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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1971: Massillon 42, Akron East 6

Dingler, Spencer pace Tiger victory

Independent Sports Editor

Scotty Dingler added something new to the Tigers’ offensive arsenal Friday night – the conversion kick.

The Washington high quarterback booted six of them, two short of the all-time mark of eight set by guard Bob Pflug in 1923, reached twice by center Jerry Krisher in 1950 and once by halfback Tom Boon in 1952.

THE LAST to kick six was tackle Bob Williams in 1954.

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The WHSers put together a well-run offense with another stingy defensive job for a 42-6 victory over Akron East before 9,230, the smallest in the first five games – all played at Tiger stadium. The win gave the Orange and Black a 4-1 record and dropped the Orientals to 2-2.

“Dingler has worked hard on kicking conversions,” Tiger head Coach Bob Commings said, “and it paid off. I was also pleased with his kickoffs. He’ll do it some more, although it’s kind of tough on a quarterback. He’s a good short tackler and it gives us that extra man in there.”

Tailback Willie (The Wrecker) Spender scored two touchdowns, picked up 117 net yards, losing none, in 13 carried; ends Mike McGuire and Joe Matie each scored once as did fullback Don Perry and tailback Larry McLenndon.

The Tigers picked up 518 total net yards while giving up 155, allowing the Orientals no further than the Massillon 42 and completed four of eight passes for 128 yards. It was the Orange and Black’s best showing of the season, but they lost three of four fumbles, reverting to an early-season malady and it cost them.

“THEY WERE by far the quickest team we’ve played,” Commings states. “Their offense was well conceived, they knew what they wanted to do against our angle defense, hurt us with the quick fullback hitter and were a good team, but just didn’t have enough personnel. They were the best we’ve played against all year and might have given some others ideas.”

The Tigers got their first score on a 68-yard, eight-play drive, aided by a 15-yard face mask call. Hannon started it with a 23-yard kickoff runback and Perry bulled over from the five on first down with 2:13 remaining in the first quarter.

Todd Cocklin started the next drive with a recovery of sub quarterback Eric Parson’s fumble at the Massillon 47. Seven plays and a five-yard procedure penalty later, Spencer rolled around left end on third and five from the Orientals’ 35 for the touchdown with 10:31 left in the second quarter.

The Tigers almost had a TD on a first-down pass from Dingler to split end Mike McGuire from the Massillon 47, but a cornerback came rushing in, couldn’t be blocked and the pass didn’t get to McGuire. They missed another in the second period when Hannon ran back a punt 65 yards, but the kicker had been roughed.

A six-play, 73-yard drive netted the WHS high team its third score with 1:45 left in the second canto. Dingler, getting excellent protection, hit McGuire on the 26 from second and 10 on the East 41 and McGuire carried in. The pass was perfectly thrown on the hook pattern down the middle.

The groovy-hipped Hannon ran the second-half kickoff back 25 yards and the Tigers scored in eight plays after McGuire had picked up McLenndon’s fumble at the East 20. McLenndon went into Promised Land over right guard on second down from the six with 8:57 showing.
* * *
A FIVE-PLAY, 61-yard drive, with Spencer on the scoring end and Perry providing a
41-yard romp over right tackle to the East five, caused the scoreboard lights to flash again. Spencer went over the same tackle on first down from the five with 10:24 left in the goodbye episode.

The last touchdown was thwarted temporarily by a series of misadventures. Hannon took a Westover screen left on the Tigers’ 30 and ran 31 yards to he East 39, but the Orientals intercepted a pass.

Don Muhlbach re-intercepted on the next play and ran back 44 yards to the East 35, but then came a clip. Hannon scooted through the center for 14 yards to the Massillon 43 and second and one.

Westover hit split end Joe Matie on the Orientals’ 25 and Joe scored with 4:05 to go.

Dom Patella, East coach, thought his team did very well considering he started only three seniors.

“Line play made the difference,” is the way he explained his third loss to Massillon. “They blew us out of there and got stronger as the game went along.”
* * *
“SPENCER WAS outstanding offensively. Jim Bolden and Merle Burdette (a junior and sophomore respectively) are not in Spencer’s class, but will be outstanding as they get older.”

After a month’s sojourn at home, the Tigers will travel to Harding field in Steubenville next Friday for their second All-American conference game.

Ends – Moledar, C. Parson, Patton, Smith, Evans.
Tackles – Blair, McGhee, Dixon, Kasarnich, Lidge, Owens, Wittman.
Guards – Beasley, Crawford, Lillie, Preer, Cash, Platt.
Center – Laster.
Quarterback – E. Parson.
Halfbacks – Flint, Ratcliff, Grimes, Moore, Anry, Bolden.
Fullbacks – Burnette, Thomas.

Ends – McGuire, Matie, Stephan, Sullivan, Bodiford, Rowe, D. Edwards.
Tackles – Heath, Weirich, Peters, Hauschultz, Shumar.
Guards – Guiffre, Heck, Christoff, Graber, Simpson, Keller, Mayles, Bash.
Centers – Studer, Cocklin, McCabe, Allman.
Quarterbacks – Dingler, Muhlbach, Westover.
Halfbacks – Spencer, McLenndon, T. Edwards, Thompson, Weise, Wonsick, Christie, Jackson.
Fullbacks – Perry, Hannon, Wood.

EAST 6 0 0 0 6
MASSILLON 7 14 7 14 42

E – Thomas, 1 run (run failed); M – Perry, 5 run (Dingler kick);
M – Spencer, 35 run (Dingler kick); M – McGuire, 41-yd., pass-run
from Dingler (Dingler kick); M – McLenndon, 6 run (Dingler kick);
M – Spencer, 5 run (Dingler kick); M – Matie, 57-yard pass-run
from Westover (Dingler kick).

First downs, rushing 20 7
First downs, passing 3 0
First downs, penalties 2 2
Total first downs 25 11
Yards gained rushing 392 144
Yards lost rushing 2 18
Net yards gained rushing 390 126
Net yards gained passing 128 29
Total yards gained 518 155
Passes completed 4-8 2-13
Passes intercepted by 1 1
Yardage on passes intercepted 22 18
Kickoff average (yards) 7-45.3 2-37.5
Kickoff returns (yards) 46 82
Punt average (yds.) 0 6-32.9
Punt returns (yds.) 14 0
Fumbles (lost) 4(3) 4(1)
Yards penalized 5-65 6-61
Touchdowns rushing 4 1
Touchdowns passing 2 0
Total number of plays 51 62

Referee – Howard Eckert.
Umpire – Joe Yanity.
Head Linesman – Henry Mastrianni.
Field Judge – Charles Hinkle.
Back Judge – Robert Walker.


Steve Studer
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1967: Massillon 28, Akron East 14

Promising Tigers Win Opener 28-14
Running of McDew, Smith, Defensive Play Are Highlights

Independent Sports Editor
The sigh of relief could be heard all across Tigertown.

Washington high grid fans had been apprehensive about their team after last week’s scrimmage showing against Canton Lincoln. But the Tigers proved Friday night before 11,068 fans at Tiger stadium that they have the makings of a fine team.

For all practical purposes they shut out invading Akron East, 3-time Rubber City champion. But a couple of air born pigskins didn’t reach their intended marks and the Obiemen had to settle for a 28-14 count.
* * *

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THE GAME was highlighted by some outstanding running on both sides. For the Tigers it was by marvelous Mark McDew, including 2 punt-return touchdowns. The Tigers’ other halfback, Jim Smith – both are juniors – also scored twice.

Senior Dave Richards, a halfback and Harvey drone, a fullback starred for East. Richards tallied 2 TD’s.

Running from a regular position instead of a wing slot for the first time in the power I, “Mac” helped make the Tigers’ running game all the more dangerous.

McDew’s first bit of inspired running came about halfway through the welcome canto. The Tigers had taken the opening kickoff, lost a fumble to East’s Ted Mobley on the Bengal 39 and forced a punt and resulting 11-yard runback by McDew.

Five plays later with second, 11 on the Tigers’ 29, Mark blasted through center for 61 yards and a first down on the Orientals’ 10. An offside penalty made it 2nd, 11 and Smith raced around the left side on the option for the first score at 5:54.
* * *
ANOTHER OFFSIDE penalty forced a second conversion try from the 8 after the first was no good. Senior co-captain and quarterback Trevor Young hit McDew on a diving catch for an 8-0 count.

Senior end Tim Richards halted an East drive at the Tigers’ 31 early in the second period and an exchange of punts found McDew consummating a 62-yard punt return after being trapped and reversing his field, to put the Orange and Black ahead 14-0 at 7:45.
Junior split end Luther Jackson couldn’t hold Young’s conversion pass.

McDew put his winged feet to good use again midway through the third period, after East had had the ball for most of the quarter. McDew got loose on an 80-yard punt return with help from a picture block by senior end Russ Fenton on the East 20. The time was 7:22.

Young tried to hit Jackson on the conversion, missed, but an offside on the Rubber City opponents gave the Tigers another chance and Smith went over right guard for the 2 points.
* * *
MASSILLON’S FINAL score came in the last quarter on a 64-yard, 10-play drive started by a 26-yard punt runback by junior safety Marc Malinowski and cluminated by Young’s 9-yard keeper and Smith’s 3-yard jaunt off left tackle at 11:16.

Smith tried the other side for the conversion but couldn’t reach pay dirt.

Tiger fans perched perilously on the edges of their seats in the third quarter when the Orientals made it a 22-14 game.

The Obiemen had driven deep into East territory when Young tried the sky route with first down on the 18. Senior halfback Dave Richards picked off the aerial and returned 90 yards down the east sideline with Smith failing, on a great try to stop the Oriental speed demon. The time was 6:09.

