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1965: Massillon 18, Canton McKinley 14

Tiger Rally Repels Bulldogs 18-14
Real Champs Fight Back!


“That’s the mark of a real champion!”

Those words might have been uttered by a Massillon football fan. They might have been pronounced by a Washington high school coach. They might have been written by this reporter.

But they weren’t. That’s why they mean so much more today to one of the most terrific bunch of boys ever to wear the famous orange and black garb of the Tigers.

Following the Bengals’ 18-14 come-from-behind victory over Canton McKinley Saturday at Fawcett stadium in Canton before a standing-room only crowd of 22,326. Jim Smith, coach at Lake high school in Hartville, uttered the words which lead off this story. He paid the supreme compliment to the Obiemen through veteran assistant Carl (Ducky) Schroeder.

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* * * * *
THE TIGERS convinced one outsider that they deserve to wear the Ohio high school crown. And maybe they convinced more around the state. Whether they did or not cannot be known until Tuesday when the final wire service polls come out.

But the Brucemen convinced all the Tiger fans watching at Fawcett that they deserved to wear a second straight crown. Any team which can be down 14 points at half time to a fired-up, superbly coached, hard-hitting team like McKinley and come back to win -–for the third time this season—certainly deserves to be called a champion.

The other 2 times the Orange and Black turned the tide was against equally tough Steubenville and Warren teams. This trio of feats will be etched in the memories of the Tiger faithful forever.

The 1965 season truly saw a superb team effort on the part of the players. Each did his part. Each came to the fore time and again during a 10-game slate, which had more pressure-packed moments than an old-time movie serial.

The win Saturday gave Massillon an undefeated season in 10 games, 28 consecutive victories, 9 in a row over McKinley and a third straight title in the All-American high school football league. The Bengals have not lost a league contest since the circuit’s inception in 1963.

For Coach Earle Bruce it was a 43rd straight unbeaten game, counting the August all-star game. He now has a 3-1 record at Fawcett, having split 2 games there with Canton Timken while at Salem.
* * * * *
FOR THE thousands of fans who watched via television Saturday, it must have been like seeing a replay of an old movie on the late-late show for this year’s game came close to being a carbon copy of last year’s. The Tigers beat McKinley 20-14 at Tiger stadium in 1964.

This time, however, the WHS eleven started its comeback earlier, not waiting for the last quarter to roll around. Quarterback Dave Sheegog, playing in his final high school game, got his mates started with a 24-yard run-back of the second half kickoff to his 34-yard line.

The Tigers moved in for a score in 11 plays, finally getting their deadly, ground-gobbling, time-consuming offense into high gear. “Sweet Walter” Lemon, another senior, picked up 16 yards in 5 plays on the drive with Sheegog and junior Tommy James also in on the effort.

The touchdown came after a first down procedure penalty had set Massillon back to the McKinley 39. Sheegog handed to James on the trip up the middle and “the Scooter” was “Gone With the Wind.” He cut back to his left and scurried for payoff territory, arriving with 6:05 left in the third period. A fumble nullified the conversion attempt.

With almost 6 precious minutes chopped off the clock in the scoring soiree, McKinley attempted to get a drive going following the kickoff. But 3 plays later it was “TJ for the TD” again.

Bulldog quarterback Larry Haines attempted a pass with second down on his 33. James intercepted on the 40, went down the left sideline and scored with 5:14 remaining in the period. Another fumble aborted the conversion try.

The Bengals forced a punt on the next series as linebacker Paul Marks threw Haines for a 10-yard loss on third down. Sheegog ran back 31 yards with the boot to the McKinley 24. But a penalty and 2 incomplete passes halted the drive on the 24.

It looked as if McKinley were about to come charging back. Their outstanding fullback Larry Clayton went booming off right tackle for 28 yards to the Massillon 48 with Paige making a desperation tackle to save a score. Four more plays put the pigskin on the 35.

* * * * *
THEN SHEEGOG intercepted another pass on what McKinley Coach Ron Chismar called the key play of the game. Massillon then drove 76 yards in 13 plays for the winning score. Most important about this drive was that it clipped 8 minutes off the clock allowing too little time for McKinley to rebound. This was about the umpteenth time that the Tiger trademark of 1965, possession ball, had paid off. It couldn’t have come at any better time.

Lemon, Sheegog, Foster and James all had a hand in the assualt. Lemon had an 8-yard run, Sheegog a pair of 8’s and Foster an 11.

It was Foster who came up with what Bruce thought was the key play and so did all of the Tiger fans. Massillon had fourth down on the 17. Sheegog was about to be trapped on a pass-run when (name unreadable) out a low clothes line. Foster made a swan dive on the 9 and came up with the ball. Umpire Tony Pianowski immediately signaled a legal catch.

Foster blasted through the middle to the 3 and over, off left tackle, in successive plays with 2 minutes remaining. Sheegog tried to hit Paige for the conversion but Rick couldn’t hold it.

But the heart-throbs weren’t to stop. McKinley, showing the great stuff it is made of, continued to fight, moving the kickoff to the 29 after a 23-yard runback by Mathews to the 25.

With third down on the 27, Haines hit end Ed Hinton on the 39. Then Haines faded to pass, slipped and went down on the 29 with Mike (Big Boy) Sherrett on top of him.

* * * * *

THE NEXT PLAY saw Haines fade again. This time Marks picked off the fourth McKinley pass of the day, more than in any other game for the Tigers. Massillon took over on the Bulldog 46 and ran out the clock.

Unlike in the second half, McKinley was in command in the first period. Hopped up like a horse on loco weed, the Pups rammed away for 2 quick TD’s before the startled Tigers knew what had hit them and it looked as if an upset were in the making.

Half Fred Mathews was the star here. He ran the opening kickoff back 44 yards to the Massillon 48. Although there is no intent to play down a fine performance by Mathews, it has to be stated that a couple of Tiger defenders slipped in the mud just about the time they were going to haul Mathews down.

He picked up 40 more yards on the drive, the payoff coming on a 32-yard pass-run combination with Haines on the propelling end. The down was third and the time remaining 9:40. Greek-born George Fronimo booted the extra point soccer style in stocking feet.

The Tigers got a 20-yard runback to the 30 by Sheegog. But then disaster struck Sheegog, passing into the teeth of a strong wind, saw his aerial hold up short. Mathews hauled down the errant toss on the McKinley 35 after a frantic effort by Paige to bat it away and
hot-footed it to the Massillon 43 for 22 yards on another fabulous return. Eight plays later the Bulldogs had their second score and it looked like curtains for the Bengals.

* * * * *
WITH CLAYTON carrying the ball 5 times and picking up 25 yards, the Bulldogs got their next TD with 4:15 left in the welcome frame as Haines sneaked in from the one. Fronimo again connected on a conversion kick.

Mathews had a key third down pass reception for 6 yards on the Tiger 21. Clayton brought the ball to scoring distances by bursting through the center on successive plays to shake off tacklers and travel from the 21 to the 3.

Sheegog ran back the kickoff to the Massillon 34, a distance of 24 yards. But on the first play, Bill Knucklos recovered a Bengal fumble on the Massillon 37.

The Brucemen then stopped the Bulldogs’ drive on the Massillon 32 and the Pups got into Massillon territory only once the rest of the game.

The remaining seconds of the first period and all of the second were a standoff. McKinley had the ball for only 9 plays in the second canto. Massillon’s deepest penetration was to the 21 just before the half ended.

The Obiemen had 2 drives going, one for 6:30 and the other for 4:15. Junior “monster” back Ron Muhlbach intercepted a pass to start one thrust. The Tigers failed to make it once on a fourth down play and got bogged down by 3 procedure penalties the other time.

Chismar said after the game that he thought Massillon had a “great football team.” He said the difference between the 2 halves of play was Bruce’s throwing ‘junk” at the Bulldogs in the first half and playing his normal game in the second.

* * * * *
BRUCE confirmed Chismar’s statement about using a lot of odds and ends in the first half. He felt that his team did a better job of rushing the passer in the second half, which helped cut down on the effectiveness of the Bulldogs’ passing.

When asked what it was he said at half time to fire up the Tigers, Bruce replied, “Go Get them!” He added, “That old Massillon tradition of coming back is hard to beat.”

Chismar commented on his passing in the second half by saying that broken patterns were involved when James intercepted for a TD and Sheegog pilfered to start the drive for the winning score.

“They wouldn’t have scored if it hadn’t been for that,” Chismar said.

Chismar, a fine sportsman, refused to say that the absence of speedster Darryl Rippey hurt. “Elbert Bradley did a fine job of filling in,” he said. “I cannot take anything away from him.”

Tiger defensive backfield Coach John Behling explained the reason for the Bengals’ trouble in covering passes in the first quarter. “The boys couldn’t hear their cover calls,” he said.

The Lineups. . .

Ends – Paige, B. Williams, McGuire, Gallion, Griffin.
Tackles – Hartley, Neago, Petroff, Sherrett.
Guards – Rose, Whitified, Kraft, Richards, Zorger.
Centers – Marks, F. Williams, Ehmer.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Doolittle.
Halfbacks – Lemon, James, Muhlbach, Smith, Healy, McFadden, McLendon.
Fullbacks – Foster, Manson.

Ends – Ring, Snell, March, Hinton.
Tackles, Scott, Adamski, Rushe.
Guards – Robinson, Hall, Nucklos, Shimek.
Centers – D’Antonio, McEwen.
Quarterback – Haines.
Halfbacks – Mathews, Bradley, Johnson.
Fullbacks – Clayton, Dickerson.

Score by Quarters:
Massillon ………….. 0 0 12 6 – 18
McKinley………….. 14 0 0 0 – 14

Massillon – James 2 (39-yard run and 40-yard pass interception return);
Foster (3-yard run).
McKinley – Mathews (23-yard pass-run from Haines);
Haines (one-yard sneak).

Extra points:
McKinley – Fronimo 2 (placekicks).

Referee – George Ellis (Akron).
Umpire – Tony Pianowski (Cleveland).
Head Linesman – Branton Kirk (New Philadelphia).
Field Judge – Tom Ascani (Canton).

Attendance: 22,326

Statistics . . .

Mass. McKin.
First downs—rushing 10 7
First downs—passing 3 3
First downs—penalties 0 0
Total first downs 13 10
Yards gained rushing 165 153
Yards lost rushing 2 29
Net yards gained rushing 183 124
Net yards gained passing 43 60
Total yards gained 226 184
Passes attempted 12 11
Passes completed 4 4
Passes intercepted by 4 1
Yardage on passes intercepted 42 27
Times kicked off 4 3
Kickoff average (yards) 45.0 49
Kickoff returns (yards) 65 63
Times punted 1 1
Punt average (yards) 40.0 29
Punt returns (yards) 28 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 1 2
Lost fumbled ball 1 0
Penalties 5 1
Yards penalized 25 15
Touchdowns rushing 2 1
Touchdowns passing 0 1
Touchdowns by interception 1 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Total number of plays 38 31


Dave Whitfield
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1965: Massillon 18, Eastlake North 0

‘Beat McKinley Week’ Kicked Off
Eastlake Sunk 18-0 By Bengals; Undefeated Tigers Coast to 9th Win


“Beat McKinley!”

