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Orange and black clad gridiron warriors of Massillon high school annexed their sixth victory of the season Saturday when they trounced Wooster high 20 to 0 in the Wayne county capital.

It was a Wooster fumble on the first kick off that put Coach Snavely’s gridders in position to score. Then it was a Massillon fumble which gave Archbold a chance to scoop up the ball and carry it across Wooster’s goal line. Massillon had carried the ball to within Wooster’s 20 yard zone when the fumble occurred.

Wooster received but was held for downs, punting to Thomas who was thrown in his tracks. The orange and black commenced another march toward Wooster’s goal, Thomas and Archbold ripping off two first downs in succession. Fulton missed a pass but, on the next play Thomas swung around right end for 20 yards placing the ball on Wooster’s 10 yard line from where Archbold carried it over for his second set of counters.

It was a forward pass in the third quarter that gave Massillon its third touchdown. A 10-yard heave, from Thomas to Fulton, who sprinted 50 yards after receiving the pass brought the third set of points.

Wooster was never dangerous, not once penetrating the orange and black’s 20 yard zone. Play during the greater part of the game was in Wooster territory. After running up 20 points Coach Snavely’s tossers played largely upon the defensive. Only straight football was used by the local crew, as the presence of Canton scouts on the sidelines made it necessary for the orange and black to cover up its pet plays which will be sprung on Canton in the big battle next Saturday.

Following is the lineup and summary.

Massillon High – 20. Pos. Wooster high – 0.

Wittmann le Silver

Cheyney lt Dudley

Taylor lg Himes

Ertle c Whitemyer

Harrison lg Spangler

Oberlin rt Long

Fulton re Green

Graybill qb Patdorf

Thomas lhb Morrison

Converse rhb Stutz

Archbold fb Miller
Touchdown – Archbold 2. Fulton.

Referee – Maurer.
Umpire – Jones.
Headlinesman – Smith.

Goals after touchdown: Thomas 2.

Time of quarters – 12, 10, 12 and 10.