Defeated by Wooster Saturday Afternoon

Both Teams Strengthened by Outside Talent
All Arrangements Completed for Canton – Massillon Game on Thanksgiving Day
The Athletic Carnival

The Massillon high school team met its enemies at Wooster Saturday afternoon, and lost its first game this season to the Wooster high school team by the score of 26 to 0.  The mournful news reached the city at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon,  When the 8:45 Pennsylvania train pulled into the station in the evening with the members of the Massillon team on board, the latter were greeted by a sympathetic crowd of staunch admirers, who taking a mental inventory of bandaged heads, and damaged limbs, although they admitted that the defeat was terrible, were unanimous in agreeing that their favorites “died game.”

It appears that both teams had heard rumors of the other’s prowess, and had strengthened their causes by a liberal enlistment of “ringers,” but as Wooster is a university town, the team at that place had a decided advantage in having a larger field to choose from.  At any rate the local team found itself lined up against one that was considerably heavier and by whom it was out-classed at every point of the game.  All of Wooster’s gains were made by end runs, two of the touchdowns being made in the first half, and the remainder in the second.  Bucks against the Massillon line were effective.  Schearhag was obliged to retire in the first half on account of a badly injured eye; Dobson taking his place.  Ray Markel, of this city, refereed the game.

The Massillon team lined up as follows:

Schnierle, center; Schuster, rg; Rigler, lg; McAllister, rt; Stark, lt; Featheringham, re; Schearag, le; Mong, qb; Emery, rhb; Grossweiler, lhb; Vogt, fb.


Arrangements were completed Sunday morning for the great Canton-Massillon game which is to be played at Mahaffey Park on the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day.  The Canton boys are practicing hard for the meeting, while those who saw the members of the Massillon team at work in the field, north of Cherry Street, Sunday afternoon, say that the East Enders will have to practice much harder if they expect to win this year.  The Massillon team will meet for practice at the West Street grounds at 7 o’clock tonight.