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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1928: Massillon 0, Akron East 2


Safety brings its rewards. It saves lives, and property and—it wins football games.

By the score of 2 to 0 did the orange and black tigers of Washington high school fall before East high of Akron at Massillon Saturday afternoon in the opening game of the gridiron season, and those two points were the only ones scored during the entire 48 minutes of play.

Safely and safety, with a few other words linked between, tell the story in short order. The Akron punter kicked the ball safely out of danger to the Massillon safety man who failed to play it safely and was tackled behind his own goal line for a safety.

It all happened so quickly that even the Akron East fans in their surprise did not applaud the scoring of two points that won the football game for their team. Neither did the followers of the orange and black feel downcast for few thought that two points would decide the football game. But as some one rightfully said on the bench between halves, “two points are pretty handy things to have,” and they were extremely valuable Saturday.

A warm September sun, a crowd of 2,000 or more, two bands, and a “peppy” student body, made a colorful setting for the game. The rooting section sensing the handicap under which the team was playing, with two veterans on the bench through injuries, kept up a lively din during the afternoon and went down cheering as the team went down fighting.

An old, old story was retold in East’s victory only it was lengthened somewhat Saturday afternoon. Instead of a break it was a couple of breaks that decided the game. True the breaks were evenly divided between the two teams, but the rubber city gridders were fortunate enough to get two breaks in a row and that produced their victory. The first break, a recovered fumble, gave East the ball. While the second, a muff by Schnierle, and a little thoughtless playing when, in an effort to return the punt he stepped and was tackled behind his goal line, gave Akron its two points.

One wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t say that Akron deserved to win, but one also wouldn’t be doing justice to the strong defense of the local gridders if he didn’t add—but by no more than two points.

The score just about revealed the relative merits of the two teams. East made three first downs to the youthful tigers’ one, one coming as a result of a forward pass. Akron ball carriers found it impossible to gain ground as did the Massillon gridders. Neither team failed to register two consecutive first downs. These two statements tell what a defensive battle was staged on Massillon Field Saturday afternoon. But it speaks better for Massillon than it does for East for Akron had a veteran backfield while Massillon’s was green.

Three of the backfield men on the Akron team were veterans of last year, and Pokorosky, the captain, is looked upon as the best ball carrier in all six of Akron’s high schools. Thus the Summit county school was considered as having a great offensive team. The quartette looked worthy of the reputation when it lined up and ran off plays rapidly, but the fast charging Massillon line broke up the plays before the ball carrier could get underway and that took the punch out of the Akron offense. Even the highly touted Pokorosky found out at the close of the game that he had lost more yards than he had gained during the afternoon.

With Coach Elmer McGrew’s defense looking the strongest the school has had in three years, encouragement is given to the hope that this year’s football team will become a winner as the season progresses.

The offense, hampered by inexperience and stage fright, should function better as the season advances. Where East had three veterans of last year in the backfield, Coach McGrew did not have a regular backfield man in the game. Schnierle, a letterman, alternated at end and halfback last year, while George Hess was a substitute in 1926. Houriet, was on the squad last fall but only played a few minutes. Kester and Don Hess, the other youths used Saturday are sophomores and last year played at Longfellow and Lorin Andrews junior high schools respectively. With additional experience the backfield should develop on a par with the defense.

Buttermore Stars.

If there was an individual star in the game it was Buttermore who played a combination tackle, guard and end position on the left side of the line. Buttermore repeatedly dived over the line of scrimmage and picked off the runner for a loss of several yards. His 200 pounds could be found anywhere on the ground, under, or near most every play.

The fact that the game was a defensive battle wiped away most of the thrills usually accorded an evenly fought gridiron game, but other features during the day’s play were Kester’s long punts and Morgan’s run of 40 yards before being tackled by Kester on the seven-yard line.

Another noticeable factor of the afternoon was the wonderful condition of both teams for the opening game of the season. Time out was called but once for both sides and the injuries were of such a minor nature that both players resumed play and apparently were not slowed up by the bumps.

The orange and black scored its only first down during the last minute of play, when the quick calling of signals caught the Akron gridders off balance and produced 28 yards on four cracks at the Akron line, the longest run being a 17-yard off tackle dash by Schnierle. This sudden spurt of offense might help the backfield to find itself in the game with Lorain next week.

The aerial game of the local team was somewhat disappointing. Hollwager, who showed fine ability at receiving forward passes in scrimmage sessions last week, evidently was struck with a bad case of stage fright, and dropped one ball that might have resulted in a touchdown for the local team. The youthful tigers on one other occasion at the start of the second half caught the Akron gridders asleep and might have scored a touchdown had the pass to Houriet been more accurate. As it was, the local team failed to complete a single pass in six attempts, one of which was intercepted, while East completed two passes for a gain of 16 yards, four attempts being batted to the ground by Washington high backs.

