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Walk of Pride 2017 Booster Club

Secure Your Football Fan Legacy at the Walk of…

The 2017 football season was a banner year for the Tigers as they advanced to the state semi-finals. A fitting tribute to an individual Tiger player or loyal Tiger fan would be to purchase a brick in the Walk of Pride. Be part of one of the most distinctive features of Paul Brown Tiger Stadium. The entrance to the stadium consists of personalized bricks, which form a walkway for our fans.  Named the Tiger “Walk of Pride,” the walkway captures our tradition of excellence.  Tiger Football has produced outstanding athletes and the best fans in the nation.

The Tiger “Walk of Pride” provides a unique opportunity to leave an enduring symbol of your support for Washington High School athletics.The bricks are available in 4″x 8″ for $100.00 or 8″x 12 ” for $250.00.

Your order will be processed quickly and you will have your choice of placement. Contact John Liebermann  @ 330-445-9250 or v1968vet@yahoo.com if interested.