Tiger Football Hall of Fame

The Tiger Football Hall of Fame was a vision of David Weaver and he brought this project to fruition in 2015.  The Hall recognizes those individuals that have made contributions to the Tiger football experience, whether it be a player, coach, band director or just an individual who has influenced the program in a positive way.  For example, while the Hall includes many former Washington High School athletes, it also recognizes contributors such as Earle Bruce, Dale Walterhouse and Nick Vrotsos, coaches who did not attend WHS.

Inductees to the Tiger Hall of Fame are selected by a group of 25 Massillon football supporters.  As of 2021, a total of 100 members have been inducted.  Each is honored in the WHS Sports Hall with a plaque that displays the inductee’s contributions.  The program is privately funded.

Massillon Football Hall of Fame

2022Duane "Dewey" KnightSupporter
2022Jim RussellPlayer
2022Fred "Pokey" BluntPlayer
2022Bobby HuthPlayer
2022Willie Spencer, Jr.Player
2021Bo GrunderPlayer
2021Danny RobinsonPlayer
2021Henry "Heine" KrierPlayer
2021Irvin "Ace" CrablePlayer
2021Mike MaugerPlayer
2020Hase McKeyPlayer
2020Ivory BenjaminPlayer
2020Kyle KemptPlayer
2020Willie Spencer Sr.Player
2020Lee TresselCoach
2019Falando AshcraftPlayer
2019Bill EdwardsCoach
2019Mike CurrenceCoach
2019Ben BradleyPlayer
2019Eagles 190Supporter
2018Art HastingsPlayer
2018Joe StuderPlayer
2018Elwood KammerPlayer / Coach
2018David FamilySupporter
2017Bob GlassPlayer
2017George SlusserPlayer
2017Jerome MyricksPlayer
2017Jim/Sally BryanSupporter
2017Jim DelongSupporter
2016Andrew DaileyPlayer
2016Andy AllemanPlayer
2016Bob VogelPlayer
2016Brian GamblePlayer
2016Charlie AndersonPlayer
2016Charlie BrownPlayer
2016Chris SpielmanPlayer
2016Curt StrawderPlayer
2016Dave SheegogPlayer
2016David AbdulPlayer
2016David CanaryPlayer
2016Dennis FranklinPlayer
2016Devin JordanPlayer
2016Don JamesPlayer
2016Dutch HillPlayer
2016Ed MolinskiPlayer
2016Ellery MoorePlayer
2016Harry StuhldreherPlayer
2016Homer FloydPlayer
2016Horace GillomPlayer
2016Jerrod StefankoPlayer
2016Jerrod VancePlayer
2016Jim HoustonPlayer
2016Jim ReichenbachPlayer
2016Joe SparmaPlayer
2016John McVayPlayer
2016John MulbachPlayer
2016John SnavelyPlayer
2016Justin ZwickPlayer
2016Lin HoustonPlayer
2016Mike HershbergerPlayer
2016Mike TakacsPlayer
2016Ray GetzPlayer
2016Shawn CrablePlayer
2016Stanford WellsPlayer
2016Steve LukePlayer
2016Steve SchottPlayer
2016Steve StuderPlayer
2016Tom HannonPlayer
2016Tommy JamesPlayer
2016Travis McGuirePlayer
2016Dan HackenbrachtPlayer / Coach
2016Ducky SchroederPlayer / Coach
2016Jim LetcavitsPlayer / Coach
2016Paul BrownPlayer / Coach
2016Augie MorningstarCoach
2016Bob CommingsCoach
2016Bud HoughtonCoach
2016Chuck MatherCoach
2016Dale WalterhouseCoach
2016Dave StewartCoach
2016Earle BruceCoach
2016Hap FugateCoach
2016Leo StrangCoach
2016Nick VrotsosCoach
2016Tom HarpCoach
2016Chris SmithBand Director
2016Orin "Dykae" FordBand Director
2016George "Red" BirdBand Director
2016Jim BillingsleyBand Director
2016Walt BronczekAnnouncer
2016Ron PruntyVideographer
2016Bil CaplesMedia
2016Chuck HessMedia
2016Luther EmeryMedia
2016Bob/Kay HollenderSupporter
2016Junie/Delores StuderSupporter
2016Maurice/Katie BaslerSupporter
2016Paul DavidSupporter
2016Ron/Marilyn WrightSupporter
2016Dick BordnerSupporter
2016Don AhlstromSupporter
2016Ed AnnenSupporter
2016Gene BoernerSupporter
2016Kenny GoodnightSupporter
2016Wilbur ArnoldSupporter