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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1974: Massillon 48, Columbus Marion Franklin 0

‘Night of Long Run’ wins for Tigers

Independent Sports Editor

It was “The Night of the Long Run” for the Tigers as they put together four of them for touchdowns of 34 yards or more, combined the effort with some terrific blocking, great defensive work and generally kicked the devil out of hapless Columbus Marion Franklin.

The spell could have been woven for an even greater count than the 48-0 final had Tiger head coach Chuck Shuff elected to keep his first string in beyond the point of 1:22 left in the first half. However, Shuff doesn’t play that way.

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“I’M GRATEFUL,” said losing coach Jim Harper of Franklin. “I told you on the telephone Wednesday that your team had too good talent to stay down for long. I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong with our team.”

Massillon’s non-league victory got the Orange and Black above the .500 mark for the first
time this season at 4-3 and was a perfect tune-up for next week’s big clash at Warren Harding. The Tigers’ third straight victory, second consecutive shutout and third whitewash job dropped the Red Devils to 3-4.

Junior tailback Tom Grizzard, subbing for injured senior tailback and co-captain Mark Streeter ran for touchdowns of 43, 34 and five yards. Senior quarterback Greg Wood darted 41 yards, senior tailback Keith Herring dashed 76, junior fullback Bill Harmon blasted for 14 and junior tailback Harold Dorsey dashed for two for another.

Senior Dave Dowd kicked five conversions and junior Enzo Fatigati one.

Two of Grizzard’s touchdowns came on option plays. Grizzard’s other score came on a pitch inside end as did Dorsey’s. Wood did some daring running when trapped to get his TD and pitched to Herring when trapped on an option to give Herring his score. Harmon just plain bulled his way off tackle.

GRIZZARD gained 132 net yards in nine carries for a 14.7 average in the first half, most of that yardage in the first quarter. Harmon now called behemoth in the Beowulf epic, totaled 67 yards in six carries for an 11.2 average, also all in the first half.

The Tigers totaled 321 net yards, including 279 rushing in the first half, converting four of five third-down attempts. The Orange and Black defense held Franklin to 33 yards, including 20 rushing and allowed the Devils to convert none of six third-down attempts, putting the game on ice after the first 24 minutes.

Tiger pursuit and rushing was outstanding and tackling vicious. Sophomore linebacker Anthony Grizzard had a reported 10 tackles.

Cornerback Dorsey recovered a Franklin fumble on the Massillon 42 in the second quarter to stop the Red Devils’ longest first half advance and start a touchdown drive. Safety Eddie Bell picked up a Devil fumble on the Massillon 24 in the third period, one play before Herring took off on his TD drive.

The Tigers’ first-team blocking was stupendous, including key hits by Harmon on Grizzard’s long TD runs, bringing hope that the spirited play will continue against the Region 2 computer leader, Harding, next week.

THE TIGERS kept the Devils in the hole with a 52.3-yard kickoff average by Dowd and Keith Harmon and a 51-yard punting average by Todd Keller.

“It helped out a lot to have those long kicks and long runs,” Shuff said. “The defense was real good. They had hardly any yardage the first half.”

“I hope that was a good tune-up for Harding,” Shuff said. “It’s going to be a real head knocker.”

Shuff pointed to Tom Grizzard’s and Bill Harmon’s running.

“Grizzard ran the off-tackle hole very nicely and broke several tackles,” Shuff said. “The Big Bear” broke one on his TD run, took one guy by Bill’s shirt tail and two hanging onto his back into the end zone. Grizzard was just fantastic.

The skipper pointed out that Wood did some fantastic reverse field running and darting in and out between would-be tacklers on his six-point journey.

“We passed much more tonight because they practically had a nine-man line on us at the beginning of the game,” Shuff said. “The Devils had a linebacker up on the line which forced us to go up inside tackle more. We had more speed that their defense. Eddie Bell took out two people on one of our option plays.

