by Wooster high the previous week the Akron aggregation was primed to the limit for Saturday’s battle with the Tigers. But the Washington high team tossed a monkey wrench into the Akron machinery right off the bat when it recovered the fumbled kickoff on the Akron 38-yard line and then waded through for a touchdown which added to the extra point, would have been sufficient to have beaten the blue and white.

15 First Downs
Offensively “Doc” Wargo’s team had nothing. It scored two first downs in the first period after the grand awakening but from then on found its plays smothered by Tiger linemen with very few yards gained. On the other hand the local team showed sufficient offensive strength to score three or four touchdowns, producing 15 first downs, four of which were registered in each of the first, second and fourth periods and three in the third.

Though the local team crossed the Akron goal line but once it was within the shadow of the visitors’ cross bar on two other occasions, a fumble spoiling one chance to score and the final gun, another.

An October sun that penetrated the jerseys of the athletes and a screen of dust that gathered in clouds over the field made playing and visibility difficult. As a result time was called out Saturday more frequently than usual for injuries and brief rest intervals.

The Washington high band appeared in uniform for the first time this season, and drilled on the field between halves with the Akron South band. The local band still lacks sufficient uniforms to pass around to all its members.

Attendance Poor
Saturday’s attendance was not up to expectations. Akron was not accompanied by a very large delegation which is probably due to the fact that the Rubber City team has not gone very far on the gridiron this fall. However, the turnout of Massillon fans also was small, probably no more than 1,500 attending.

Akron’s touchdown came as a result of the luckiest possible break. A fumble this year is dead at the point where the opposing team recovers the ball, providing the ball touches the ground before recovered. It is only on rare occasions that a fumble is caught in mid air, but such was the case Saturday when the ball flew into Hickman’s arms, and with the Massillon team massed on the right side of the line, he had a clear field ahead for a touchdown.

The touchdown gave the Akron team more fight and the addition of Huth, playing with a broken nose to the center of the line, strengthened the visitors defense and gave the Tiger ball carriers more than a battle.

First Quarter
Massillon kicked off to start the game, but South fumbled and a Massillon player recovered on the 38-yard line. Toles was injured when he was caught under a pile of Akron players when diving for the free ball. He had to be carried from the field. Getz took his place, Williams and Kester hit for nine yards. A Massillon pass was incomplete but South was penalized five yards for being offside giving the locals a first down on the 24-yard line. Williams hit for seven yards, and Clendening failed to gain at right end. Williams slipped through for a first down on the 13-yard line, Kester reeled off five yards at right end and Williams followed through with a plunge to the one-yard line. He went across on the next play. Clendening kicked goal with Kester holding the ball. Score: Massillon 7; South 0.

Gabalac kicked off to Blatz who returned to the 42-yard line. Williams plunged for a first down on the Akron 46-yard line in two attempts. On the next play a Massillon man fumbled after crossing the line of scrimmage and Hickman grabbed the ball before it could reach the ground and raced 54 yards for a touchdown without a Massillon player laying his hand on him. Keller’s attempted forward pass for the extra point was incomplete. Score: Massillon 7; Akron 6.

Gabalac kicked off to Williams who returned to the 45-yard line. Kester tried a long pass, Hickman intercepting on his own 30-yard line. Gabalac made a first down in three dashes. Stark went out of bounds after a two-yard gain. Gabalac failed to gain but Mihalic passed to Keller for a first down on Massillon’s 43-yard line. Gabalac made three yards, Feiling two and Stark bucked for three more but Gabalac lacked a foot of making a first down and the ball was surrendered to the Tigers on the 33-yard line, the nearest they ever came to the Massillon goal. Williams lost two yards but made it up on the next play. South partially blocked a Massillon punt but the Tigers recovered without gain. Kester then got off a good punt to the 32-yard line, where the Akron safety man signaled for a fair catch but was tackled by a Massillon player. A 15-yard penalty was the result. Gabalac lost two yards and Stark failed to gain. Kester intercepted Keller’s pass on the Massillon 48-yard line. Clendening made three yards and Kester slipped around right end for a first down on the Akron 40-yard line as the quarter came to an end.