East lost more ground than the orange and black on penalties, being set back a total of 40 yards while Massillon was penalized but 10 yards. A 15-yard penalty on one occasion spoiled an Akron scoring opportunity.

The game got underway on scheduled time, Capt. Potts winning the toss and electing to receive the ball and defend the south goal. Fontaine kicked to Buttermore who returned from the 33 to the 38-yard line. Schnierle made three yards at left tackle but G. Hess lost four yards when the line failed to hold. Schnierle then got off a beautiful kick that was downed by Massillon on East’s one-yard line. Pokorosky returned the punt to his own 31-yard line. George Hess hit center for three yards, but Schnierle’s pass to Hollwager was high. Houriet got two yards at center and Schnierle’s pass to Hollwager was high. Houriet got two yards at center and Schnierle’s pass to Hollwager was batted down, giving Akron the ball on its own 26-yard line. Ostravich slipped through for a gain of five yards and Fessler picked up two more, but when Ostravich failed to gain on his second attempt, Capt. Pokorosky punted out of danger to Massillon’s 48-yard line, Schnierle returning to the Akron 45-yard line. Houriet fumbled on the first play and Tayman recovered for East. Pokorosky gained two yards and Ostravich made four through the left side of the Massillon line. Pokorosky gained another yard and on the next play punted to Massillon’s 14-yard line. Hollwager dropped Schnierle’s pass, losing a wonderful chance for a long gain and a possible touchdown. Schnierle punted to the Akron 48-yard line. Ostravich gained two yards and Pokorosky another. Fontaine’s pass was batted down by Houriet, and East was penalized five yards for the backfield being in motion on the play. Pokorosky got off a nice kick to the Massillon 16-yard line, Schnierle returning five yards. Houriet made three on an end run and Schnierle got off a poor punt that went out of bounds on his own 43-yard line. Ostravich gained four yards as the quarter came to a close.

Second Quarter

Buttermore tossed Pokorosky for a five-yard loss. East was offside and was penalized five yards. Pokorosky punted to the Massillon five-yard line. Schnierle got off another poor kick, the ball going out of bounds on his own 14-yard line. Fessler made but three yards on two attempts and Morgan gathered in but one yard on an end around play. Pokorosky’s attempted dropkick rolled on the ground and Washington high was given the ball on its own 20-yard line. Kester entered the game and immediately punted to the Akron 40-yard line. Morgan picked up three yards on an end around play but G. Hess tossed Pokorosky for a one-yard loss. A pass Fontaine to Pokorosky brought the first down of the game, the latter being tackled on the Massillon 33-yard line. Fessler picked up two yards through center and Morgan failed to gain on a triple pass. Pokorosky missed his field goal, Massillon being given the ball on the 20-yard line. Schnierle gained one yard in two attempts after which Kester punted to Ostravich in midfield, who fumbled the ball when tackled, Houriet recovering on Akron’s 44-yard line. Houriet gained two yards on a run around right end. Schnierle gained three more but the orange and black was penalized five yards for the backfield being in motion. G. Hess failed to gain and Walker covered Houriet’s fumble on the next play. Fontaine was thrown for a 10-yard loss on an end around play. Pokorosky gained a yard. Pokorosky punted to Schnierle who dropped the ball near the 18-yard line, the latter chasing the ball back to within a yard of his own goal line, where he picked it up while on the run and was tackled back of the goal line giving Akron a safety.

The Massillon team lined up for a free kick on the 20-yard line, Kester booting the ball to Morgan who carried the ball back to the Massillon 18-yard line before being tackled. Ostravich picked up four yards through left tackle, but failed to gain on his second attempt. Morgan made but one yard on an end around play and the half ended with the ball on the orange and black’s 11-yard line.

Third Quarter

Fontaine kicked to Schnierle on the 20-yard line who returned the ball 10 yards before being tackled. An attempted pass to Houriet was out of the latter’s reach, which had he caught might have resulted in a touchdown. Houriet failed to gain, and Kester punted to the Akron 30-yard line, East fumbling and Massillon recovering on the 25-yard line. George Hess made five yards but the orange and black was penalized five yards for being offside. Hess made another five yards, but Schnierle failed to gain. On the fourth down Kester attempted a drop kick which went into the hands of Ostravich who returned to his own 28-yard line. Ostravich made seven yards on a sneak play. Pokorosky picked up another but the East team was penalized 15 yards for not stopping on the (missing text–shift). Pokorosky then missed a field goal by a foot.