A pass to senior halfback Eleaser Sanders was incomplete on the conversion try but both sides were offside. Sanders raced around left end for the score.
* * *
A COUPLE of minutes later on the first series after the kickoff, Young attempted to option Smith on third down on a play, which netted the Bengals plenty of yardage and helped Young’s running throughout the night. The flip hit Smith’s helmet and bounced back into Richards’ hands and he was gone with the wind again from 35 yards out at 4:46.

Sophomore Otis Johnson’s conversion boot was blocked but the Tigers were nicked for roughing the holder. Junior halfback Mel Averiett was brought down just short of the zone by Hoyt Skelton and Tom Houser on the second try.

But the defensive gem of the night for the Tigers was yet to come. Midway in the goodbye frame East was driving for another score on a drive which started from the Orientals’ 32 after a Richards’ 27-yard punt return.

With fourth down on the Massillon 2, East’s junior halfback, Melvin Averiett, was tossed to the 9 by Tim Richards.

This was just one facet of some sterling defensive play by the Obiemen, which bottled up the Orientals’ pitch-and-run game pretty well. Senior co-captain and linebacker Ron Ertle did an outstanding job along with Richards and Fenton and utility linebacker Dave Doll.
* * *
THE BLOCKING of strong siders Dave Gipp, Bill Snowball, and Tom Houser and center Blaine Moore helped.

The Bengals didn’t complete a pass, mostly because the pass blocking didn’t hold up.

The 47 yards of passing yardage by East wasn’t bad considering the Bengals used an
all-junior defensive backfield.

With one down and 9 to go on the comeback trail, the Bengals will host Cleveland Benedictine next Friday.

EAST – 14
Ends – Sommerville, Yovanovich, C. Richards, B. Smith.
Tackles – Shealey, Davis, Beaubout.
Guards – Preer, McGhee.
Center – Bennet.
Quarterback – Vaughn.
Halfbacks – D. Richards, Sanders, McMillan, Mobley, W. Smith, Averiett, Johnson.
Fullbacks – Drone, Hill.

Ends – Jackson, Houser, Dampier, Robinson, Spencer, T. Richards.
Tackles – Snowball, McGeorge, Snyder.
Guards – D. Gipp, Ertle, Whitfield, Doll.
Centers – B. Moore, Skelton.
Quarterbacks – Young, Malinowski.
Halfbacks – J. Smith, McDew, Fenton, Hodgson, Evans.
Fullbacks – Simon, R. Moore, M. Gipp.

Player Att. Net. Ave.
Young 8 14 1.75
Moore 5 14 2.80
Simon 1 1 1.00
Smith 14 99 7.68
McDew 11 84 7.55

Player Att. Net. Ave.
Richards 10 61 6.1
Sanders 24 81 3.38
Drone 2 4 2

East 0 0 14 0 14
Massillon 8 6 8 6 28

McDew 2 (61 and 80-yard punt returns);
J. Smith 2 (12 and 3-yard runs).
D. Richards 2 (90-yard pass interception return and 35-yard option-pitch interception return).

Extra points:
McDew 2 (pass from Young);
Smith 2 (8-yard run).
D. Richards 2 (run).

Attendance: 11,066

Referee – Jack McLain.
Umpire – John Rance.
Head Linesman – Bud Shopbell.
Field Judge – Chuck Hinkle.

Mass. East
First downs – rushing 10 7
First downs – passing 0 1
First downs – penalties 0 1
Total first downs 10 9
Yards gained rushing 235 166
Yards lost rushing 17 17
Net yards gained rushing 213 149
Net yards gained passing 0 47
Total yards gained 218 196
Passes attempted 4 10
Passes completed 0 5
Passes intercepted by 0 2
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 109
Times kicked off 5 3
Kickoff average (yards) 50.2 43.6
Kickoff returns (yards) 74 93
Times punted 3 5
Punt average (yards) 40.0 39.0
Punt return (yards) 15 5
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 1 1
Lost fumbled ball 1 1
Penalties 3 3
Yards penalized 55 12
Touchdowns rushing 2 0
Touchdowns passing 0 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 1
Miscellaneous 2 1
Total number of plays 48 56

Ron Ertle
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1962: Massillon 42, Akron East 16

Tigers Defeat Akron East 42-16
Outgained By Orientals, Bengals Capitalize on Fumble, Interceptions


The Massillon Tigers are one up on Christopher Columbus. He never had the chance to meet any Orientals on his historic voyage 470 years ago. He discovered America on Oct. 12 instead.

However, the Washington high school football team not only met, but conquered a band of Orientals – Akron East high school – Friday night at Tiger stadium. The score was 42-16.

The win enabled the Bengals to even their season’s record at three wins and three losses. East lost its second game in five outings.

Although the statistics were in East’s favor 134 yards to 114 rushing and 120 yards to 114 passing, the alert Tiger defense took the ball away three times on pass-interceptions and once on a fumble, each break proving to be a key one. Two of the interceptions and the fumble recovery set up Massillon touchdowns. The other interception prevented an enemy score.
* * *
TWO OF MASSILLON’S interceptions came in the second quarter. The first one, by junior left Tackle Tom Miller, was picked by East Coach Dom Patella as the turning point. “We were only one touchdown away then,” said the dejected mentor, “It looked lie we were on our way.”

A jubilant Massillon Coach Leo Strang felt that the pass interceptions and fumble recovery were “key situations and gave us a sorely needed boost.” He added, “The kids have more confidence now. This victory really helped us.”

Strang explained the reason for East’s superiority in the yard department. “They gained most of that yardage in the second half when we had a lot of reserves in. We were trying to keep the key boys out part of the time to rest them and to make sure no one else was injured.” He added, “Some of our reserves who started will be playing reserve ball against Alliance tomorrow, which was a factor also.”

Patella was happy with his charges’ second half play. “That was more typical East football,” he said. “We were scared during the first half.”

Strang commented on the play of sophomore Fullback Jim Lawrence. The skipper felt that Lawrence had his best running night of the season. Strang was also happy with the play of juniors Tom Roderick and Ken Swisher at the line-backing spots, in the first half. The combination was broken up in the second half when Strang started going to his bench. Swisher subbed for injured Ron Davis.
Senior Tailback John Kanney looked good again for the second week in a row, scoring three touchdowns, all in the first half. Wingback Bill Blunt caught some very important passes.
* * *
IRONICALLY though, the Bengals might have had a couple of other scores if pass receivers had been able to hold on to aerials when they were in the open. The Orientals had the same trouble. Massillon completed only six of 15 passes and East five of 19. Jitters played a big part in this department on both sides.

Massillon scored the second time it got its hands on the ball. The Tigers’ safety man, Terry Getz, ran a punt back from his 45-yard line to the East 47. The Orange and Black had a score eight plays and two first downs later.

With Kanny and Lawrence taking turns running through opposite sides of the line the Tigers moved the ball well. Lawrence had a big 18-yard run which set the TD up by putting the ball on the four.

Kanney ultimately went over, inside long side end with 5:14 left in the first period. Swartz didn’t get into the end zone for the conversion, however.

Three plays after the ensuing kickoff East fumbled, and Roderick hopped on the errant pigskin at the Orientals’ 15. Lawrence went off tackle to the nine and then the seven.

Kanney scored again at 2:50. Swartz passed to Blunt for the conversion.
* * *
EAST CAME RIGHT back to score on a 76-yard drive on its next series. The drive included eight plays and three first downs. Also thrown in were a 41-yard pass play from senior Quarterback Bill Shuman to Junior Fullback Chester Millirons, an 18-yard end run by senior halfback Ralph Sanders and a 12-yard end run by senior Halfback Ted Becton.

Then the Sanders- Millirons duo teamed up for what was to be the first of two eight-point maneuvers. Sanders scored the touchdown around left end at 11:15 of the second stanza. Millirons skirted right end on a pitchout for the conversion.

The Bengals came back with three scores in less than three minutes near the end of the period. Miller came up with his interception on the Akron 42. Then the Orange and Black ground out the yardage with Lawrence and Kanney handling the running.

Nine plays and three first downs after the interception Kanney scored his third six-pointer of the night from six yards out off left guard at 2:30. Blunt tried to skirt left end on a pitchout but missed the conversion.

On the first play following the kickoff, Shuman tried a pass to Saunders. It tipped off his hands and into the arms of Getz. The little junior raced down the east sideline from the 25 to the two.

He was given the honor of scoring the TD, which he did on the first play via the wedge. Swartz passed to Blunt for the PAT’s.
* * *
WITH TIME running out in the half, East missed on a fourth down pass play with 12 yards to go on its 24. The Tigers capitalized on the opportunity to score in three plays at 0:38. Swartz tossed down the center to Blunt on the 15 and “The Rabbit” scored with the aid of a big block by junior short side End Ron Alexander, who started his first game. Lawrence wedged in the conversion for 36-8 score.

Alexander was hurt on the touchdown play. He received a bruised back and left the field for the night.

The only scoring in the second half came in the third canto. The Orange and Black moved 70 yards after a punt for their final score at 4:36. It took them nine plays and two first downs to tally.

Blunt had a big “Statue of Liberty” play after a holding penalty that put WHS back on its own 37, second and 26. He gained 17 yards to the Akron 46.

Then Swartz handed the ball to Kanney as he went into the line, pulled the pigskin back and let fly to Lawrence who gathered the ball in one the 43 and scampered down the west sideline to score. Paisley’s attempted kick for the conversion was no good.

Immediately thereafter East scored again. Taking the kickoff, the Orientals moved from their 22 for the score in eight plays and four first downs at 0:29.
* * *
EAST GOT its passing game going as Shuman threw to 6-6 junior End Huston Breedlove for 27 yards and 21 yards. Senior Halfback Earl Jackson ran for 14 yards through the center to help out.