Ends – Brown, Scott, Mathis, Flemmings, Washburn.
Tackles – Fitzerald, Crowder, Englemen, Blount, Oats, Simpson.
Guards – Goode, Spears, Jones, Scior, Broadnaz, Lanier.
Center – Smith, Johnson.
Quarterbacks – Chestmut, Hunt.
Halfbacks – Mosely, McBroom, M. Moon, Mourning, Anderson, Carter, Estice, McCoy, Billingslea, R. Moon.
Fullbacks – Bradley, Tiller, Miller, Horn.

Ends – Lemon, Bell, Coates, Bammerlin, Gutshall.
Tackles – Lauber, Rich, Honaker, M. Matie, Goff, Easter, Greshen, Drobney, Genet, Glick, Rambaud.
Guards – Snell, Dowd, Christoff, Schumacher, Bettilyon, K. Waldrop, Parrish, White, Bricker.
Centers – Studer, Nagle, Mitchael.
Quarterbacks – Wood, Keller.
Halfbacks – Hughley, Butterfield, Fothergill, Simpson, Dorsey, Stewart, Arner, Robinson.
Fullbacks – B. Harmon, G. Waldrop, Martin, Rogers, Hoffner, Lab.
Kicker – Fatigati.

Massillon 28 7 6 7 48
C. Marion Franklin 0 0 0 0 0

M – Harmon, 14 run (Dowd kick);
M – Grizzard, 43 run (Dowd kick);
M – Grizzard, 34 run (Dowd kick);
M – Wood, 41 run (Dowd kick);
M – Grizzard, 5 run (Dowd kick);
M – Herring 76 run (kick failed);
M – Dorsey, 2 run (Fatigati kick).

Referee – Warren Jones.
Umpire – Kermit Blosser.
Head Linesman – Dr. Phil Davidson.
Field Judge – Hugh Davis.
Back Judge – Ron Giacomo.

First downs – rushing 14 2
First downs – passing 3 1
First downs – penalties 2 1
Total first downs 19 4
Yards gained rushing 396 104
Yards lost rushing 6 21
Net yds. gained rushing 390 83
Net yds. gained passing 57 33
Total yards gained 447 116
Passes completed 5-11 3-10
Passes intercepted by 1 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 6 0
Kickoff average (yards) 8-53.3 1-30.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 29 127
Punt average (yards) 1-51.0 6-35.8
Punt returns (yards) 8 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Lost fumbled ball 1-4 2-2
Yards penalized 6-80 6-70
Touchdowns rushing 7 0
Total number of plays 53 42

Joe Studer
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1973: Massillon 52, Columbus Marion Franklin 19

Tigers roar back for 42-19 victory

By CHUCK HESS JR. Independent Sports Editor

A strange monster isn’t the only thing throwing scares into Massillon these days. The Red Devils got in their bid Friday night at Tiger Stadium.

But the Tiger sloughed off the 13-7 Columbus Marion-Franklin first quarter lead and came back to hand the red Devils a 42-19 defeat before 10,741—the seasons smallest crowd here.

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“I NEVER lost confidence in our kids or our ability to win the football game,” Tiger head coach Bob Commings said. “I was a little bit upset that Marion-Franklin got the go-ahead touchdown the way they did.”

Commings added, “Charles Danzy took the initiative in the second half as a captain should and led us on to victory.” The senior tailback scored a touchdown after the intermission and racked up 145 yards in 19 carries — losing none —during the game.

Marion-Franklin skipper Jim Harper thought the turning point came in the second quarter after Devil Wayne Hagwood’s diving try at an end zone pass interception was ruled no possession by head linesman Henry Mastriann. Back judge Warren Jones had ruled an interception but Mastriann’s decision stood because he was closer to the scene of the action.

The Tiger’s go-ahead TD followed.

“I didn’t think a team rated as Massillon is and which has the powerhouse they have would have to have homer officials,” Harper said.

“On the first fumble they didn’t have an official on the ball. I’m not taking anything away from Massillon because they can move the football.”

TIGER FULLBACK Bill Harmon fumbled and recovered on the Marion-Franklin 22 and the Tigers went on to their first TD.

“Massillon has 505 wins and we never beat anybody,” said Commings. “People come up with a once in a lifetime performance that they’re going to have, but the only way we ever beat them is by the officials, bad breaks or bad field position and I’m sick and tired of that.”

