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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1971: Massillon 56, Cincinnati Taft 0

Tigers win 56-0; Bennies lie in wait

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There’s only one trouble with a victory like the Massillon Tigers got Friday night. It leaves you too well satisfied at the wrong time.

Washington high’s defending Ohio Class AAA champions demolished Cincinnati Taft 56-0 before 10,516 at Tiger stadium to hang up victory No. 2 and 12 straight in the past two seasons.

TAFT IS 0-2 and has the task of returning to Stark county next Friday to take on Canton McKinley.

Amidst all the rejoicing, Tiger Coach Bob Commings hung up a warning sign:

“The Bennies are coming,” he said, referring to the invasion of Cleveland Benedictine which is slated for next Friday.

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“You enjoy one like this once in awhile if you learn,” he continued. “We’ve had it happen before where we’ve beaten people bit and had a tough game coming up the next week. The only thing which counts is what happens then.”

In each of his three seasons here, Commings has come off easy victories – this time two – to have the tough Bengals starring him right in the face. The team from Cleveland is sure to be rough again this year after Friday night’s 20-0 opening win over Cleveland Cathedral Latin.

The Tigers showed their fans several things against Taft.

– THEY CONTINUED to be tough on defense and are looking forward to that first big challenge.

– The backs ran with authority and held onto the ball much better, even though losing two of three fumbles and made the running attack more consistent behind good blocking.

– The ground game worked as well to the left as to the right as Commings sought to keep his team from being almost all right-handed as it had been last week.

– Good field position pays off.

– There are a lot of hardworking, eager kids waiting in the wings to keep the Tiger machinery working efficiently.

On the last point, Commings again cautioned, “We got a chance to play many kids for experience, but you have to play a good team to find out about depth.”

SO EXCELLENT was the defense for the second week in a row, that Taft got no first downs until midway in the third quarter while the Tigers were rolling up 17 in the first half – 14 on the ground. The game total was 28-3 with the Senators getting two by penalties.

Taft managed only three net yards rushing and 28 total while Massillon got 353 and 384. The Senators got out of their own territory only four times. Once was when Gary Trible recovered Larry McLenndon’s third-quarter fumble on the Tiger 21.

Tailback Willie Spencer was the chief cog in the Tigers’ offensive works, scoring four touchdowns and picking up 71 net yards in 15 tries. Another left half, Larry McLenndon, scored two six-pointers and a conversion. Wingback Art Thompson ran a pair of two-pointers as the Orange and Black scored eight of 11 times it got the ball.

Spencer capped a 13-play first period drive with a run around right end on a pitch on second down from the five with 5:28 left. Side stepping quarterback, Scott Dingler, bootlegging well all night, ran for the conversion off a nice block by guard Scott Graber.

McLenndon scored off right guard on second down from the three with 10:13 remaining in the second quarter after a 13-play drive, highlighted by the running of Dingler, fullback Tom Hannon and key third down pass reception by Thompson. A good second effort also gave mcLenndon the conversion.

Massillon took over on Taft’s 48 following a punt and in seven plays, including a 38-yard run by Thompson and aided by a personnel foul call, scored again as Spencer rammed over right tackle on the first down from the one with 4:42 left.

HANK NUSSBAUMER recovered a fumble at the Taft 35 and the Orange and Black tallied in two plays, a 19-yard pass from Dingler to split end Mike McGuire, seeing his first action after a knee injury and McLenndon’s 16-yard effort around right end on first down from the 16 with 2:29 remaining. Thompson double – reversed the conversion.

A bad snap sent Taft punter, Greg Wooten to the eight where Jim Jackson and Percy Keller hauled him down. In four plays on third down from the four, Spencer traversed left end with 50 seconds left.

The Tigers took over on the Senators’ 48 following a third quarter punt and had a tally in six efforts, including a 15-yard run by fullback Don Perry. Spencer blasted through right tackle on second down from the six with 7:58 to go. Thompson navigated right end for two more.

End Todd Cocklin picked up a Taft bobble on the Senators’ 16 in the fourth canto. Tailback Jim Jackson rolled aro9und left end on the next play with 11:01 on the clock. Both are juniors.

Terry Edwards, a junior wingback, scored with 59 seconds showing, on first down from the seven in a run around right end. His effort ended a 16-play drive by the second string which featured some nice running by both Jackson and fullback Val Keys.

“We weren’t hitting much better this week than last,” a disappointed Taft Coach Elmer Berney said.

He had praise for Massillon saying, “They are well-coached, sound personnel – wise and their big backs execute well.”

