The website continues to grow in size and attract football fans from around the country.  In fact, its popularity has swelled so much that the page view count, i.e., the total number of pages that are opened by viewers over a specified period of time, has recently eclipsed the 1 million mark in just 18 months of operation.  So, for anyone interested in high school football and Massillon in particular, this is the place to go.

As of the first of the year, the user data shows the following:

  • 205,000 sessions
  • 112,000 unique users
  • 1,008,000 page views

Activity exploded during the past football season with a large number of users visiting the site, while peaking on game days.  In fact, on the day of the Massillon-Akron Hoban playoff game, the site drew over 19,000 page views, which was an all-time single-day record for the site.  It didn’t hurt that Massillon was making a serious bid for a state championship at the time.

A product of the Massillon Tiger Football Booster Club, the website was rolled out with a new design platform in July 2017.  This new format is a step ahead of the old one in that it presents information in a cleaner way and features a triple combination of sports magazine, seasonal data and media guide.  High school football fans would be hard pressed to find a high school football site as all-inclusive as this one.

On at least a weekly basis a new story goes up on the main page covering anything from Booster Club announcements to the current football season and looks back into Tiger football history.  Currently, there is a series on the Massillon Wall of Champions, recently featuring Ben Bradley, John McVay, Harry Stuhldreher, Art Hastings, Bob Glass, Homer Floyd and Dennis Franklin.

Seasonal data is active throughout the football season and focuses on the players and coaches, and anything related game performance.  In the players and coaches section there is a complete set of photos for coaches, players and staff, and rosters of the varsity and freshmen teams.  The schedule section covers varsity, JV, freshmen and middle school.  There is also information related to the playoffs and the future Massillon schedule.

The most comprehensive section on the website is that of history, with over 3,000 pages of information, divided into four major categories as follows:

  • Past Seasons: The largest of the four categories, this one features an informational page for each year, going back to 1891 when the football program got its start. Next to each game score there is a link to the respective newspaper story.  And starting in 1938, statistics are included for each game and rolled up into season totals.  There are also team and player records throughout the 123 years of Massillon Tiger football history.  It’s all topped off with opponent series records, playoff history and championships.
  • Past Players: This category focuses on the individuals, with the main topic that of documenting each player that achieved All-Ohio status, collegiate All-American, a hall of fame or other important award. There are also timelines of head coaches and team captains.
  • Historical Accounts: This category includes narratives on Massillon football history and the All-American Conference that existed in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Massillon vs. McKinley: Everything a fan wants to know about the Tigers and Bulldogs is contained in this category, from a comprehensive history of the storied rivalry to the score of each game to the Victory Bell.

Just to be complete, there are sections on the outstanding football facilities and the many support organizations.

So be sure to visit often and Go Tigers.