The latest win saw Harmon scoring twice, split end Jeff Huffman and quarterback Greg Wood combining for two more TDs and wingback Mark Streeter running for one to add to Danzy’s effort. Allan Binks kicked five conversions and Brad Limbach one.

Streeter got the Tigers started with a 34-yard punt runback and six plays later went over left tackle from the 11 with 6:53 left in the first quarter.

Marion-Franklin marched 52 yards in seven plays after Mickey Horn’s 15-yard kick runback and a facemask penalty. A Tiger offside infraction and quarterback Rocky Roddy’s 14-yard end run to the one were also thrown in.

RODDY SCORED from the one through the center with 3:02 left. Virgil Carreker booted the conversion.

Horn pounced on Harmon’s fumble on the Tiger 38 one play after the ensuing kickoff. On third down Roddy tossed to halfback Kevin Woods for 38 yards to the one and Roddy went through the center after a half-yard offside penalty with the clock showing 53 seconds. Carreker’s kick was wide right.

The Orange and Black rolled 49 yards after a punt for their next six-pointer. An 8-yard blast through the center by Harmon and a 20-yard power-pitch sweep around left end by Danzy made it first down on the seven.

Three plays later – after a half-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty by Harper for being on the field to argue about clock operation – Harmon bulled through the middle for six points with 2:52 left in the second stanza.

End Vince DiLoreto recovered Hagwood’s fumble on the Marion-Franklin 27. Danzy’s nine-yard pitch-sweep run to the left and Woods boot keeper to the right for 11 yards to the three set up a Wood to Huffman three-yard touchdown pass with 45 seconds left.

A 61-YARD, five-play drive after the second half kickoff started by John Mayor’s 13-yard runback and finished by Danzy’s 27-yard power pitch right end sweep with 10:13 left accounted for the next score. Danzy added nine and eight-yarder.

Harmon had the misfortune of having the ball bounce into the air from his hands on the 50 and end Robert Keyes scored a Devil TD, nullifying a DiLoreto fumble recovery. Time left after Roddy’s unsuccessful conversion pass to Woods was 4:31.

Streeter’s eight-yard kick runback, a face mask step off and another Danzy sweep – this one 15 yards to the six were included in the next scoring sequence. The drive covered 64 yards with 12 plays. Harmon carried through the middle again – from two yards out – to put on the clincher. Time left was 11:57 of the fourth quarter.

Danzy recovered Woods’ fumble on the Devil 26 one play after the ensuing kickoff. Wood threw a 26-yarder to
Huffman to complete the scoring with 11:04 left.

The Tigers are 6-0-1 and the Devils 3-4.

Ends-DiLoreto, Huffman, T. Gutshall, McCauley, Rolland, Venables.
Tackles-Lee, George, Csonka, Rich, Chapman, Goff.
Guards-Schumacher, Bricker, A. Lemon, Fenton,Graber.
Quarterbacks-Wood, D. Gutshall.
Halfbacks-Swann, Streeter, Danzy, Pifer, Mayor, Dailey, Henderson, Herring, T. Lemon.
Fullbacks-Harmon, McGuire, Waldrop.
PlaceKickers-Binks, Limbach.

Ends-Brown, Mosley, Keyes, Walters, Mathis.
Tackles-Hunter, Goode, Jones, Engleman, Blount, Oates, Flemmings.
Guards-Douridas, Scior, Lanier, Brams, Jordan.
Center-Robers, Washburn, Johnson.
Quarterbacks-Roddy, Carse.
Halfback-Byrd, Hagwood, Woods, carter, McCoy, Billingslea.
Fullback-Williams, Miller, Horn.

Marion-Franklin 13 0 6 0-19
Massillon 7 14 7 14-42
M-Mark Streeter 11 run (Allan Binks kick); MF-Rocky Roddy 1 run (Carreker Kick); MF-Roddy 1 run (kick failed); M-Harmon 1 run (Binks kick); Huffman 3 pass from Greg Wood (Binks kick); M-Charles Danzy 27 run (Binks kick); MF-Robert Keyes 50 fumble recovery (pass failed); M-Harmon 2 run (Binks kick); M-Huffman 26 pass form Wood (Brad Limbach kick).