Sanders went around left end from the six for the score. Millirons went off tackle for the conversion.

The Orientals’ last effort came with about 2:50 left in the game. They took over on their 44 after a punt and moved to the Tiger seven in eight plays with three first downs. Again passes to Breedlove, covering 14 and 18 yards, helped get the ball deep into Massillon territory.

With first down on the seven, Shuman threw two passes to Breedlove and one to Becton, with no results. The first one to Breedlove was incomplete in the end zone. The next was incomplete in the flat. The last was intercepted by Roderick in the end zone.

Massillon had one drive going in the last quarter only to run afoul of a penalty and two fumbles, the last of which was recovered by East on the WHS 40.

The Tigers will now play two straight games on the road. Next week they will journey to Mansfield, the following week to Warren, returning home Nov. 2 against Cleveland Benedictine.

Ends – Jones, R. Alexander, McAllister, Franklin, Hose and Goodnough.
Tackles – Clendening, Profant, Mercer, Fabianich, Miller, Frank, Morgan and Tarle.
Guards – Castile, Geckler, McDew, Roderick, Swisher, Paflas, Mathias and Rivera.
Centers – Bradley, Paisley and Scassa.
Backs – Swartz, Kanney, Lawrence, Eckard, Blunt, Getz, Sullivan, Toles, Hewitt, Thomas, Pope and Rink.

East 0 8 8 0 16
Massillon 14 22 8 0 42

Massillon – Kanney (three, seven and six-yard runs); Getz (one-yard run); Blunt (24-yard pass from Swartz); Lawrence (46-yard pass from Swarts.

East – Sanders (three and six-yard runs).

Massillon – Blunt 2 (passes from Swartz) and) Lawrence (run).

East – Millirons 2 (runs).

Referee – Jack McLain (Columbus).
Umpire – Tom Bender (Fostoria).
Head Linesman – Don Elsass (Columbus)
Field Judge – Andy Chiebeck (Louisville)

Mass. Opp.
First downs – rushing 8 8
First downs – passing 6 4
First downs – penalties 0 0
Total first downs 14 12
Yards gained rushing 163 148
Yards lost rushing 34 14
Net yards gained rushing 129 134
Yards gained passing 114 120
Total yards gained 243 254
Passes attempted 15 19
Passes completed 6 5
Passes intercepted by 3 0
Times kicked off 7 3
Kickoff average (yards) 55.7 45.6
Kickoff returns (yards) 44 110
Times punted 3 4
Punt average (yards) 35.3 24.2
Punt returns (yards) 23 4
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 3 2
Lost fumbled ball 1 1
Penalties 3 4
Yards penalized 22 23

Ben Bradley
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1935: Massillon 70, Akron East 0


Versatility of Well Balanced Massillon Team Has Fans Wondering How Strong It Really Is; 9,500 See Game


The grand opening of the 1935 football season took place in a grand way here Friday evening before a crowd of 9,500 fans and all Massillon today was wondering just how powerful its Washington high Tiger team really is.

Akron East was crushed 70-0, but even East did not feel the full effect of the Tiger offensive which had much up its sleeve that was never pulled out. Trickery was not needed, for Tiger passes and power plays, executed with mid-season rhythm, produced 11 touchdowns, despite efforts to hold down the score by substitution. And East thought it was tops this year.

Tigers Score First Time They Get Ball
It didn’t take long for the Tigers to demonstrate their superiority. That which followed the kickoff revealed immediately the power that is Massillon’s this year, for receiving on their own 37-yard line, the orange and black marched straight up the field to the 12-yard line where Jake Gillom, dancing halfback, tucked the ball under his arm on a double reverse and scampered around left end for a touchdown.

A parade of touchdowns followed, with Gillom scoring three more, one on a beautiful
75-yard return of a punt, Charley Anderson, three and Byelene, Dutton, Herring and Snyder one each.

To amass so great a total, the Tigers rolled up 24 first downs, an unusually large number and held East to seven, most of which were the result of a short pass over the line of scrimmage and despite all their gaining, the local gridders lost 90 yards on penalties, as against 25 for the visiting team.

Sparkle in New Suits
Their new orange and black uniforms with white letters glistening under the floodlights of Massillon field, the Tigers looked like a college team in their parade up the field. Conceded a weight advantage over the visiting team, the new uniforms made the local players appear even much larger than they really were a psychological advantage in gridiron dress.

The game was played in a setting of splendor. The huge crowd of 9,500 fans filled the green and orange stands and formed a background for the musical and gridiron drama of the evening. The American Legion drum and bugle corps staged the same drill in which it will appear at the national competition in St. Louis Wednesday. The Washington high band strutted proudly up the field in a drill between halves that made every Massillon citizen proud of this organization. Pennants of Tiger opponents this year floated from masts on the light poles. The word “Massillon” in black letters on an orange background, stood out boldly on the top of the press box. Several hundred junior boosters whooped it up all evening in their own section of stands. They will be an important cog in the booster club from now on.

After pageantry of this kind, nothing but a sweeping Massillon victory could be in order and that which took place on Massillon field has fans pondering whether this year’s team is not better balanced than that of last fall.

The Tiger offensive was directed by two young fellows, Howard Dutton and Mike Byelene, the lightest players on the Tiger varsity but both No. 1 quarterbacks. Dutton with an edge in punting and receiving was the official starter, but Byelene, who followed him to the signal post, dazzled the visiting team with his long and accurate passes that reached their target with few exceptions. All told passes gained 205 yards for Massillon.

The play of the entire Tiger team was a delight to Massillon fans. They said last year that Lohr and Shertzer could not be replaced, but before this season is over their shoes may even give corns to Charley Anderson and August Morningstar, who did everything last night that is required of good ends.

Strong On Defense
From tackle to tackle, the visitors could do nothing. Woods, Updegraff, Voss, Held and Buggs throwing up a stonewall defense. The backfield had everything to be desired, with Jake Gillom providing the fireworks. Bob Glass, played but a few minutes for fear of aggravating an injured ankle, but was replaced by John Snyder, a product of Lorin Andrews Junior high, who score one touchdown and got away to one long run.

Eddie Molinski’s outstanding work was his backing up the line of scrimmage. He and Morningstar threw themselves into ever open breach and the gap was immediately closed.

Another fireball who sticks his feet out as though taking hurdles was Edgar Herring, a sub back and the lightest man on the team, 125 pounds. Twice he electrified the crowd with his open field running and once had cleared all opposition and was away to a long gallop when he became over balanced and fell. The Tiger forward wall was revealed in the first touchdown march.

Downed with the kickoff on the 37-yard line, Glass made four at center and Dutton two. Then Jake Gillom got away for five yards and a first down on his own 48. Glass made two and Gillom scampered 12 yards around left end to the East 38. He skirted the other side next time for a 15-yard sprint to the 23.

Dutton made three at left end and Glass plunged for a first down on the 12-yard line. Then on a double reverse, Gillom skirted his right end and scored standing up. Glass missed the try for the extra point.

Updegraff Grabs Pass
The Tigers kicked to East, but when Massillon held, the visitors returned the punt to midfield. Two grounded passes and an offside penalty set the Tigers back and Dutton punted out of bounds on the East 30. Then the visitors tried a basketball pass and Updegraff went up in the air to intercept it. On the first play, Gillom skirted his right end for the second touchdown and this time Glass kicked the extra point.

Glass was removed from the Tiger lineup and did not play thereafter. He was replaced by Snyder.

The Tigers kicked again to East, Noga bringing the ball back to the 25-yard line. Tally, however, fumbled and recovered for a loss of 12 yards and East punted out on the 25-yard line. Gillom made six yards at left tackle. Dutton shot through the right side of the goal line and Snyder carried it across. The try for point was missed leaving the score 19-0.

The Tigers again kicked off to East and the Orientals worked the ball to their own 47-yard line for their first first down of the game, a pass, Noga to Talley advancing the ball nine yards. Two more passes were attempted. One was blocked and the second was intercepted by Morningstar on the East 47-yard line just as the first period ended.

Second Quarter
Another touchdown drive immediately got underway. Gillom scampered for nine yards at right end, but Massillon was penalized 15 for holding. Byelene who replaced Dutton, rifled a pass to Morningstar for gain of 23 yards and Gillom took a lateral from Byelene and traveled to the visitors’ 20. Next time he circled right end for a 15-yard dash to the
five-yard line. Byelene sneaked through for three and Gillom went over for the touchdown. Byelene’s pass for the extra point was too high for Morningstar to reach.

The Tigers kicked off and East brought the ball back to midfield where Massillon held and forced the visitors to punt. Getting the ball on the 10-yard line the Massillon offensive again went into action. Byelene hit for five and Snyder made it first down on the Tiger 20. Gillom got loose and ran 30 yard to midfield. Byelene made five on a spinner and then fired a pass to Anderson for a first down on the visitors’ 20. Snyder failed to gain and two passes were grounded, but on fourth down, Byelene gambled and passed again. This one Anderson took to the five-yard line before he was tackled. Byelene went around left end for the touchdown. Eddie Molinski kicked the extra point.
The entire varsity was removed from the field and second stringers carried on the remainder of the half with no further scoring.

Third Quarter
East kicked off to Massillon at the start of the second half; Gillom receiving and carrying back to the 25. He made five at left tackle and 11 more on an end jaunt. Dutton’s pass was blocked and the Tigers were penalized five yards for being in motion. When Dutton and Gillom failed to negotiate a first down, Dutton punted to the visitors’ 33. Failing to gain, East punted back to the Massillon 25-yard line. Gillom caught the ball, sidestepped the ends and struck out to his left sideline as his interference formed. Twisting and out running tacklers in a change of pace and supported by excellent blocking, the Tiger safety man scampered 75 yards for a touchdown, his fourth of the game. Molinski’s kick for the extra point was low.

