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Tigers Beat Lincoln 47-0 for 25th Straight
Floyd Romps To Three Touchdowns; Lions Fail To Reach 50-Yard Line


Scoring twice in every period with the exception of the second, the Washington high school Tigers chalked up their 25th victory in a row Friday night when they defeated Canton Lincoln 47-0 before a crowd of 11,347 fans.

Sparked by Homer Floyd, veteran back, who got all three touchdowns, scored in the first half, the local gridders were masters of Lincoln from the start and whipped them just as badly in the statistical column as on the scoreboard.

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Though the offense of the varsity seemed to bog down midway in the third period, the Tigers never-the-less finished with a net gain of 357 yards while the Lions wound up with a net of 47. First downs were 16 to 4.

The small amount of yardage gained by the visiting team stands as a testimony to the Tiger defense which had Lincoln bottled up throughout the night. Not once did the Lions get over the midfield stripe and they were forced to punt five times, one of which was blocked. The Tigers didn’t punt the entire game.
* * *
THE MASSILLON offense flashed at times and sputtered on other occasions; the same for the downfield blocking. A lot of crisp blocks helped turn some of the ball carriers loose, but Jerry Yoder made the fifth touchdown by fighting his way alone for 18 yards.

When the first team slowed down Coach Tom Harp tossed in his second team and the eager beavers put over two touchdowns in the fourth period the last one with only three seconds remaining to be played. It was a 31-yard pass by Don Humes that Bob Williams caught in the end zone.

Floyd was the difference between the teams the first half. He went 32 yards the fist time he carried the ball and raced 51 yards for the Tigers’ third score.

Anchored by Dave Muntean, Lincoln put up a stiffer defense than did Struthers last week which was beaten 68-0 by the Tigers. The big Canton end caused the locals a lot of trouble and tossed Rich Crescenze for a 16-yard loss on the Tigers’ initial touchdown drive.

Crescenze crossed him up two plays later, however, when he handed off to Andy Stavroff on a statue that more than overcame the loss and gave the Tigers a first down on the 18. Ronnie Boekel lugged it to the seven and Floyd shot through tackle for the touchdown to end the drive that had its beginning on the Tiger 27. Two-thirds of the period had expired when the Tigers scored.
* * *
JOE HALLOWAY, a ball hawk, covered Dale Grinstead’s fumble on the Lions’ 28 to get the Tigers set for their second touchdown. A six-yard pass, Crescenze to Ken Lorch coupled with three line plays put the ball on the 12, where Floyd took it over with only seven seconds of the period left to play.

The Tigers scored their next TD on three plays after getting the ball on a punt on their own 35. Dick Fromholtz slipped through for three. Crescenze tossed to Lorch for 11 and a first down on the Massillon 49 and Floyd went the remaining 51 yards for the T.D.

That was all the scoring in the first half though a 31-yard pass. Crescenze to Dave Canary put the ball on the seven as intermission arrived.

The Tigers took the kickoff at the start of the third period and scored quickly. Floyd got it in position with a 53-yard run to the Lincoln nine and Dave Archibald took it over from a yard out.

Big Bob Williams started the locals to rolling for their fifth score. Backing up the line, he intercepted a Lincoln pass and took it back 10 yards to the 27. An eight-yard pass, Crescenze to Lorch helped advance the ball to the 18 from which Yoder made his spectacular run for a touchdown. Most of the Lincoln team had a hand on him at one time or another but he was able to shake himself loose and get over the goal line.
* * *
LINCOLN bristled after that and twice stopped the first team once after it had made a first down on the eight, and again after it had a first down on the 13.

So Harp tossed his second team into the game and the boys, eager for action, went right to work. With Don Duke as the spark plug they started from midfield. They ran the ball to a first on the 36, were thrown back temporarily, but a Humes to Williams pass gained 24 yards and coupled with a penalty leveled on Lincoln for roughing it, gained a first down on the one. Duke went over.

The last TD as already mentioned was scored with but three seconds showing on the clock when the play got under way. Time expired as Humes passed 31 yards to Williams in the end zone.

The Tigers emerged from the game in good condition. Ronald Boekel, fullback was injured early in the third period when temporarily knocked out by a blow on the jaw. He could have gone back into the game, but was kept on the sideline by Coach Harp. Fromholtz was removed with a leg cramp.

The Tigers did not pass as much last night as they did in their opening game. Crescenze and Humes only threw 10 times and completed six for 103 yards. One was intercepted. Lincoln tried 13 passes and completed one for seven. Two were intercepted.

The Lions showed little offensively. They only gained a total of 69 yards and were thrown for 22 yards in losses.

Harp used 35 players in t he game, doing most of his substituting the last period.

Monday he will being preparations for next Friday’s invasion of Alliance, one of the toughest teams on the Massillon schedule, which last night beat Youngstown Ursuline 45-0.

The line-up and summary:
ENDS – Canary, Lorch, Williams, Houston, Francisco, Jones, McConnell.
TACKLES – Williams, Hill, Maier, Graber, Kreiger, Schumacher, Blocher, Moore.
GUARDS – Russ Maier, Holloway, Fisher, Tracy, Barrett.
CENTERS – Spicer, Rohrbaugh, Roan, Morrow.
QUARTERBACKS – Crescenze, James, Humes.
HALFBACKS – Floyd, Fromholtz, Stavroff, Yoder, Duke, Stephens.
FULLBACKS – Boekel, Archibald.

ENDS – Muntean, Lombardi, Gillespie, Ellison, Alvarez, Pelger.
TACKLES – Sedlock, Mulheim, Bowen.
GUARDS – Grainger, Felton, Ross, Schmidt, Vogelsang.
CENTER – Parks.
QUARTERBACKS – Griffen, Dinkens.
HALFBACKS – Zettler, Grinstead, Care.
FULLBACKS – Worstell.

Score by periods:
Massillon 13 7 13 14 47

Touchdowns – Floyd 3; Archibald; Yoder; Duke; Williams.

Points after touchdown – Williams 5 (placekicks).

Referee – Tobin (Akron).
Umpire – Bloom (Lorain).
Head Linesman – Shopbell (Canton).
Field Judge – Murphy (Cleveland Heights)

Mass. Lin.
First downs 16 4
Passes attempted 10 13
Passes completed 6 1
Had passes intercepted 1 2
Yards gained passing 103 7
Yards gained rushing 254 62
Total yards gained 357 68
Yards lost 33 22
Net yards gained 324 47
Times punted 0 5
Had punts blocked 0 1
Average punt (yards) — 33
Yards punts returned by 57 —
Times kicked off 7 1
Average kickoff (yards) 42 45
Yards kickoffs returned 17 88
Times Fumbled 3 1
Lost ball on fumbles 0 1
Times penalized 5 3
Yards penalized 35 32

Homer Floyd