A Tigerish Game Was
Won in Whirlwind Fashion.

The Black and Gold Trimmed a Tough Proposition in the Last Five Minutes of Play

The Enthusiasm was Unbounded

In the hardest and fastest gridiron battle ever waged in the history of the local school, Massillon high for the first time in twelve years sent its old time rival, Canton high, down to defeat Saturday afternoon by the score of 12 to 6.  After thirty-eight minutes of play in wihich the two teams, fighting like tigers, see-sawed back and forth across the field, both teams broke loose in a fit of desperation and three touchdowns were raced over the line in whirlwind fashion.  With but eight minutes left to play, L. Wise secured the ball on what appeared to be a fumble and chased behind the two posts for Canton’s first and only touchdown.  In the last five minutes of play Massillon came to its own.  After a fumble by Canton the ball, chased by half a dozen players of both sides, bounded behind the goal posts where Davis, of Massillon, fell on it.

It was Massillon’s turn now and the enthusiasm was unbounded.  Blackburn kicked a faultless goal but the game was not yet won.  A few minutes later another of Heyman’s long spiral punts was fumbled on the ten yard line.  Blackburn secured the ball and trotted over for the second and decisive touchdown.  If enthusiasm was wild before it was frantic now.  Massillon’s small but loyal bunch of rooters jumped and fell and rolled from the grandstand onto the field in an ecstasy of joy.  Every voice was shouted hoarse.  The players embraced one another and wept upon Blackburn’s neck.  A perfect goal gave a new lease of life to the unquenchable outburst.

There was yet one minute and thirteen seconds to play and the desperate wearers of the black and red determined to make this count for at least a tie.  But it could not be.  Massillon considered the game over and won, and by frantic efforts Canton carried the ball on crashing line bucks to within twenty-three inches of Massillon’s goal.

Here Massillon held like a stone wall and on the third down and goal to gain, with five more seconds to play, Canton took time out to regain its wind. Behind the goal posts was a howling mob; Massillon rooters yelling like mad to hold, hold, hold and Canton supporters crying frantically for a touchdown.  Things happened fast in the next few seconds.  The ball was put into play, and the giant McGregor, wheeling into action, bore down upon Massillon’s left side.  The compact was crushing, but Erb and Heyman held.  The next moment Massillon’s backfield crashed into the breach, and as the whistle blew for time the pigskin settled back two feet from Massillon’s inviolate goal.  The trick was turned and Massillon had come to her own.

Canton lays its defeat to a weakened line-up, but although Massillon was strengthened by the addition of Sonnhalter and Heyman, recently of the second team, they were weakened as much or more than Canton by the lack of a left end.  Kelly, who was relied upon, had his toe injured in practice, and Richards failed to show up at the last minute.  Moody held the position down well, considering the fact that he had been playing guard all season.  The real cause, however, lies deeper. Both teams played hard, both desperately at times, but in Massillon’s defensive playing was a Carlysle daring recklessness which knew no fear and nailed the man at any cost.  On offensive was displayed careful plugging tactics, and a readiness to profit by the least incident which was Johnny on the spot from start to finish. It was this which gave Massillon the ball on the fumbles and which put over the touchdowns before any one could impede.  Behind it all lay Heyman’s great punting.  Fifty yards was often covered through his great booting, and the speed of Massillon’s line in getting down the field and nailing the man held the ball most of the time in Canton’s territory.  More than this a difficult spiral curve made it almost impossible to catch one of the punts. Invariable fumbling on the part of Canton’s backfield gave Massillon its two decisive touchdowns.

Every one of Massillon’s players covered himself with glory.  There was not a waver, not a moment of indecision.  There could not have been, and still have allowed the score to remain as it did.  Every player was in the game heart and soul, to do or die, from start to finish.  Both guards, Heyman and Blackburn, played their positions well, but eclipsed their record here by their perfect kicking and other exploits.  Davis, at center, held his man, beside making one of the two touchdowns.  Clay and Erb, the two massive tackles, were towers of strength on each wing and allowed no gain except such as could be shoved over their prostrate bodies.  Atwater, at quarter, not only ran the team to victory, but defended the goal perfectly and ran back punts in first class shape.  Hammersmith and Snavely played their usual hard and fast game at the halves, blocking the line and nailing end runs.  Sonnhalter, at full, was the backbone of the team not only gaining often on offensive, but blocking a thousand holes in the line through which the ball might otherwise have been shoved for decided gains.  Coach Hall was jubilant over the result of the game and feels that Massillon’s real form has at last arrived.

The teams lined up as follows:

Canton – 6                      Pos.               Massillon – 12.
Blythe                               le                              Moody
Gauchat, L. Wise               lt                                    Erb
Blanchard                          lg                            Heyman
Wise, Lash                        c                                 Davis
Carper                              rg                         Blackburn
Lothamer                           rt                                  Clay
Zeiter                                re                                Wells
Kahler                              qb                            Atwater
Steiner, Smalley                 lh                    Hammersmith
Harris                               rh                             Snavely
McGregor                         fb                         Sonnhalter

Score end of first half:
Canton – 0
Massillon – 0.

Canton – L. Wise.
Massillon – Davis; Blackburn.

Goals from touchdowns:
Canton – Blythe  1.
Massillon – Blackburn  2.

Failed goal from field:
Canton – McGregor  2; Blythe.

Referee and Umpire – Hazlett of Canton.