The squad room in the Washington high dressing quarters at Tiger stadium was lined with signs which welcomed the Tigers in that manner as they came off the gridiron following Friday night’s game. Leaflets floated down from the roof at the end of the game with the same message.

And you know the Bengals were thinking ahead to next Saturday’s game at Canton when they closed their home season with an 18-0 “Dad’s Night” victory over Willoughby Eastlake North. It was expected there would be a letdown.

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But even so when you pick up a total of 335 yards and limit the opposition to 133 and register 20 first downs to the foe’s 6, you’ve done a pretty fair night’s work. And when you score 5 touchdowns – even though losing 2 – while holding an opponent scoreless, there can’t be many complaints.

A CROWD of 11,141 watched the Orange and Black roll to its ninth straight victory and its 27th over a 4-season span. The Obiemen’s 22nd consecutive win at home gave the Bengals their third-longest win steak in their history.

For Coach Earle Bruce it was 42 victories without a loss, including the August all-star game. Bruce has been tied 3 times since his string started in 1960 at Sandusky.

The loss for Eastlake was its second in 9 games.

The Tiger victory came as the result of good possession football. The Tigertowners ate up a lot of real estate and a lot of time during the 3 drives in which they scored and the 2 in which they just missed the mark.

It was a game, which saw almost as many different backfields for the Earlemen as the locks on the dressing room lockers have combinations. In fact, Bruce said afterwards, “I was really confused. I was never sure of who was in the backfield and what play to run.”

The cause of the confusion was the absence of “Sweet Walter” Lemon, senior left half, who had a bad ankle. Bruce switched junior right half Tommy James to Lemon’s spot. Junior Will Foster moved from fullback to right half, Senior Tri-Captain Terry Manson was back at fullback after several weeks’ absence due to an injured knee.

Before the game was over, Bruce had used senior Rick Healy, who for the first time Friday didn’t have to punt, at left half – a position at which he started the year, before shifting to split end. He had also used junior John McFadden and sophomore Greg Evans in that spot and sophomore Bill Simon at fullback.

* * * * *
IT WAS EVANS who surprised. Playing his first varsity game, he scored 2 of the Bengals’ touchdowns and picked up quite a few yards, prompting Eastlake Coach Vic McIntire to tab him as “slippery” and Bruce to laud him for a job well done.

Bruce also was happy with Foster’s power running and McIntire said: “He really ran over us.” Foster carried unofficially 22 times for 154 yards which averages out to 7 yards a try. He “missed” 3 touchdowns.

The Obiemen took over after Eastlake’s first punt and scored on a 15-play, 65-yard drive, which almost was short-circuited before it got started but was helped along by a face mask penalty. Foster got 24 yards on the drive but James got the big romp of 23 fourth downs yards to the 2-yard line for a first down.

It took the Bengals the full 4 plays to score with Sheegog faking to Manson and circling left end for the score with 3:16 remaining after the 6-minute, 48-second drive.

Foster failed to run the conversion.

The Tigers held Eastlake at their 47 after some fine running by fullback Al Lunder and halfback Damon Infalvi. Sheegog ran the punt back 25 yards to his 35 but the Earlemen were guilty of clipping.

The WHS eleven then hammered out a 92-yard drive for their second score. A big play was a 44-yard charge up the middle by Foster on which he might have gone all the way but tripped over one of his blockers and fell at the Eastlake 39. He totaled 58 yards on this drive.

End Rick Paige caught a 14-yard pass on the Eastlake 23 to change a fourth down into first. Eight plays later Evans shot off right tackle from the 2 on first down to cross pay dirt with 6:10 remaining in the second stanza. A pass to Paige for the conversion misfired.

The drive took 11 plays and wiped 6 minutes off the clock after starting with 10 second left in the first period.

Infalvi ran the kickoff back 31 yards only to fumble on his 49. James hopped on the ball and the Tigers set sail for the golden shores again. But this push was to be ill-fated.

* * * * *
TWELVE PLAYS and 4:03 later Foster fumbled into the end zone from the one after picking up 20 yards on this drive. Eastlake junior safety Bill Kettunen recovered for a touchback.

Eastlake took over with 1:57 left in the half and drove to the Massillon 23 before being thrown back to the 29 on a broken pass play as time ran out. Two beautiful pass plays highlighted the quest. One was a pass-run combination from Kettunen to junior halfback Bob Terrill that went down the middle for 39 yards to the 50. The second was a 27-yarder to the left from the 50 with the same combination involved.

The Tigers took the second half kickoff and moved 71 yards in 16 plays with 8:22 going by the board and Foster picking up 26 yards. Evans started things off with a 27-yard runback to the Bengal 39.

Evans took a pitchout from Sheegog and rounded the left side on third down from the 6 for the score with 3:23 remaining in the third episode. Another pass to Paige on the conversion was incomplete.

Again Eastlake was forced to punt. Sheegog ran the Rangers’ offering back 28-yards to Eastlake’s 42. In 10 plays, Massillon almost scored again. Foster went over from the one but holding was detected setting the Orange and Black back to the 16 from where their effort was halted. Another 3:57 had ticked off with the game now 2 ½ minutes into the good-bye frame.

Eastlake was forced to punt again shortly thereafter. Massillon came back to the Ranger 39 but Foster fumbled. Terry Collins recovered and the Rangers went on their last safari of the evening on which Lunder got a big 16-yard trap run up the middle for a first down on the Massillon 34.

The Drive got as far as the 24 but was reversed to the 25 by Tiger defenders from where Massillon took over and ran out the clock.

* * * * *
AFTER THE GAME, Bruce felt his team didn’t “look sharp all around.” He admitted that “team morale was low” and didn’t think the blocking was real good. “You don’t get that many boys hurt when you’re hitting.” (The Bengals came out with a lot of bumps and bruises, which don’t appear to be serious.)

Bruce lauded James for “sacrificing for the team” by switching away from his normal right half slot to the left side.

The Tigers’ ringmaster praised Eastlake for being a “well-coached team” and doing a “real good job.” He thought Lunder did some outstanding work from his fullback position.

McIntire was unhappy with the work of the striped shirts, saying he thought they overlooked some of the little things.”

He said he didn’t think Sheegog had hurt the Rangers as much as he had other teams but admitted he “fakes you out of your pants.” McIntire was happy with the performance of Lunder although “I should have run him more but we didn’t have the ball enough.”
Mass. Opp.
First downs—rushing 18 4
First downs—passing 2 2
First downs—penalties 0 0
Total first downs 20 6
Yards gained rushing 306 76
Yards lost rushing 4 19
Net yards gained rushing 302 57
Net yards gained passing 33 76
Total yards gained 335 133
Passes attempted 6 9
Passes completed 2 4
Passes intercepted by 1 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 15 0
Times kicked off 4 1
Kickoff average (yards) 43.6 49
Kickoff returns (yards) 18 65
Times punted 0 4
Punt average (yards) 0 36
Punt returns (yards) 24 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 4 1
Lost fumbled ball 2 1
Penalties 2 2
Yards penalized 25 30
Touchdowns rushing 3 0
Touchdowns passing 0 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Total number of plays 71 37

Ends – Kirschensteiner, Spots, Collins.
Tackles – Carter, Flavin, Gilmour, Schimmelman.
Guards – Wank, Brendt, Yee.
Center – McGlew.
Quarterbacks – Kettunen, Kuchenbecker.
Halfbacks – Terrill, Beuhner, Haworth, Fawcett, Infalvi, Murton.
Fullback – Lunder.

Ends – Paige, McGuire, Gallion, Griffin.
Tackles – Hartley, Neago, Sherrett, Petroff, Campbell, Skelton.
Guards – Richards, Rose, Whitifield, Kraft.
Centers – Marks, F. Williams, Ehmer.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Doolittle.
Halfbacks – James, Foster, Healy, McLendon, McFedden, Evans, Smith.
Fullbacks – Manson, Reed, Simon.

Score by Quarters:
Massillon…………… 6 6 6 0 –18

Massillon – Sheegog (one-yard run); Evans 2 (2 and 6-yard runs).

Attendance: 11,141.

Referee – John Dairymple (Akron).
Umpire – Russ Kemper (Cincinnati).
Head Linesman – Bill Makepeace (Cincinnati).
Field Judge – Chuck Lorenze (New Philadelphia).

Dave Whitfield
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1965: Massillon 16, Warren Harding 12

Alert Tigers Turn Back Warren
Fumble Recovery Halts Late Panther Drive; Massillon Wins 16-12


It was a couple of days early for Halloween but the Massillon faithful must have had the biggest scare Friday night since the “Headline Horseman” spooked Ichabod Crane out of Sleepy Hollow and into limbo.

But just when things looked the gravest, Tiger senior defensive tackle Dick Hartley became the “Wizard of Oz” for the Bengals, breaking the spell of the “Wicked Witch of the East.” Big No. 74 pounced on a Warren fumble, which hopped loose on an attempted second down reverse play on the Massillon 10, and stopped what looked like a winning touchdown drive for a tremendous Warren Harding Black Panther squad.

Hartley’s recovery gave the Washington high eleven a 16-12 victory at Tiger stadium. That play may have won the state championship for the Tigers and lost it for the Panthers as the season’s biggest crowd 19,567, looked on.

* * * * *

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WARREN FANS will probably discuss Friday’s game as long and loud as they debated the famous “clock contest” which Massillon won here 20-14 in 1957. Two Warren coaches came charging onto the field after referee Bud Shopbell following his ruling that Massillon recovered the key fumble but there was no doubt or hesitation on Shopbell’s part.

Warren fans might debate their Coach Bill Shunkwiler’s reverse call. But as Massillon mentor Earle Bruce said, “It worked before but I can’t say it was the wrong call…I don’t know his club. I’m glad he ran it, though.”

When asked whether he thought Hartley had recovered the fumble, “Bruce said, “No. 74 was on the ball. That was the only thing I saw all night.”

It was top-ranked Masillon’s eighth straight victory of the season, 26th in a row, 21st straight at home and Bruce’s 41st consecutive win, counting the August high school all-star game. It was the first loss in 8 games for the third-ranked Panthers.

Massillon has now won 30 of 41 games played against Warren. One ended in a tie.

Shunkwiler had no comment afterward but it was certain he was not happy with the officiating.

Bruce, on the other hand, had plenty to say. First he praised his opponent highly. “Warren did a great job. They had some real clutch plays. They have a great passer in Wireman (Vern) and an outstanding receiver in Franklin (Marv). Wireman hurt us on his bootleg passes.”

Then the “Earle of Tigertown” turned to his own team. “We ran well but did nothing else well. Our pass defense was the worst it’s been all season. The play of the secondary was not good. I thought for sure it (the multiple win string) was gone tonight.”

