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Massillon Scores Twice in Opening Period, Then Benches Snavely and Anderson for Rest of Game; Passes Help Chaney Score


Flashing their old form with two of their convalescing stars back in the lineup, the Washington high Tigers turned back the invasion of Youngstown Chaney here Friday evening, 28-6 before 4,000 fans, the smallest crowd of the season.

With the new offense flashing power the few minutes the team was kept intact, the Tiger gridders ripped through to a pair of touchdowns in the first period, bogged down as Coach Paul Brown experimented for two more quarters, and then gathered an additional 14 points the last stanza.

Chaney Played Good Ball
As expected, Chaney turned loose a good team. You may not believe it but statistics show the Youngstown gridders gained more yards by passing and more yards by rushing than New Castle last week, but lacked the defensive strength of the Pennsylvania team.

The Tigers scored 14 first downs to the visitors’ 11 and gained the net total of 326 yards from scrimmage to Chaney’s 224 yards.

The Tigers looked like their old selves the first period when they pushed the visiting eleven around with will. They took the kickoff and Bob Glass nearly got away with it, running back to the Chaney 42-yard line before being downed. Two plays later he was away for a 35-yard touchdown dash.

March 78 Yards To Score
Later on in the period, Glass, Bill Zimmerman and Red Snyder, who started his first game at fullback, ripped and snorted 74 yards to the Chaney four-yard line where Glass smashed through left tackle for the touchdown. He kicked both extra points from placements and with the Tigers leading 14-0, Snavely, Glass and Junior Anderson left the game. Glass went back in the second period but Snavely and Anderson kept out of it for their own welfare.

The Tiger attack bogged down, however, and though the club would have shoved over a touchdown in the first half had not the gun cracked with the ball inches short of a touchdown and first down coming up, it did not get across the Chaney line again until the fourth period.

They drove to the six-yard line where Chaney braced and twice threw back Glass to take possession of the ball and halt the march. But it proved costly nevertheless, for Frank Terleci, dropping behind his goal to punt, got a bad pass from center and had to fall on the ball in the Promised Land for a safety that hoisted the Massillon score to 16 points.

The hog-hide was brought out for a free kick and there followed a 70-yard spurt that ended with Toles strutting the big apple around right end for 10 yards and a touchdown.

That was enough for Chaney. Passes that all evening had spattered against the dirt like so many wasted bullets, began to hit their mark. Terlecki flung one 28 yards to John Soltas. Another to Alex Chockey gained 12 more and a first down on the 15-yard stripe.

Lynn ripped for eight yards and an offside penalty put the leather on the two-yard line. Terleck had enough left in him to drive back the Massillon eight man line the remaining two yards for a touchdown.

Passes Scores For Tigers
It took just two plays to get the next and last Massillon touchdown. Sam Doroslov, starting his first game as the Tiger blocking back, nearly got a bowler’s strike as he gathered in Terlecki’s kickoff on the 10-yard line and waded down the alley with a pair of trip-hammer knees lifting the opposition out of the way. He was brought down from behind on the Chaney 46-yard line, after one player had slowed him up in the open. On the next play, George Slusser, substituting for Glass, stepped back and pegged a pretty pass down the alley to Bill Zimmerman who caught the ball on the 20-yard line and headed for the left sideline and a touchdown.

Chaney would not quit even then however and Terlecki tossed more bombs at the Tigers as his team carried the ball to the nine-yard line only to be halted when Toles tickled Pat Lynn’s feet for a four-yard loss. An incomplete pass on fourth down gave the ball to Massillon and ended the threat.

Chaney had a pair of fast backs in Lynn and Sinkovich and a good thrower in Terlecki. A peg off a lateral in the opening stanza would have been good for a touchdown had Soltas held the ball. It might have changed the complexion of the ball game and at least would have forced Coach Brown to use Snavely and Anderson for a longer period.

Offensively, Chaney gained nearly twice as many yards as did New Castle last week and made 11 first downs to New Castle’s six.

The visitors gained the net total of 104 yards by rushing and an additional 120 yards by passing.

However, Chaney did not have the stout defense the Pennsylvania team threw up here last week, though they fashioned it somewhat after New Castle’s style. One reason was that Massillon had Anderson and Snavely. Fans saw just how important they are to the team.

During the first period, while they were in the game, the local eleven gained 124 of their 326 yards and held the visitors to 24 yards.

The Tigers were not out to make a kill last night, however, but were satisfied to win and rest the injured while experimenting for the future.

New Lineup On Field
As announced Friday, Brown started a revamped lineup, but the entire eleven was together for such a short time one had little time to judge its possibilities.

The revamped lineup consisted of several changes. Red Snyder who has blocked all year was shifted to fullback and Doroslov was brought into the backfield to block. Zimmerman was retained at a halfback post along with Glass. On the line, Bud Lucius gave way to Bill MacMichael, a rugged chap who did a good job the short time he played at guard.

Snyder carried the ball 13 times last night and gained a total of 69 yards, one of which was a 23-yard run. Glass carried the ball 18 times and gained 111 yards.

The game was the Tigers’ last night performance of the season. They will end their home schedule here next Saturday afternoon with Barberton.

The Tiger band was on the job as usual and gave a pleasing performance between halves despite the frosty air.

Those Massillon cheerleaders strutted their stuff too and put more life and novel maneuvers into their leadership.

Chaney had a couple of hundred fans in the east bleachers to buoy the spirit of their team.

The visitors’ suits were deceiving. Players looked considerable smaller than the Massillon gridders, but in the dressing room you saw the difference. Chaney was actually several pounds heavier than Massillon.

The lineup and summary:
Massillon Pos. Chaney
Howard LE Soltas
Peters LT Gaglione
Houston LG Jack Evans
Martin C Baker
MacMichale RG Padach
Anderson RT Dasen
Snavely RE Poschner
Doroslov QB Chockey
Glass LH Lynn
Zimmerman RH Sinkovich
Snyder FB Terlecki

Score by periods:
Massillon 14 0 0 14 28
Chaney 0 0 0 6 6

Massillon – Lechleiter, le; Toles, re; Slusser, lh; Fabian, lh; Greenfelder, rg; MacMichale, rt; Lucius, rg, Croop, lt.
Chaney – Daniels, qb; John Evans, rg; Pinkney, re.

Massillon – Glass 2; Toles; Zimmerman.
Chaney – Terlecki.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Glass 2 (placekicks).

Chaney – Terlecki.

Referee – Rupp (Dennison).
Umpire – Jenkins (Akron).
Head Linesman – Barrett (Akron).

Game Statistics
Mass. Chaney
First downs rushing 12 6
First downs passing 2 5
Total first downs 14 11
Yards rushing 258 114
Yards lost rushing 15 10
Net yards rushing 243 104
Yards gained passing 82 120
Total yards gained 326 224
Returned kickoffs (yards) 114 98
Returned punts (yards) 10 11
Total yards ball advanced 456 333
Times penalized 4 3
Yards penalized 30 20
Passes attempted 6 17
Passes completed 2 6
Passes incomplete 3 11
Passes intercepted 1 0
Punts 4 5
Punting average (yards) 37 33
Punts blocked 0 1
Average return on punts 2 3
Kickoffs 5 3
Average return kickoffs 38 20
Fumbles 0 2

Bob Glass