The Tigers kicked to East, but the Orientals after grounding two passes and failing to gain in a line plunge kicked to the Massillon 30. Snyder made three yards at left tackle and Dutton four on a spinner. Dutton shot a long pass to Anderson for a first down on the East 33. Another pass was grounded, but Gillom made up for it by galloping to a first down on the 15.

Dutton made five at left tackle and Gillom went over but the ball was called back and the Tigers penalized 15 yards. Dutton ran to the goal line on a fake and went over on his second attempt for a touchdown. Molinski missed the kick.

The Tigers kicked off to East, but the visitors lost 15 yards for holding and kicked out of bounds on their own 25. Dutton’s pass was grounded and Snyder failed to gain, but Dutton shot the ball on the third down to Anderson who made a pretty catch and ran for a touchdown. This time Molinski kicked the extra point and the score was 51-0. That ended the scoring of the third period.

Fourth Quarter
The Tigers kicked off to East and the ball was brought back to the 30-yard line. However, the visitors lost 15 yards on a lateral pass and punted to Byelene, who caught the ball on the East 30. Byelene immediately ripped through for 15 yards and on the next play heaved the ball to Herring for a touchdown. His pass for the extra point was grounded.

East struck back on the following kickoff with its best offensive of the game and carried the ball to the Tigers 35-yard line where Snyder recovered Tally’s fumble. Byelene made three yards but Massillon was penalized five. Herring fumbled for a loss of five more. Then Herring got loose and ran his right end to midfield, a dash of 25 yards. He was clear of opponents but was set off balance by the last East tackler and stumbled and fell. Another penalty set the Tigers back five yards, but it didn’t matter for Byelene sailed the ball to Anderson for a gain of 50 yards and a touchdown. Molinski missed the extra point.

The last touchdown followed Molinski’s interception of an East pass on East’s 46-yard line. Herring struck for seven yards and Snyder dashed to the East 15. Herring made five, but Massillon was penalized 15 for holding. Byelene then passed 30 yards to Anderson for the score. Byelene carried the ball for the extra point. The game ended with a steam of substitutions continually changing the personnel of the Massillon lineup.

The lineup and summary:
Anderson LE Averitte
Held LT McMullen
Updegraff LG Smith
Voss C Pisel
Woods RG Schenz
Buggs RT Hupp
Morningstar RE Skinner
Dutton QB Hicks
Gillom LH Noga
Molinski RH Mitchell
Glass FB Talley

Score by periods:
Massillon 19 13 19 19 70

Massillon – McDew, re; O. Gillom, le; J. Anderson, lt; Mofett, rt; Russ, lg; Miller, rg; Snavely, c; Byelene, qb; Herring, lh; Spillman, rh; Snyder, fb; Carter, lh.
Akron East – Sutfin, lh; Maluke, rt; Boggs, qb.

Massillon – Gillom 4; Anderson 3; Dutton; Snyder; Herring; Byelene.

Point after touchdown:
Massillon – Glass (placekick); Molinski 2 (placekick). Byelene (line buck).

Referee – Jenkins (Akron).
Umpire – Boone (Canton).
Head Linesman – Tyler (Western Reserve).

Augie Morningstar
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1934: Massillon 42, Akron East 0



An inspired Akron East high team, playing its best football of the season, held the Washington high school Tigers scoreless for two periods Saturday afternoon but eventually weakened in the path of a spirited drive that produced six touchdowns in the second half and a 42-0 Massillon victory, the eighth of the season for the Tigers whose goal line has not been crossed by an opponent.

East was supposed to have been a setup for the Tigers this year. It was Lou Little, Columbia’s fine coach who only recently said there are no setups. Every team is a threat and every game a hard game, for there is always the chance of the “easy team” suddenly becoming imbued with great confidence and overthrowing an opponent that has too much of it.

East Played Inspired Football
Little talks from experience for only last year his Columbia Lions pounced into the Rose Bowl of the Pacific coast and made monkeys of the experts who had ridiculed the selection of Little’s team as the East’s representative in the traditional New Year’s day game with Stanford. Columbia, playing inspired football, won that game 7-0 and Stanford had been proclaimed throughout the land as Columbia’s superior.

It was this type of football that kept Akron East in the game Saturday and made for it somewhat of a record in defeat; for no other team has succeeded in stopping the Washington high Tigers scoreless in two successive periods.

It was evident from the kickoff that the Tigers were in for a busy afternoon. East received and Walker and Stager, fleet halfbacks, immediately tore through the Tigers revamped defense for long gains that would have meant a first down had not two five-yard penalties set the Orientals back 10 yards in the same series.

East Stops Massillon Backs
Stopped by penalties from making the yardage, Walker punted out of bounds on the
32-yard line. Krier and McCants made a first down on their 47-yard line, but the going got tough from there on and the Tigers found themselves stopped for the first time this season.

They showed spasmodic flashes of offense but the Orientals were equal to the occasion and rallied their forces to stop every drive before it could penetrate into dangerous territory.

In fact, the nearest the Tigers could get to the East goal in the first half was the East
21-yard line. There Krier fumbled when tackled and Kidney recovered for the visitors.

The Orientals were not only a defensive team in the first half but they had an offense that worried the Massillon fan who was hoping the Tigers could keep their goal line from being crossed. The revamped Massillon defense, which consisted of McCants on right tackle, Snavely on left end, Wolfe at right guard and Krier backing up the line, proved unequal to the occasion and the team went back to the old style in short order.

Orientals Threaten
Throughout the first two periods and the rest of the game for that matter, Walker and Stager threatened to break away at anytime and prance for a touchdown. Stager, a former Akron Red Pepper star, was exceptionally fast. You thought he was going at full speed until a hole loomed in sight and when he put on full stream it looked like a vacuum had sucked him through. These two aces on one occasion advanced the ball to Massillon’s
20-yard line where Snavely recovered Walker’s fumble to end the threat.

East made two first downs to Massillon’s three the first period and one to the Tigers’ four in the second quarter. Penalties usually inflicted for offside stopped several other attempts of the Orientals to gain yardage.

What took place in the Massillon dressing room between halves is known only to the players themselves but what happened thereafter is more pleasant writing.

The Orientals came back into the game with pep and ginger and fought every inch of the way as they backed up 66 yards under the withering attack of the Massillon backs and charging linemen. Then the goal line was reached and D.C. McCants smashed his way through for the first touchdown of the game. Henry Krier kicked goal and the score was
7-0 in the Tigers’ favor.

East Surrenders
The touchdown shattered the morale of the visiting athletics. Their big moment was lost and the Tigers had proved themselves the better team. From there on East yielded ground more rapidly and the Tigers taking to the path of least resistance, the forward pass, soon had the score rocketing upward in a touchdown parade that was stopped only by the timekeepers’ gun. Fourteen points were scored in the third period and 28 in the fourth to increase the team’s total for the season to 349.

The first touchdown drive began when Knox Little booted the ball out of bounds on the Tigers’ 34-yard line. Krier smashed the right side of the East line for a 15-yard gain and took the ball past midfield in a second attempt. Dutton snapped a pass to Lohr for a first down on the Akron 40. He tried another that Lohr couldn’t reach and when a pass to Shertzer was grounded after a three-yard gain by Krier it looked as though the Orientals had once again succeeded in stopping the Massillon advance. With fourth down up, Dutton faded back and fired again. Shertzer grabbed the ball but as he did an Akron player grabbed his arm and the pigskin bounded out. Interference was ruled and it was first down on the 25-yard line. A beautifully executed lateral-forward, Shertzer to Lohr went for naught when Lohr with a clear field dropped the ball. McCants, however made up for it by carrying the East team on his back to the 15-yard line. He and Krier went on for another first down on the two-yard stripe and McCants went over in two attempts. Krier placekicked the extra point.

It didn’t take long to get another. Krier kicked off and East dashed back to the 25-yard line. But Shertzer intercepted Walker’s pass on the 40. Dutton passed too far in the flat for Shertzer but pegged a second to Lohr who made a brilliant catch as he took the ball away from two East players and fell across the goal line for a touchdown. Krier again kicked the extra point and it was 14-0 Massillon.

Early in the fourth quarter the Tigers scored again. The period opened with them in possession of the ball on the 36-yard line. McCants and Krier advanced it to the 33-yard stripe and it was fourth down with one-half yard to go. Wasting no time, Krier cut through his right tackle and tore between two of the East secondary for the touchdown. Again he placekicked the extra point.

A 60-yard march featured a 40-yard run by Krier placed the ball on the eight-yard line in position for the fourth touchdown. McCants went over on the first play and Krier kicked his fourth goal.

Passes Gain and Score
Krier placed the Tigers in position for their fifth score when he intercepted a pass over the line while sprawled out on the 37-yard line. When McCants failed to gain, Mike Byelene passed to Krier for a first down on the 20-yard line. McCants picked up seven yards and Krier went over in two plays. The first try for point failed but East was offside and on the second attempt, Byelene passed to Lohr in the end zone for the extra point.

The Tigers got the ball next time on the East 28-yard line, when they held the Orientals for downs. On the first play, Byelene snapped a sure fire pass to Shertzer for the touchdown. This time McCants plunged the ball across for the extra point and the score was 42-0 in Massillon’s favor.

The end of the game saw the Tigers’ driving for another touchdown. Byelene had just passed 30 yards to Krier for a first down on the 20-yard line when the timekeeper pulled the trigger.

