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Orange and Black, Showing Lack of Proper Training, Proves Easy for Old Rival in Slow Contest Here

Washington high school’s football team, after putting up a fairly good game of football the greater part of the first half, Saturday, went to pieces in the last two quarters and was decisively beaten 20 to 0, by the fighting Corsairs of Akron South high school.

The Massillon team began to slip about the middle of the second period and from then on the South backs ripped the line to pieces while the Massillon offense failed to retaliate.

Contrary to other games played this year, it was the poor defensive game put up by the Massillon eleven that brought about South’s victory.

The defense was poor from the very start and only braced in the last period of the game when it turned back the thrusts of the Akron backs on the one-foot line, thus thwarting the enlarging of the score to 26 points or a possible 27. The orange and black offense got off to a good start and ripped the Akron line to pieces, carrying the ball from its own 20-yard line to Akron’s 30-yard line before losing the pigskin on downs. Then again in the second period the local team smashed its way from its 20-yard line to Akron’s 15-yard line where the visitors braced and held for downs. Turned back twice in its efforts to score, the local gridders appeared to lose heart, while the Akronites gained in confidence, strengthened their defense and kept the local team out of scoring distance the remainder of the game.

The South gridders tallied 10 first downs to Massillon’s eight during the first half and then made the required yardage nine more times in the last two periods, while the local gridders failed to make a first down.

Akron’s first touchdown came shortly after the start of the second quarter, Hedderly going across after a 20-yard run and a march of 40 yards down the field. Grahame caught the local team napping by carrying the ball across for the extra point instead of kicking.

The second set of points made by Akron was the result of a break. With the locals in possession of the ball on their own 35-yard line, a fumble occurred in the Massillon backfield when the ball was snapped back and Geisinger, Akron end, scooped up the oval and raced for a touchdown. A pass, Grahame to Winkleman was completed after being bounced around between three players and brought Akron’s score to 14 points.
The last touchdown was made in the final period, penalties being greatly responsible. Akron was continually playing in Massillon territory the second half and shortly after the start of the fourth quarter worked the ball to the five-yard line where the local team held for downs. Briggs punted the ball back to the 25-yard line, Grahame returning five yards. Captain Laughlin declared Grahame stepped out of bounds but Umpire Barrett could not see it so where upon Whitey’s language became strong and the local team was penalized. This enraged the Massillon captain so that he used his fists on the umpire and the referee again began stepping off the yards, stopping at the one-yard line. Here South had difficulty in shoving the ball across. Massillon was offside on the very first play and the referee moved the ball up to within a foot of the goal line. Hedderly then plunged across with the ball after three attempts. In the final minutes of the game South again carried the ball to the one-yard line where it lost it on downs.

South’s opportunities to score were many, while Massillon had but one good chance. The local team had the ball on very few occasions in the last half, and failed to make any progress when it did try to carry the pigskin.

Akron surprised fans with a powerful offense. Heretofore this department of the team failed to respond for Coach Weltner, but Hedderly and Sauer had their day Saturday and the orange and black tacklers had difficulty in stopping them.

Unless the local team braces and plays better football than it has to date, Canton is going to have easy sailing on November 19, for the McKinley gridders took over South 33 to 0 a week ago and Saturday beat Youngstown Rayen 19 to 0.

Massillon was hurt by penalties, being set back 40 yards, but South suffered even worse, being penalized a total of 50 yards.
Lineup and summary:
Akron South – 20 Pos. Massillon – 0
Klipstein LE Straughn
Robinson LT Fox
Piry LG Mauger
Bowers C Potts
Harty RG Henderson
Smith RT Anthony
Winkleman RE Evans
Grahame QB Grant
Shepparde LHB Garland
Sauer RHB Briggs
Hedderly FB Laughlin

Score by periods:
Akron 0 7 7 6 20

Massillon – Dommer for Fox, Andrews for Garland, Buttermore for Potts, Potts for Buttermore, Fox for Anthony, Price for Dommer, Anthony for Price, Baltzly for Mauger, Mauger for Baltzly, Shanabrook for Evans, Evans for Henderson.

Akron – Geisinger for Klipstein, Klipstein for Geisinger, Roeger for Smith, Schill for Sauer.

Touchdown – Hedderly 2, Geisinger.

Point after touchdown – Grahamme (carried), Winkleman (forward pass).

Referee – Shaffer.
Umpire – Barrett.
Head Linesman – Howells.

Earl Straughn