First downs, rushing 26 0
First downs, passing 3 1
First down penalties 0 2
Total first downs 29 3
Yards gained rushing 361 42
Yards lost rushing 8 39
Net yards gained, rushing 353 3
Net yards gained, passing 31 25
Total yards gained 384 28
Passes completed 2-5 4-14
Passes intercepted by 2 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 19 0
Kickoff average (yards) 9-46.4 1-52.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 25 92
Punt average (yds.) 1-49.0 6-25.1
Punt returns (yds.) 0 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles(lost) 3(2) 4(2)
Yards penalized 6-80 8-45
Touchdowns rushing 8 0
Total number of plays 66 48

Steve Studer
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1962: Massillon 43, Cincinnati Taft 6

Tigers Defeat Fast Cincinnati Team 43-6
Bengals’ Passes Open Up Queen City Foe For Carriers


The Washington high school football team was the majority party at Tiger stadium Friday night. And the Tigers used their superior numbers to legislate decisively against the Senators from Cincinnati’s Robert A. Taft high school.

The Bengals captured their second victory of the season 3-6. They’ve lost one. Taft has a tie and a loss on its record.

Coach Leo Strang had the strength on his bench to win by a landslide in the second half. He was able to pour in the substitutes and wear down the stubborn Senators with a 30-point barrage in the last 24 minutes after a 13-0 margin at the intermission.

“I feel real good,” Strang said after the game. “I was very pleased with our passing game and some of those catches were tremendous.”

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Strang thought that Taft was a plucky team and could go back home with heads high. “Being able to put in a lot of fresh boys in the last half helped to wear them down,” Strang said. “At half time we found some things we could do that helped us in the second half.”
* * *
THE TIGERS’ skipper was high in his praise of Taft’s speedy right halfback, senior Carl Ward, who made his team’s only touchdown. He felt that Ward was a fine runner with good agility and was a good bet to make an All-Ohio berth.

“Ward is great. There are not many boys any better,” Strang said.

It goes without saying that Will Hundemer, Taft’s coach, was happy with Ward’s performance. He picked up 145 net yards in 17 carries for an average of 8.4 yards per try. Overall the Senators got 163 net yards. He had three kick-off run backs for distances of 14, 35, and 24 yards. Ward also did some fine pass – receiving and punting.

In commenting on his team’s performance, Hundemer said, “I feel we played a fair game. I didn’t expect to get beat as badly as we did. But Massillon has a fine team. They’re great technicians. We made some costly errors in there tonight.”

Hundemer definitely was of the opinion that a Taft fumble on Massillon’s five-yard line early in the second quarter was a key factor in the game. “Things might have been different otherwise,” he said. Ironically Ward made the miscue.
* * *
THE GAME was one where you had to make the most of each opportunity to handle the ball. The Tigers scored six of nine times, missing twice in the first half and once in the second with Tailback Ron Davis and Fullback Jim Lawrence each scoring twice.

Only one Taft play separated the last two times the Orange and Black got the ball in the first half. The Bengals had two plays with a pass interception on the second, then re-intercepted on the Senators’ first try.

Massillon got its first touchdown on a 52-yard drive following a punt in the first period. Nine plays and three first downs were needed for the tally. Ron Davis, a senior starting his first game on offense for the Bengals, rammed in from the one off tackle at 6:33. Wil Paisley kicked the conversion.

The big play in the drive was a 28-yard pass from Senior Quarterback Mike Koenig to junior short side End Bob McAllister.

After Ward had run Paisley’s kick from the Taft 14 to the 49, the Senators took off on a 46-yard drive which ended abruptly with Ward’s fumble on the five. The Senators utilized 15 plays with four first downs. Ward had a 12-yard pass reception in one key spot. Three times Taft held onto the ball on third-down situations, each with more than six yards to make.

Following Davis’ recovery of the fumble, the Benglas made a long 95-yard trek for their second TD. They used 12 plays, getting four first downs. Davis made a big 57-yard run from his five to the Taft 38 via a sweep off a pitchout. Junior Wingback Grady Eckard, starting his first game offensively, contributed a beautiful 10-yard romp on the counter.

Davis went over from the one off guard at 4:23. Paisley’s kick was off to the left.
* * *
TAFT HAD ONE more drive before the half ended. This time the Senators moved from their 20, after the Tigers’ second tally, to the Orange and Black 37 only to lose the ball on downs. Ward contributed a fine 21-yard romp off tackle to the cause.

Massillon took six plays to hit pay dirt after the second half kick-off, moving from its 34 in six plays and two first downs. Koenig completed an 18-yard pass play to senior Wingback Bill Blunt off an offense left formation to get the ball to the Taft 47; three plays later Lawrence crashed off guard from the 41 to the 13. Davis went off tackle to the 10. And Koenig went in on the keeper on the next play at 9:51. Koenig threw to Eckard off offense left to make the score 21-0.