The difference between the two teams and the types of game they played before and after intermission is best shown by first downs. Where the Tigers made but seven first downs to East’s three the first half, they made 14 to two for the Orientals the last two periods. They only tried one pass which was incomplete the first half. In the second half they completed six of 10 passes for a total gain of 116 yards. East completed two of 10 passes for a gain of six yards. Two were intercepted. Massillon was penalized 25 yards and East 45 yards.

Lineup and Summary:
Massillon Pos. Akron East
Shertzer LE E. Talley
Wolfe LT Schenz
Molinski LG Eisentraut
Morningstar C Rosado
Snavely RG McMillen
Buggs RT Skinner
Lohr RE Kidney
Dutton QB Walker
Krier LH Walker
Lange RH Stager
McCants FB Noga

Score by periods:
Massillon 0 0 14 28 42

Massillon – Byelene, qb; McDew, le; Gillom, fb.
East – Little, le; Tally, re; Bell, rg; Meade, lg; Becrell, qb; Hicks, fb; Averette, re; Huff, qb.

Massillon – McCants 2; Krier 2; Lohr; Shertzer.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Krier 4 (placekicks); Lohr (pass from Byelene); McCants (line plunge).

Referee – Watkins (Wooster).
Umpire – Kelly (Kenyon).
Head Linesman – Kester (Mt. Union).

Cloyd Snavely
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1933: Massillon 25, Akron East 0



While the band played everything appropriate but “Stormy Weather” the Washington high Tigers sailed through mud and sleet, Saturday afternoon to splash out a 25-0 victory over Akron East high school. It was the Tigers’ seventh victory of the season and the score was the largest rolled up in a Massillon-East game since 1925.

Today the Tigers began preparations for a hot reception for Tiffin Junior Home which comes here this week after a rather disastrous season. But don’t let the word disaster fool you. A man’s size job is cut out for the Tigers and if you don’t believe it, take a look at Saturday’s results and you will see that Tiffin gave Steubenville, the Ohio River fort of football, the battle of its life Saturday and forced the big red wave to the limits to win a 6-0 victory. Had it lasted longer, Tiffin might have tied the score, for it was driving for a touchdown on the 20-yard line when the whistle ended the game.

Tigers Have Power Again
Power such as shown by the Washington high Tigers in the first half of Saturday’s game with East, should defeat the Juniors, however. The Massillon attack was shifted into high gear in the first two periods and the Tigers proved good mud horses as they waded through the soggy gridiron to three touchdowns.

It was the hard running of one of those so-called horses, for that’s the name the boys have dubbed him, ‘Horse” McCants, that kept East backing up most of the afternoon. Then Henry Krier, was in there smashing hard through tackle to pick up many a yard for the orange and black. These two boys scored all four touchdowns and were paddled over the goal line by the husky Tiger forwards and blocking backs, who dredged a path for the ball carriers to follow.

It was a great exhibition on the part of the Tigers considering the sloppy field. The cry for more rain might well be sounded the next two weeks and without fear for your Massillon gridders only fumbled twice Saturday and recovered on one of these occasions whereas on dry fields they have been muffing the ball time and again.

Even Complete Forward Pass
They not only carried the wet leather well but they kicked and passed it appropriately and an opportune peg that sailed a good 20 yards, put the ball in a spot for one of the touchdowns.

There’s no telling what the Tigers would have done on a dry field. They scored 19 first downs in the mud and seemed content to take matters easy after the first half. East, too, would have looked better on a dry field. The Oriental’s chief offensive weapon this year has been the forward pass and throwing the ball Saturday was like heaving a brick through the air. East made four first downs, two in each half and one on a forward pass. East practically balanced Massillon in weight.

The Tigers scored the first time they got the ball in their possession. Krier brought the kickoff back to his 40-yard line. McCants in two plays shot through to the 32 and Krier tore through right tackle for another on the 20. Shrake and McCants carried to a first down on the seven-yard line. Krier slipped without gain but banged through tackle for three on the next trip. Shertzer selected McCants to smash through Hogan’s alley for the score. Krier’s attempted placekick was wide and the score was 6-0 in the Tigers’ favor.

The Massillon eleven had to give East a chance but the Orientals failed to gain after taking the kickoff and punted to their 43-yard line.

Krier Scores Second
Again the Tigers set sail for the Oriental’s goal. McCants carried four straight times to get a first down on the 32. Krier ripped through right tackle for 17 yards and a first down on the 15-yard line. East stopped this drive, however and took the ball on their 10. They punted on the first down and Bob Shrake returned brilliantly from the 40 to the 18-yard line. Krier made two yards and then on a triple pass the Flying Dutchman wheeled to the right for a 16-yard run across the Oriental’s goal. This time he placekicked the extra point.

The third march started from the Massillon 42-yard line. McCants carried to a first down on the East 48 and galloped through center on a spinner to another on the 32. He carried the next three times to a first down on the 22 when Shertzer stepped back and shot a pretty pass to Lohr who caught the ball in the midst of a huddle of East players and ran to the three-yard line. Krier went through right tackle standing up for the touchdown. His kick was low. The half ended with the score 19-0.

Play was fairly even in the third quarter and it was not until the fourth period that the orange and black raided the Oriental’s goal again.

In the closing minutes of the third period the Tigers carried the ball to the 28-yard line. On the second play of the fourth quarter, Dutton placed a beautiful punt out of bounds on the six yard line. Augustine was hurried when he tried to kick and booted the ball out on the 17-yard line. Krier and McCants made a first down on the seven-yard line and McCants in two more plays plunged over the goal. An attempt to run the ball for the extra point was stopped by East.

East’s only scoring opportunity followed the Tigers’ fourth touchdown. Mellinger fumbled a punt and the Orientals recovered on the 36-yard line. They worked their way to the
17-yard line where the Tigers held and took the ball.

Lineup and summary:
Massillon Pos Akron East
Lohr LE Kesserling
Birkish LT Bell
Porter LG Le Master
Monroe C Krino
Snavely RG Little
Buggs RT Mysock
Wolfe RE McCombs
Shertzer QB Walker
Krier LH Stager
Shrake RH Harmon
McCants FB Vrandall

Score by periods:
Massillon 13 6 0 6 25

Substitutions: Massillon – Mellinger, rh; Chovan, lh; Mansbury, fb; Dutton, qb; Dietz, le; Schimke, re; Peters, lt; Price, rt; Smith, lg; Molinski, rf; Morningstar, c.
Akron East – Augustine, qb; Buzzeli, lh; Swain, lh; Bernel, rh; Hicks, fb; Appleby, re; Tally, re; Halchak, le; Schenz, rg; Hennis, rg; Meade, rt; Jones, lg; Gandee, lt.

Massillon – McCants 2; Krier 2.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Krier (placekick).

Referee – Konold.
Umpire – Bell.
Head Linesman – Kester.

Willie Monroe
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1932: Massillon 7, Akron East 6



That old adage that an ox cannot lick a Tiger was once again proved conclusively before 2,500 fans on Massillon Field Saturday afternoon when 11 fighting young Bengals of Washington high school defeated a beef trust sent down by Akron East high 7-6.

Outweighed at least 30 pounds to the man and appearing like a band of David’s alongside an army of Goliaths the Tigers gave everything they had and that was plenty as one glimpse at the Akron team limping off the field revealed.

It was Massillon’s first victory in seven years over the Akron team and though the margin was small just as it has been in other years since the Tigers decisive triumph in 1925, it was a satisfactory one, very much so when one stops to think that just a few days ago they were picking East to win by five touchdowns.

A weight advantage such as Akron possessed was something for a high school team to overcome, but the Massillon gridders did it with hard tackling and blocking and the fans went home satisfied that Washington high has a team this year that will play every ounce of football that is in it.

Hefty Giants
Few there were who would have picked Massillon the winner when the Orientals trotted out on the field led by Captain Owens, their young giant, who balances the scales at 247 pounds and who sails up the field at surprisingly fast speed. And few would have picked the locals the winner once the two forward walls lined up against each other. But the Massillon midgets played under the East linemen’s chins and though it would have taken two men and a derrick to have hoisted Owens out of the road and a man on stilts to get over him even when prostrate on the ground, the Tigers somehow or other refused to be outplayed on the line and handled the boys roughly.

They were a sorry looking lot when they left the field badly battered at the end of the half. Spirited by a touchdown in the closing minutes of play, however, they made a somewhat better appearance at the end of the game..

Oddly enough though Massillon had hoped to hold Akron, get a break and take advantage of it to win the game, yet the locals did not make use of their breaks Saturday. Instead they passed up three opportunities for touchdowns after breaks and as though for the purpose of making their victory more convincing, scored their touchdown after a 40-yard march down the field.

Failure of either team to score earlier in the game, when within the shadow of each other’s goal posts, led fans to believe another scoreless tie such as that of 1931 was in the making.

In fact the closing minutes of the third period were being ticked off when one of Hinkle’s kicks went out of bounds on the Akron 40-yard line. Kester hit tackle for five yards and Shrake slipped around right end on a double pass for a first down on the six-yard line. Foster crashed through for six yards but Akron was offside and Hoyman, acting captain, wisely took the penalty leaving it first down with five yards to go. Kester picked up three of the five and Foster in two drives made it first and 10 on the 18-yard line. Shrake skirted left end for seven yards but lost a yard on his next effort. Kester picked up three yards putting the ball on the 10-yard line and Foster crashed through for a first down on the eight-yard line. Kester went through for four yards, but Akron was penalized five yards for being offside, placing the ball on the four-yard line. Foster hit for two yards and then picked up another before the gun ended the period, much to the disappointment of a couple of youngsters in the pop-priced bleachers at the south end of the field. The teams reversed the field and Foster on the first play of the fourth quarter, crashed over the north goal for the touchdown. Krier placekicked the point that actually proved to be the margin of victory.

