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February is the time of year when football players from around the country determine if college football is in their future.  And this is no exception in Massillon, where five former Tigers, with much help from head coach Nate Moore, have determined their future endeavors.  They are:

  • Anthony Ballard, 5′-8″, 153 lb. cornerback, 3-year starter.  Committed to Division II Notre Dame of Cleveland.
  • Ty Keirns, 6′-5″, 231 lb. defensive lineman, 2-year starter.  Committed to Division II Ohio Dominican, which is located in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Lucas McGuire, 6′-2″, 272 lb. offensive lineman, 2-year starter.  Committed to Division II Fairmont State, which is located in Fairmont, West Virginia.
  • Austin Kutscher, 6′-1″, 180 lb. wide receiver, 2-year starter.  Committed to The Ohio State University.
  • Gaige Hodgson, 6′-10″, 160 lb. kicker.  Enlisted in the United States Air Force.

The Massillon Tiger Football Booster Club congratulates these fine players and wishes them success in all their future activities.

2018 Signees: Anthony Ballard, Ty Keirns, Lucas McGuire, Austin Kutscher and Gaige Hodgson.