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Crowd of 3,000 Sees Massillon Eleven Score More Points on Visiting Cavaliers Than Canton Bulldogs Gathered


That old adage, ox cannot lick Tiger, became a living reality here Friday evening when the Bengals of Washington high pounced on the heavy Akron South high Cavaliers for a 57-0 victory.

Playing on a heavy field which should have favored the visiting team because of its weight advantage, the Massillon eleven smashed through to its fourth straight triumph of the season, increasing its total of points to 225.

Second Stringers Demonstrated Courage
The first squad was never in danger of being scored upon, but the visiting Cavaliers pushed the ball to the second team’s four-yard line, where the light line of the Cubs repelled the attack with a courageous stand and took the ball on downs.

A surprisingly large crowd of 3,000 fans turned out on the wet evening to see the battle which offered the first comparison of strength between the Massillon and Canton McKinley football teams.

Canton and South met two weeks ago, the Bulldogs winning 35-0. Massillon’s 57-0 victory last night with the second team playing within a few minutes of half of the game, would indicate the local eleven stronger again this year than its Bulldog rival.

Sees Great Battle
To get the loser’s standpoint, however, Doc Wargo, coach of the South high team was asked after the game how he thought the Canton and Massillon teams would stack up. “It will be a battle,” he said. “Canton is bigger than you are and its line will give your line plenty of trouble. You can also expect Ballos and Scott to make a hole somewhere. You are faster than Canton, though and the Bulldogs will have a time trying to catch your backs. You certainly have a fast team.”

And that’s about the way the annual clash stacks up at this writing. Monday carpenters will begin the task of throwing up temporary bleachers for it. Monday members of the Booster club have a chance to get two tickets each for the big game. Wednesday the ticket sale will be opened to the public and from the way industries are laying their money on the line for blocks of 100 and 150 seats, another sellout appears in the making.

South high brought quantity but no quality here last night. Doc Wargo turned loose the biggest team that has faced Massillon this season, but it was slow and lacking in drive.

It was polished enough in executing its shifts and plays but could get nowhere against the Tiger first stringers. It was in excellent condition, better than any eleven that has played here and not once was it necessary for the visitors to take time out for injuries. The only timeout for injuries was taken by Massillon, that when Dick Shrake had the wind knocked out of him in a pileup.

But where South lacked drive, the Massillon eleven had everything in spite of a wet field and slippery ball. Eight touchdowns were shoved over, two on passes. Seven of the eight tries for the extra point were successfully converted and a safety was tossed in for good measure, when the Massillon line drove Ed Baranick, visiting fullback across his own goal line.

In the scoring spree the Tiger eleven made 23 first downs, while holding their opponents to three. They completed seven of 16 passes for 117 yards. One of the intercepted passes was grounded. They also completed another pass for a point after touchdown.

The visitors completed three of seven passes for 20 yards.

Score in Seven Plays
It took but seven plays after the kickoff for the Tiger machine to score its first touchdown.

Young booted to Glass who caught it on his 10-yard line and came back to the 37. Byelene hit for five, Herring three and Byelene one and with fourth down coming up and a yard to go, Herring swept his right end for 31 yards and a first down on the 22-yard stripe. Byelene carried twice and put the ball on the five-yard line for Herring to score the first touchdown on a right end sweep. Glass bucked through center for the extra point.

The Tigers kicked to South but when the Cavaliers were tossed backward, Shortle punted to Herring who returned 11 yards to the South 44-yard line.

A pass to Anderson gained eight yards and Byelene made it first down on the 30. Glass hammered center for 15 yards and Byelene tossed a pass to Gillom for the touchdown. Glass again plunged for the 14th point of the ball game.

Neidert brought back Glass’ kickoff to the 20-yard line, but he fumbled on the first play from scrimmage; Glass recovering for the Tigers on the 15-yard line. A five-yard penalty and a three-yard loss from scrimmage on a fumble couldn’t keep the Tigers from scoring. Glass hammered for 10 yards and Byelene on fourth down made a daring dash to the three-yard line where Herring, after being repulsed in one attempt, took it over the second time he carried the ball. Again Glass plunged for the extra point and the total was 21-0. Herring was replaced by Shrake and did not play any more of the ball game. He was not hurt.

Another fumble by Neidert after the following kickoff was recovered by Snavely on the
18-yard line and the Tigers again began clawing in payoff territory. They took the ball to the six-yard line where the period ended. Here South showed its best defensive stand of the day and tossed Shrake twice and Byelene to take the ball on downs on the four-yard line.

