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Snatched Victory From Defeat in Close Shave.

Alliance Almost Crossed the Sacred Goal Line
Through a Weakened Line-up
Change Put the Massillon Team on its Feet Again


Although finishing safely by the score of 17 to 0, it was only after pulling herself out of what looked to be a fatal hole, that Massillon high won at Alliance, Saturday.  Massillon calculating to save several of her players for the Canton game next Saturday went into the game with a much altered and weakened line-up.  Heyman and Blackburn, the two kickers, were on the side lines, and Sonnhalter started the game at right guard.  The way Alliance, fighting like tigers, approached the inviolable goal line of the local team, almost gave Massillon paralysis.  Massillon fought desperately for several minutes and held Alliance safely but they were no more than a match for the speedy east enders and the ball was in Massillon territory all the time.

About twenty yards from Massillon’s goal with the odds in favor of Alliance, the time for Massillon’s coup d’etat arrived.  The team which had played the fore part of the season; although they had not been together for a week, was lined up on the defense.  Heyman went in at his guard and punted the rest of the game.  Sonnhalter went in at fullback, replacing Erb, who returned to his tackle position.  McConnell went from left tackle to right guard.  The old invincible line-up inspired confidence and the tide of battle turned.  Massillon regained the ball on downs and began a steady march for the Alliance goal ninety yards away.  By straight line plunging and end running Massillon’s backfield carried the ball to Alliance’s fifteen yard line only to lose on downs.  Alliance punted out and Massillon started back. This time Miller, on an end run, carried the ball over the line but fumbled and Alliance regained it on a few inches from the goal.  They punted out again and the half soon ended 0 to 0.

Both teams started the second half strong.  Alliance was almost sure it could score on the Massillon bunch, which had not put up such a fine article of football in the first half.  Massillon, on the other hand, was just about as ready to be beaten by Alliance as it was to commit suicide.  Massillon received and by more or less straight football, carried the ball down the field for the first touchdown.  Here, much too late in the game, Massillon opened up with a good mixture of open plays which took Alliance at a decided disadvantage.  Massillon when aroused played for the most part a star game, and for the rest of the second half, Alliance hardly had a look in.  The second touchdown was made after an eighty yard run by Massillon’s right halfback through the entire Alliance team.  Alliance claimed that the runner went over the side lines saying, “The professor saw it.”  “The professor” proved to be a highly excited exponent of the power of argument who had to be carried from the field by main force.  The score was allowed to stand.  Sonnhalter bucked the third touchdown over the line.

In spite of its unfortunate start, Massillon finished successfully and in tolerable form.  With the regular line-up working together and aroused to the verge of desperation, there was little question as to the outcome of the game for Massillon.

Alliance went into the game with a desperate resolve to do or die, and stuck to it to the last minute of play.  Although outweighed they played desperately, especially in the first half.  They threw themselves in front of the heavy Massillon plunges and tackled as though life hung on each play.  The Massillon runner who did not have six tacklers at one time was the exception rather than the rule.  In the second half, although starting strong, the home team slowly receded before Massillon’s advance, but not without contesting every foot of ground.  Their light offense was of no avail against Massillon’s line, and their yards were only on forward passes which were successful several times.

The line-up and summary:

Massillon – 17                 Pos.               Alliance – 0
Miller                                le                 Allett
McConnell, Erb                 lt                 H. Tanner
Heyman                            lg                 F. Tanner
Leahy                                c                 Jones
Sonnhalter, McConnell      rg                 Geltz
Wagner                             rt                 Wingate, Shem
Ellis, Moody                     re                 Richards
Atwater                            qb                Davis
Wells                                lh                 Newshultz, Wingage
Zintsmaster                       rh                 Mummert
Sonnhalter                         fb                 Johnson

Time of halves – 25 and 20 minutes.

Massillon – Wells, Sonnhalter.

Referee – Fugate.