East Picks Up
That touchdown seemed to put new fire in East or was it the replacement of Brown with Caudriet that set off the sparks? Anyway, East suddenly found new power and with Caudriet carrying the ball most of the time, began to wear down the Massillon line until toward the close of the period, Akron got the ball on its own 45-yard line and through passes and runs by Caudriet, carried the ball to the five-yard line where Caudriet fumbled, Knowlton recovering for the Tigers. Six yards were picked up before Scott as caught pushing and the Tigers were penalized back to the one-yard line. Kester got off a good punt to the 25-yard line, but Garcia, on the first play, stepped back and hurled a perfect 15-yard pass to Hinkle who took it out of the arms of two Massillon players and galloped for a touchdown.

Then came the big break of the game. The teams lined up and Garcia elected to run with the ball for the extra point. He took it over, but Kesselring, East left end, was offside and Akron was penalized five yards and given another chance. This time Garcia’s pass was grounded behind the goal. Ten seconds later the game was over.

While all of the scoring took place in the fourth quarter, the game was chuck full of action from start to finish, so much so that every fan talking football Saturday evening made the expression that he had witnessed an honest to goodness game.

Thrills From Start to Finish
There were thrills right at the start when East took the kickoff and tricked the Massillon team on spinner plays. Hinkle’s 27-yard run and Brown’s 20-yard dash giving the Akron school a first down on the Massillon five-yard line. Then and there the Tigers found themselves and realized they could cope with Akron’s weight advantage while the socking administered to the Orientals on the next four consecutive plays just about undid them for the rest of the afternoon. Four plays gained but that many yards East losing the ball on the one-yard line.

The threat over, Kester kicked back to the 27-yard line and two plays later, Shrake intercepted Garcia’s flat pass and dashed 72 yards before he was brought down on the eight-yard line. Akron braced, however and tossed back the threat, the Tigers losing the ball on the nine-yard line. East attempted to punt out of danger and once again fans got to their feet when Krier blocked the punt and East recovered after the ball had rolled halfway across the field and two Massillon players had failed to recover it though first on the ball.

Akron had but one opportunity to score in the first half, but the Tigers passed up two more chances before intermission. Brunker placed them in position once when he recovered Garcia’s fumble on the nine-yard line. Amic made a yard and Knowlton two and Kester carried to the one-yard line on a lateral before being downed. Amic failed to gain on the next play, however and the Tigers’ lost the ball. Again the locals took the pigskin on the 23-yard line on a punt, a 10-yard pass helping to gain a first down on the 10-yard stripe. Amic took it out for no gain. Kester made a yard and Amic five more but Knowlton made but a yard on the fourth attempt and the ball was lost on the four-yard line, the period ending before Akron could punt out.

First Downs Almost Even
Neither team gained any great amount of ground in the third quarter until the Tigers started their drive that ended in a touchdown. Then followed Akron’s touchdown and the end of the game.

The teams were comparatively even in first downs, Akron making 10 to Massillon’s nine.

Next Friday the Tigers will play their second N.E.O. league game, meeting Niles here in a night contest. Niles opened its season last Friday with a 12-0 victory over Salem. Niles should have one of the best teams in the league this year.

Line up and summary:
Massillon Pos. Akron East
Lohr le Kesselring
Burkish lt Owens
Krier lg Bell
Hoyman c Houston
Schimke rg Swiers
Monroe rt Little
Brunker re McComb
Knowlton qb Garcia
Amic fb Brown
Shrake hb Krino
Kester hb Hinkle

Score by periods:
Massillon 0 0 0 7 7
Akron East 0 0 0 6 6

Massillon – Foster, fb; Scott, g; Snavely, g.
Akron East – Mostyn, c; Richards, hb; Caudriet, fb.

Massillon – Foster.
Akron East – Hinkle.

Point after touchdown: Massillon – Krier (placekick)

Referee – Wagner (Mt. Union).
Umpire – Rang (Akron).
Head Linesman – Ellis (Springfield).

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1931: Massillon 0, Akron East 0

Washington High And Akron East Battle To Scoreless Tie


After staving off several attempts Saturday at Akron of Akron East high to score in the first half, Washington high came back in the last half to push the Orientals back into the same precarious position, but likewise could not register any points and the second football game of the season for the orange and black ended in a scoreless tie.

Both games thus far have resulted in tie scores, the opening engagement being a 6-6 draw with Youngstown East. While there were many fans disappointed at not seeing the Tigers chalk up a victory over their old rubber city rival, the crowd as a whole was content with the tie score, for it was the first time since 1927 that a Massillon team has battled East high on even terms.

East Offensive Deceptive
East, boasting a somewhat heavier team, presented a deceptive and well covered attack in the first half and played rings around the Massillon gridders. In fact the Tigers found it impossible to score a single first down against the Akron boys during the first two periods of play.

East on the other hand made the required yardage five times and moreover kept the ball in Massillon territory most of the time.

East Makes Advance
This time the local team advanced the ball to the 30-yard line from which point Clendening again angled for a break and punted out of bounds on East’s nine-yard line. The Akron team came back with a rush, however and carried the ball past midfield in its only offensive of the second half, but the Tigers got stubborn in their own territory, refused to yield ground and East punted over the goal line. The game ended a short time later with the locals holding the ball on their own 39-yard line.

East scored one more first down than the Massillon team, making eight to the Tigers’ seven, and neither school succeeded in completing a forward pass. East tried it five times and three of these were intercepted. Washington high attempted four passes all of which were grounded.

The Orientals once advanced the ball to the three-yard mark, but here the Tigers’ braced and held for downs when a forward pass on the fourth Akron attempt to advance the ball was grounded.

Massillon Team Takes Offensive
But what East did to Massillon in the first half the Tigers did to the Akron school during the next two periods of play. On the kickoff opening the third quarter, Clendening dashed to midfield before being downed, the last man in his path making the tackle. The run was 35 yards long. Foster plunged through for 15 on the next play and a series of line plunges took the ball to the 32-yard line, in spite of a five-yard penalty inflicted on the Tigers for being offside. On the fourth down Clendening snapped a pass to Brunker, but failed to give the Massillon end sufficient lead, and the ball was grounded. It barely touched the tips of Brunker’s fingers and he had a free path to the goal ahead of him.

The next time the Tigers came into possession of the ball they marched from their own 13-yard line to East’s 34-yard line where the Orientals braced and grounded two consecutive passes to gain possession of the ball. Williams in the rush barely got loose for a touchdown, being tackled by the Akron safety man after a dash through left tackle for 21 yards.

The Tigers gained possession of the ball at the start of the fourth period and began another drive for a touchdown which was stopped on the 30-yard line from which point Clendening placed a punt out of bounds on East’s five-yard line, in a play for a break. Gray, however, was well supported by his line and he punted out of danger and back to Clendening on the 34-yard line. Clendening muffed the ball but recovered for no return. Had he held the pigskin he might have advanced it nearer the goal, for his teammates had cleared a path for him along the sideline.

The game was played cleanly, only one 15-yard penalty being inflicted and that was stepped off against East. The Akron school was penalized once for being offside while Washington high lost 15 yards for this violation.

The locals lacked a fighting spirit in the first half and were fooled continually by East’s deceptive double and triple passes behind the line of scrimmage. The Orientals were exceptionally adept at covering their plays, and time and again a flock of Tigers took after the wrong man. They followed the ball closer in the last two periods, however, and East’s tricks were smothered most of the time.

3,000 See Game
The crowd estimated by East high officials to be 3,000 strong, and a third of this number consisted of Massillon fans, who were given a section of the bleachers to themselves after a 100-yard dash for a ticket.

Both teams presented revamped lineups. Owens, a big All-Akron high school tackle was kept on the bench because on injuries. Injuries also kept Monroe and Krug, Massillon players out of the game. Amic started at fullback but was quickly replaced by Williams. Schimke and Singer held down the guards, and Brunker took Krug’s end.

Massillon Pos. Akron
Getz LE Brooks
Price LT Vesper
Singer LG Swiers
Hoyman C Krino
Schimke RG Schenz
Adams RT Craig
Brunker RE Thomas
Clendening QB Gray
Kester LH Garcia
Foster RH Hartline
Amic FB Little

Massillon – Williams, fb; Heisler, le.
Akron – Kline, re; Garrett, le; Doshna, fb.

Referee – Ellis (Youngstown).
Umpire – Howells (Sebring).
Head Linesman – Wagner (Warren).


Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1930: Massillon 0, Akron East 6



The third time is the charm. At least everybody claims it is. The varsity football team of Washington high school proved that it is the exception which proves that rule as well as others when it took its third consecutive 6-0 defeat from gridders representing Akron East in the season’s opener on the local athletic field, Saturday afternoon.

Playing practically even ball with their opponents during the first three quarters of the game despite the fact that East had a large edge as far as first downs were concerned, the Tigers saw their hard work go for nothing in the last few minutes of play when the Rubber City squad made a determined march almost the entire length of the field to score the only touchdown of the afternoon.

It was a punt that carried the ball a mere foot over Akron’s line which put the pigskin on the Oriental’s 20-yard line from where it was carried by the East gridders to the Tigers’ goal.

March 80 Yards for Score
Several times before East had the ball much closer to the Massillon line and nothing had happened but this time things were different. With 80 yards separating them and victory, the Orientals started their march. And what a march it was. Five consecutive first downs, the gaining of which brought forth most of the tricks known to the popular game, carried the ball to Massillon’s 20-yard line. An off tackle play was tried by East and then Fessler circled left end for the remaining distance. The Akronites narrowly missed gaining an extra point when their kick for goal hit the left side of the goal post.

