November 6, 1899

High School Team Claims
Referee Made Unfair Decision

Saturday afternoon’s game between the high school and Claytown football teams had a rather unsatisfactory ending.  A large crowd was present.  In the first half, Egan, of Claytown, and Emery, of the high school team, made touchdowns, making the score 5 to 5.  In the second half, after some playing, Claytown punted the ball.  Emery, of the high school, fumbled the ball.  Egan, of the Claytown team, in running after it, touched it with his feet, the ball going over his team’s goal line.  The high school boys claimed he had kicked it intentionally, while Claytown said it was accidental.  Referee Boerngen decided in favor of the latter and gave them a safety, making the score 8 to 5.  The high school boys claimed the decision was unfair, and left the field.  The feature of the game was the playing of Mong, Emery, Schearag and C. Miller.  William Boerngen was referee, Robert Featheringham umpire, and Frank Wittmann timekeeper.

The line-up follows:

High school                     Pos.                        Claytown
Schnierle                            c                             J. Miller
Schuster                            rg                           Richards
Slusser                              lg                       W.R. Smith
Ackert                               rt                            T. Miller
Young                               lt                           Wiseman
Dobson                             re                          W. Smith
Myers                               le                                 Egan
Harrison                           qb                          Schearag
Emery                              rhb                           Clapper
McAllister                        lhb                          C. Miller
Mong                                fb                                  Getz