WARREN had the best of it statistic-wise but not on the scoreboard where it counts. The Tigers out-rushed the Panthers 233-176 but Warren out-passed Massillon 144-0, completing 7 of 10 to the Tigers’ none for 2. Total yardage was 320-233 in Warren’s favor. The Panthers had 17 first downs to the Obiemen’s 12 although the Bengals’ first downs by rushing were 10 to Warrens’ 12.

It was a game of breaks for both sides. There were other fumbles besides the key fourth quarter miscue along with intercepted passes and penalties, which played a part in the outcome.

The Tigers have to be given a pat on the back for winning 4 games such as they have been called on to win during the last quartet of weeks. It isn’t often that a team beats three of the first five teams in the state and the best in Pennsylvania, all undefeated, one right after the other. It would be little wonder if the Orange and Black were exhausted physically.

Massillon scored only once in the first half but had several opportunities short-circuited on fumbles and intercepted passes. The first time the Bengals got their hands on the ball they drove from the Warren 46-yard line, following Dave Sheegog’s 14-yard punt runback, to the Panthers’ 38. But junior Frank Thomas recovered a fumble on the Panthers’ 33.

The Bengals forced the Panthers to punt and followed with their first score after fumbling Allen Anderson’s punt. It took the Obiemen only 9 plays to cross into pay dirt.

FULLBACK Will Foster had the big play a 50-yard romp through the center to Warren’s 17. Halfback Cesar Aulizio made a desperation tackle.

Foster then took a pitch to the left and rolled to the 5. Walter Lemon rammed to the one and Foster took the pigskin over after a fake to Lemon with 3:11 remaining in the first quarter. Sheegog tossed to “Sweet Walter” on a corner cut to the left for the conversion.

Following the kickoff, Warren moved to Massillon’s 34 but was forced to punt. Anderson got a bad snap from center, had to run and didn’t make it.

The Tigers went on the prowl again but with first down on Warren’s 30, the picture changed abruptly again as a Sheegog pass was intercepted by Nelveton Butler on the 4.

Bruce said of this pass, “They crashed 2 guys from the outside on us. We probably shouldn’t have thrown that one. Sheegog tried to hit his secondary receiver.”

Warren drove to its own 46-yard line with the help of 9 and 18-yard off-tackle runs by left halfback Jimmy Hill and a 10-yard off tackle slant by right half Anderson.

Then came the Panthers’ first score on a play as weird as some Halloween costumes. Wireman running to his right with his receivers covered, attempted to toss to Franklin. Tiger safety Rick Paige hit Franklin on what was adjusted interference.

The ball deflected off Franklin on the Massillon 45 and into the hands of junior Tom Daily, playing his first game on offense, and Daily raced to the promised land with 5:20 remaining in the second quarter. Wireman failed on a conversion run to the right.

Massillon came back strong again. Sheegog contributed a 31-yard kick runback to his 39. Lemon added a 10-yard end scamper to the Warren 46. Tommy Jones went off tackle for 7 to the 39. Then disaster reared its ugly face again as if there were goblins afoot.

ANOTHER Tiger fumble occurred, this one on the 32. Thomas was there again and Warren was on its way to its second score.

Wireman ran 15 yards around right end. Hill danced off right tackle for 18. Binko careened through the center for 14 yards and a first down on the Massillon 14. Wireman tossed to Daily on the one and scored with 37 seconds left. Binko tried the center for the conversion but failed and the Tiger Towners were behind by the longest margin of the season.

After a 20-yard kick runback by Sheegog, he tried a pass on second down from his 34. The ball was batted into the air. Tony Capers intercepted on the Massillon 39. But before he could try a field goal on the next play, the block ran out.

The drives of both teams had wiped many minutes off the clock in what was developing as a game of who could control the ball the longest

The second half saw Massillon control the ball most of the third quarter and Warren the majority of the fourth.

The Tigers drove to their 43 with the third period kickoff. Rick Healy punted and 3 plays later the Tigers had the ball back when Co-Captain Dave Whitfield recovered a fumble on Warren’s 38.

The Obiemen took 11 plays, survived a motion penalty from the 3 on a score by Foster and got the benefit of a personal foul call from the 7 before finally securing the winning TD with 2:19 remaining. Foster tallied his second 6-pointer of the night, again from the one, but over left tackle this trip. Sheegog went around left end after a fake to Foster to make it 16-12.

Massillon had the ball for 8 minutes of the period then it was Warren’s turn to control the clock, taking 6:55 off the ticker while reeling off 13 plays. After Daily’s 12-yard, kickoff runback, Warren began to mix passing with running. Anderson got 8 yards on one aerial, right end Greg Seagraves 13 yards on another.

A clipping penalty set the Panthers back to the Massillon 40. But Wireman threw to Franklin for a first down on the 11. Then Wireman was thrown for a 10-yard loss by Foster. Two plays later Paige intercepted Wireman’s throw from the 19 on the one and returned to the 13.

A motion penalty forced Healy to punt out. Warren started to move from its 33 with 4:55 remaining. Had the Tigers been able to hold the ball here, the dramatic finish might not have materialized.

Nine plays transpired before Hartley’s fumble recovery. Anderson got most of the yardage on the final drive, both on the ground and in the air. He picked up 21 yards in 3 running plays and 10 on a pass. Seagraves also got 17 yards on pass which gave Warren first down on Massillon’s 13. On the second play of this series, the big fumble occurred.

The Tigers ran out the clock.

Ends – Seagraves, M. Franklin, A. Franklin, Ingram, Daily, Metro.
Tackles – Capers, Clark, Yendrick.
Guards – Schumacher, Kermode, Camerino, Toda.
Center – Angelo.
Quarterbacks – Wireman, Thomas.
Halfbacks – Hill, Anderson, Aulizio, Butler, Perry.
Fullback – Binko.

Ends – Paige, McGuire, Healy, Griffin.
Tackles – Hartley, Neago, Petroff, Campbell, Sherrett.
Guards – Whitfield, Richards, Rose, Kraft, Zorger.
Centers – Marks, Ehmer, F. Williams.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Doolittle.
Halfbacks – Lemon, James, McFadden, Smith, Muhlbach, McLendon.
Fullbacks – Foster, Reed, Manson.

Score by quarters:
Warren……………… 0 12 0 0 – 12
Massillon…………… 8 0 8 0 – 16

Massillon – Foster 2 (one-yard runs).
Warren – Daily 2 (54-yard, pass-run play and 28-yard pass).

Extra points:
Massillon – Lemon 2 (pass from Sheegog); Sheegog 2 (run).

Referee – Bud Shopball (Canton).
Umpire – Harold Rolph (Ironton).
Head Linesman – Mickey Earenfight (Canton).
Field Judge – Joe Romano (Mansfield).

The Yardstick

Mass. Opp.
First downs—rushing 12 10
First downs—passing 0 6
First downs—penalties 0 2
Total first downs 12 17
Yards gained rushing 237 191
Yards lost rushing 4 15
Net yards gained rushing 233 176
Net yards gained passing 0 144
Total yards gained 233 320
Passes attempted 2 10
Passes completed 0 7
Passes intercepted by 1 2
Yardage on passes intercepted 13 0
Times kicked off 3 3
Kickoff returns (yards) 68 68
Kickoff returns (yards) 68 68
Times punted 2 2
Punt average (yards) 31.5 37
Punt returns (yards) 13 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 4 2
Lost fumbled ball 2 2
Penalties 4 2
Yards penalized 20 20
Touchdowns rushing 2 0
Touchdowns passing 0 2
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Total number of plays 47 57

Dave Whitfield


Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1965: Massillon 14, Altoona, PA 0

Tigers Ready For Panthers;  Warren Next As Altoona Falls 14-0


The “finest hour” is perhaps the best way to describe the Massillon Tigers’ performance at Altoona, Pa., Saturday night. But after the finest hour, off times come a stunning reversal of form.

Coming off a 14-0 win over one of Pennsylvania’s toughest, the Altoona high Mountain Lions, the Washington high eleven must guard against complacency. The Bengals will have another tough nut to crack Friday night when Warren Harding becomes the fourth straight to pit an undefeated record against Massillon this season.

The Obiemen took another big step in pursuit of a second straight state title Saturday night at Mansion Park before an estimated record standing room crowd of 16,000.
The Tigers got their 25th straight victory and gave Coach Earle Bruce his 40th in a row, including this year’s high school all-star game.

The Bengals’ running game operated to perfection. The blocks opened large holes in what must have been the finest up-front exhibition of the season for the Tigertowners. The backs did their best running of the season picking the holes just right. The defense hit about as hard as it ever has, diagnosing Altoona plays perfectly.

To do it, the Tigers had to beat a bigger team and one of the best they’ve played to date. The Lions battled down to the bitter end tenaciously but were thwarted at every turn by a gallant bunch of Ohioans determined to show the world that their brand of football is best.

The Orange and Black held the Altoonans to only 80 net yards rushing while picking up 255 yards themselves. Passing was almost even, 48-40. Total yardage 313 to 120 with first downs 18-7.

* * * * *

ALTOONA got only one threat going. That was at the start of the second period when the Lions took over on their own 24-yard line after a punt and drove to the Bengal 17. But junior “monster back” Dale Gallion picked off a Dick Frasca pass in the end zone after it had been batted into the air and a touchback resulted. Massillon then moved for its first score of the night.

Altoona had seemingly lost the ball on downs at the Massillon 45 – the only time the Lions got out of their territory the whole night – but on the first play of the quarter, Massillon jumped off side with fourth and five, Altoona got a life.

Dick Beard, one of Pennsylvania’s finest halfbacks, took a pitchout from Frasca with third and 13 on the 43, cut right and raced to the 29 for a first down. Seven plays later came Gallion’s interception.
The Bengals went 80 yards to score, after the touchback, in 12 plays, chopping 6:35 off the clock. Key plays were passes from quarterback Dave Sheegog to fullback-halfback, Will Foster, playing on the wing this time, and right end Rick Paige and runs by Sheegog and left half Walt Lemon.

Sheegog ran right end for 10 yards and a first down from the Massillon 24. The aerial to Paige came on third down and carried to the 50. The pass to Foster covered 20 yards to the Altoona 20. Lemon ran straight ahead for 6 yards to the Lions’ 8 on a night when he amassed 132 yards in 22 times. All picked up first downs except Lemon.

Sheegog scored 2 plays after Lemon’s run on a first down play from the 7 on the option left. He tossed to Foster for the conversions with the clock showing 2:10 left in the first half.

After the touchdown, Frasca tried 3 straight passes from the Altoona 36, one to end Kevin Stitt, who was wide open, but that Lion aerial was too long. The third was intercepted by Paige on his 26 and run back to the Altoona 45.

With the help of an 8-yard run by Lemon and a 10-yard pass to Paige, Massillon got as far as the Altoona 30 when the first half ended.

* * * * *
THE TIGERS had 2 promising drives stopped in the first quarter. They got a life on a fourth down, clipping penalty under a punt drive after the opening kickoff and drove to the Altoona 16 but ran afoul of holding and motion penalties.

