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Long Tiger Runs Beat Barberton 34-14


Barberton’s aerial minded Magics were handed a 34-14 trimming by the Washington high Tigers here Friday night, for their worst defeat of the season.

The autumn’s best crowd of 12,242 fans was treated to a wide open game as the Barberton quarterbacks threw 19 passes and the Tigers 10. Fourteen of the throws were completed, five by Massillon and nine by Barberton and one of the Magic throws was turned into the longest run of the year when Homer Floyd intercepted on his goal line, ran back three yards in a wide arc before heading full steam down the field for a touchdown. His run was 103 yards from the deepest point and he covered close to 153 yards as he swept from one side of the field to the other.

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As expected, the Magics depended mostly on their pass offense for gains, picked up 125 yards in this manner and scored two touchdowns on throws of eight and 53 yards, the latter coming with only 48 seconds of the game left to play.

The Tigers scored five touchdowns, two in the first period, one in the third and two in the fourth and were stopped on three other occasions, twice by penalties and one by the clock, for what undoubtedly also would have been scores.

Barberton, which this year held Alliance to a one point 21-20 victory, was beaten all the way, but was dangerous every time it got the ball because of the throwing ability of George Izo, six-foot two-inch, 188-pound back. He would have been a better percentage of completions had not his receivers on two occasions dropped balls that were in their arms.

It was a typical Massillon-Barberton game, hard played and replete with injuries, although none was considered serious.

Jim Houston, worst injured of the Massillon players, was shaken up the first half but was O.K. for second half use, although he was kept out of the game.

Early in the game the special defense cooked up by Coach Tom Harp to stop the Barberton passing attack worked to perfection and three of the first six heaves of the Magics were intercepted while the other three were grounded.

Then Barberton began hitting and completed five in a row and nine of 13.

Izo and Luck, who threw the Magic passes, had all the time in the world to get the ball away. Standing deep behind the scrimmage line, they were given terrific protection. On only a couple of occasions were they rushed.

The Tiger gridders moved the ball well, piling up 420 net yards and would have done much better had it not been for penalties and a couple of inopportune fumbles.

They scored the first time they came into possession of the ball and had to overcome a
15-yard penalty to do it.

The payoff play was a 55-yard dash around left end by Dick Fromholtz in his first start as an offensive halfback in several weeks. Not a hand was laid on him as he set up his blocks well.

The second Massillon touchdown came on Floyd’s interception after Barberton had marched the ball from its own 26 to the Massillon 23.

Homer picked off the pigskin on the run, headed to his right in an arc to outrun a couple of Magic tacklers. Then down the east side line he went while blockers piled up a host of Barberton tacklers. He had to shake himself free of the last man, and that he did, to gain the open field.

He was so far in front he just trotted out the last 15 yards.

Barberton scored it first touchdown in the second quarter with a drive that started from its own 45.

Tom Nevling, running hard, got a first down on the Massillon 40, and took a fourth-down screen pass from Izo to go all the way to the 9.

A pass, Izo to Bob Hunter, lost a yard, but another to Duane Sickles produced a first down on the eight. Izo then tossed to Luck for the remaining distance.

The Tigers took the following kickoff all the way from their 37 to the Barberton five when time ran out and the half ended.

A 69-yard run by Jerry Yoder set up the third period touchdown. Starting from the 34 he bulled his way, without too much help, to the seven-yard line before a Magic tackler caught him. Floyd picked up three and Yoder went through for the points.
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A 90-YARD DRIVE produced the fourth T.D. A 12-yard run by Yoder netted a first down on his own 29. Boekel set up the score with a 53-yard run to the nine. Three downs only gained six yards but on fourth down Yoder circled his left end for the points.

The score mounted to 34-7 with the second team in the game. The seconds took the ball on their 37 and went 63 yards to score. Figuring strongly in the march was a pass from Don Humes to End George McConnell who made the prettiest catch of the year for a first down on the 13, a gain of 38 yards. Don Duke took it over from the six on fourth down.

Barberton scored its second touchdown on the second team with only 48 seconds left to play when Izo threw the ball to Luck for a gain of 2 yards and the six points.

The Magics had the Tigers well scouted and stopped fleet Homer Floyd in his tracks most of the night. Save for his lone touchdown dash with the intercepted pass, he was unable to break into the open.

With such a close watch kept on Floyd, the Magics overlooked the ball carrying ability of the right halfback and Fullback Boekel, and as a result they were able to amble for long gains.

Harp also came up with another placekicker last night in the person of Tom Morrow, a substitute. Morrow, who has been getting added distance each week to his kickoffs, converted four of the five placement kicks after touchdowns into extra points.

The game was the eighth on Massillon’s schedule. With seven victories and one defeat to their credit, the Tigers next week will tangle with once-beaten Akron Garfield here. Garfield’s only loss was to Barberton 13-6. It plays Kenmore tonight.

The line-up and summary:
ENDS – Houston, R. Williams, Canary, Lorch, McConnell, Francisco, Nagle.
TACKLES – B. Williams, Hill, Schumacher, Graber, Moore, Blocher, D.K. Maier.
GUARDS – Holloway, R. Maier, Ertle, Barrett, Fisher, Morrow.
CENTERS – Spicer, Rohrbaugh, Speck.
QUARTERBACKS – Crescenze, Humes, James.
HALFBACKS – Floyd, Fromholtz, Yoder, Duke, Brown, Cocklin, Stephens.
FULLBACKS – Boekel, Archibald.

ENDS – Adams, Horning, Millhoff, Iverson, Brasko, McElroy, Smith, Thombs.
TACKLES – Koladin, Bauer, Leonhardt, Brown, Gonslewski.
GUARDS – Smith, Incorvati, Mottric, Chaykoski, Finn, Pamer.
CENTERS – Mace, Gardner.
HALFBACKS – Cole, Nevling, Cheatham, Bartes, Jones.
FULLBACKS – Sickles, Hunter.

Score by periods:
Massillon 14 0 7 13 34
Barberton 0 7 0 7 14

Massillon – Fromholtz; Floyd; Yoder 2; Duke.
Barberton – Luck 2.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Morrow 4 (placekicks).
Barberton — Izo (placekick); Adams (pass)

Referee – Smith (Elyria).
Umpire – Machock (Elyria).
Head Linesman – Russ (Youngstown).
Field Judge – Hinton (Canton).

Mass. Barb.
First downs 17 8
Passes attempted 10 19
Passes completed 5 9
Had passes intercepted 1 3
Yards gained passing 86 125
Yards gained rushing 369 83
Total yards gained 445 188
Yards lost 35 25
Net yards gained 420 163
Times punted 2 5
Average punt (yards) 31 35
Yards punts returned by 0 10
Times kicked off 6 3
Average kickoff (yards) 40 37
Yards kickoffs returned by 33 89
Times fumbled 6 3
Lost ball on fumble 2 1
Times penalized 3 1
Yards penalized 35 2

Homer Floyd