Officials: Referee James Keffer; umpire-Ted Deutsch; head linesman-Henry Mastriann; field judge-Fred Vicarel; back judge-Warren Jones.

First downs rush
First downs pass
First downs penalties
Total first downs
Yards gained rushing
Yards lost rushing
Net yds. Gained rush
Net yards gained pass
Total yards gained
Passes Completed
Passes interception by
Kickoff average
Kickoff returns (yds.)
Punt average
Punt returns (yds.)
Had punts blocked
Fumbles lost
Yards penalized
Touchdowns rushing
Touchdowns passing
Total number of plays
Elapsed time

Jeff Huffman
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1969: Massillon 38, Columbus Marion Franklin 8

Orange and Black were behind 8-6 at the half

Independent Sports Editor

For three-quarters Friday night it appeared the Washington high gridders were bewitched. But in the goodbye canto, the Tigers gave Columbus Marion Franklin the devil and the Tiger stadium Halloween party turned out to be a treat after all.

The Tigers broke loose for 24 points in the final stanza for a 38-8 victory over the Red Devils from the state capital. A Dad’s Night crowd of 8,407, smallest of the season, watched the home finale.

The Orange and Black did just what Coach Bob Commings feared they would do. They looked ahead to next Saturday’s traditional season-ender with Canton McKinley and Franklin played its heart out in trying to capitalize on the WHSers’ dull play but in the end was out manned. The visitors even led 8-6 at the half.
* * *
“WHEN YOU’RE flat and win 38-8 and nobody gets hurt, you’re thankful,” Commings said. “I’m pleased the kids came out and hit somebody in the second half.”

“We couldn’t go with their depth,” Franklin Coach Dick Mileff said. “I was real proud of our boys. Massillon knew they had been in a game. We knew we had to guard against their momentum.”

It was that momentum which ultimately turned the tide for when the Tigers were able to get the Devils’ pitchfork out of their hides in the fourth quarter, there was no stopping the Commingsmen. Good defensive play enabled the Tigers to keep Franklin bottled up in its own territory throughout the final 12 minutes – with one exception – and enabled the Tigers to be constantly in good field position.

The Orange and Black should have had four scores in the final frame, but after a 43-yard pass-run from quarterback Gary Herring to split end Dan Byelene – the pass traveling 36 yards – a broken play on second down from the one and Roy Enyart’s interception in the end zone thwarted the first attempt.

The Tigers forced a punt, which went out of bounds on the Franklin 38. Wingback Larry “Scooter” Harper picked up 15 yards on an inside double reverse. Fullback Mike Autrey went outside on a pitch for 14 more and then scored on first down from the nine on another pitch with 6:47 left.

Tailback Darnell “Bopper” Streeter’s excellent block enabled Autrey to score the conversion on a pitch to the other side.
* * *
FRANKLIN got as far as the Massillon 49 during its next possession but tackle Bill Dorman and end Ed McConnaughead, Mike Mauger, Mauger and McConnaughead thre Devil runners back 26 yards on the next 3 plays and got the help of a procedure penalty. Massillon took over on the Franklin 20. Harper scampered 20 yards on a double reverse and the Tigers had another score with 1:38 left.

Quarterback Denny Franklin’s pass to Mike Autrey scored two more points.

Dorman helped to set up the last touchdown by blocking a punt, middle guard Elijah McLin raced 11 yards with the recovery and on second down from the 20, Franklin hit Harper in the corner after missing him in the middle of the end zone with 20 seconds left.

McLin scored the conversion on a pitch and the ensuing kickoff ran out the clock.

The Tigers had started the scoring in the second period after Streeter intercepted a 20-yard pass on his 10 and returned 47 yards. In eight plays, including a 13-yard pitch run by Streeter with a personal foul penalty thrown in, Massillon was on the scoreboard.