After regaining the pigskin moments later following a punt, the Tigers got to the 50 but were slapped with a motion call.

In a touchdown drive, a procedure penalty set the Brucemen back 5 yards at one juncture.

Massillon’s other TD came early in the second half. The Tigers forced Altoona to punt after its first series. Paige ran back from the 40 to the Tiger 49, to start the drive.

The Obiemen took 8 plays and 4:45 to go the distance. Lemon got some more important yardage in this drive. “Sweet Walter,” having perhaps the finest night of his career, streaked off tackle for gains of 12, 11 and 14 yards, the last play taking the ball to the one from where Foster bulled over with 5:05 remaining. Sheegog faked to Foster, who had had a key, third down, 9-yard gain in the drive, and went left to make it 14-0.

The Tigers had a motion penalty during the drive, which looked like it was to have dire consequences. But then came Lemon’s run to the one.

Foster line-drived the kickoff into an Altoona player and recovered the rebound on the 50. However, Tony Lepore intercepted a pass on his 20 and returned to the 36.

On the second play from scrimmage, Paul Marks took his turn at intercepting, on the Altoona 40, and zipped down the sideline to the 25. Lemon came up with another sterling off-tackle run, this one for 7 yards. But Tommy James’ fourth down dive was inches short of a first down on the 4.

The fourth quarter saw only several changes of possession by both teams. Altoona came back from its 4 to its 38 after a Massillon drive fizzled, utilizing pass plays of 12 and 19 yards with Beard on the receiving end both times.

Late in the period, Mike Kraft grounded one of Rick Healy’s punts on the Altoona 5, putting the Lions deep in the hole. They got no runbacks at all off Healy’s fine punts, thanks to good coverage by the Tigers.

* * * * *
BRUCE SAID of his team’s play, ‘They put forth a real good team effort! They were up for this one and had to be because Altoona had a great team, a club with a lot of talent.”

He went on, “We were about as well prepared for this game as any all season. The coaching staff really did a job.”

As to Lemon’s performance, Bruce exclaimed, ‘He played a great game!”

Bruce said that the quick pitch hurt early but then his team adjusted. Before the acclimation, Beard reeled off gains of 29 and 14 yards.

A dejected Altoona coach Earl Strohm said, “We just didn’t have it tonight. They were better than we were. We got one touchdown behind and when you do that on a muddy field, you’re in trouble. If the field hadn’t been wet, it might have been a high-scoring game all the way.”

Strohm thought things also might have been different had Frasca connected with Stitt at the end of the first half, because the Lions undoubtedly would have been back in the contest.

He praised the 2-way performance of halfback and linebacker Beard. “He’s a real good kid,” Strohm said.

Massillon came up with one injury. Sheegog sustained a bloody nose.

Ends – Paige, McGuire, Gallion, Healy.
Tackles – Hartley, Neago, Sherrett, Petroff, Campbell.
Guards – Whitfield, Rose, Richards, Kraft, Zorger.
Centers – Marks, Ehmer.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Doolittle.
Halfbacks – Foster, Lemon, James, Muhlbach, McFadden, McLendon.
Fullback – Manson.

Ends – Stitt, McGrath, Steinbugle.
Tackles – Traficante, Showalter, Ebersole.
Gaurds – Jeffco, Nedimyer, B. Geis.
Center – Thompson.
Quarterback – Frasca.
Halfbacks – Beard, Neaffer, Lepore, Speacht.
Fullbacks – Launchi, Madden.

Massillon 0 7 7 0 – 14

Touchdowns: Sheegog (7-yard run); Foster (one-yard run).

Extra points: Foster 1 (2-yard pass from Sheegog);
Sheegog 1 (2-yard run).

Attendance: 16,000.

Referee – Lee Moyer.
Umpire – John Solic.
Head Linesman – Tony Senapole.
Field Judge – William Goodfellow.

Mass. Opp.
First downs—rushing 14 4
First downs—passing 3 2
First downs—penalties 1 1
Total first downs 18 7
Yards gained rushing 269 93
Yards lost rushing 14 13
Net yards gained rushing 255 80
Net yards gained passing 48 40
Total yards gained 313 120
Passes attempted 7 15
Passes completed 3 4
Passes intercepted by 3 1
Yardage on passes intercepted 45 11
Times kicked off 3 1
Kickoff average (yards) 37.6 31.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 0 30
Times punted 3 5
Punt average (yards) 34.3 40.6
Punt returns (yards) 14 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 1 1
Lost fumbled ball 0 1
Penalties 5 1
Yards penalized 35 15
Touchdowns rushing 2 0
Touchdowns passing 0 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Total number of plays 61 45

Dave Whitfield
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1965: Massillon 20, Steubenville 14

Tenacious Tigers Trip Stubborn Steubenville

Last Period Drive Puts First Blemish On Foes

Bengals Lauded For Bouncing Back;
Crowd Sets Record For River City


“Blood, sweat, toil and tears.”

The Massillon Tigers added their own ingredient to Winston Churchill’s World War II victory formula to come up with mighty big victory of their own Friday night. That old “Tiger Desire” was there again as the Bengals repulsed a strong bid of Steubenville to knock them from atop the list of state football powers.

The Obiemen fought back from a 3-quarter deficit to hand the previously unbeaten and fourth-ranked Big Red a 20-14 setback before a record crowd of 9,489 at Harding field in the river city. The crowd figure topped the 9,325 which witnessed a game between Steubenville and Canton McKinley on Nov. 7, 1936.

Program Cover

* * * * *
The Orange and Black victory could prove to be their most important of the season. It might be just the incentive the Tigers need to spur them on to their 21st state championship.

* * * * *
IT WAS THE 24TH straight win for Massillon and the 39th in a row for Coach Earle Bruce including the high school all-star game this year.

The game featured a battle of defenses with Massillon getting only 2 long drives going and Steubenville one, all 3 resulting in touchdowns. Between those times Steubenville got out of its own territory on an intercepted pass. Massillon moved out only once and that for just a few yards. Both of the other times came in the second half.

The Bengals held the vaunted Steubenville running game to just 70 net yards and its passing to 33 for a total of 103. The Big Red was not in a position to throw more than 2 passes. Washington high eleven meanwhile, got 153 yards on the ground and 70 in the air for 209.

Massillon had an 8-5 first down lead after the first half and got 5 more in the second half to Steubenville’s one for a 13-6 margin. The Tigers lost 13 yards rushing in the first half while throwing the Big Red for only 3 but lost only one yard after the intermission while tossing the stubborn. Steubenville aggregation for 28 for a total of 14 yards lost for Massillon and 31 for Steubenville.

It was also a game of breaks again for the Tigers who have had a habit of cashing in on such happenings this year. The biggest came in the third period after Steubenville safety Bob Moore had run back an intercepted pass 15 yards to Massillon’s 38-yard line.

Shortly thereafter with fourth down and 4 on the 32, Steubenville was penalized 5 yards for more illegal motion on successive plays nullifying first downs in each case. Offsetting fouls – procedure on Steubenville and offside on Massillon – on the third play kept the ball where it was.

Halfback Mike Palmer tried to run the ball but gained only 2 yards. Massillon took over on its 37 and marched for the winning score.

Later Steubenville Coach Abe Bryan said, “The penalties hurt us,” but also added, “I made a bad mistake there by not punting. But I did not want them to have the ball and I thought I could surprise them.”

Bruce also admitted, “The penalties hurt them.”

* * * * *
AFTER TAKING over with 2:36 left in the third period, the WHS eleven drove almost all the 63 yards for its last score on the ground. The Bengals had the ball for 17 plays and 9 ½ minutes, a smart maneuver because it kept the ball away from Steubenville long enough that the Big Red had very litte time left in the game to work with.

The winning touchdown drive saw “Sweet Walter” Lemon, Dave Sheegog, Will Foster and Tommy James all taking turns running the ball. Sheegog and Lemon each got first downs on crucial third down plays. Foster picked one by inches on the Steubenville 41 after a fourth-and-one situation.

Another crucial fourth down situation popped up on the 10 with 3 yards to go. Sheegog hit halfback Tommy James to the right outside on the 5.

Two plays later Foster rammed in from the 2 with 4:58 remaining in the game. Sheegog hit split end Rick Paige in the right section of the end zone for the conversion.

Steubenville had 2 more tries but was bottled up in its own territory by a supreme defensive effort by the Tigers. A fumble on a punt at the Tiger 36 almost gave Steubenville another life but Paige saved his own bobble.

During this crucial time on defense, the Bengals may have found themselves another good middle guard. Senior Wally Smith, known as “The Catfish” to his teammates, did a job reminiscent of Tommy Whitfield’s last year.

The Tigers broke into the scoring column first, taking the opening kickoff into touchdown territory. James ran back 16 yards to his 36. Four plays later Sheegog hit Paige on first down from the 48 for 27 yards to the Steubenville 25. Paige slipped on the damp turf or might have gone the distance.

Three plays later on another first down, this one from the 15, Sheegog found Paige on the 5 with “Ramblin Rick” going on in for the score with 8:01 seconds left. Linebacker Dwight Sims broke through to spill Foster on the conversion run.

Sims then ran the kickoff back 91 yards down the sideline to his left with 7:48 left. He got a key block from brother Bob. Fullback Bob Smith tried the center for the conversion but missed.

The Tigers had another drive aborted at the Steubenville 39 in the first quarter as Sheegog and Paige just missed connections on a TD pass.

In the second period, tackle Mike Sherrett and Foster, from his linebacker spot, broke though to spill Palmer after a bad fourth down punt snap. It was first and 10 for the Tigers on the Big Red 29.

* * * * *
IN 9 PLAYS the Bengals had their second score. This drive took about 5 minutes, another time the WHS eleven stole precious time from the Stubbers. James picked up a crucial first down on the 17 after fourth on the 22.

On the ensuing third down, Lemon hauled in a Sheegog aerial on the 10 and scampered to the 4. Then carried to the one. An offside penalty put the pigskin on the half-yard line. James went off left guard with 3:55 remaining. Sheegog tried to lateral to James on the conversion attempt to no avail.

Steubenville then played “Beat the Clock” after Bob Booth had runback the kick off 33 yards to his 38. The Big Red started its drive with 3:42 left. Booth swept left end 4 straight times and Palmer right end once.

Quarterback Bob Endres connected with Palmer on the Massillon 20 after third and 4 on the Tiger 46. Palmer ran to the 12 and out of bounds to halt the clock.

On fourth down from the 3, Endres swept right end for the equalizer. He passed to Sesto in the left side of the end zone for the conversion and Massillon was behind for the first time this season.

After the game, Bruce paid tribute to Steubenville by saying, “We played a good football team tonight. I’m glad we’ll get an extra day’s rest before Altoona (next Saturday). We’ve got to hit harder.”

If there was doubt in the fans’ minds about whether their Tigers would come back to win, Bruce had none. “Certainly, I thought we would come back,” he snapped. “These are the Tigers.”