Massillon again gained the ball on her own 20-yard line. Schnierle made two yards through left guard. Kester punted to the Akron 48-yard line. Morgan made five yards on a double pass and Ostravich slipped through for the longest run of the game, a 40-yard dash to the Massillon seven-yard line where he was thrown by Kester, safety man. Ostravich lost one yard. Fessler made two yards placing the ball on the six-yard line. Morgan lost a yard and Pokorosky failed to gain, but officials again declared the Akron backs failed to stop on the shift and penalized the team 15 yards. An attempted pass was grounded and the orange and black took the ball on the 22-yard line. Schnierle lost 12 yards on a fumble. Kester punted high to his own 35-yard line as the quarter ended.

Fourth Quarter

Morgan lost five yards on an end run and fumbled, Pokorosky recovering. Ostravich made two yards after which Pokorosky punted to the Massillon 12-yard line. Houriet lost four yards and Kester kicked back and out of bounds in midfield. Shaffer lost a yard on a guard around play. An Akron pass was incomplete and a second pass, Pokorosky to Morgan gained a yard. Pokorosky punted to Massillon’s 10-yard line. Schnierle made three yards and Kester booted the ball out of bounds on Akron’s 37-yard line. Pokorosky gained four yards, Ostravich failed to gain and Fessler picked up two more. Pokorosky kicked to the Massillon 22-yard line. Schnierle and Houriet failed to gain and a pass was grounded. Kester punted to the Akron 45-yard line. Ostravich made three, and Buttermore tossed Pokorosky for a three-yard loss. Morgan was pushed back three more yards and East was penalized five yards. Pokorosky punted to Kester who was downed on the 33-yard line. Kester rammed center for four yards. Schnierle hit through left tackle for 17 yards and Massillon’s first down on East’s 46-yard line. Kester bucked the line for three yards and Schnierle picked up four more as the gun cracked ending the game.


Akron East—2. Pos. Massillon—0.

Fontaine LE Geis

Kinney LT Buttermore

Shaffer LG Mann

Tayman C Lewis

Thomas RG Blatz

Gilbert RT Garland

Morgan RE Hollwager

Pokorosky QB Schnierle

Ostravich HB G. Hess

Fessler HB Houriet

Walker FB D. Hess
Score by periods:
Akron 0 2 0 0 2

Substitutions – Akron East: Taylor for Gilbert; Massillon: Kester for D. Hess, Goodman for Mann, D. Hess for Houriet.

Safety—Schnierle (tackled by Morgan).

Time of periods—12 minutes. Officials—Referee: Howells (W. Va. Wesleyan); Umpire: Barrett (Westminister); Headlinesman: Jenkins (Akron U.).

Henry Potts
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1927: Massillon 6, Akron East 6


A gallant-little band of grid warriors of Washington high school withstood the thrusts of a powerful Akron East team, and earned a well deserved 6 to 6 tie in a rather slow game on Sieberling Field, Akron, Saturday afternoon.

Outplayed in the first half and trailing 6 to 0, the youthful Tigers lashed back with a determined attack in the third quarter, and swept the surprised Akron gridders off their feet until they reached the 10-yard zone where the rubber city crew rallied sufficiently to turn back the onslaught of the Massillon backs led by Captain Laughlin.

But the local gridders undaunted by their failure to cross the goal line, made two more attempts to tie the score, pushing the ball across on the final opportunity just as the gun ended the period.

It was a rejuvenated Massillon team that entered that second half. Battered badly during the latter part of the first and most of the second quarter, and outscored four to one on first downs, Captain Laughlin led his warriors into a terrific attack that not only tied the score but piled up a total of eight first downs to Akron’s two for the third and fourth periods of play. Reading the running story of the game as it was taken down, play by play, it is easily seen that Massillon outplayed Akron more decisively in the last half than the rubber city crew did the locals in the first and second periods.

Akron was making a final attempt to win the game when the gun cracked, ending the contest on the 16-yard line, the ball being placed in that position through a 20-yard pass, the only one completed during the day, and several line plunges. It was third down and nine to go when the referee’s signal sounded. Those two first downs were the only ones East could make in the last half of the battle. The orange and black had the ball practically all the time during the third period, and the greater part of the fourth and it was not until the last few minutes in the final quarter that East could again get its offense working.

Keeney, Akron’s four-year quarterback, and Earl Foster, Washington high halfback, made the only sensational runs of the day. Kenney’s was good for a touchdown and the stocky signal barker stepped 28 yards behind perfect interference for his team’s only points. Foster’s run came at the end of the second period and was the only flash of offense the local team showed during the entire first half. The small halfback, on a quarterback sneak, stepped 20 yards through the secondary defense, placing the ball in the middle of the field just as the half ended. That run undoubtedly put confidence in the Massillon crew for the determined drive in the following quarters. At least it proved that the Akron defense was not impregnable, and could be battered down with a little more exertion.

Although the game was slow, with few exciting moments, it was well played considering it was the opener of the season for both teams. There were few injuries and few penalties and this hustled it through in “jig” time.