Streeter went between guard and tackle from three yards out with 5:16 left. Herring hit Harper for the conversion but an ineligible player downfield caused a loss of the try down and nullified the two points.
* * *
A TIGER FUMBLE, recovered by Franklin on the Massillon 43 led to the Devils’ only score after a seven-play drive, which included a personal foul penalty, Bill Taylor’s 10-yard run on a 13-yard pass-run from quarterback Lloyd Ball and a 10-yard pass-run to fullback Bill Harris off a sprint.

Ball sneaked over from the one on the next play (first down) with 17 seconds left in the first half. Ball hit Taylor for an 8-6 lead.

Hall slipped on a fourth down run in the third quarter and the Tigers took over on their 19. Ten and 13-yard runs by Harper, an 18-yarder by Autrey and a 26-yarder by Streeter gave added impetus to a seven-play TD drive.

Streeter capped the drive off with 56 seconds left. Herring circled end for the two extra points.

The Tigers muffed two first quarter chances when fourth down passes from Franklin’s 10 and 28 were incompleted.

Until the fourth stanza, the Orange and Black had trouble stopping Franklin’s possession game with Harris picking up key yardage off tackle. He ended with 87 net yards in 25 carries while Streeter had 101 without a loss in 14 and Autrey 62 without a loss in nine.

Franklin had 71 plays to Massillon’s 51, also attesting to its ability to control the ball.

Massillon’s record rose to 7-1-1 as the result of the non-league game. Franklin dropped to 4-4-1.

Ends – Mills, Farris, Enyart, Shackleford.
Tackles – Vanover, Davis, Wiggins, Conner, McDowell.
Guards – Charmon, Turner, Hughes.
Center – Harold Fields.
Quarterbacks – Ball, Ryan, Bullock, Ryan.
Halfbacks – Bossey, Johnson, Ross, Mason, Brookins, Taylor.
Fullbacks – Harris, Lattimore.

Ends – Byelene, McConnaughead, Lewis, Robinson, Maxhimer, Cline.
Tackles – Dorman, Ridgley, Midgley, Strobel, Celik, Reinerts.
Guards – Midgley, Hout, Benson, Ferguson, Jellel, Sims, Pifer, Eckroate.
Centers – S. Luke, Brand.
Quarterbacks – Franklin, Herring, Fromholtz.
Halfbacks – Mauger, Lombardi, Streeter, Ammond, Harper, W. Luke, Sullivan, Sheaters, Clarey.
Fullbacks – Autrey, McLin, Cardinal.

Franklin 0 8 0 0 – 8
Massillon 0 6 8 24 – 38

M – TB Darnell Streeter, two-yard run.
F – QB Lloyd Ball, one-yard run, HB Bill Taylor PAT (pass from Ball).
M – Streeter, four-yard run, Herring PAT (run).
M – FB Mike Autrey, nine-yard run, Autrey PAT (run).
M – WB Larry Harper, 20-yard pass, Autrey PAT (pass from Franklin).
M – Harder, 22-yard pass from Franklin, McLin PAT (run).

Att. Net. Avg.
Streeter 14 101 7.2
Autrey 9 62 6.9

Att. Net. Avg.
Harris 25 87 3.5

Referee – John Cseh.
Umpire – Henry Mastrianni.
Head Linesman – Robert Donal.
Field Judge – Robert Whetstone.
First downs – rushing 16 8
First downs – passing 3 4
First downs – penalties 0 2
Total first downs 19 14
Yards gained rushing 247 127
Yards lost rushing 6 38
Net yards gained rushing 241 89
Net yards gained passing 97 64
Total yards gained 338 153
Passes completed 6–16 7–18
Passes intercepted by 2 1
Yardage on passes intercepted 77 2
Kickoff average (yards) 6–50.4 2–21.5
Kickoff returns (yards) 0 45
Punt average (yards) 1–26.0 5–33.0
Punt returns (yards) 22 0
Had punts blocked 0 1
Fumbles 2 0
Lost fumbled ball 2 0
Yards penalized 7–65 3–28
Touchdowns rushing 4 1
Touchdowns passing 1 0
Total number of plays 51 71

Mike Autry