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YOUNGSTOWN SOUTH CRUSHED BY TIGERS Massillon Eleven Rolls Up 64-0 Victory
in Fine Offensive Exhibition; South Tries Desperately With Passes But Fails To Score


Under a sky illuminated by the fire belching furnaces of the Mahoning Valley, the Tigers of Washington high school rolled on to their fourth straight victory Friday evening.

Youngstown South was the victim and Busty Ashbaugh’s sons of steel workers went down under a 64-0 score. The Tigers milled touchdowns with the same crushing force as the boys who rolled steel nearby.

Have Made 246 Points in Four Games
They scored on brute strength that overwhelmed a lighter line. They made points on trickery, that baffled the South high gridders and they took to the air when secondary reinforcements moved in to halt their land attack. Their 64 points hoisted their total for the season to 246, an average of 51.5 points per game. They have kept their goal line clean.

The victory will have more advertising strength for the Tigers than all of the previous triumphs combined for South even in lean years has always commanded respect in scholastic football circles. The Youngstown team, however, was not the equal of Portsmouth, last week’s Tiger victim. Portsmouth had a stouter line and tackled more viciously than Ashbaugh’s team.

The victory, the most decisive registered by either team in their interrupted and prolonged series, gave Massillon the edge over Ashbaugh. Up to game time last night each team had won four games. Now the Tigers hold the edge, 5-4.

Many Massillon Fans Attend
Ten thousand fans perhaps 1,000 of them from Massillon and maybe more ,no one knows, looked on as the teams lined up for the opening kickoff. The last cloud had just disappeared and moonlight bathed the bleachers which were saturated with an all-day rain.

The Tigers discarded the orange and black clothing and put on their mud clothes. They appeared in white sweaters and white helmets, with khaki pants.

They kicked off and when South failed to gain in two cracks at the Tiger line, Domhoff booted the ball to Jake Gillom who returned seven yards to the South 48. There began the Massillon offensive which produced the first touchdown of the game, 10 touchdowns in all and 24 first downs to five for South.

Gillom hit right tackle for 13 yards and a first down on the South 35. Dutton passed to Gillom 17 yards for another first down on the 18-yard line. Dutton hit left tackle for nine yards. Glass went through center for three yards and a first down on the six-yard line. Then Charley Anderson legged around right end to take a lateral and scamper across the South goal. Five plays, six points. Glass’ attempted kick for the extra point was wide of the uprights.

One Touchdown First Quarter
That by the way, was the only touchdown the Tigers could get in the first period. Once they pushed it down to the 25-yard line where a 15-yard penalty ended their effort. Again they shoved it down to the 18-yard line, where South bolstered and turned back the advance, Massillon losing the ball on the 25-yard stripe after being penalized five yards.

The first quarter attack, however did angle the ball in position for a touchdown on the second play of the second period.

Having gained possess if the ball on the Massillon 25, Domhoff threw a pass which Jake Gillon intercepted on the South 48. He skirted right and for 14 yards and a first down on the 34. Glass made two yards and Dutton snapped a 12-yard pass to Anderson for a first down on the 20 as the first period ended.

Second Period
Gillom made two yards at right tackle and Glass slipped through for an 18-yard dash to a touchdown. His attempted placekick for the extra point was wide.

The Tigers scored on the following kickoff. Mayer booted the ball which was caught by Charley Anderson on his own 22-yard line. Anderson legged it straight up the center of the field. His teammates to a man opened an alley in front of him and Charley, running hard, raced through the column to a touchdown. It was a beautiful exhibition of blocking and Charley changed his pace as the way was cleared for him. This time Mike Byelene passed to Augie Morningstar for the extra point.

South came back on the following kickoff to carry the ball into Tiger territory when interference was called on a pass. But Morningstar, who might better be called the evening star as a result of his fine all-around play last night, went up into the air to pull down Domhoff’s pass on the 30-yard line. Augie was going full steam forward with a clear field ahead of him when he stumbled and went down on his own 39. It made no difference, for Ed Herring, who had substituted for Jake Gillom, immediately wheeled around right end for 61 yards and a touchdown in as brilliant a jack rabbit dash as you ever saw. He flanked South on the right, then cut back to his left from the sideline to the middle of the field. Then he headed for the sideline again and finally wound up cutting back across the field to scamper over the goal line near the middle. Bob Glass plunged the ball over for the extra point and that made it 26-0.

Morningstar Stops South Rally
South kicked to Herring who was brought down on the 25-yard line. The Tigers drove back past midfield where Collins intercepted Byelene’s pass. Domhoff passed to Bush to carry South to the Massillon 42, but Morningstar pulled down another on the 35-yard line and got back to his 45 before being stopped.

Byelene gained a yard. Byelene fumbled and recovered and when a pass was grounded Mike punted out of bounds on the 48-yard line. On the first play Byelene intercepted Domhoff’s pass and came back to the 50. He ran 16-yards at left tackle for a first down on the 34-yard line. Herring skirted right end for a first down on the 19. A five-yard penalty for offside gave the Tigers the ball on the 14-yard line. Byelene made it first down on the five-yard line. Glass went to the one-yard line and Byelene took it over. His attempted pass for the extra point was grounded and the half ended with the score 32-0.