Massillon’s touchdown was helped considerably by a penalty, Captain “Squirt” Kenney of East being guilty of dirty playing in a critical moment of the battle when he came in with a hit on Paul Briggs after the latter had already been downed and the referee’s whistle sounded. When Kenney resorted to these tactics to stop the threatening Massillon score, the orange and black had the ball on the 10-yard line. The result was that the locals were given the ball within the one-yard of the East goal, Briggs taking it across on the second play. However the orange and black might have pushed the ball across without the assistance of the penalty for the offensive machine was working smoothly when Kenney used his feet too freely.

Both teams were evenly matched. If there was an edge, Massillon had it in view of the fact that it made nine first downs to East’s six, which alone shows a better offense and defense.

The number of first downs were held low because of the strong defensive playing of both teams and because both teams, with few exceptions, resorted to nothing but straight football. Only three passes were tried, one by Massillon and two by East. The local school’s only attempt was a wild heave that was grounded while East completed both of its throws. One was good for 20 yards and the other for three, but the latter was not counted in the game since Massillon was offside on the play and was penalized five yards.

As expected, Reese Price, veteran tackle, left the game in the second quarter with his “pet” leg injured again. It looks as though he will be of little value to Coach Atkinson this year. Anthony took his place and played a good game until put out towards the close of the battle for roughing it.

In weight, the teams were nearly matched. From tackle to tackle, Akron was heavier but its ends did not possess as much weight as the Massillon wingmen. The backfields probably weighed about the same.

Coach Atkinson’s team looks good and should develop into a smooth running machine by the end of the season. However, the attack Saturday did not appear varied enough and Briggs called but once for a forward pass, while few end runs were attempted.

Foster held his own with Keeney in punting, his kicks, averaging about 35 yards. However, unless Earl can put more yardage on his boots, the local team will be handicapped no little when it bumps up against a punter who can boot the ball 50 yards.

Foster does not claim to be a champion kicker, but he is the best man Atkinson has in the backfield for booting the ball and he at least gets this kicks away in time not to be blocked.

The local team made a fine appearance as it trotted down the field in new uniforms of orange with a large black “M” on the front. The jerseys have leather elbow guards and are very attractive.

Probably one of the biggest surprises of the afternoon was the large crowd that turned out from Massillon. With schools not yet in session and the general high school “pepper” not revived, few expected to see so many Washington high students and older fans in the bleachers. They made themselves plainly heard, the 1,500 who were there, when the second half offensive got underway. Akron also had a large delegation at the game.

It was Akron’s greatest wish to win the game Saturday and do what no other school has been able to do in recent years, beat Massillon high in two consecutive seasons. The rubber city crew won the opening game 6 to 0 here in 1926 and was out to make it two in a row Saturday but the close of the game found the local school still holding its record.

True, Youngstown South claims two consecutive victories over Massillon but the second was a tainted one and was secured only through a forfeit when former Coach David B. Stewart took his team off the field after he saw it was impossible to win the game with the partial officiating.

Here’s the way the opening game was played:
Dommer kicked off to Keeney who was downed on the 30-yard line. Averitt made two yards and Keeney three more. Pokorosky lost the ball on a wild pass from center but recovered for a 15-yard loss. Keeney punted to Briggs who was downed on his own 35-yard line. Dommer waded through for four and made two more on his next attempt. Briggs added another yard and Foster then punted to the Akron 30-yard line. Averitt made eight yards on two plunges while Pokorosky made it first down on the 38-yard line.

Averitt carried the ball twice again making five yards. Keeney then punted to the Massillon 35-yard line. Laughlin made two and Briggs one, but Foster attempting to punt, fumbled the ball and recovered on his own 30-yard line. He then punted on the next play to Pokorosky who returned from the 40-yard line to midfield.

Three plays netted a first down as the quarter ended.
East was given possession of the ball on the Massillon 28-yard line. Pokorosky failed to gain, but on the next play, Kenney stepped through right tackle behind perfect interference for his team’s touchdown which later proved to be its only points. He missed his attempted dropkick, the ball going wide of the bar.

