Massillon – 6                  Alliance – 10

If the game had only ended at the end of the first half, Massillon high school would have been the victor in its game with Alliance at Alliance Saturday, by a score of 6 to 4.  But, according to the rules of football, as well as mathematics, it requires two halves to make a whole game, so the local aggregation of players were compelled to pass under the yoke.  They have a legitimate excuse for their defeat.  Some of the best players were laid up and the substitutes were used.  Considering this, the team played a very creditable game and did not allow a walkway.

The big gains for the local team were made by Grinnell and Dow, with their line bucks.  Occasionally Dow would go tearing up the field on an end run, while, when things got slack, Grinnell would help out with a punt.  Silvers and Moore were the stars of the Alliance aggregation, which had a habit of playing very low, with good effect.

Massillon kicked off to Alliance.  Alliance failed to make first down and was forced to punt from about the middle of the field.  Massillon lost the ball on downs.  Working up the field a short distance, Lewis, the Alliance right end, drop kicked goal and the score stood 4 to 0.  Massillon again kicked off to Alliance and the ball was kept near the center of the field for some time.  Only once did Massillon get within kicking distance of the goal.  Finally, after Massillon had worked down the field, Dow broke loose and made the touchdown.  Grinnell kicked goal and the score stood 6 to 4.

In the second half Massillon kicked to Alliance.  Tandem bucks worked by Alliance did the business and they went over for a touchdown.  Goal was kicked and the score stood 10 to 6 in favor of the home team.

The lineup was as follows:

Massillon   Pos.          Alliance
Snavely          le        Whitaker
Baer               lt  Ault, Rickard
Carr               lg            Owens
Sonnhalter      c         Pritchard
Hammersmith rg          Wingert
Wells             rt            Howell
Dudley          re             Lewis
Holston        lhb         Richards
Dow            rhb            Silvers
Grinnell          fb            Moore
Muller          qb                Tice

Massillon – Dow.
Alliance – Tice.