AKRON HIGH WON Massillon High School Defeated by Score of 26 – 0

The Massillon high school, strengthened by the presence of Gans, of Navarre, Harrison and Myers, were snowed under by the heavy Akron high school football team, Saturday afternoon, on the high school grounds by the score of 26 to 0.

The locals lacked the weight and practice which aided the visitors to pile up such a large score. At times the locals would take a brace and march towards their opponents’ goal line, only to be held at critical periods and prevented from scoring. Myers, Albright and Gans played the game for the locals.


Massillon Positions Akron Tucker C. Fuchs Hollinger R.G. Wynn Stoner L.G. Clause Burkhart R.T. Zeisloft Kaylor L.T. Fuedner Smith R.E. Mars Gans L.E. Kirk Schnierle R.H. Albrecht Myers L.H. Williams Albright F.B. H. Fuedner Harrison Q.B. Gregory (Cap.)