Kenney kicked off to Briggs on the Massillon 25-yard line, Briggs returning to the 32-yard line. Laughlin failed to gain after which Foster punted to Akron’s 40-yard line. Price was hurt on the play and Anthony took his place. Averitt made three yards, but time was taken out when it was found he was injured on the play. He continued, however, and went through for eight yards and a first down on the next play. Morgan made three and Keeney and Averitt each two yards. With fourth down and three to go Keeney punted to Foster on the five-yard line. Foster immediately punted back to his own 45-yard line. Keeney returning 10 yards, but East was penalized 15 yards on the play placing the ball on its own 45-yard line. Keeney ripped around left end for 15 yards. Averitt made a yard while Pokorosky was held without gain. Pokorosky then passed three yards to Averitt but the play was called back when it was found that a Massillon player was offside. Keeney then punted to Laughlin on the 10-yard line. Briggs punted 20 yards, the ball rolling out on his own 30-yard line. Keeney made three yards and Pokorosky five, but Keeney was tossed for a three yard loss on the next play by Anthony. He then punted over the goal line. The orange and black was given the ball on its own 20-yard line. Laughlin got a bad pass from center and lost 10 yards. Foster punted to the 45-yard line; Polorosky fumbling, but recovering. Keeney made a yard and then punted to Briggs on his own 27-yard line. Foster then showed the only flash of offense for Massillon in this half by carrying the ball to midfield on a sneak play. Dommer failed to gain as the half ended.
Keeney kicked off to Briggs on the 30-yard line, Briggs returned to the 40-yard line. Laughlin drove through for 11 yards placing the ball in midfield. He carried the ball a second time for nine yards and then smashed through for 11 yards and another first down on the 30-yard line. Briggs made three yards and Laughlin made it first down on the 20-yard line. Briggs made four and Laughlin two more, but with the ball on the 14-yard line. East held Foster for no gain and Briggs’ pass was grounded. East took the ball on downs, Keeney immediately punting back to his own 38-yard line. Foster returning to the 30-yard mark. Laughlin made four yards and Briggs two. In two more attempts Laughlin made nine yards and a first down on East’s 16-yard line. Briggs made a yard and Laughlin five more, but the Massillon gridder fumbled on the play, Shanabrook recovering on the 11-yard line Briggs and Laughlin failed to gain in two cracks at the line, East getting the ball on its own 11-yard line. Anthony tossed Keeney for a four-yard loss. Averitt was held without a gain. Keeney then punted to Briggs on the 27-yard line, Briggs returning the ball to the 21-yard line. Briggs made three yards and six more on the next play. Laughlin bucked the ball over for a first down on the 11-yard line. Briggs made a yard and Keeney jumped feet first on the pile of players, drawing a penalty for his action. The referee gave Massillon the ball on the Akron one-yard line. Laughlin failed to gain, but on the next play made a hole for Briggs who scored the touchdown just as the quarter ended. Foster failed in attempted dropkick.
East kicked off to Briggs who received the ball on his 20-yard line carrying it back three yards. Laughlin made a yard but Briggs slipped through for seven more. He then made a first down on the next play on the 33-yard line. Laughlin bucked…..SOME COPY MISSING ….yard line the orange and black elected to punt and Foster booted the ball to Keeney on the latter’s 40-yard line. Averitt made seven yards on two plays and Pokorosky lost two. Keeney then booted the ball to Massillon’s 20-yard line. Dommer made four while Briggs added two more. Briggs lost three on the next play. Foster punted to Pokorosky on the 43-yard line. Pokorosky failed to gain. Keeney then dropped back and passed 20 yards to Pokorosky who was dropped on the orange and black’s 23-yard line. Anthony was put out for roughing it, Garland taking his place. Keeney slipped through for six yards and Averitt made five more for a first down on the 12-yard line. Potts went in for Garland. Keeney made three yards but the play was called back and East penalized five yards for offside. Keeney then made two yards on an end run as the game ended.
A Good Start
Massillon – 6 Pos. Akron East – 6
Straughn LE Fela
Fox LT Bell
Henderson LG Gilbert
Evans C Sheppard
Mauger RG Walker
Price RT Growdon
Schnierle RE Kinney
Briggs QB Keeney
Foster LHB Pokorosky
Laughlin RHB Averitt
Dommer FB Morgan

Score by periods:
Massillon 0 0 6 0 6
Akron East 0 6 0 0 6

Massillon – Anthony for Price, Shanabrook for Schnierle, Garland for Anthony, Potts for Evans, Evans for Garland.

Touchdowns – Keeney, Briggs.

Referee – Michaels (Goodyear).
Umpire – Kester (Mt. Union).
Head Linesman – Thomas (Penn U.)

Time of periods – 12 minutes.

Earl Straughn
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1926: Massillon 0, Akron East 6


Showing a decided lack of actual combat experience Washington high school’s orange and black football team Saturday went down to defeat before Akron East 6 to 0 in the opening contest of the 1926 scholastic campaign on Massillon Field. Cold winds and intermittent showers cut down the opening day attendance but the stands were fairly well packed when the rival aggregation took the gridiron for the initial whistle.

Scoring a touchdown late in the second quarter on a series of desperate line plunges after a Massillon fumble had put them within the local team’s 20-yard line Akron East’s gridders annexed the only points scored during the contest and romped off the field with a victory over Coach John H. Atkinson’s warriors. Outside of the time when Akron East scored neither team threatened the others goal line to any serious extent and the game for the most part was devoid of any thrills, both aggregations adhering largely to straight football.