That march down the field looked more like a steam roller putting an end to a tough job than a group of high school football players going after a victory. Stopping a cattle stampede would have been about as easy as stopping those East gridders once they got started in the right direction and it is doubtful whether any team in the state could have accomplished the trick.

The wearers of the orange and black tried valiantly to thrust back the Orientals as they had done several times before but the strain of playing three quarters of mid-season ball in weather better suited for swimming than football, coupled with the fact that they were up against a much more experienced team proved too much.

Misses Try For Goal
The Tigers narrowly missed scoring against East in the early minutes of the final quarter on a try for a placement kick. Getting the ball on Akron’s 40-yard line the Tigers carried it to the 25-yard line on a succession of plays, one of them, a pass from Singer to Hess being good for 12 yards. With five yards gained on three plays, Kester dropped back for the kick. For a moment it seemed like Massillon was to get the first points of the day, the ball heading directly for the center of the goal post. However, the kick was a trifle short, the ball missing the cross bar by inches.

East started off like a flash in the first quarter, marking up several first downs on the first few plays. The visitors worked the ball into Massillon territory several times but the new Tiger line, somewhat weak when the ball was near the center of the field, always tightened up when the Massillon line was in danger of being crossed and held the Orientals back where they belonged. Nearly all of the play was in Massillon territory the first quarter.

Kester Hold Punting Edge
The Tigers reversed things in the second session, keeping the pigskin on East’s side of the field a larger part of the time. Most of the time during that quarter the ball was in the air, Kester and Fessler putting on a punting duel with Kester holding an edge due to the fact that although his distance was about the same as East’ punter he nearly always placed the ball where he wanted it – over the edge near the Akron line.

Despite the fact that East got 13 first downs to five for the Tigers, the Massillon line looked rather good. Holding an experienced and veteran squad like East has to that many first downs and only one touchdown would do credit to any line in the state. Except in that final drive all of East’s first downs came near midfield, the Tiger line stopped the Orientals dead when they approached Massillon’s end of the field. Worthington and Hess looked well on ends with Willison and Hoyman showing up well at tackle and center respectively.

The Tigers’ veteran backfield didn’t look as well as it did during several of its games last year. The boys seemed to be unable to get started soon enough to get very far. An inability to get East’s defensive stars out of the way soon enough was what prevented the orange and black wearers from gaining much ground.

Few Substitutions
Fessler showed up best for the visitors. Time and time again he crashed through the Tigers’ line or circled end for nice gains. Fontaine and Ostravitch, two men who helped East defeat Massillon last year, also aided the Akron cause a lot. Their spin delay which they also used last year resulted in several nice gains. Appleby played a clever game at right end for the visitors.

Despite the fact that it was the first game of the season for both squads there was little rough playing, East getting the only 15 yard penalty for that. East was set back 10 yards and the Tigers went 10 yards in the wrong direction, all because of their over-anxiousness except in the one instance for East.

Substitutes were few, Coach Elmer McGrew making two changes on right guard and the East coach changing only at half.

The weather was unsuited for football. Except for a light breeze during the second half there was nothing which made the weather anything that desired for football. A fairly large crowd saw the game, about 1,500 fans filling the stands.

First Quarter
Fontaine kicked off for Akron, Massillon getting the ball on its own 40-yard line. Two line plunges by Clendening netted five yards. Kester punted to Akron’s 25-yard line. Fontaine circled right end on Akron’s first play for 10 yards and a first down. Ostravitch went through Massillon’s line for two yards. Fontaine crashed through for 10 more yards, giving Akron another first down. Ostravitch and Fessler got another first down on successive line plunges. Ostravitch was thrown for a two yard loss. He made four yards around left end on the next play. Gray went around right end for 12 yards, putting the ball on Massillon’s 18-yard line.

Massillon’s line was working hard but Fessler, Ostravitch and Fontaine gained eight yards on three tries. Fontaine passed to Fessler but the play did not give them enough gain and it was Massillon’s ball on its own 10-yard line. Williams made six yards through the line before Kester punted to the 50-yard line. Ostravitch gained a yard. Fessler added eight more and Ostravitch got two more for another first down. Fontaine went around right end for seven more yards. Ostravitch got five more and another first down. Fontaine and Ostravitch got three yards on two line plunges as the quarter ended with the ball on Massillon’s 23-yard line.

Second Quarter
Fontaine went through the line for two yards. A pass was no good, Massillon taking the ball on its own 21-yard line. Clendening was thrown for a yard loss. Kester’s punt was returned 10 yards to Akron’s 45-yard line. Ostravitch made five around right end. Akron received the first penalty of the game, five yards, on the next play, the ball being on Akron’s 25-yard line. Fessler got away on a long end run and had a clear field with the exception of Clendening. Clendening crashed into him and downed him on Massillon’s 40-yard line after he had gained 15 yards. An Akron man fumbled and Massillon recovered.

Clendening went through for two yards. Williams lost a yard. Kester punted to Akron’s 23-yard line, Fessler returning the ball on a punt to Massillon’s own 40-yard line. Massillon got its first five-yard penalty on its first play. Kester’s pass was unsuccessful. Kester punted but Akron got another five-yard penalty on the play, Massillon keeping the ball. Kester made one yard through before East got another five yard penalty. Williams crashed the line for four yards and a first down. Three plays gave Massillon eight yards. Kester punted to Akron’s 10 yard line. Fessler returned the punt, putting the ball on his own 38-yard line by kicking it over the line. Williams got one through the line. Kester dropped the ball but recovered it with a one-yard loss. Singer’s pass was unsuccessful. Kester punted, placing the ball on Akron’s 15-yard line. Fessler punted, the ball being placed on Massillon’s 46-yard line.

Kester’s pass was unsuccessful. Williams got a yard through the line. Clendening punted, Akron getting the ball on its own 20-yard line. Akron got another five yard penalty. Fessler and Fontaine marked up another first down before the quarter ended.

Third Quarter
Williams kicked to Akron’s 20-yard line, an East man returning the ball to the 30 yard marker. Two plays gave East another first down. Fontaine made two yards and Gray lost one. Fessler punted, Clendening returning the ball 24 yards to Massillon’s 44-yard line. Kester went around end for four yards. Williams got two through the line. Massillon was penalized five yards. Kester punted to Akron’s 15-yard line, the ball being returned five yards. After a five-yard gain, Fessler punted to Massillon’s 45-yard line. Kester fumbled and an Akron man recovered on Massillon’s 44-yard line. Gray and Fessler got another first down, the ball being on Massillon’s 31-yard stripe. Ostravitch made a yard and Fontaine lost one. Fessler went through for two. Fessler punted, Massillon getting the ball on its own 20-yard line. Williams got one through the line and lost two on the next play. Kester punted but Akron was penalized 15 yards, putting the ball on Massillon’s 35-yard line. Two tries at the line netted two yards. Kester punted, Akron taking the ball on its own 10-yard line. Fessler returned the ball on a punt to his own 40-yard line as the quarter ended.

Fourth Quarter
Williams got a yard around right end. He added two more on the next try. Singer completed a pretty pass to Hess which netted 12 yards, putting the ball on Akron’s 25-yard line and giving Massillon another first….SOME COPY IS MISSING.

It was Akron’s ball. Fontaine was thrown for a four yard loss. He gained five around right end. Fessler punting, Clendeing returning the ball to the 50 yard marker.

Singer made three around right end. Williams got two through the line. Kester’s pass to Clendening was just a little wide. Kester punted, the ball seemingly dropping a yard short of the line as a Massillon man dropped on it. The officials ruled it had crossed the line and gave Akron the ball on their own 20-yard line. The decision did not please the Massillon fans. Fontaine got 11 yards on two tries for a first down. Akron was penalized five yards. Ostravtich made no gain. Gray got away on a long right end run which netted 14 yards. Fessler added two more for another first down. Fontaine went through for five yards. Fessler added yard for another first down with the ball on Massillon’s 48-yard line. Ostravitch got 12 yards on a long end run for another first down. Fontaine got two around right end and Fessler crashed through the line for three more, putting the ball on Massillon’s 31-yard line. Fontaine’s pass to Appleby was good for 11 more yards and another first down, putting the ball on Massillon’s 20-yard line. Fessler took the ball on a run around right end and cleared the Massillon players for the touchdown. Fontaine’s kick for the extra point was unsuccessful when the ball hit the post.
Score: Akron East, 6; Massillon, 0.

Fessler’s kick was over the line and Massillon took the ball on its own 20-yard line. Kester’s pass was too wide. Williams made seven yards through. Kester added four for a first down. The game ended just as the next play started.

Line up and summary:
Massillon Pos. Akron East
Worthington LE Appleby
Willison LT Whittaker
Snodgrass LG Bennett
Hoyman C Schentz
Foster RG Vosper
Price RT Owens
Hess RE Padelka
Kester QB Fontaine
Singer LH Gray
Clendening RH Ostravitch
Williams FB Fessler

Score by periods:
East 0 0 0 6 6

Massillon – Roderick for Foster; Mudd for Roderick.
East – Lindsey for Gray.

East – Fessler.

Referee – Sellers (Youngstown).
Umpire – Rang (Akron).

John Kester
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1929: Massillon 0, Akron East 6

Green Washington High “11” Loses First Duel To Akron East


Stirred by the general realization that it was their first football game, of the season, and urged on by a thousand anxious Massillon fans, a sturdy little group of orange and black grid warriors plugged away with all their might against Akron East Saturday afternoon; but were not equal to the task and went down fighting under a 6 to 0 score.