Score Two Points On Safety
Young made a yard, but on the next play Baranick was tossed behind the goal line for a safety and that added two more points to the Tigers’ total

South kicked from the 20-yard line following the safety and Snyder, the blocking halfback, who is seldom noticed in his efforts at helping the other fellows out, caught the ball and returned nicely to the 31-yard line. Glass in two plunges lugged the leather to the 15-yard line. Shrake made seven and Byelene five and Mike went around his right end for the touchdown. Again Glass plunged for the extra point and the score was 30-0.

The next Tiger drive began on a fine 25-yard return of a punt by Shrake to the Massillon 49-yard line. Shrake and Glass made seven yards and Byelene running hard behind good interference smashed to the 26-yard line, a gain of 15 yards. Byelene made four but a
15-yard penalty for holding sent the Tigers backward. Byelene made up the loss and five more on a pass to Gillom and Glass smacked the center for a first down on the 10-yard line. Byelene’s pass was knocked down, but he hit center for six yards and Glass hammered through to the one-yard line and took it over on the next play. Shrake raced around his left end for the extra point and with the score 37-0 and three minutes left to play a complete new Massillon team was sent into the game. There was no further scoring, the half ending with the Tigers holding the ball in midfield.

The Tiger first team with the exception of Herring went back into the game at the start of the third period. It took the local eleven awhile to get going; South forcing Glass to punt for the first time in the ball game after the kickoff. The visitors following that punt made their first first down of the ball game on Shortle’s fine end sweep from punt formation. Gillom stopped the spurt when he broke through and tossed Hose for a seven-yard loss and when Shortle kicked poorly, Snyder made a daring catch of the ball and got back 15 yards to the South 44-yard line. A 15-yard penalty for holding made it first down and 25 to go but it didn’t stop the Tigers as Byelene tossed 17 yards to Anderson and Glass made three at center. Another five yards for offside was inflicted on the Tigers but still they hammered away, Byelene making first down in two carries on the 24-yard line and then snapping a pass to Anderson for a touchdown. A fumble spoiled the try for the extra point.

Score Touchdown Quickly
Two touchdowns followed in rapid succession. South elected to kick off; Young booting the ball into the bleachers at the end of the field. Massillon took it on the 20 and surged forward again, Glass running 21 yards to his 41; Byelene snapping a pass to Anderson for a first down on the visitors’ 49; Byelene twisting around his right end to the 24; Glass plunging twice to the seven-yard line and Shrake carrying it over in two attempts. Glass went through tackle for the extra point and the score was 50-0.
Again South kicked off to Charley Anderson who came pile driving up the alley to the
48-yard line. On the first play, Glass went through his left tackle on a 52-yard dash for a touchdown and Byelene passed to Anderson for the extra point. That ended the scoring of the ball game as the Tiger scrubs went in. They finished the game and did not come close to scoring, but gave a great demonstration of courage when they turned back the heavier South team on the four-yard line and took possession of the ball. Young Freddy Toles, sparkled in the closing minutes of the game when he nearly got away twice.

Despite the inclement weather, the game was not the mud splashing contest those who remained at home expected it to be. Before improvements were made at the local field, it would have looked like a gravel pit, but last night, shirts of players were not soiled sufficiently to make the numbers of players invisible.

The sod took up the moisture and remained firm despite the long cleats players were wearing.

The spectators too had reason to appreciate the covered section of stands. A light drizzle fell in the third period but never reached those in the protected section.

The band remained under cover last night and played from the stands but did not drill. The band is to receive its deserving award next Friday when it will be taken to New Castle on the special train. A loyal organization, the band always responds when called upon.

Victory No. 4
Massillon Pos. Akron South
Gillom LE Whitten
J. Anderson LT Avellino
Wyatt LG Lester
Snavely C Meszaros
Miller RG Burke
Peters RT Molder
C. Anderson RE Shortle
Byelene QB Schaadle
Herring LH Baranick
Snyder RH Kidder
Glass FB Young

Score by periods:
Massillon 21 16 20 0 57

Massillon – MacMichael, t; Toles, hb; Shrake, hb, qb; Edwards, e; Herman, hb; Pizzino, fb; Swoger, t; Lee, c; Bob Miller, t; Sedjo, g; Greenfelder, g; Howard, g; Wurzbacher, e; Endes, c; Lucius, g; Harsh, t.

Massillon – Glass 2; Herring 2; Gillom; Byelene; C. Anderson; Shrake.

Point after touchdown:
Massillon – Glass 5(carried); Shrake (carried); Anderson (pass).

Safety – South (two points for Massillon).
Referee – Jenkins (Akron).
Umpire – Lobach (F. & M.).
Head Linesman – Barrett (Akron).

Mike Byelene