The field was a bit soggy but the footing firm. The rain however, made the ball slippery and hard to handle and a strong wind, driving across the field from the north, made punting difficult for the team which was defending the south goal. Fumbles, blocked punts and penalties worked a hardship upon the inexperienced Massillon eleven, a fumble giving Akron East a chance to score while several 15-yard penalties halted Massillon’s offense on several occasions when it seemed the orange and black was on its way to points.

A defeat is always a bitter pill to swallow but when time is taken out to analyze the Massillon eleven which took the field Saturday against Akron East it can be seen that even in defeat the orange and black gave a good account of itself and displayed enough ability to indicate that it has good possibilities of being drafted into a formidable machine as the season progresses.
The Massillon eleven which made its 1926 debut last Saturday was almost as green in actual playing experience as the grass under its feet. The team took the field with only two veterans from the 1925 aggregation in the lineup. And one of these did not become a regular until the last two games when an eligibility ruling knocked out several backfield stars and gave him a chance.

That player was Art McConnell who directed the team’s offense from the quarterback position. The other veterans, Fritz Gump at left end, acting captain in the absence of Bill Price who is laid up with a broken collar bone; “Whitey” Laughlin, plunging fullback, got into the game for a few minutes but was forced out with a bad knee which he had injured in practice last week.

With the exception of McConnell and Gump the team was made up of reserves from last year or players indulging in their first contest as varsity performers. And their experience weighed heavily against them. They fought gamely enough but fighting ability is not always enough. It was not Saturday.
Had Captain Bill Price been able to be in the game the line undoubtedly would have not wilted under Akron East’s pounding in the second quarter when the touchdown was scored. Price’s fighting spirit and his ability to plug up a hole in a crisis probably would have kept Akron from scoring but Bill, with his arm in a sling, had to watch the game from the bench. And if Laughlin had been at his best and able to stay in the game throughout a different offense also would have resulted.

It was only during those few fatal seconds in the second quarter that the Massillon line wilted. During the rest of the game it out played the Akron forward wall and continually stopped the visiting backfield in its tracks. However, it needs to be more aggressive. What the local team’s offense would have accomplished had its attack not been cut down by penalties is a matter of conjecture.

It showed flashes of power both at line plunging and end running and several times opened up with well executed forward passes. It missed a chance to gain heavily in the fourth quarter when two well hurled passes by McConnell were fumbled by the lads on the receiving end. McConnell also lacked experience in directing the team but Art, having passed through the heat of one battle as field general, should develop rapidly.

A number of McConnell’s punts were blocked Saturday largely because he did not drop far enough behind his line when kicking. The inexperienced Massillon line was not able to hold out the rushing Akron warriors long enough for Art to get his kicks away from a short distance back of the center.
Massillon received to open the contest and from the way it started off it looked like curtains for Akron. One first down was made on an end run and an off tackle buck and the orange and black was driving up the field when a 15-yard penalty took the steam out of its punch. Then McConnell’s punt was blocked and Akron got the ball on Massillon’s 22-yard line. But East couldn’t gain and a field goal failed.

Once again Massillon’s offense started well. McConnell made six and then heaved a pass to Briggs for six more. Two more line plays netted five and then McConnell hurled a pass to Matthews for 26 yards but East stopped the drive by intercepting the next Massillon pass.

The orange and black however held and Akron punted. Again the local team started to travel up the field but a 15-yard penalty again halted the march.

Fumbles began to make their appearance in the second quarter and McConnell fumbled on an end run, Akron covering the ball on Massillon’s 28-yard line. But once again the green Massillon line could not be dented and another attempt by Akron to score through a field goal failed.

Massillon got the ball on its 20-yard line and on the first play fumbled. Crisp, of Akron, plunged on the ball on Massillon’s 17-yard line. Then came Akron’s best offensive of the game.

With Keeney, flashy Akron quarterback and the individual star of the game, smashing through the Massillon line or off tackle Akron carried the ball to the seven-yard line on four plunges. Akron kept hammering the inexperienced Massillon line which was slowly but surely giving ground and three more plays took the ball over, Keeney going through the center of the line for a touchdown. He failed to add the extra point.

Neither team was able to do much in the third quarter but when the final period opened the orange and black, six points behind, started off with a desperate drive that cracked the Akron team wide open. Getting the ball on Massillon’s 32 yard line McConnell and Briggs smashed through tackle and around the ends for three first downs in a row. It looked like the Massillon march could not be halted but a penalty had to bob up and a 15-yard loss stopped the rush.