Taft drove from its 28 to the Massillon 45, and lost the ball on downs again. Ward caught a pass good for 17 yards and ran 10 yards on a sweep to help the situation. Both runs were on key third-down situations. The Senators got three first downs during their time with the ball.

The Tigers got nowhere on their next series. Neither did Taft.

The Orange and Black manufactured its next score on a drive which started at the end of the third quarter and carried to the 10:17 mark of the last stanza. Seven plays and three first downs went by the board before the TD came. Koenig’s 13-yard run on the option, a 14-yard counter keeper and a 15-yard personal foul penalty helped out.

Lawrence, a sophomore starting his first game offensively, took a pitchout and went in from the seven. Junior signal-caller Ron Swartz threw to Blunt for the conversion.
* * *
TAFT TOOK three plays after the kickoff to get its only score. Ward ran back the boot from his 10 to his 34. Two plays later, on third-and-11, he skirted end on a counter after finding his tackle hole jammed up and outraced the Tiger defenders 67 yards for the six points at 9:13. Junior Quarterback Ed Lewis failed in an attempt to score two extra points.

The Strangmen were back at it following the kickoff, taking the ball 67 yards in 12 plays and five first downs, two of them on big third-down situations. By this time the reserves were seeing action. The Bengals used a nine-yard pass to junior long side End Will Perry, a nine-yard Statue of Liberty by Blunt and a 12-yard counter by Eckard to good advantage. Another personal foul penalty also helped out.

Lawrence scored on another pitch out 4:34. Junior Quarterback Tom Gatsios let fly to Lawrence for the conversion with Jim making a fine falling catch.

The Bengals got the ball after a punt late in the stanza. Five plays later it was bonanza for the sixth and last time. Blunt ran the punt back from his 45 to the Taft 23.

One of the big plays was a pass from Swartz to sophomore long side End Ken Gilmore, another boy in his first game. The play went from the 23 to the three and Ken made a sensational diving catch.

Swartz tossed to McAllister from the three two plays later at 1:03. Another Swartz-to-McAllister aerial for the conversion misfired.

The Tigers will leave the friendly confines of the stadium for their first road game next week. Site will be Hartshorn stadium in Alliance.

The Right Way

TAFT – 6
Ends – Hardaway and Clark.
Tackles – Durham, Smith, Hill and Vann.
Guards – Davis, Alford, Broadnax and Mosoe.
Centers – Ruff and Pullens.
Backs – Lewis, Ward, Willis, Ison, Carter, Copeland, Thomas and Edwards.

Ends – Perry, McAllister, Franklin and Gilmore.
Tackles – Clendening, Profant, Harmon, Fabianich, Miller, Morgan and Tarle.
Guards – Ehmer, McDew, Castile, Roderick, Swisher, Paflas, Geckler, Mathias and Rivera.
Centers – Bradley and Scassa.
Backs – Koenig, Davis, Lawrence, Eckard, Swartz, Gatsios, Blunt, Kanney, Sullivan, Thomas, Pope, Rink, Gamble and Getz.

Taft 0 0 6 0 6
Massillon 7 6 8 22 43

Massillon – Davis 2 (one-yard runs); Lawrence 2 (seven and three yard runs); Koenig (10-yard run); McAllister (three-yard pass from Swartz).
Taft – Ward (67-yard run).

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Paisley 1 (kick); Blunt 2 (pass from Swartz); Eckard 2 (pass from Koenig); Lawrence 2 (pass from Gatsios).

Referee – Bud Shopbell (Canton).
Umpire – Harvey Hodgson, Jr. (Massillon).
Head Linesman – William Makepeace (Cincinnati).
Field Judge – Fritz Graf (Akron).

Mass. Opp.
First downs – rushing 14 7
First downs – passing 3 4
First downs – penalties 1 0
Total first downs 18 11
Yards gained rushing 277 177
Yards lost rushing 6 14
Net yards gained rushing 271 163
Yards gained passing 85 69
Total yards gained 356 222
Passes attempted 13 15
Passes completed 6 7
Passes intercepted by 1 1
Times kicked off 7 2
Kickoff average (yards) 48.8 36.5
Kickoff returns (yards) 12 132
Times punted 1 4
Punt average (yards) 34.0 31.3
Punt returns (yards) 52 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 3 4
Lost fumbled ball 0 1
Penalties 7 5
Yards penalized 12 40

Ben Bradley