Bryan patted Massillon on the back. “Coach Bruce and his staff have done a real job and have a fine team,” he said.

Bryan didn’t think his team’s spirit would be hurt any by their costly loss. “They have a lot of scrap and have had the whole year,” he said. “The breaks went against them but we’ve had some the other way, too, so I guess they balance out.”

Massillon 20-14

Ends – Paige, McGuire, Gallion, Healy.
Tackles – Hartlye, Petroff, Neago, Sherrett, Campbell.
Guards – Whitfield, Rose, Richards.
Centers – Marks, F. Williams, Ehmer.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Doolittle, McLendon, Smith.
Halfbacks – Lemon, James, McFadden, Muhlbach.
Fullback – Foster.

Ends – Sesto, R. Sims, D. Sims, Spahn.
Tackles – Bass, Jones.
Guards – Hershey, Checca.
Centes – Sarap, Bates.
Quarterbacks – Endres, Moore.
Halfbacks – Kerr, Both, Palmer.
Fullback – Smith.

Score by quarters:
Massillon 6 6 0 8 – 20
Steubenville 6 8 0 0 – 14

Massillon – Paige (11-yard pass from Sheegog); James (one-half yard run);
Foster (2-yard run).
Steubenville – D. Sims (91-yard kickoff return); Palmer (3-yard run).

Extra points:
Massillon – Paige 2 (pass from Sheegog).
Steubenville – Sesto 2 (pass from Endres).

Referee – Ted Humphries (Youngstown).
Umpire – Mike Rodak (Weirton, W. Va.).
Head Linesman – Clyde Moore (Rittman).
Field Judge – LaVerne Haidet (Alliance).

Attendance – 9,489 (new Harding field record)

Statistics. . .
Game Statistics
Mass. Opp.
First downs—rushing 8 5
First downs—passing 5 1
First downs—penalties 0 0
Total first downs 13 6
Yards gained rushing 153 101
Yards lost rushing 14 31
Net yards gained rushing 139 70
Net yards gained passing 70 33
Total yards gained 209 103
Passes attempted 10 2
Passes completed 5 1
Passes intercepted by 0 1
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 15
Times kicked off 4 3
Kickoff average (yards) 48.5 42.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 47 146
Times punted 4 4
Punt average (yards) 31.0 33.5
Punt returns (yards) 7 3
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 1 0
Lost fumbled ball 0 0
Penalties 2 4
Yards penalized 20 15
Touchdowns rushing 2 1
Touchdowns passing 1 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 1
Total number of plays 60 46

Dave Whitfield
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1965: Massillon 22, Niles McKinley 8

Tigers Turn Back Niles Threat 22-8
All Points Scored In 2nd Quarter

First Place Berth Enhanced


“Satisfied – real satisfied.”

So goes the old cheer and so go the thoughts of Massillon football fans today. They’re satisfied that their Tigers showed Niles McKinley high which of the 2 teams plays the tougher football in the state with a convincing 22-8 victory Friday night at Tiger stadium.

After their second victory in as many years over the Red Dragons following a 29-year lapse in play between the 2 schools, the Washington high team hopes that Niles fans are also satisfied – satisfied that their challenge hurled at the Tigertowners has been answered.

Program Cover

* * * * *
THE BIGGEST CROWD of the season – 16, 533 – saw Massillon score 3 times in the second quarter on the legs of senior quarterback Dave Sheegog and then hold the Red Dragons at bay with a tremendous defensive performance. And when you hold a powerful team like Niles, undefeated in 4 games, to one touchdown, you’re doing something!

Twice in the third quarter the Orange and Black had promising drives stopped by penalties. Sheegog lost his footing in the first quarter on fourth down, bringing a third drive to a screeching halt. A fumble stopped a fourth down try in the second period.

Credit must be given to the Niles team which didn’t give up at halftime and fought back to hold Massillon scoreless after the intermission. Meanwhile Red Dragon senior quarterback Ray Muche made it a unanimous night for signal-callers in the scoring department with a last period touchdown on one of Niles’ only 2 real drives of the night.

Massillon’s fifth straight victory of the season, 23rd straight since 1963 and 23rd straight at home since 1962 put the Tigers into a tie for first place with Warren in the All-American High School football league. Niles and Canton McKinley are tied for second in the 4-team circuit.

But lest his charges become too complacent after getting their boss his 38th straight victory including this year’s all-star tilt, Tiger Coach Earle Bruce cautioned, “Now we must prepare for a fine Steubenville team.” The skipper was well aware that the trip to Big Red country next week could see a long ride back if the Orangemen aren’t careful.

“Niles really fought back,” Bruce continued. “I’m proud of the Tigers’ efforts against them. This was the fist time we were up all season.”

Bruce went on to pat senior halfback Walt Lemon on the back for his fine running which picked up long yardage several times right when it was needed. He thought junior Will Foster, playing fullback in place of the injured Terry Manson after only 3 days practice, showed well, especially in faking into the line. Bruce was happy with junior defensive tackle Mike Sherrett’s play and thought Sheegog played well again. But Bruce also emphasized that this was another fine “team effort.”

The only thing that discouraged Bruce was that “we’ve dropped too many passes.”

* * * * *
A DISCONSOLATE Bob Shaw said, “I’m proud of the way our boys came back in the second half after being down 22-0 and completely dominated play. We had 5 or 6 juniors in there all the time and they were tremendous under pressure. But we made too many mistakes. Massillon has a fine team which made its own breaks and didn’t give us room to operate in the first half.”

After forcing Niles to punt following the Dragons’ reception of the opening kickoff, the Tigers moved from their 40-yard line to the Niles 9, a distance of 51 yards, using up 12 plays, all on the ground, and 7 minutes on the clock. Sheegog went off the left side on fourth down but slipped on the wet turf and failed to get the necessary yardage by only inches.

The Bengals got the ball again on the following punt with 36 seconds left in the period. Sheegog hit Lemon down the middle with a 13-yard pass to the Niles 33 for a first down. Foster picked up 21 more off guard to the 13 for another first down to end the quarter.

Tommy James took the ball to the 11 to open the second stanza. Sheegog then cut off left tackle and out to the left side for the score with 11:20 remaining. Lemon ran the conversion on a fake to Foster and pitchout to the right.

Minutes later Sherrett hopped on a fumble at the Niles 21. After a loss to the 24, Paige picked a Sheegog aerial out of 3 Dragon defenders’ hands at the 7 for a first down. Foster ran to the 4. Sheegog faked to Foster and went around right end with 8:35 remaining. Foster converted on a pitchout to the left.

Shortly thereafter Paul Marks pounced on a Niles fumble on the Dragon 47. Lemon ran 20 yards but Jim Kines came up with a Massillon bobble on the 23.

After an exchange of punts, the Bengals took possession on their 37. Lemon was off again, this time through the center, and almost broke away but tripped at the Niles 44 after a fine 19-yard run. Sheegog ran 20 yards to the 20, going around right end and back into the middle.

A face mask penalty gave Massillon the ball on the 10, third down. Lemon shot to the 2 and Sheegog went through the middle into pay dirt. Foster didn’t quite make the end zone on a pitch to the right on the conversion run.

When the first half ended, Massillon had rolled 218 net yards to Niles’ 46 and 13 first downs to the Dragons’ 1. Niles got out of its own territory only once, with the help of a penalty.

* * * * *
FINAL FIGURES showed Massillon with 298 yards to Niles 149 and 15 first downs to the Dragons’ 7. Niles out-gained the Obiemen in the second half but not by much, 103-80 yards.

The Tigers received to start the second half and on the third play Lemon rocketed off right tackle, got away from a would-be tackler at the Niles 45 and raced to the 16. But 2 delay penalties and an incomplete pass stopped the drive after a first down on the 5.

After a punt, the Tigertowners moved from the Niles 45 to the 30 but a motion penalty on a fourth down play on which Tommy James made the first down, kayoed the drive.

Niles took over on Massillon’s 39 and used up the next 7 minutes and 16 plays to get its lone score. Muche and junior fullback Gary Bletsch did most of the carrying. Bletsch went over on fourth down from the 2 with 7:32 remaining in the last quarter. Muche went through the center on a broken play for the conversion.

The Orange and Black stopped on its next series and when a fourth down delay penalty had Rick Healy kicking from around his 15, Bruce “thought this might be disastrous.” But Healy kicked well to the Niles 39.

Muche ran back to Massillon’s 39 for 22 yards. The Dragons drove to the Massillon 3 with a key play being a 15-yard pass from the 22 to the 7 and a first down via end Larry Cella from Muche.

Muche tried to go around the right end on fourth down but junior monster Ron Muhlbach and senior end Bill Williams hauled him down for no gain.

Bruce commented, “That was a marvelous goal line stand!”

Healy was forced to boot from the end zone on the next series and got the ball to the Massillon 49. The clock ran out 3 incompleted passes later.

Ends – Kay, Ryan, Cella.
Tackles – Zobitz, Lukz, Samu, Rossi.
Guards – Fuda, Law, Pirigyl.
Center – Johnson.
Quarterbacks – Muche, Kines.
Halfbacks – Owen, Dunningan, Henry, Button, Mawby, Simeone, Gresley.
Fullbacks – Brutz, Bletach, Hilty.

Ends – Paige, McGuire, Williams, Gallion, Griffin.
Tackles – Hartley, Campbell, Neago, Sherrett.
Guards – Whitfield, Richards, Rose, Kraft.
Centers – Marks, Williams.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Doolittle.
Halfbacks – Lemon, James, McFadden, Muhlbach, Healy, Smith.
Fullback – Foster.

Score by quarters:
Niles…………….. 0 0 0 8 – 8
Massillon……….. 0 22 0 0 – 22

Touchdowns: Massillon – Sheegog 3 (11, 4 and 1-yard runs).
Niles – Muche (2 yard run).

Extra points: Massillon – Lemon 2, Foster 2.
Niles – Muche 2.

Mass. Opp.
First downs—rushing 12 5
First downs—passing 2 2
First downs—penalties 1 0
Total first downs 15 7
Yards gained rushing 281 115
Yards lost rushing 16 15
Net yards gained rushing 265 100
Net yards gained passing 33 49
Total yards gained 298 149
Passes attempted 9 13
Passes completed 3 5
Passes intercepted by 0 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 0
Times kicked off 4 2
Kickoff average (yards) 54.5 31.5
Kickoff returns (yards) 9 60
Times punted 3 6
Punt average (yards) 34.0 30
Punt returns (yards) 22 40
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 1 4
Lost fumbled ball 1 3
Penalties 5 1
Yards penalized 35 8
Touchdowns rushing 3 1
Touchdowns passing 0 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Total number of plays 60 55

Referee – Howard Wirtz (Cincinnati).
Umpire – Harold Rolph (Ironton).
Head Linesman – George Ellis (Akron).
Field Judge – Chuck Hinkle (Canton).

Attendance – 16,533.