However, the orange and black got a break in luck but it could not take advantage of it. When McConnell punted an Akron man held Gump while the ball was in mid air and the oval was given to Massillon on Akron’s 28-yard line where the penalty occurred. But by this time Akron had regained its breath and held the Massillon backs, getting the ball after Massillon failed to make the required yardage in four plays.

A short time later McConnell opened up with passes but Smith and Briggs fumbled two well heaved passes. Either one of them would have enabled Massillon to get deep into Akron territory. As the game ended Akron was once more hammering away at the Massillon line and had worked the ball within the Massillon 30-yard line.

Although defeated, Massillon out played its Akron rival. The local team made eight first downs to six for Akron and completed three passes while Akron completed but one. Three of Massillon’s passes were grounded while Akron intercepted on. Akron only tried three forwards.
Erie Is Next
Massillon – 0 Pos. Akron East – 6
Gump LE Porosky
Ott LT Bell
Spencer LG Crisp
Potts C Wilson
Price RG Bergey
Benson RT Growden
Fulton RE Morgan
McConnell QB Keeney
Matthews LHB Coudriet
Briggs RHB Thomas
Foster FB Johnson

Score by quarters:
Massillon 0 0 0 0 0
Akron East 0 6 0 0 6

Massillon – Laughlin for Foster, Smith for Matthews, Foster for Laughlin, Carroll for Benson, Bickel for Briggs.

Akron East – Averitte for Porosky, Leibowitz for Johnson, Porosky for Averitte.

Touchdown – Keeney.

Referee – Maurer.
Umpire – Jenkins.
Head Linesman – Tompkinson

Time of quarters – 12 minutes.

Bill Price
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1925: Massillon 30, Akron East 0


With “Cannon Ball” Kammer denting the line for steady gains with his bullet-like thrusts, Captain Vince Define cutting loose with several neat dashes around the wings and McConnell, a tall, rangy but hard driving youngster, playing his first game of varsity football, thrilling a crowd of about 4,000 by some spectacular catching of forward passes, the orange and black football team of Washington high school last Saturday afternoon auspiciously ushered in its 1925 campaign by burying the heavy Akron East high team under a 30 to 0 score on Massillon Field. Five touchdowns were rolled up by Coach David B. Stewart’s warriors, three of these coming in the last quarter when the Massillon youngster cut loose with a dazzling array of open play formations and an aerial attack that swept the invading rubber city lads off their feet and made their defeat convincing and crushing.

The air of uncertainty which has hovered over the local football hemisphere ever since the high school team started its training over a month ago about Coach Stewart’s green line being able to stand up under a heavy battering and come through without being shattered was somewhat dispelled during the progress of Saturday’s initial fray when those much discussed linemen delivered with flying colors and for all but a few minutes of tussle stopped the plunges of the heavy Akron backs almost in their tracks. These lads demonstrated that Coach Stewart right now has in the making as brawny and capable a set of linemen as has ever worn the colors of the local school.

True they still need polishing to rub off some of the rough spots but more practice and the experience they gained Saturday in actual conflict will prove invaluable to them and unless all indications fail they will improve with each succeeding contest. In fact the entire team is still a bit show of the machine like play that marks the successful attack of a winning aggregation but Coach Stewart has promising football material in abundance with plenty of speed and driving power that should give the orange and black an outfit that can hit the line, run the ends or forward pass as the occasion demands.
The only time that Akron East really threatened was for a few minutes in the second quarter when Suddeth, the giant Negro fullback of the visitors, began to tear up the dirt with his number tens and ram his way through a temporary weak spot he found in the right side of the Massillon line. Suddeth, a powerful chap weighing about 185 pounds, certainly plugged away like a good fellow during those few minutes. Akron East carrying the ball from deep in its own territory to well into Massillon ground, making four first downs without a break but then just as the whistle halted hostilities Kammer shot a devastating shell into the Akron camp by picking one of Suddeth’s passes out of the air on his 20-yard line and removing the Akron menace.

During the rest of the game Suddeth and his companions rammed the Massillon line time after time and seldom succeeded in jarring it. The best thing to prove the tenacity of the Massillon line is a comparison of the first down made by the rival elevens.

Akron East moved the 10-yard line but five times. Massillon registered 20 first downs. This shows better than anything the relative strength of the two teams. Massillon did not get a first down in the second quarter but it was mighty hard to stop in the other three. Akron never got within Massillon’s 20-yard mark so it could hardly be said that the rubber city lads at any time threatened the Massillon goal line enough to suffer the calm serenity of Coach Stewart who smiled to himself as he saw his charges rip to pieces the invading crew.

