Tiger Football Hall of Fame

The Tiger Football Hall of Fame was a vision of David Weaver and he brought this project to fruition in 2015.  The Hall recognizes those individuals that have made contributions to the Tiger football experience, whether it be a player, coach, band director or just an individual who has influenced the program in a positive way.  For example, while the Hall includes many former Washington High School athletes, it also recognizes contributors such as Earle Bruce, Dale Walterhouse and Nick Vrotsos, coaches who did not attend WHS.

Inductees to the Tiger Hall of Fame are selected by a group of 25 Massillon football supporters.  As of 2022, a total of 150 members have been inducted.  Each is honored in the WHS Sports Hall with a plaque that displays the inductee’s contributions.  The program is privately funded.

Massillon Football Hall of Fame Inductees

2022Duane "Dewey" KnightSupporterBooster Club president1968
2022Jim RussellPlayerLineman1946-48
2022Fred "Pokey" BluntPlayerRunning back1939-41
2022Bobby HuthPlayerQuarterback2004-06
2022Willie Spencer, Jr.PlayerQuarterback, end1992-94
2021Bo GrunderPlayerDefensive back2007-09
2021Danny RobinsonPlayerLinebacker2012-14
2021Henry "Heine" KrierPlayerRunning back1932-34
2021Irvin "Ace" CrablePlayerRunning back1947-49
2021Mike MaugerPlayerRunning back, defensive lineman1968-70
2020Hase McKeyPlayerLineman1957-59
2020Ivory BenjaminPlayerRunning back1955-57
2020Kyle KemptPlayerQuarterback2010-12
2020Willie Spencer Sr.PlayerRunning back, defensive back1969-71
2020Lee TresselCoachHead coach1956-57
2019Falando AshcraftPlayerRunning back1989-91
2019Bill EdwardsPlayerLineman1922-24
2019Mike CurrenceCoachHead coach1976-84
2019Ben BradleyPlayerLineman1960-62
2019Eagles 190SupporterBenefactor
2018Art HastingsPlayerRunning back1958-60
2018Joe StuderPlayerLIneman1972-74
2018Elwood KammerPlayer / CoachRunning back / head coach1933-35 / 1942-44
2018David FamilySupporterBenefactor
2017Bob GlassPlayerRunning back1935-37
2017George SlusserPlayerQuarterback1937-39
2017Jerome MyricksPlayerRunning back1985-87
2017Jim/Sally BryanSupporterBooster Club president (Jim)1974
2017Jim DelongSupporterTeam historian
2016Andrew DaileyPlayerLinebacker2004-06
2016Andy AllemanPlayerLineman2001
2016Bob VogelPlayerLineman / tight end1958
2016Brian GamblePlayerRunning back / defensive back2004-06
2016Charlie AndersonPlayerLineman / punter1935-37
2016Charlie BrownPlayerRunning back1959-61
2016Chris SpielmanPlayerRunning back / linebacker1981-83
2016Curt StrawderPlayerWide receiver1976-78
2016Dave SheegogPlayerQuarterback1962-64
2016David AbdulPlayerKicker1999-2001
2016David CanaryPlayerLineman1968-70
2016Dennis FranklinPlayerQuarterback1968-70
2016Devin JordanPlayerWide receiver2000-02
2016Don JamesPlayerRunning back / defensive back1947-49
2016Dutch HillPlayerRunning back1922
2016Ed MolinskiPlayerRunning back / linebacker1933-35
2016Ellery MoorePlayerLineman1997-99
2016Harry StuhldreherPlayerQuarterback1917-19
2016Homer FloydPlayerRunning back1952-54
2016Horace GillomPlayerWide receiver / punter1938-40
2016Jerrod StefankoPlayerLineman1995-97
2016Jerrod VancePlayerLineman1984-86
2016Jim HoustonPlayerLineman / tight end1953-55
2016Jim ReichenbachPlayerLineman1948-50
2016Joe SparmaPlayerQuarterback1957-59
2016John McVayPlayerLineman1946-48
2016John MulbachPlayerLineman1962-64
2016John SnavelyCoachHead coach1914-19
2016Justin ZwickPlayerQuarterback2000-01
2016Lin HoustonPlayerLineman1938-39
2016Mike HershbergerPlayerRunning back1954, 56
2016Mike TakacsPlayerLineman1946-48
2016Ray GetzPlayerLineman1938-40
2016Shawn CrablePlayerLineman2000-02
2016Stanfield WellsPlayerRunning back1906
2016Steve LukePlayerDefensive back / linebacker1968-70
2016Steve SchottPlayerKicker2004-07
2016Steve StuderPlayerLineman1969-71
2016Tom HannonPlayerRunning back / defensive back1970-72
2016Tommy JamesPlayerRunning back1938-40
2016Travis McGuirePlayerRunning back / assistant coach1988-91 / 2022-present
2016Dan HackenbrachtPlayer / CoachDefensive back / assistant coach1990-92 / current
2016Ducky SchroederPlayer / CoachLineman / assistant coach1923 / 1948-73
2016Jim LetcavitsPlayer / CoachWide receiver / assistant coach1951-53 / 1969-95
2016Paul BrownPlayer / CoachQuarterback / head coach1923-25 / 1933-40
2016Augie MorningstarPlayer / CoachHead coach1933-34 / 1945
2016Bob CommingsCoachHead coach1969-73
2016Bud HoughtonCoachHead coach1941, 46-47
2016Chuck MatherCoachHead coach1948-53
2016Dale WalterhouseCoachAssistant coach1959-84
2016Dave StewartCoachHead coach1921-25
2016Earle BruceCoachHead coach1964-65
2016Hap FugateCoachHead coach1909-11
2016Leo StrangCoachAssistant coach1958-63
2016Nick VrotsosCoachAssistant1958-90
2016Tom HarpCoachHead coach1954-55
2016Chris SmithSupporterBand director1991-99; 2002-03
2016Orin "Dykae" FordSupporterBand director1946-67
2016George "Red" BirdSupporterBand director1938-45
2016Jim BillingsleySupporterBand director1970-80
2016Walt BronczekSupporterAnnouncer40 years
2016Ron PruntySupporterVideographer1979-present
2016Bill CaplesMediaRadio / west press box honoree35 years
2016Chuck HessMediaNewspaper
2016Luther EmeryMediaNewspaper / east press box honoree
2016Bob/Kay HollenderSupporterLive tiger crew
2016Junie/Delores StuderSupporterCreator of Studer Football Library / Booster Club president (Junie)1972
2016Maurice/Katie BaslerSupporterBenefactor
2016Paul DavidSupporterBenefactor
2016Ron/Marilyn WrightSupporterBooster Club president (Ron)/Calipe (Marilyn)1969
2016Dick BordnerSupporterBooster club officer
2016Don AhlstromSupporterBooster Club president1958
2016Ed AnnenSupporterBooster Club president1983
2016Gene BoernerSupporterBooster Club president1973
2016Kenny GoodnightSupporterContributions
2016Wilbur ArnoldSupporterBooster Club president1970