Second Quarter
Clendening picked up three yards but failed to gain on a double pass. The play, however, was called back and South was penalized five yards twice on successive plays for being offside, giving the Tigers a first down on the 27-yard line. Williams made a yard and Kester three more at right end. Clendening broke through right tackle for a first down on the 14-yard line. Williams failed to gain on a spinner, and a double pass was fumbled on the next play. Mihalic recovering on the 20-yard line.

Sir Louis, who replaced Gabalac, lost two yards in two plunges and then punted to Clendening who was downed with the ball in midfield. Clendening lost two yards but came back to gain nine on the next play. After failing to gain, Kester punted over the goal line. The play, however, was called back and South penalized five yards for offside giving the Tigers a first down on the 38-yard line. Williams gained four yards in two plunges and Kester got two more on a lateral pass. Kester’s pass on the fourth down was incomplete and South took the ball on the 32-yard line. Sir Louis gained four yards and then was thrown for a two-yard loss. Feiling could get but two and Sir Louis punted to the 45-yard line. Clendening and Williams made six yards but a fumble resulted on the next play, Huffle recovering for Akron. Willison tossed Feiling for a seven-yard loss. Mihalic’s pass was grounded. He lost four yards on the next play, and Sir Louis punted out of bounds on the Massillon 45-yard line. Two plays gained but two yards as the half ended.

Third Quarter
South kicked to Blatz who returned to the 36-yard line. Rice picked up six yards, but Clendening lost two. Kester punted to South’s 22-yard line. Sir Louis gained six yards in two plays and then punted to Clendening on the Massillon 49-yard line. Williams made a yard and Clendening four more on a double pass. Kester carried the ball out of bounds after a gain of a yard. Kester made two yards, but Clendening lost it. Kester punted out of bounds on the 23-yard line. Sir Louis gained two yards but a penalty for offside set South back five yards. Sir Louis punted to Clendening on the 37-yard line. Clendening reeled off six yards and Rice got a couple more. Clendening then found his way through for a first down on the 27-yard line. Rice picked up four yards and Clendening carrying the ball three times in succession made it first down on the 15-yard line. He plunged for two more and Kester slipped through for three. Williams made two yards on a spin play. With the ball on the eight-yard line, Kester called for a placekick, and Clendening dropped back to boot the pigskin between the bars, the ball striking the crossbar but luckily bounding over. Score: Massillon 10; South 6.

Kester kicked off to the 13-yard line; Williams making the tackle. Stark lost two yards and the quarter ended with the ball on the 11-yard line.

Fourth Quarter
Feiling could gain but a foot. Gabalac punted to Clendening who returned to the 40-yard line. Kester made a yard but lost seven on an end play. When Clendening failed to gain; Kester punted out of bounds on the 21-yard line. Stark failed to gain. Gabalac failed to fain and punted out of bounds in midfield. Three plays netted the Tigers six yards and Kester kicked to the 19-yard line. Two plays netted South four yards and Gabalac punted to the 10-yard line, Clendening permitting the ball to roll, but suddenly grabbing it up and returning it to the 28-yard line. Williams hit for five and Rice made four more at left end. Williams plunged through for a first down on the 41-yard line. Kester gained four yards and Clendening slipped through for a first down on South’s 46-yard line. Williams and Kester worked together for another first down on the 36-yard line. Clendening pulled down four yards at left end and Kester got two and Williams made it first down on the 25-yard line as the game came to an end.

Line up and summary:
Massillon Pos. Akron South
Toles LE Amrein
Willison LT Hickman
Herman LG Vargo
Lewis C Eichalberger
Pfister RG Huffle
Blatz RT Zela
Houriet RE Keller
Kester QB Mihalic
Clendening LH Gabalac
Knowton RH Stark
Williams FB Feiling

Score by periods:
Massillon 7 0 3 0 10
Akron South 6 0 0 0 6

Massillon – Getz for Toles; Rice for Knowlton.
Akron South – Smith for Huffle; Sir Louis for Gabalac; Huth for Eichelberg; Howiler for Feiling; Popodide for Smith; Porter for Mihalic; Gabalac for Sir Louis; Feiling for Howiler; Huffle for Vargo; Kazac for Popodide.

Massillon – Williams.
Akron South – Hickman.

Point after touchdown:
Massillon – Clendening (placekick).

Field goal:
Massillon – Clendening (placekick).

Referee – Shafer (Akron).
Umpire – Gross (Marietta).
Head Linesman – Shearer.

Time of periods – 12 minutes.

Alfred Lewis