Until the fourth quarter the Massillon attack was successfully conducted by Messers Kammer and Define, each of whom scored two touchdowns. Kammer’s came on vicious thrusts through the Akron line. Define made his dashes around the ends. Williams broke into the scoring in the fourth period when he grabbed a forward pass from Brown and raced 34 yards for the final set of markers. Defensively the entire team played a good game, Bill Price probably tackling harder than most of his teammates. Bill got his head too close to Suddeth’s feet in the third quarter and went to the bench to shake the cobwebs from his brain.
Captain Define’s knee, injured last season and somewhat of a question mark this yEar, did not seem to bother him a bit. He twisted, dodged and squirmed in his old style and came up every time without any apparent bad effects. The battle did uncover that in Paul Smith, stocky little quarterback, Massillon has the makings of as great a little punter as ever played on any high school team. Smith had to retire after the first quarter with an injured side but during the first period he booted the ball over the head of the Akron safety men every time he punted, one of his drives being good for 80 yards. For a little fellow he certainly gets a lot of power behind his kicks.

With acting Captain Kammer winning the toss, Massillon started off by receiving, defending the south goal, and, following an exchange of punts, carried the ball down the field over 40 yards for a touchdown. After two plays at the line Smith punted from his 20-yard line, the ball going over Kromer’s head and rolling over the goal line, a distance of 80 yards.

Akron put the ball in play on its 20-yard line and, failing to gain, punted. The kick was weak and Massillon got the ball on Akron’s 42-yard mark. Then came a steady battering at the Akron line with Kammer doing most of the ball toting, Smith, Halpin and Laughlin took a few shots at the visitors’ forward wall but for the most part sturdy Kammer did the busting and finally he had rammed the ball down to Akron’s eight yard line from where he plunged through the left side of Akron’s line for the fist touchdown. He missed goal. Play was even during the remainder of the quarter.
Numerous substitutes jumped into the Massillon lineup at the start of the second quarter and the team was unable to get started. Along toward the end of the period Akron East got the ball on its 25 yard line and with the aid of an offside penalty managed to make a first down. Then Suddeth heaved a pass to Nickles for nine and Thomas squirmed through for another first down. Suddeth then ripped off two first downs in succession by dashes through the right side of Massillon’s line. Then he tried a forward and Kammer intercepted as the quarter ended.

Massillon confined itself to straight football during the fist half but its attack changed at the start of the third and it began to open up with Define cutting loose around the wings and hurling forward passes. However, it was not until well in the quarter that Massillon’s attack began to bear fruit. After Define, by a neat bit of dodging, had run back an Akron punt 20 yards to Akron’s 29-yard line Massillon opened up and a pass from Define to Thomas made 11. Kammer smashed the Akron line four times in a row for a first down, carrying the ball to the five-yard line from where Define raced around Akron’s right end for Massillon’s second touchdown. Goal was missed.

Define put the orange and black in scoring position early in the fourth quarter by a 16-yard run, putting the ball within Akron’s 30-yard line only to have Suddeth reach into the air and intercept a pass. Akron had to punt and then the Brown-McConnell forward passing combination started to work. Brown heaved a pass to “Mac” for eight yards. Kammer then hit the line for nine and just to show he could run the ends went around the left wing on the next play for 15, lugging the ball to the 13-yard line. Then Define made a first down around right end and Kammer took it over on the next play.

Fricker covered an Akron fumble on the visitors’ 20-yard line a few moments later and another Massillon touchdown was in the making for Halpin hit for five and then Define tucked the ball under his arm and raced 15 yards around end for the fourth touchdown.
The final Massillon score came in double quick fashion on three forward passes in a row. Getting the ball on Massillon’s 40-yard line after a punt, Halpin tossed a pass to McConnell for 12 yards. Brown then followed with another heave to McConnell for 15 and on the third play Brown passed to Williams who grabbed the ball out of the air and ran 34 yards for a touchdown. The game ended shortly after.

Massillon needs to develop a place kicker. Kammer failed in four attempts to score points after touchdown while Halpin failed to make the riffle in his only try. Twenty-four men were used by Coach Stewart and at least enough for another team watched the game from the bench.
Not So Bad
Massillon – 30 Pos. Akron East – 0
Gump LE Keney
N. Harris LT Bell
Singer LG Walker
Price C Ferguson
Washlick RG Bergie
W. Harris RT Kloza
Thomas RE Catch
Smith QB Kromer
Laughlin LHB Thomas
Kammer RHB Nickles
Halpin FB Suddeth

Score by quarters:
Massillon 6 0 6 18 30

Touchdowns – Define 2, Kammer 2, Williams.

Massillon substitutions – Define, Storrie, Dommer, Crone, Tipton, Agler, Spuhler, Fulton, Kelly, McConnell, Lipps, Williams, Brown, Fricker.

Akron substitutions – Soloyle, Fela, Kavendish.

Referee – Jenkins, Akron U.
Umpire – Tompkinson, Akron U.
Head Linesman – Michaels, Ohio State.

Time of quarters – 13 1- 3 minutes.

Paul Brown