Massillon High engaged in a nice, friendly battle with the Wooster High School football team at Wooster Saturday afternoon and the Wooster hospital corps was kept on the jump carrying Massillon players off the field who fought, bled and died for the honor of their alms mater.

Three of Massillon’s players were disabled in the course of the afternoon’s pastime, although not all were compelled to leave the game.  Not-with-standing the heroic efforts with which the Massillon lads fractured bones, bruised themselves and hit their opponents on the arm with their eyes, the final result was 22 points in the bad for M.H.S.

Warner Bloomberg, Massillon High’s right end, was injured in a scrimmage during the latter part of the first half and had to be removed to the home of relatives in Wooster.  It was found that a small bone above the elbow had been broken and the arm was dislocated.  He was brought to Massillon this morning and will be out of the game for the rest of the season.  Horace Wagner received a painful injury to his side, where he had been previously hurt, but insisted on remaining in the game.  John Snavely made a beautiful tackle in which his eye played the most important part and as a result is half blind today.

Wooster, with its great weight, won the game on line bucks; end runs gained but little and were soon abandoned, but Massillon’s speed was useless in stopping the massive tackle and guard plays of its opponents.  Massillon gains, on the contrary, were made on end runs.  The backs all acquitted themselves well in this line and Captain Grinnell won himself several more laurels by his punting and drop kicking.  A beautiful attempt for a field goal from the fifty yard line missed the bar by about a foot and won the length captain a hearty cheer.

Massillon High was well supported by the student body, quite a number of the fair student lassies carrying along the orange and black.  Over a dozen girls accompanied the team and together with the players enjoyed a reception which was given to the vanquished by the victors at the home of Captain McSweeney in the evening.  All rivalry was forgotten and fond reminiscences of games long past were joyfully discussed around the festal board.

Massillon received the ball from Wooster at 3:30 o’clock and after several punts were exchanged, Captain Grinnell out punting his opponent, Wooster began an invincible series of line bucks by its heavy backs and Weygandt scored the touchdown in several minutes.  No goal was kicked.

Wooster received on the kick off and without losing the ball carried it forward steadily on line bucks and Firestone took it over the line.  He also kicked goal.  Score 11 to 0.  The half now ended.
In the second half, nothing unusual occurred, Wooster gaining steadily on line bucks with Massillon fighting desperately for every inch of ground.  Two more touchdowns were made and one goal was kicked by the Wooster players and the game ended with the score 22 to 0.  The refereeing of Cameron of Wooster, was the cleanest and fairest that Massillon High has been favored with for many a game.