Under a warm September sun, the two teams battled each other fiercely in the opening game of the season for each. It might have been too hot for football had it not been for the crisp northwesterly wind that brushed over the field throughout the game, but the cool breeze only served to whet the pangs for grid conquests and envelope both players and fans in a football atmosphere.

Flash at Times
Green, with the exception of a couple of seeds in the core, the Massillon eleven would flash brilliantly one time and then look like a group of grade school boys on the next play. Yet, in spite of the defeat and the mediocre showing at times, the play of the Tigers gave evidence that Coach Elmer McGrew has the making of a winning eleven before the end of the year.

The lack of understanding which goes hand in hand with inexperience, coupled with the only penalty of the game, defeated the youthful Tigers.

Simple but deceptive, the Massillon youngsters were unable to diagnose a spin play staged by the Orientals in their victorious march to a touchdown in the fourth period.

Spin Play Deceptive
Time and again Ostravitch or Fontaine playing near the line of scrimmage, whirled around as if to hand the ball to one of their teammates but completed the circle and carried the ball directly through the center of the line, the interference wiping out the remaining members of the Massillon defense who were not fooled by the fake passes to other backs.

That spin play gained most of East’s yards, but even then the Orientals might not have scored were it not for a 15-yard penalty, the only one of the entire game called on the Tigers for piling up when it was third down with six yards for the Orientals to go for a first down and the ball on Massillon’s 38-yard line.

That penalty seemed to take all the fight out of McGrew’s boys and their resistance was meager when East reeled off the remaining 23 yards on six attempts. Fontaine carried the ball across for the touchdown, but his attempted drop kick for the extra point was wide.

Tigers Rally
But the Tigers rallied and hearts thumped wildly the next couple of minutes when the hopes of the Massillon fans rose and fell with a brilliant dash of Clendening into East territory, but the run ended for naught when he fumbled when tackled and East recovered. Two plays netted East a first down and right then and there the Tigers got their break of the game, a fumble, but it all came too late, for the final whistle blew before the play could be returned.

The last dash of the orange and black was something Massillon fans, who have been watching the Tigers in their pre-season training, expected to see earlier in the game. But although it came late, it gave promise of something that is liable to occur many times this season if the line will only break up the opponent’s defense and stake the backs to a broken field.

Line Lacks Drive
The offense worked fairly smooth Saturday but it couldn’t get underway for the superior charging of the Orientals’ forward wall. The Tiger linemen lacked the drive to push back the front backs of the Akron school with the result that the Massillon backs had difficulty carrying the ball beyond the line of scrimmage.

One thing that can be said in favor of the Massillon boys is that they are in great condition. Time was not called out once for injuries, while East had time taken out several times in order to recuperate members of the team. Of all the Akron players, probably none was roughed more than Sherman Grimm, a second stringer at Washington high two years ago. Grimm, who moved to Akron a year ago, played the role of fullback and did a neat job of punting and tackling for his team. He took time out twice however as a result of bumps received. He had an edge over Kester and Clendening in the punting; Kester having his first kick blocked since he began playing with Washington high.

Long Pass Features
The feature play of the game, as far as Massillon was concerned, was a 30-yard forward pass, Clendening to Toles, in the second period that enabled the Tigers to carry the ball deep into Akron territory. On that occasion the local eleven worked the ball by their own ability to the opponent’s 18-yard line, where it was lost on downs when a pass that just reached Worthington’s fingertips was grounded. Had it been successful it would have resulted in a first down for the Tigers.

East excelled in first downs, making the required yardage 10 times to the local team’s four. Seven of the Akron boys’ 10-yard gains were made in the last half. The Tigers made three first downs in the second period and one in the fourth.

East failed to complete a forward pass while the local team completed one for 30 yards. Both teams had three passes incomplete and one intercepted.

Massillon fans are still looking for football as can be seen from the fact that 1,000 of them were scattered among the 2,500 spectators at Saturday’s game. Considering the fact that only a couple of members of this year’s team are seniors, the hopes of the fans for another winning high school team may be realized.

First Quarter
The game was the first in which the school’s new system of appointing a captain before each game was put into effect, and John Kester was honored as leader Saturday.

Willison was downed with the kickoff on his own 30-yard line. Clendening failed to gain and a bad pass lost five yards. Kester booted the ball to midfield. Fontaine gained five yards, and two tries by Ostravitch gained but three more. Grimm punted to the 10-yard line, Worthington fumbled the ball, but recovering it and returning 10 yards. Clendening and Worthington each cut off a yard and Kester kicked the ball back to midfield, Knowlton dropping Ostravitch in his tracks. Grimm made a yard, Ostravitch eight, and then Fontaine worked a spin play for a first down on the Tigers’ 39-yard line. Ostravitch wheeled through right tackle for seven yards, but Fontaine failed to gain and a pass was incomplete after which Grimm punted to Clendening who returned the ball to the 18-yard line. Kester returned the kick to the Akron 40-yard line where Ostravitch muffed the ball but recovered without return. Fontaine lost three yards on two cracks at the line and Kester went high into the air to pull down Fontaine’s pass on the Massillon 32-yard line. Clendening gained two yards and then the dusky youth caught the Akron boys asleep and punted to the East 18-yard line, where the period ended.

Second Quarter
Fontaine picked up two yards and Grimm punted to Massillon’s 30-yard line, Worthington returning 10 yards. Houriet picked up a yard and then Clendening hurled a pass to Toles that brought a first down on East’s 30-yard line. Worthington gained four yards, but Clendening slipped and fell on an off tackle dash without gain. He shortened the distance by four yards on the next play, however, which paved the way for Houriet to slip through for a first down on Akron’s 20-yard line. Clendening got but two yards on his next two attempts and his pass to Worthington on third down just touched the latter’s finger tips. The Tigers lost the ball when Clendening failed to gain on the next play.

Grimm made four yards and Fontaine’s spin play brought four more. Ostravitch broke away for a run of 14 yards giving Akron a first down on the Akron 40-yard line. Grimm and Fontaine picked up but two yards on the next two plays, and Grimm then punted to Clendening who returned 20 yards to his own 40-yard line. Clendening got two yards, Houriet four yards at left tackle, Worthington three yards, and then Houriet made it first down on East’s 48-yard line. Clendening and Worthington reeled off eight yards in two attempts, but Clendening’s pass was high, after which he punted short and out of bounds on East’s 31-yard line. Lindsay and Mitchell made nine yards and then Fontaine slipped away for a run of 22 yards, but he fumbled when tackled and Clendening recovered for Massillon. Houriet gained four yards as the half came to an end.

Third Quarter
Clendening kicked off to East’s 35-yard line. Grimm punted to Clendening who was downed on Massillon’s 30-yard line. Worthington and Williams each bucked the line for two yards, and Kester punted back to East’s 38-yard line. Mesko got a yard but Grimm failed to gain. Grimm punted to Clendening who returned to his own 40-yard line. Clendening lost a yard on a double pass, and Mitchell pulled down a Massillon pass on Akron’s 42-yard line. Fontaine gained 15 yards through right tackle. Grimm failed to gain but Mitchell reeled off eight yards on two charges at the line. Fontaine’s pass was incomplete and the Tigers took the ball on downs on their own 32-yard line. Kester immediately punted to East’s 39-yard line. Mitchell returning to the 44-yard line. Mitchell and Fontaine made seven yards and Mitchell slipped through for a first down on the local’s 48-yard line. Fontaine was tossed for a loss of three yards. Grimm punted to Clendening who returned to the 35-yard line. Clendening’s pass was high and Kester’s punt was blocked by Thomas; Fontaine recovering on the Tigers’ 38-yard line, where the quarter ended.

Fourth Quarter
Fontaine and Ostravitch failed to gain and a pass was knocked down. Grimm punted out of bounds on Massillon’s nine-yard line. Kester returned the kick to Akron’s 48-yard line. Ostravitch gained two yards and lost a half yard in two plays. Fontaine however slipped through for seven yards on a spin play and then repeated for a first down on the Massillon 41-yard line. Fontaine gained three yards and the Tigers were penalized for piling up, giving East the ball on the 23-yard line. Fontaine gained four yards on a spin, and Ostravtich made it first down on the 12-yard line. Fontaine made three more yards and then Ostravitch cut in through right tackle for a first down on the two-yard line. Ostravitch failed to gain, but Fontaine went over for the touchdown. His try for point drop kick went wide of the uprights.

Pfister took the kickoff and was downed on his own 40-yard line. Kester circled left end for seven yards, Williams failed to gain at center, Kester executed a beautiful lateral pass to Clendening who dashed to Akron’s 35-yard line where he fumbled, East recovering. Ostravitch gained three yards, and Fontaine raced the ball back for a first down on his own 48-yard line. East fumbled on the next play, and Massillon recovered but the game ended before play could be resumed.

Lineup and summary:
Akron East Position Massillon
Brubaker LE Toles
Miller LT Willison
Gillespie LG Pfister
Thomas C Lewis
Pudelka RG Herman
Chenoweth RT Blatz
Mowery RE Knowlton
Fontaine QB Worthington
Ostravitch LHB Clendening
Mesko RHB Houriet
Grimm FB Kester

Score by periods:
Akron East 0 0 0 6 6
Massillon 0 0 0 0 0

Akron East – Tarbox for Miller; Ferguson for Mowery; Bennett for Gillespie; Mitchell for Ostravitch; Lindsay for Grimm; Mowery for Ferguson; Grimm for Lindsay; Ostravitch for Mitchell.
Massillon – Williams for Houriet; Houriet for Knowlton; Price for Herman; Herman for Price; Rice for Worthington.

Akron East – Fontaine.

Time of periods – 12 minutes.

Referee – Michaels.
Umpire – Young.
Head Linesman – Kester.

Alfred Lewis