Dave Whitfield
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1965: Massillon 22, Alliance 6

Tigers Surprise Selves With 4 Fumbles
Win Over Alliance Comes Hard


It was a typical Massillon-Alliance game – rough, rugged and marked by that usual Mel Knowlton surprise. The Aviators, once again, were as irritating as that grain of sand which brings on a pearl in an oyster.

Traditionally Alliance gives the Tigers cause for thought. And you can be sure Coach Earle Bruce will have his charges doing just that in the coming week following their 22-6 win before 12,199 fans at Tiger stadium Friday night.

Program Cover

Bruce hit the proverbial nail on the head after the game when he said, “We’ll find out next week if the Tigers are really Tigers. We’re challenged. Niles is coming into our territory.”

He added, thoughtfully, “This team hasn’t been up for a game yet. I’m anxious to see what we can do when we’re up.”

Although the Washington high team had its troubles, the Bengals must be given a pat on the back for holding the Aviators at bay despite 6 bad breaks.

“We had 4 fumbles and 2 pass interceptions,” Bruce said, “but we won the game. I’m pleased with the boys on this count because Alliance played a whale of a game!”

* * * * *

ALLIANCE, known for its end sweeps, made a lot of yardage that way, especially on pitchouts to senior halfback Bruce Walker running behind fine interference. “They’re running away from our monster,” Bruce explained. (The Aviators ran to their weak side with Walker gaining 91 yards.)

“There was one time when they must have swept into the sidelines 13 of 15 times,” Bruce said. “But there was no major breakthrough. They had to work for everything they got. We really hit them hard.”

Bruce was unhappy about his pass rushing. “We didn’t contain their passer well at all,” he explained.

The Aviator passer, junior quarterback Larry Libis, was the 1965 Knowlton surprise. He had played in only one offensive play before Friday night.

“We had to gamble on Libis,” Knowlton said. “He looks like he’s going to be a good one.”

The 6-foot, 155-pounder handled the ball well, should be a good passer with more experience, and scrambled well when rushed. Twice he got away for long gains on broken plays.

Bruce also lauded Libis. “He looks like a real find,” the Earle of Tigertown said.

Knowlton was very happy with his charges. “Our kids battled all the way,” he said. “They played a good game for the first time this year.”

Knowlton thought gang tackling and pursuit on the part of his team was good. “They played well defensively,” he said. “They had to; Massillon has such strong runners and that Sheegog is tough.”

* * * * *

THE GAME turned out to be a ground war with Massillon out-rushing Alliance 221 net yards to 151. Neither team passed much but the Tigers got 2 of their 3 touchdowns via the aerial route and a pass set up another.

Massillon completed 5 of 10 aerial attempts for 90 yards, Alliance 5 of 12 for 44. Total yardage was 311-195. First downs were close, 13-10.

The Tigers got yardage almost everywhere they ran but could use better blocking. The Aviators stuck to the outside after they found the likes of middle guard Fred Williams and linebackers Paul Marks, Will Foster, John Rose and Rick Richards stacking things up.

The Orange and Black was its own worst enemy for the first half, losing all 4 of its fumbles before the intermission, killing promising drives 3 times and a possible scoring setup the fourth. Two of the fumbles gave Alliance the ball, in Massillon territory, one time necessitating a great goal line stand by the defending state champions.

Alliance had almost twice as many plays as Massillon in the first half, 39-22. Total for the game was 64-50 in favor of the Aviators who displayed a fine possession game.

As Bruce remarked, “they sure kept the ball from us and you can’t score without the ball.”

Bill Williams ran the opening kickoff back 16 yards for the Tigers to their 43 as Alliance booted short and low to keep the ball away from Dave Sheegog. Will Foster broke around left end on the first play and raced 47 yards to the Alliance 10.

* * * * *

THE FIRST BENGAL fumble came on the next play. Sophomore Lionel (Doody) Grimes recovered on the 13. But on second down Tiger tackles, Co-Captain Terry Manson and Dick Hartley threw Libis back to the 5.

Alliance Co-Captain Charles Codrea, who had done all the quarterbacking for the first 3 games, punted on fourth down. A fumble resulted on the Alliance 38 where Co-Captain Tim Admonius recovered but the Aviators couldn’t move the pigskin.

The Tigers couldn’t either but on the series following the next punt they were touchdown bound. Sheegog came up with a 15-yard runback to the Bengal 43. “Sweet Walter” Lemon raced off tackle 18 more on the first play to the Alliance 39.

Sheegog hit end Rick Paige with a short pass to the 34. Lemon shot off tackle again for the score with 2:56 left in the first quarter. Sheegog faked to Manson and went left for the conversion.

Shortly after the start of the second quarter the WHS team started out of its own territory after a punt only to fumble on the Alliance 46. Isaac Wright recovered for the Pilots on their 47.

Then Walker started circling the ends on the pitch with key passes of 13 yards to junior Bob Ramsey and 5 yards to Grimes, playing his first game offensively and with an ankle sprained earlier in the week. But with fourth down on the three, Tiger co-captain end Dave Whitfield threw Libis back to the 18.

MASSILLON STARTED another promising drive but fumbled on its 35 with junior Dick McCoy recovering for Alliance on the 39. The Tiger defense stiffened again with time running out in the half and Alliance taking to the air.

The Tigers took over on their 33 with 1:51 remaining. Sheegog completed to Paige for 35 yards to the Alliance 32 with “Ramblin Rick” running 18 of the yards and Libis finally making a shirt-tail tackle to prevent a score for the time being.

Lemon ran to the 30 and then Sheegog let fly to Paige in the end zone on a post pattern with 1:19 left. Sheegog ran the conversion on the same play on which he converted in the first period.

Junior Ron Muhlbach made sure Alliance didn’t get far on the kick runback, ramming Carl Dunn into the grass at the 6 about a minute before the half ended.

Alliance got its only touchdown by driving 54 yards after the second half kickoff. Grimes ran back 18 yards. Then Walker started churning around the ends again and finally scored around the left side from the 2 with 5:30 left. Ramsey tried to go around right end for the conversion but was felled by a pack of Obiemen.

The Aviators got out of their own territory only once after that in the second half. Massillon penetrated Alliance territory 4 times but Gene Jenkins intercepted a pass on his 20 and Libis saved one in the end zone on what looked like a sure TD to scotch Tiger plans. The latter interception came after Manson had recovered a fumble on the 26.

* * * * *

THE FIRST play of the fourth quarter was a punt, which was grounded on the Massillon 39. Sheegog, Lemon, Manson and Foster took turns grinding out yardage on a 61-yard scoring jaunt.

A second down pass to Lemon from Sheegog for 12 yards and a first down on the 11 helped set the stage for the score. Two passes from the 9 were incomplete after a running play. Then Sheegog found Tommy James in the center of the end zone on fourth down even though “Dandy Dave’s” arm was hit. A pitch-play for the conversion failed.

Alliance had one more try after the kickoff but lost the ball on downs on the Massillon 32 with 1:30 left.

The win was the fourth straight this season for Massillon, 22 straight dating back to 1963 and 22 straight at home dating back to 1962. It was the third straight over Alliance.

Bruce’s personal string is at 37 counting the August All-Star game.

Ends – Jenkins, Lloyd.
Tackles – Amonius, Wright, Jones, McCoy.
Guards – Artino, Hardy, Woods.
Centers – Popa, Lear.
Quarterbacks – Codrea, Libis.
Halfbacks – Dunn, Ramsey, Baucum, Ross, Grimes.
Fullback – Walker.

Ends – Paige, B. Williams, McGuire, Gallion, Griffin.
Tackles – Petroff, Campbell, Hartley, Neago, Sherrett.
Guards – Richards, Whitifield, Ross, Kraft.
Centers – Marks, F. Williams, Ehmer.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Maurer, Doolittle.
Halfbacks – Lemon, Foster, James, Smith, McLendon,
McFadden, Healy.
Fullback – Manson.

Score by Quarters:
Alliance………….. 0 0 0 6 – 6
Massillon …………8 8 0 6 – 22

Touchdowns: Massillon – Lemon (34-yard run); Paige (30-yard pass
from Sheegog); James (9-yard pass from Sheegog).
Alliance – Walker (2-yard run).

Extra points: Massillon – Sheegog 4 (runs).

Referee – Tony Pianowski (Cleveland).
Umpire – Joe Romano (Mansfield).
Head Linesman – John Agnone (Youngstown).
Field Judge – Bob Ferguson (Marion).

Mass. Opp.
First downs—rushing 10 8
First downs—passing 3 2
First downs—penalties 0 0
Total first downs 13 10
Yards gained rushing 231 187
Yards lost rushing 10 36
Net yards gained rushing 221 151
Net yards gained passing 90 44
Total yards gained 311 195
Passes attempted 10 12
Passes completed 5 5
Passes intercepted by 0 2
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 20
Times kicked off 4 2
Kickoff average (yards) 48.2 40
Kickoff returns (yards) 49 53
Times punted 1 5
Punt average (yards) 37.0 30.6
Punt returns (yards) 16 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 4 3
Lost fumbled ball 4 1
Penalties 1 2
Yards penalized 5 30
Touchdowns rushing 1 1
Touchdowns passing 2 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Total number of plays 50 64

Dave Whitfield
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1965: Massillon 38, Mansfield 12

Tigers Romp To 38-12 Win Over Mansfield

Take Advantage Of Visitors’ Miscues


They hung the Tiger in effigy but he didn’t stay dead long!

Somebody draped a Tiger dummy in front of a sign in the Massillon dressing room at Tiger stadium where all would be sure to see it. The pre-game message warned the Bengals that Mansfield’s Tygers were untied and unscored upon in 2 games.

Program Cover

The defending state champs got the message all right and romped to a 38-12 victory over Mansfield before 12,377 fans, the season’s second-largest turnout. The Obie-men thus got by the third roadblock along the “Tiger Turnpike to Victory.”

The victory was Earle Bruce’s 36th straight, counting last month’s All-Star game. It was the 21st in a row for the Washington high eleven, 21st straight at home, eighth straight against Mansfield and brought the Bengal-Tyger series to 27-2-4.

It was one of those nights which drew a real team effort offensively and defensively. It would be unfair to cite any one boy as having been better than any other.

* * * * *
A PLEASING omen was signs of the Tiger passing game, heretofore rather tame, coming to life. Two touchdowns came via the aerial route from quarterback Dave Sheegog to split end Rick Paige.

The Tigertowners dominated the statistics with 11 first downs to Mansfield’s 8, 187 net yards on the ground to 86, 72 to 57 in the air and a total of 259 to 143. The Massillon defense threw Mansfield for 40 minus yards in the rushing department, thanks to some fine gang tackling and pursuit, while the Tigers lost only 12. Mansfield gained 64 yards of its ground total while the Bengal reserves were in during the final quarter.

Most of the Tigers’ running was to the outside. The middle of the Mansfield defense was hard to break, because of guys like Bob Westerfield, Eli Marsh and Arnold Swope, filling in for ailing middle guard Bon Ruckman, who played only offensive center.

