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Battling fiercely in the last quarter, Massillon high, Saturday afternoon, defeated the fast Wooster high team on the Driving Park grounds by the score of 23 to 20. The game was fiercely fought but had it not been for the plucky work of Capt. Smith, the orange and black in all probability would have been humbled by the husky Wayne county aggregation.

The scrappy white-headed captain, who, the week before had been on the sidelines with an injured knee, was determined to start Saturday’s contest against Wooster, although his knee was far from being in good shape. He started the contest at right half and Massillon in the first quarter scored two touchdowns, via the forward pass method. The ball traveled both times from Hollinger to Houriet. The last touchdown in the first quarter was a pretty exhibition of the forward pass. Hollinger shot the ball to Houriet, who ran 15 yards for the score. Eckstein kicked both goals. The orange and black in this quarter was ripping the heavy Wooster line to pieces; Capt. Smith being the chief ground gainer. The speedy captain was playing a bear of a game both on offense and defense. When the quarter ended he was replaced by Zorger.

The second quarter witnessed a change. Instead of holding the heavy Wooster team as they had in the first quarter, the orange and black began to give ground and by steady line plunging Wooster succeeded in carrying the ball to the two-yard line from where Slutz bucked it over for Wooster’s first score. Statler kicked goal. Massillon worked the ball to within striking distance of the Wooster goal in this quarter but was unable to put it over. The score at the end of the first half was 14 to 7 in favor of Massillon.

In the second half Wooster kicked to Massillon and on the first play Massillon fumbled. The orange and black fumbled a lot Saturday and the misplays proved costly, aiding Wooster in scoring two of its touchdowns. It was Wooster’s ball on the 33-yard line.
A long forward pass from Statler to Bricker gave Wooster 25 yards. On the next play Stalter gained one yard. Slutz was given the ball on the next play and carried it over the line. The speedy halfback was by far the best ground gainer the Wayne county team possessed. Statler kicked goal, tying the score.

The orange and black was woefully weak in this quarter. It did not seem like the same team that had lined up against Wooster at the start of the game. The brilliant playing of Capt. Smith was sadly missed. Wooster was now determined to gain a victory over its opponents. It held Massillon for downs and gaining possession of the ball in midfield, started a steady march toward the orange and black goal. The local gridders fought hard to stop the plunging of the heavy Wooster backs, but each time a little ground was gained until finally Wooster carried the ball within striking distance of the goal. A long forward from Statler to Bricker placed the oval one yard from the Massillon goal line. The local team was fighting hard. On the next play Statler carried the ball nearer the line. The youthful Tigers staring defeat in the face were fighting fiercely to throw the Wooster team back. The next play Statler was thrown for a loss of one yard, the next found him thrown for a loss of two yards. Failing to gain through the line, the Wooster quarter called for a forward pass and shot the ball to Slutz, who had crossed the line. Statler missed goal. Score end third quarter, 20 to 14, Wooster’s favor.

In the fourth quarter Capt. Smith returned to the game. The local team took a decided brace when the scrappy leader was again at its helm and Wooster faced a harder proposition. With the ball in midfield, the local team resorted to line plunging in which the work of Smith featured. The tow head plunged into the Wooster line time after time for gains from 5 to 10 yards. Steadily the Wooster goal posts loomed nearer. Capt. Smith by his great work had carried the ball to the three yard line. He was unable to carry it over. Hollinger grabbed the oval and plunged across the line. Eckstein kicked goal putting the orange and black one point ahead of Wooster.

The remaining two points came near the close of the game when Wooster was held for downs and forced to punt on its eight yard line. Massillon blocked the kick, sending the ball behind the line where a Wooster man recovered it. He was downed before he reached the goal line, giving the locals a safety.

The orange and black put up a great fight Saturday. It slumped a little in the second and third quarters but made up for it by its fierce playing in the last quarter. The local line, heavily outweighed, outplayed the Wooster line. Massillon was good on defense.

The work of Capt. Smith was the bright spot of the game. He played a great game, smashing Wooster’s interference time after time and carried the ball for substantial gains. He was the best ground gainer for the orange and black. Hollinger played a strong defensive game. Massillon’s wingmen Harrold and Houriet, also played well.

For Wooster, Statler and Slutz were the stars. Statler proved an able quarterback and ran the team in great shape. Slutz was Wooster’s main ground gainer.

Following is the line up and summary
M.H.S. – 23 Pos. W.H.S. – 20
Harrold         le      Bricker (c)
Theis            lt       Mills
Snyder         lg      Mills
Spuhler        c       Misseldine
Stultz           rg      Camp
Eckstein       rt      Carleton
Houriet        re      Howenstein
Hollinger     qb      Statler
R. Smith     (c) lhb Davenport
Zorger         fb      Matz
H. Smith     rhb     Stutz

Score by quarters:
M.H.S. 14 0  0  9  23
W.H.S.  0  7 13 0  20

Wooster – Stultz 3.
Massillon – Houriet 2; Hollinger 1.

Wooster – Statler 2.
Massillon – Eckstein 3.

Massillon – 1.

Massillon – Henrich for Snyder; Graybill for Stultz; Stultz for Eckstein; Eckstein for Zorger; Zorger for R. Smith; R. Smith for H. Smith.
Wooster – Frick for Mills.

Referee – Blythe (Mt. Union).
Umpire – McSweeney (Wooster).
Head Linesman – Boerner.

Timers: Snavely; Wyant.

Time of periods: 12y minutes.