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Lorain, the tornado swept Lake Erie city, battered by the winds four years ago, knows the power of air, and harnessed the ozone last Saturday afternoon to pass its way to a 20 to 0 victory over the orange and black of Washington high school.

Lorain was entertaining fears of a second tornado Saturday when the Washington high eleven blew into the city, but as the game proceeded the host team showed that it knew a little more about tornadoes than the Massillon eleven and preceded to sweep the local gridders off their feet. It was a false wind that blew from Massillon. The orange and black showed nothing Saturday but a good punter and a strong line from tackle to tackle and was completely outclassed by its opponents.

Lorain, in beating the local team, shook off the jinx that follows dedications of football stadiums, and in a colorful and brilliant manner opened its new field to athletics.

Massillon was honored by having the opportunity to play the first scholastic game in the new stadium. No athlete was permitted to trod on the heavy turf until last Wednesday when the Lorain gridders began prepping on the new field for the “hard” tussle with the orange and black. Only five minutes before the referee’s whistle sounded for the start of the duel, the Stars and Stripes were raised to be fanned by the breeze for the first time from the top of the new flagpole. It was the formal opening of the stadium and approximately 3,500 fans, one-fourth of whom were from Massillon, gathered for the event.

The dedicatory exercises were simple. Led by the flag and the school’s pennant, a parade formed in front of the Lorain bleachers and proceeded to the flagpole, marching to music of the Lorain high school band. The two football squads, Lorain’s 95 strong, followed the band as well as officials and coaches. As customary, Old Glory was raised to the tune of “the Star Spangled Banner,” at the conclusion of which the whistle sounded and the teams took the field.

Lorain found in Massillon, Saturday, a team with a stout line, weak on the ends, with a good punter, and weak offense. The Lorain gridders failed to gain through the orange and black’s line, but skirted the ends for substantial gains and hurled passes for touchdowns.

The game had hardly started until Giasomo, as speedy a back as ever tucked a ball under his arm, took a pass from Chaszar and scampered 35 yards around Massillon’s right end for a touchdown. Jones missed his attempted kick, but Massillon was ruled offside on the play by the referee and the point counted. Chaszar scored Lorain’s second touchdown on a run around Massillon’s left end. The ball was placed in a scoring position as a result of Hageman recovering a Massillon fumble on the 35-yard line. A Massillon man offside again contributed the extra point to Lorain. The home team’s third set of points came in the middle of the fourth quarter, the result of another pass from Chaszar to Giasomo, who ran 29 yards before crossing the goal line. Again Lorain failed on the try for point, and Massillon did not get offside on the play.

The orange and black seldom had the ball in Lorain territory, due to the fact that the local team failed to show any offensive strength. The nearest the youthful tigers came to the windy city’s goal was the 23-yard line, but with fourth down and three yards to go a pass fell short of its receiver and the ball went into Lorain’s hands. The local team never came close after that, being kept behind the 40-yard line by the scrappy Lake Erie gridders.

The orange and black made but two first downs, and one of these as a result of a 15-yard penalty. Lorain made the required yardage eight times.

The local team’s forward passing attack was woefully wear. Two passes out of 14 attempts were completed for a gain of seven yards, while Lorain completed five passes out of 13 attempts for a gain of 81 yards. Four of Massillon’s passes were intercepted while Captain Potts and Houriet grabbed three of Lorain’s heaves.

The local team finished the game in good shape. Garland was the only player hurt and forced to take time out. He suffered an injured leg.

Had it not been for the punting of Kester, the Lorain gridders might have scored more points. Kester had the advantage on Chaszar in kicking, but the Lorain team gained on exchanges of punts due to the superior runs of Giasomo in returning the ball.

Captain Potts played a fine defensive game for the youthful tigers. In addition to pulling down two Lorain passes and batting down several others, he made it his business to get into practically every play that came through the line or around the ends. The Lorain runners were accorded good interference on their sweeping end runs and the orange and black ends were boxed out of most every play.

The Lorain team had only two lettermen on it, but was picked from a squad of 105 youths who reported to Coach McCaskey at the opening of the season. Ninety-five members of the squad were in uniform Saturday, the lightweights playing a preliminary to the varsity tilt in which they took a 21 to 0 beating from Wellington high school.

A large number of Massillon fans attended the game. Orange and black colors were in evidence everywhere and it is probable that one-fourth if not one-third of the crowd was from this city.

Lineup and summary:

Massillon Pos. Lorain

Geis LE Fabian

Buttermore LT Romoser

Blatz LG Hageman

Potts C Glorioso

Fisher RG Arbanic

Garland RT W. Andonka

Minger RE Andrews

Lewis QB Giasomo

Schnierle LHB Jones

Kester RHB Pincura

Hollwager FB Chaszar
Score by periods:
Lorain 7 7 0 6 20

Substitutions: Massillon – Slinger for Geis, Mann for Garland, Houriet for Hollwager, Hollwager for Minger, Geis for Slinger, G. Hess for Lewis. Lorain – Ursic for Andrews, Newman for Romoser, McGue for Urbanic, B. Andorka for Newman, Lepkowski for Jones, J. Pincura for McGew.

Touchdowns – Giasomo 2, Chaszar.

Officials—Referee: Houghton (Oberlin); Umpire: Close (Oberlin); Headlinesman: Johnson (Navy).

Henry Potts