It was a game of breaks with Massillon picking up 3 of 6 touchdowns after 2 bad fourth down snaps from center and a punt fumble. Mansfield capitalized on a fumble and intercepted pass.

Because of the several breaks the Tigers made for themselves, they weren’t forced to make any sustained drives for TD’s. Three of the 5 times they attempted it the Bengallanders got no further than the Mansfield 40-yard line.

* * * * *
THE TIGERS scored the first time they got their hands on the ball. With second down and one on their own 41, Tommy James broke through on a counter trap to the left and raced to the Mansfield 22, just missing going all the way.

On the next play Sheegog hit Paige cutting towards the end zone flag with “Ramblin Rick” grabbing the ball on the 10 and racing the rest of the way with 8:37 left in the first quarter. A misplay in the Bengal backfield prevented a conversion.

On the next series, Mansfield drove to the Massillon 43 and was forced to punt. Sheegog gathered to the pigskin on his 7, cut to his right and raced 93 yards for a score. He had some fine blocking along the way. The tally came at 4:45. Junior quarterback Craig Maurer passed to junior fullback Will Foster for 2 extra points.

Mansfield came back after the kickoff and a punt when Dan Coe fell on a fumble on the Bengal 28. A 15-yard face mask penalty followed. Then the Tigers appeared to have the Tygers stopped on the 18 on fourth down. But quarterback Harry Waldman bootlegged left and tossed to end Chris Alexander in the end zone with 1:06 left. A pass to end Dan Arnett on the conversion attempt was incomplete and the scoreboard read 14-6.

Massillon got a 21-yard runback by Sheegog on the ensuing kickoff and started a 65-yard TD jaunt with 50 seconds left in the welcome frame. A pass interference penalty kept the drive going.

Three plays into the third quarter with third down, 8 on the Mansfield 49, Sheegog hit Paige on the button hook left on the Tyger 30 with Rick sprinting the remainder of the distance for the Bengals’ third TD with 11:02 remaining. A pass to Lemon for the intended conversion was incomplete.

* * * * *
ON FOURTH DOWN on Mansfield’s 2nd following series, Junior Parr dropped back from the 12 to punt. A bad snap ended in Parr being crushed to the earth on the 3 by Terry Manson.

He busted off left guard on the next play for a score with 3:01 lit up on the scoreboard. Manson also tried the conversion but was brought down short of the mark with the score remaining 26-6.

On fourth down in the next series, the snap went past Parr into the end zone. Dave Whitfield, theTigers’ right defensive end, smashed into Parr in the end zone after the Tyger punter had retrieved the pigskin. It bounced loose and the other end, “Wild Bill” Williams, pounced on it for the score. With 1:17 left Bill Pearch’s conversion kick was wide left.

Mansfield got the only score in the third stanza. Tom Osgar, a defensive back, grabbed off a Maurer pass on the Massillon 45 and raced back to the 38.

Seven plays later, Mansfield had its second and last touchdown. Parr went over right tackle from the half-yard line at 3:13 on second down. He had run 15 yards to the 2 and another 1 1/2 on the 2 plays previous. Paul Marks intercepted Waldman’s conversion pass.

* * * * *
MASSILLON’S LAST score came when Mansfield fumbled Rick Healy’s punt on the first play of the last quarter. The ball bounced off a safetyman’s hands at the 20 and rolled to the 7 where Loren (Stretch) McGuire wrapped his long frame around it. Foster ran to the one and then into the promised land off left tackle on the next play with 10:57 left. Pearch’s conversion kick was blocked.

Nobody came close to scoring after that.

Bruce commented after the game. “I’m pleased at our performance because we beat a tough team. We got a lot of breaks, Mansfield isn’t that bad. Our defense was good this week. We were hitting, not catching.”

A youthful Gary Prahst said of his Mansfield eleven, “We gave them 4 touchdowns. We didn’t play good. But I don’t want to take anything away from Massillon. They’re good. Sheegog is excellent.”

Prahst felt this loss would not hurt the morale of his team which starts Buckeye conference play next week. He said he had thought his team would be able to move the ball against Massillon easily but couldn’t. When asked about the poor punt centers, Prahst said his boys weren’t nervous but had had that trouble before.

Prahst was exuberant over the play of Marsh, calling him “a real leader.”

Alliance comes to town next Friday for the Orange and Black’s fourth straight home game.

Ends – Allen, Alexander, Arnett.
Tackles – Palm, Swope, Coe, Socea.
Guards – Adams, Windbigler, Reedy, King.
Center – Ruckman.
Quarterback – Waldman.
Halfbacks – Luckie, Osgar, Jefferson, Westerfield, Davis.
Fullbacks – Marsh, Swarn, Parr.

Ends – Paige, B. Williams, Mcguire, Crone, Riese, Healy.
Tackles – Petroff, Campbell, Hartley, Neago, Ehmer,
Croop, Rhine, Sherrett.
Guards – Whitfield, Richards, White, Kraft, Rose, Porrini,
Mazon, Beiter.
Centers – Marks, F. Williams, Gallion.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Maurer, Doolittle.
Halfbacks – Foster, Lemon, James, McFadden, Muhlbach.
Fullbacks – Manson, Hauenstein, Reed.

Mansfield……………….. 6 0 6 0 – 12
Massillon……………….. 14 18 0 6 – 38

Touchdowns: Massillon – Paige 2 (23 and 49-yard passes from Sheegog);
Sheegog (93-yard return); Manson (2-yard run);
B. Williams (recovered fumble in end zone);
Foster (one-yard run).
Mansfield – Alexander (17-yard pass from Waldman);
Parr (half-yard run).

Extra Points: Massillon – Foster 2 (pass from Maurer).

Mass. Opp.
First downs—rushing 8 5
First downs—passing 2 3
First downs—penalties 1 0
Total first downs 11 8
Yards gained rushing 199 126
Yards lost rushing 12 40
Net yards gained rushing 187 86
Net yards gained passing 72 57
Total yards gained 259 143
Passes attempted 6 13
Passes completed 2 6
Passes intercepted by 1 1
Yardage on passes intercepted 13 20
Times kicked off 7 3
Kickoff average (yards) 50.1 47.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 43 149
Times punted 3 5
Punt average (yards) 42.0 38.1
Punt returns (yards) 116 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 3 2
Lost fumbled ball 1 2
Penalties 4 4
Yards penalized 60 39
Touchdowns rushing 2 1
Touchdowns passing 2 1
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 2 0
Total number of plays 46 57

Referee – Howard Wirtz (Cincinnati).
Umpire – Harvey Hodgson, Jr. (Massillon).
Head Linesman – Bill Makepeace (Cincinnati).
Field Judge – Jack McLain (Columbus).

Dave Whitfield
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1965: Massillon 29, Cleveland Benedictine 12

Tigers Sweat Out Victory Over Benedictine

Heat Takes Toll of WHS Linebackers


“It’s hot out there tonight!”

End Loren McGuire didn’t know it but his pre-game statement in the locker room Friday night was to be a prophetic one.

Forty-eight minutes later in that same locker room, fullback Terry Manson provided the proof. Swathed in wet towels and ice, he lay on the training table minus 15 pounds, nearly exhausted from the high temperature and humidity on the Tiger stadium gridiron after playing one of the finest games of his career.

The sweltering atmosphere in the stadium played a key part in Washington high school’s 29-12 conquest of a fine Cleveland Benedictine high school team, which also felt the effects of the heat, before 12,892 fans. The Tigers took a 22-0 lead into the final quarter but the Bennies didn’t quit and came up with 2 touchdowns Massillon fans thought Benedictine didn’t have left.

During the final stanza in the stadium sweat-box, the Tigers were minus their first 3 linebackers, Paul Marks, Dave Whitfield and Will Foster, all with leg cramps, apparently brought on by the heat. Safeties Dave Sheegog, who had done a lot of running previously, and Rick Paige were tired by the heat. Manson was missing from middle guard.

“I’M CONCERNED about keeping players in the game,” Tiger Coach Earle Bruce said afterwards. “You just can’t lose players like that in a big game and not get hurt.”

Larry Zelina, junior halfback whom Bruce said is a “great ballplayer” and who Augie Bossu, Benedictine boss said, “gave a real effort,” scored both of the last quarter touchdowns for the Bennies. He ran a punt back 17 yards to the Massillon 47-yard line, then carried on 4 of the next 8 plays and went through the center on third down from the 17 with 6:05 left in the game to make the count 22-6. He failed to pick up the 2 extra points.

Zelina got into the act again, after a Massillon fumble, with 2:14 remaining. He scored on a 57-yard pass play from quarterback Jim Betts, running the last 40 yards. Betts missed the conversion on a run. Zelina had picked up 17 yards on the 2 plays previous to the TD maneuver, for a first down.

Zelina gained 170 yards unofficially rushing and running back kicks. He caught 2 passes for 70 yards. The non-TD catch being for 13.

Sheegog picked up 126 yards for the Tigers.

Manson was another key figure in the victory. He latched onto a fumble which set up the Tigers’ second touchdown and his running readied the stage for the third.

DEFENSIVE tackle John Rose, a senior, probably played his best game, throwing Benedictine runners for key losses.

Halfback Walt Lemon scored 2 TD’s for the second week in a row.

MANSON jumped on a Bennie bobble with the score 6-0 in favor of Massillon early in the second quarter. The Tigers had scored only seconds before. Two plays after the recovery on Benedictine’s 13, Sheegog raced to the one. Lemon went between right tackle and right guard for the 6 points with the scoreboard showing 6:27. Sheegog passed to Bill Williams for the conversion.

Lemon had gone in from the 2 on the same play only 32 second before for the first TD of the game following a scoreless first quarter. The paydirt plunge followed an 85-yard drive which had started late in the first period after a Benedictine punt.

The touchdown was set up on the 12th play of the drive with fourth down on the 18. Sheegog passed to Lemon on the screen to the 2. “Sweet Walter” scored on the next play.

Benedictine failed to get going before the intermission. Bossu said, “We had no offense in the first half.”

MASSILLON drove 59 yards for a score after another fine punt return by Sheegog in the third quarter. Manson carried for 7 straight plays, bullying his way through the middle of the big Benedictine line for all but 5 of the 59 yards. Those 5 coming on an illegal procedure penalty.

On the eighth play Sheegog faked to Manson who went into the line again beautifully. But the handoff was to Tommy James on the 24. “Tailspin Tommy” revved up his engine and swooped past the startled Benedictine team on a scissors play for the score with 5:45 remaining. He caught a pass from Sheegog for the extra 2 points.

The Obiemen weren’t through. They came back again with 6 seconds left in the game. Rick Healy was roughed on a punt and Massillon got a life on the Benedictine 35.

Junior quarterback Craig Maurer kept on the first play, saw daylight and was off for the final tally of the night. He eluded 2 Benedictine safetymen with some neat faking to go the last several yards. Place-kicking specialist Bill Pearch put the finishing touches on the night.

