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Toledo Waite Crushes Washington High Tigers 40-6
19,000 Fans Stunned As Indians All But Chase Locals Out Of Stadium


The Tiger lost his stripes here Friday evening and they were transplanted in war paint on the Toledo Waite Indians who all but ran the Massillon gridders out of the Stadium in rolling up a 40-6 victory, the largest score chalked up against a Massillon team since the 68-0 defeat at Steubenville in 1931.

The Tigers were no more stunned than the near capacity crowd of 19,000, when the visitors capitalized on two first period breaks to score touchdowns and then turned loose their vaunted power to score 27 more points in the three remaining periods. The victory established Waite as a leading claimant to the Ohio scholastic football title.

Waite had everything last night – power, deception, good kicking and luck, and the first three always make the latter look good. The Tigers had little of anything. They started out the first minute as though they had their minds set on making a runaway of it, but after two, consecutive first downs they lost the ball on a fumble, stopped the Indians on the next series, but lost it again on their 27-yard line from which point Waite swept to its first touchdown.

A blocked punt paved the way for Waite’s second score which likewise required only 27 yards of traveling, and the Tigers were never in the ball game thereafter.

The two first-period fumbles and the blocked punt undoubtedly had something to do with upsetting the spirit of the local team, but the upsetting as a whole was caused by a hard charging Toledo line and the bull-like rushes of Fullback Bill Gregus, who had the Tigers reeling backward most of the evening.

It was the third game between the two schools and it proved to be the charm for Waite, since it was the first time the Indians were able to take the measure of the local team. Massillon won the two previous games played in 1940 and 1941.
* * *
THE VISITORS were jubilant over their victory. The Waite dressing room after the game was the scene of great exultation with players cheering each other, their coach, and spending more than the usual amount of time in the shower room – a sure sign of satisfaction.

The scene in the Tiger dressing room was exactly the opposite. Massillon players dressed and slipped quietly away, as quickly as possible – all except the injured, who had to have their faces patched or legs and arms tended to by the trainer. An early checkup revealed bad legs on Gene Krisher and Earl Johnson. The former was playing his first game since the Alliance contest a month again in which he sustained a knee injury. He aggravated it again last night. Johnson lasted only one play, when he was assisted to the sideline.

The game was clean and the injuries were not the result of any unfair tactics. Waite hit the harder of the two teams and the team that is hit the harder is the one that comes up with the injuries.

The Tigers showed the effects of the visitors’ power on their faces and bodies just as they did when they fell backward on the playing field. It has been many a year since a Massillon team gave ground as the locals did last night, but they have been up against few teams as good as Waite in the last dozen years.

Massillon Pos. Waite
Zeller LE Durst
Young LT Scallish
Uliveto LG Kowalka
Darrah C Torda
Brooks RG Rae
Dowd RT Hepler
Eberhardt RE Tambur
Byelene QB Young
Giloff LH Carson
Zorger RH Davis
Yost FB Gregus

Score by periods:
Massillon 0 0 0 6 6
Waite 13 14 6 7 40

Massillon – Schludecker, re; Brown, qb; G. Krisher, rt; Wittmann,rt; Johnson, re; Houston, rg; W. Krisher, c; Pedrotty, fb;
Waite – Vas, rg; Schaetze; fb; Kovesci, fb.

Massillon – Zorger.
Waite – Gregus 4; Carson; Durst.

Points after touchdown: Waite – Carson 4(placekicks); Young (carried).

Referee – Brubaker.
Umpire – C.W. Rupp.
Head Linesman – Rainsberger.
Field Judge – Shafer.

Massillon Waite
First downs 9 16
Passes attempted 14 6
Passes completed 5 4
Had passes intercepted 2 0
Yards gained passing 76 69
Yards gained rushing 137 378
Total yards gained 213 447
Yards lost 16 16
Net yards gained 197 431
Fumbles 4 2
Lost ball on fumbles 2 0
Times punted 4 1
Punts blocked 1 0
Average punt (yards) 25 29
Yards punts returned 0 39
Times kicked off 2 7
Average kickoff (yards) 50 50
Yards kickoffs returned 143 28
Yards lost penalties 10 25

Merle Darrah