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Tigers Defeat Toledo Waite Indians 32-13
Locals Win Fifth Game Of Season


Toledo Waite high became the Washington high Tigers’ fifth victim of the season Friday evening as the Massillon gridders let out sufficient growls to claw the Indians 32-13.

It was typical weather for a Massillon-Toledo Waite game, and 9,805 fans braved the elements to witness the contest. What was just a sprinkle before the game turned into a real shower in the second half of the contest.

The Tigers did not have the killer instinct last night but they got mean enough on occasion to score five touchdowns, two extra points and gain the sizeable total of 418 yards.

But there many mistakes did not please Coach Tom Harp who is hoping his team will put on a more perfect performance for fans in the future.
* * *
TOM NOTED improvement in the Tigers’ passing, they completed five of 10, two for touchdowns, and probably would have thrown more in the last two periods were it not for the rain.

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Waite, using a multiple offense, confused the Tigers at times when it shifted from T to single wing, and managed to score two touchdowns, one after the expiration of time.

The Tigers also had one T.D. that didn’t count, a long 53-yard dash by Don Duke that was called back for a motion penalty.

Waite had difficulty moving the half but managed on two occasions to hold it for long sustained marches that consumed a lot of time.

The Indians, for instance, gained but three yards and lost as many in the third period, then turned around and out-gained the Tigers the fourth quarter 113 yards to 69 largely as a result of controlling the ball.

The visitors had a classy little back in Billie Sallie who was the top ground gainer of the night, with 87 net yards and one touchdown. Sallie gained 111 yards but was thrown for a loss of 24.

They also had a good passer in Tom Sabin, who threw the wet ball better than when it was dry. He hit end Jerry Roberts for a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter and also for the extra point.
Fumbles again hurt the Tigers. They had three of them and lost the ball twice, which with one pass intercepted by Waite turned the ball over to the Indians three times.

One of the fumbles came on a return of the second half kickoff by Charlie Brown and gave Waite the ball on the Tiger 30 but the locals intercepted a pas the next play and got it back.
* * *
THE INDIANS, coming up with a screwy defense, gave the Tigers more trouble than they had anticipated, and jumped men in and out of the line to confuse the blockers.

They forced the Tigers to punt the first time the locals got the ball but the latter scored the second time on Johnny James’ long pass over the heads of the Waite secondary that Jim Houston caught for a 61-yard gain. The attempt for the extra point failed.

The Tigers also scored the next time they got the ball, Charlie Brown touring end for 16 yards to end a 37-yard march. Again the extra point was missed.

Waite launched a T.D. drive from its 40 after the next kickoff, with Sallie picking up 17 yards, Rudy Kimbers seven, Chuck Van Camp nine and Sabin tossing to Roberts for nine and to Van Camp for 12 and four consecutive first downs. That put the ball on the seven and Sallie shot around his left end for the touchdown.

The Tigers took the following kickoff on their 26-yard line and marched the rest of the way for their third T.D. of the game. James got 12 yards to start it off, then Duke nine in two carries; Brown 27 in two carries and Willie Long 34. Duke went the last 15 into pay dirt.
* * *
THE TIGERS fumbled the ball away the first time they got it in the third period but drove for a touchdown as they clicked off four first downs in a row the next time they got their hands on the leather. Don Duke led the assault, getting 22 yards in three tries, but it was James who went over from seven yards out on an option play. This time Earl Radtke tried his hand at kicking the extra point and made good on the attempt.

Waite gave the locals an opportunity for another touchdown on the kickoff when they were not alert to pounce on the ball as it rolled to their 37. Bob Welcher, who kicked the ball for Massillon, fell on it for the Tigers and by the end of the quarter they had it on the 13. On the first play of the fourth period, James pitched over the line to Houston who scampered for the touchdown. Again Radtke kicked the extra point to finish the Tigers’ scoring.

Waite unreeled three first downs and got the ball down to the Tiger 16 before the locals could again get possession. Then Massillon moved it back 56 yards before Waite took it on the 28 on an interception.

The Indians drove back with Sallie gaining 20 yards on three carries and snaring two passes for 24 more. With only three seconds showing on the scoreboard, Waite started its last play of the game. Sabin faded back as time expired and shot a pass to Roberts in the end zone for the touchdown. He repeated for the extra point and the game was over.

Brown, Duke and Archibald shared ball carrying honors for the Tigers. Charlie gained 80 net yards on 10 carries; Duke 82 yards on 12 carries and Archibald 72 net on 10 carries.

The Tigers emerged from the game in fairly good condition with the exception of Brown who possibly stoved some muscles at the base of his neck when he rammed into a Toledo player.

The game was slowed down by many time outs for injuries.

Toledo had a whole string of injured players though none appeared to be serious. It was one of the longest contests played here in years.

The line-up and summary:
ENDS – Canary, Houston, Welcher.
TACKLES – Graber, Maier, Kreiger, Schumacher, Hofacre, Whitfield, Meldrum.
GUARDS – Fisher, Roan, Kasunick, Tracy, R. Brown, Heine, Ertle.
CENTERS – Spicer, Gentzler, Krier, Dowd.
QUARTERBACKS – James, Brenner.
HALFBACKS – Duke, Chas. Brown, Long, Cocklin, Radtke, Herring, Butcher, Washington.
FULLBACKS – Archibald, Chester, Brown.

ENDS – Roberts, Vergiels, Weathers, Poelinitz, Koles.
TACKLES – Micenic, Davis, Rogers, Wallace, Ellison.
GUARDS – Kuebbeler, White, Miller, Lopez, Costanzo, Swope.
CENTERS – Gyurko, Young, Bragg.
QUARTERBACKS – Sabin, Reese.
HALFBACKS – Sallie, Kimbers, Van Camp.
FULLBACKS – Lee, Carnicom.

Score by periods:
Massillon 6 12 7 7 32
Waite 0 6 0 7 13

Massillon – Houston 2, Brown, Duke, James.
Waite – Sallie, Roberts.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Radtke 2 (placekicks).
Waite – Roberts (pass).

Referee – Schaffer.
Umpire – Gryska.
Head Linesman – Less.
Field Judge – Hodgson.

Mass. Waite
First downs 19 13
Passes attempted 10 12
Passes completed 5 6
Had passes intercepted 1 1
Yards gained passing 117 73
Yards gained rushing 301 184
Total yards gained 418 257
Yards lost 20 43
Net yards gained 396 214
Times punted 1 5
Average punt (yards) 37 28
Yards punts returned by 18 2
Times kicked off 6 2
Average kickoff (yards) 39 53
Yards kickoffs returned by 59 61
Times fumbled 3 0
Lost ball on fumbles 2 0
Times penalized 4 4
Yards penalized 27 30

Jim Houston