Bossu acknowledged that Manson’s fumble recovery and James’ TD run were key plays, as did Bruce.
Bruce was discouraged about his team’s offside penalties on defense and felt that the Tigers played a poor last quarter. He thought Benedictine shouldn’t have scored.

Final statistics showed how close the game was. Total net yardage gained was 284 for Massillon to 225 for Benedictine and 15 first downs to 10 in favor of Massillon. But the Tigers picked up 246 yards on the ground compared to the Bengals’ 129.

The Orange and Black had trouble with its passing game again, missing at least 3 aerials which looked like TD shots.

It was the 20th straight win for Massillon and third straight over Benedictine. The series now stands at 9-2 in Massillon’s favor. Bruce stretched his personal streak to 35, counting the All-Star game in August.

Benedictine’s season record is 1-1.

Mansfield senior high comes in next week.

Swell (tering) Win

Ends – Marcoguiseppe, Pilcavage, Grimm, Kane.
Tackles – Inman, Drongowski.
Guards – Daray, Hyclak, Busi, Russ, Morgan.
Center – Baumbick.
Quarterbacks – Betts, Mihalek.
Halfbacks – Zelina, Kucera, White, Novak.
Fullbacks – Scanlon, Sirecuss.

Ends – Paige, McGuire, Healy, B. Williams, Humphrey,
Crone, Riese, Griffin.
Tackles – Hartley, Neago, Petroff, Campbell, Sherrett.
Guards – Whitfield, Richards, Kraft, Rose, Mazon, Porrini.
Center – Marks, F. Williams, Ehmer, Gallion.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Maurer, Doolittle.
Halfbacks – Lemon, Foster, James, Muhlbach, McLendon.
Fullback – Manson.
Placekicker – Pearch.

Score by quarters:
Benedictine…………… 0 0 0 12 – 12
Massillon …………….. 0 14 8 7 – 29

Touchdowns: Massillon – Lemon 2 (1 and 2-yard runs), James (24-yard run),
Maurer (35-yard run).
Benedictine – Zelina 2 (17-yard run and 57-yard pass from Betts).

Extra points: Massillon – Williams 2 (pass from Sheegog), James 2 (pass from Sheegog),
Pearch 1 (kick).

Mass. Opp.
First downs—rushing 11 6
First downs—passing 2 4
First downs—penalties 2 0
Total first downs 15 10
Yards gained rushing 264 140
Yards lost rushing 18 11
Net yards gained rushing 246 129
Net yards gained passing 38 96
Total yards gained 284 225
Passes attempted 9 13
Passes completed 2 5
Passes intercepted by 0 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 0
Times kicked off 5 3
Kickoff average (yards) 55.0 42 2/3
Kickoff returns (yards) 68 60
Times punted 5 6
Punt average (yards) 33.0 38
Punt returns (yards) 55 20
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 2 2
Lost fumbled ball 1 1
Penalties 6 7
Yards penalized 50 55
Touchdowns rushing 4 1
Touchdowns passing 0 1
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Total number of plays 64 51

Referee – Octavio Sirgo (Canton).
Umpire – Ed Corsi (Cleveland Heights).
Head linesman – Sam DiBlasi (Canton).
Field Judge – Steve Herring (Lyndhurst).

Dave Whitfield
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1965: Massillon 50, Cleveland Glenville 0

Tigers Claw Cleveland Glenville 50-0

Bengals’ Defense Shares Opening Night Limelight With Sparkling Offense


They ran it here! They ran it there! They ran that pigskin everywhere!

Like “Hurricane Betsy,” which dropped some of its remaining rain on Tiger stadium, the Massillon Tigers roared up and down the gridiron for 48 minutes in their opener Friday night. They left the plucky but out manned Cleveland Glenville Tarblooders in the devastation of a 50-00 shellacking before 10,253 fans.

Program Cover

The Washington high eleven had its ground game operating to perfection in its first quest for a 21st state championship. The Orange and Black line chopped down the opposition like a machete fells sugar cane. The backs hit their holes like a scared rabbit evading a hunter’s gun.

But the defense deserves a pat on the back, too, for its multiple-player, bone-crunching tackles and lightning-like charges. The Tarblooders were held to a minus 3 yards on the ground, losing 76 yards.

GLENVILLE got only 2 sustained drives going all night but was stopped both times by a determined Tiger defense. The Tarblooders moved from their 41-yard line to the Obiemen’s one-foot line in the first period and from the Massillon 48 to the 5 in the fourth quarter.

Had Glenville scored in the driving rain, which hit in the first quarter and kept on sporadically the rest of the night, the Tarblooders might have tied the score. It was 8-0 at the time. But halfback Johnny Pollard was stopped short.

“I thought we were over and so did Pollard,” Glenville coach Phil Crawley said later. “That hurt us and so did the fact we have a lot of green kids and Massillon has a lot of depth. We figured we would be in trouble on those 2 counts.

Tiger Coach Earle Bruce thought, “Those 2 goal line stands helped a lot, especially since some of the younger boys were involved.” Bruce was happy that a lot of juniors got a chance to play and that he had the opportunity to get his running game into shape. He felt the rain hampered his team’s ground efforts.

The wet stuff not withstanding, the Bengals rolled up 337 net yards to 80 for Glenville and 19 first downs to 6. The Tigers gained nothing through the air in 5 tries.

The rain played havoc with the ball-handling, 10 fumbles resulting. Massillon lost 3 of 4 and Glenville 2 of 6.

THE TIGERTOWNERS scored in every quarter with the most points – 20 – coming in the second. Several players figured in the fireworks. Quarterback Dave Sheegog scored 2 touchdowns, 2 conversions and passed for 2. Halfback Tommy James, Jr., tallied twice for 6-pointers. Halfback Walt Lemon got 2 and a conversion and halfback Will Foster one. End Rick Healy got the other conversion.

The defending state champions scored the second time they got their hands on the ball. They almost went in the first time after a pass interception but fumbled on the Glenville 13.

Safety Rick Paige intercepted another Glenville aerial on the Tarblooder 35 and ran it back to the 8. Lemon got the call on the option play to the right on the next play and “Sweet Walter” scored with 7:07 left in the first quarter. Sheegog converted via a run.

After stopping Glenville on the one-foot line, the Tigers ground machine, with Sheegog, Foster, Lemon and fullback Terry Manson all taking turns, moved the pigskin to the Glenville 42. Lemon shot off left tackle for the remaining distance with 9:35 remaining in the second canto. The conversion attempt missed when a fumble occurred on the option.

The Tigers scored the next 2 times they got the ball in the second quarter, after bottling up Glenville in its own territory. The first chance came when tackle Dick Hartley made a teeth-rattling tackle which threw Glenville to its 14 after a bad fourth-down snap.

JAMES, bringing back memories of his famous father’s 1940 running, carried to the 3 on the first play. Foster, like James a junior, slanted left for the TD on the next play for a 20-0 lead at 7:26. The conversion attempt went awry.

The third second-period score came when Paige intercepted a pass on his 45 and
long-legged it back to the Glenville 38.

Four plays later, with first down on the 26, James saw daylight between left guard and left tackle and “Red, Jr.” was gone for a score at 3:27. Sheegog kept for the conversion.

Paige intercepted another pass near the end of the half on his 35 and returned to the Glenville 32. This time “Ramblin’ Rick” was injured and sat out the rest of the game with a left bruise, which does not appear too serious. Sheegog came up with a slight “Charlie Horse.”

A Tiger fumble on the 22 aborted this scoring try.

THE BENGALS activated the scoreboard lights twice in the third stanza. Driving straight down the field on the ground after the kickoff, the Tigers scored at 7:44. They covered 67 yards in 10 plays with Sheegog keeping off the “I” on first down from the 7. “Dandy Dave” tossed to Healy for 2 extra points.

Another bad fourth-down pass from center and fumble gave Massillon the ball first down on the Tarblooders’ 7. Three plays later Sheegog went off the right side for the Tigers’ sixth TD. Sheegog passed for the conversion with the ball bouncing off end Bill Williams’ hands and into the outstretched arms of Lemon.

The final Massillon score came at 8:16 of the fourth quarter. Safetyman Craig Maurer ran back a punt from his 40 to Glenville’s 40. Four plays later it was “TJ” again. This time James slipped through a trap hole at left guard on first down from the 9. The conversion missed.

Bruce felt that Lemon, Foster and James ran well. He thought junior Mike Kraft did a good line backing job but generally was pleased overall with his team’s performance.

Although he wouldn’t admit it, the Skipper was obviously running under wraps. He must play a tough Cleveland Benedictine team here next week in the second of 5 straight home games. Benedictine defeated Cleveland St. Edward 13-12 in its opener last night.

A Good Start!

Ends – Stewart, Smith, Bullard.
Tackles – Wilson, Binder, Gibbs.
Guards – Kince, King.
Centers – Greene, Kitt.
Quarterback – Patrick
Halfbacks – Harris, White, Dean, Holton, Pollard.
Fullbacks – Reese, Robbins.

Ends – Healy, Griffin, Gallion, Moyer, B. Williams, Humphrey, Crone,
Paige, Riese, Russell.
Tackles – Petroff, Hartley, Campbell, Neago, Croop, Sherrett.
Guards – Rose, Kraft, Beiter, Mazon, Whitfield, Richards, Porrini.
Centers – Marks, Ehmer, Croop, Williams.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Maurer, Doolittle.

Halfbacks – Lemon, Smith, McLendon, James, Foster, Muhlbach,
Fullback – Manson

Score by quarters:
Glenville………………… 0 0 0 0 – 0
Massillon……………….. 8 20 16 6 – 50

Touchdowns: Sheegog 2 (7 and 2 yard runs); Lemon 2 (8 and 42 yard runs);
James 2 (26 and 9-yard runs); Foster 1 (3-yard run).

Extra Points: Sheegog 4 (2 runs); Lemon 2 (pass from Sheegog);
Healy 2 (pass from Sheegog).

Referee – Harvey Hodgson, Jr. (Massillon).
Umpire – Jack McLain (Columbus).
Head Linesman – Bud Shopbell (Canton).
Field Judge – Don Welsh (Wooster).

Mass. Opp.
First downs—rushing 17 2
First downs—passing 0 3
First downs—penalties 2 1
Total first downs 19 6
Yards gained rushing 351 73
Yards lost rushing 14 76
Net yards gained rushing 337 (3)
Net yards gained passing 0 83
Total yards gained 337 80
Passes attempted 5 17
Passes completed 0 3
Passes intercepted by 3 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 36 0
Times kicked off 8 1
Kickoff average (yards) 42.2 28
Kickoff returns (yards) 0 157
Times punted 0 3
Punt average (yards) 0 25½
Punt returns (yards) 62 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 4 6
Lost fumbled ball 3 2
Penalties 2 3
Yards penalized 30 35
Touchdowns rushing 7 0
Touchdowns passing 0 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Total number of plays 54 56

Dave Whitfield