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While the band played everything appropriate but “Stormy Weather” the Washington high Tigers sailed through mud and sleet, Saturday afternoon to splash out a 25-0 victory over Akron East high school. It was the Tigers’ seventh victory of the season and the score was the largest rolled up in a Massillon-East game since 1925.

Today the Tigers began preparations for a hot reception for Tiffin Junior Home which comes here this week after a rather disastrous season. But don’t let the word disaster fool you. A man’s size job is cut out for the Tigers and if you don’t believe it, take a look at Saturday’s results and you will see that Tiffin gave Steubenville, the Ohio River fort of football, the battle of its life Saturday and forced the big red wave to the limits to win a 6-0 victory. Had it lasted longer, Tiffin might have tied the score, for it was driving for a touchdown on the 20-yard line when the whistle ended the game.

Tigers Have Power Again
Power such as shown by the Washington high Tigers in the first half of Saturday’s game with East, should defeat the Juniors, however. The Massillon attack was shifted into high gear in the first two periods and the Tigers proved good mud horses as they waded through the soggy gridiron to three touchdowns.

It was the hard running of one of those so-called horses, for that’s the name the boys have dubbed him, ‘Horse” McCants, that kept East backing up most of the afternoon. Then Henry Krier, was in there smashing hard through tackle to pick up many a yard for the orange and black. These two boys scored all four touchdowns and were paddled over the goal line by the husky Tiger forwards and blocking backs, who dredged a path for the ball carriers to follow.

It was a great exhibition on the part of the Tigers considering the sloppy field. The cry for more rain might well be sounded the next two weeks and without fear for your Massillon gridders only fumbled twice Saturday and recovered on one of these occasions whereas on dry fields they have been muffing the ball time and again.

Even Complete Forward Pass
They not only carried the wet leather well but they kicked and passed it appropriately and an opportune peg that sailed a good 20 yards, put the ball in a spot for one of the touchdowns.

There’s no telling what the Tigers would have done on a dry field. They scored 19 first downs in the mud and seemed content to take matters easy after the first half. East, too, would have looked better on a dry field. The Oriental’s chief offensive weapon this year has been the forward pass and throwing the ball Saturday was like heaving a brick through the air. East made four first downs, two in each half and one on a forward pass. East practically balanced Massillon in weight.

The Tigers scored the first time they got the ball in their possession. Krier brought the kickoff back to his 40-yard line. McCants in two plays shot through to the 32 and Krier tore through right tackle for another on the 20. Shrake and McCants carried to a first down on the seven-yard line. Krier slipped without gain but banged through tackle for three on the next trip. Shertzer selected McCants to smash through Hogan’s alley for the score. Krier’s attempted placekick was wide and the score was 6-0 in the Tigers’ favor.

The Massillon eleven had to give East a chance but the Orientals failed to gain after taking the kickoff and punted to their 43-yard line.

Krier Scores Second
Again the Tigers set sail for the Oriental’s goal. McCants carried four straight times to get a first down on the 32. Krier ripped through right tackle for 17 yards and a first down on the 15-yard line. East stopped this drive, however and took the ball on their 10. They punted on the first down and Bob Shrake returned brilliantly from the 40 to the 18-yard line. Krier made two yards and then on a triple pass the Flying Dutchman wheeled to the right for a 16-yard run across the Oriental’s goal. This time he placekicked the extra point.

The third march started from the Massillon 42-yard line. McCants carried to a first down on the East 48 and galloped through center on a spinner to another on the 32. He carried the next three times to a first down on the 22 when Shertzer stepped back and shot a pretty pass to Lohr who caught the ball in the midst of a huddle of East players and ran to the three-yard line. Krier went through right tackle standing up for the touchdown. His kick was low. The half ended with the score 19-0.

Play was fairly even in the third quarter and it was not until the fourth period that the orange and black raided the Oriental’s goal again.

In the closing minutes of the third period the Tigers carried the ball to the 28-yard line. On the second play of the fourth quarter, Dutton placed a beautiful punt out of bounds on the six yard line. Augustine was hurried when he tried to kick and booted the ball out on the 17-yard line. Krier and McCants made a first down on the seven-yard line and McCants in two more plays plunged over the goal. An attempt to run the ball for the extra point was stopped by East.

East’s only scoring opportunity followed the Tigers’ fourth touchdown. Mellinger fumbled a punt and the Orientals recovered on the 36-yard line. They worked their way to the
17-yard line where the Tigers held and took the ball.

Lineup and summary:
Massillon Pos Akron East
Lohr LE Kesserling
Birkish LT Bell
Porter LG Le Master
Monroe C Krino
Snavely RG Little
Buggs RT Mysock
Wolfe RE McCombs
Shertzer QB Walker
Krier LH Stager
Shrake RH Harmon
McCants FB Vrandall

Score by periods:
Massillon 13 6 0 6 25

Substitutions: Massillon – Mellinger, rh; Chovan, lh; Mansbury, fb; Dutton, qb; Dietz, le; Schimke, re; Peters, lt; Price, rt; Smith, lg; Molinski, rf; Morningstar, c.
Akron East – Augustine, qb; Buzzeli, lh; Swain, lh; Bernel, rh; Hicks, fb; Appleby, re; Tally, re; Halchak, le; Schenz, rg; Hennis, rg; Meade, rt; Jones, lg; Gandee, lt.

Massillon – McCants 2; Krier 2.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Krier (placekick).

Referee – Konold.
Umpire – Bell.
Head Linesman – Kester.

Willie Monroe