Third Quarter
The Tigers failed to gain after the kickoff and Dutton punted out on the South 30-yard line. Somebody broke through to block Domhoff’s attempted pass and old Neri Buggs reached up and caught it before it could touch the ground, giving Massillon the ball on the 28-yard line.

That set the stage for the prettiest play of the evening. A reverse, Gillom to Dutton and a lateral to Anderson sent the Tiger left end skirting wide around the right flank where he pegged the ball to Morningstar, the right end for a touchdown. It was a perfectly executed play, five men including the center handling the ball and brought a roar from the stands. The attempted kick for the extra point failed.

South took the kickoff and again launched a passing attack coupled with a 14-yard dash by Cortelezi that brought the ball into Massillon territory. But just as in every other instance, the South boys passed once too often and this time Jake Gillom speared the ball on his 34. Senzik, who played a whale of a guard for South, broke through and tossed Jake for a
five-yard loss. Glass came back to hammer for 10 yards and Jake himself made it first down on his 47. Dutton faded back and hurled the ball to Anderson who got to the South 15-yard line before being tackled. It was good for 38 yards. Dutton immediately tossed another pass, this one to Morningstar for a touchdown. Glass kicked goal and the score was 45-0.

Sontag brought the kickoff back to the 35-yard line, but Dutton pulled down a pass and ran back to the 40-yard line before being tackled. Bob Glass went through between guard and center for a touchdown. The try for point failed. That ended the scoring in the third period at 51-0.

Fourth Quarter
As a result of two passes, one called on interference and the other completed for a 16-yard gain, South had the ball on the Tiger 32-yard line at the start of the period. Domhoff tried three more passes in succession but all were knocked down and Tiger linemen blocked Domhoff’s punt on the fourth down to five Massillon the ball on its own 37. Glass hit for two yards, Dutton three, and Glass a first down on his own 47. Two passes failed, but Byelene shot a lateral to Herring for a first down on the South 25. Herring made five at right end and Byelene three at left tackle. Herring ran to the two-yard line but the Tigers were penalized 15 for holding. Byelene passed 25 yards to Odell Gillom who was downed on the one-yard line. Herring went through for the touchdown and Glass kicked goal.

Domhoff nearly crossed the Tigers up on the following kickoff when Collins gave him the ball on a reverse. He carried it back to his 43 before being hauled down from behind by Willie McDew. Following an exchange of fumbles, South lost the ball on downs on the Tigers 20-yard line when three passes failed. Herring made a yard and Glass a yard. Herring then went to the midfield on a lateral pass. Byelene made 19 on a spinner. Herring went to the 13-yard line where he fumbled but recovered. A pass off a lateral was grounded. Herring made seven yards and Byelene went over for the touchdown. The attempt for the extra point failed.

Throughout the game South tried desperately to score and obtain some satisfaction out of the defeat. As predicted before the game, Ashbaugh relied on the forward pass. His boys threw 28 in all and completed nine, three on charges of interference, for gains of 117 yards. The Tigers intercepted seven passes. Massillon tried 11 passes and completed five for 115 yards. Three were intercepted. Massillon was penalized 75 yards, South 25 yards.

Busty Ashbaugh, after the game told Coach Paul Brown he thought Massillon this year has the greatest high school team he has ever seen play. “If you can keep the boys from getting swell headed, you ought to win the state title,” he said.

Dave Stewart Pleased
Dave Stewart, former Massillon coach, got a “kick” out of the game. A spectator from the Massillon bench, he smiled while the Tigers rolled on to touchdown after touchdown. He saw in it revenge for 1924 farce, the game in which he pulled his Massillon team off the field. And Coach Brown by the way was a member of the Massillon team that year.

With their drum major strutting a new orange uniform, the Tiger band performed before the spectators between halves, spelling “YSH” before the Youngstown crowd and the usual M and W for the Massillon fans. Hats off to the band boys and girls. They beat Youngstown too! The band and the team had dinner after the game. The team ate chicken. Every victory means chicken for the Tiger gridders.

Some fans were wondering today why Massillon, following one touchdown kicked off from the South 45-yard line. This was because Referee Eddie Howells called unnecessary roughness on the try for the point after touchdown. A penalty of 15 yards was inflicted on South on the kickoff and South elected to receive. This placed the ball in kicking position on the South 45-yard line.

Biggest Of All

Massillon Pos. Youngstown South
C. Anderson LE Bush
Held LT Isaacson
Updegraff LG Senzik
Voss C Fisher
Woods RG Raab
Buggs RT Stabilito
Morningstar RE Morrison
Dutton QB Mayer
J. Gillom LH Collins
Molinski RH Domhoff
Glass FB Sontag

Score by periods:
Massillon 6 26 19 13 64

Massillon – O. Gillom, le; J. Anderson, lt; Miller, lg; Snavely, c; Russ, rg; Moffit, rt; McDew, re; Byelene, qb; Herring, lh; Spillman, rh; Snyder, fb; Carter, lh.
South – Gaston, le; martin, qb; Cortelezi, lh; Concrecote, lt.

Massillon – Anderson – 2; Glass 2; Morningstar 2; Herring 2; Byelene 2.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Glass 3 (kicked 2; 1 plunged); Morningstar 1 (pass).

Referee – Howells.
Umpire – Boone.
Head Linesman – Wick.

Augie Morningstar