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16,175 See Tigers Beat Steubenville 35-12
Big Red Becomes First Eleven To Cross Goal Line Of Massillon Team


Washington high school’s goal line is no longer uncrossed. The Big Red wave from down Ohio River way, rolled over the Massillon zero stripe twice Friday evening but it wasn’t enough to keep the Tigers from chalking up their fourth straight victory by a score of 35-12 before 16,175 fans, largest crowd of the season.

Just as expected, the Tigers ran into tough competition in Steubenville which not only became the first team to cross the Massillon goal this season but which actually out-scored the local team 6-0 in the second period.

The Massillon gridders were not at their best. Usually when a team does not look up to form, the opposition is part of the reason, and such was partially the case last night.

Steubenville gave ground stubbornly during most of the game and first downs came the hard way though the Tigers had an 18-6 advantage in this department.

But with all the spirited play on the part of the Big Red, the local team did not appear sharp. Blocking was not up to par and players did not appear to be on the alert in throwing their bocks, they picked the wrong man to throw the leather at and permitted tacklers to slither through to mess up the maneuver.

“I wasn’t at all pleased with the performance of the boys,” Coach Chuck Mather said after the game. “I didn’t think our blocking was a sharp as it should have been and too many times one or more players got mixed on assignments and blocked out the wrong man.”

The showing of the Steubenville team was no surprise to Mather. He anticipated trouble, found it and his warnings that Perry Jeter, fleet Big Red halfback was dangerous at all times were verified in the third quarter when the speedster ran 74 yards for Steubenville’s second touchdown of the game.
* * *
HONORS for scoring the first touchdown against Massillon this season went to Clarence Lawson, sophomore halfback, who sparked the Big Red touchdown drive of 88 yards in the second period. He went over from the one-yard line, where the ball had been placed as a result of a five-yard penalty on Massillon.

The Big Red showed the Tigers more offense and defense than they had seen all season, though the locals had the edge in this portion of the statistics, gaining 349 net yards, (the least made by the Tigers in a game this season) against Steubenville’s 155 yards.

Perry Jeter and Lawson furnished most of the Big Red’s punch.

The Tigers didn’t have an individual ball carrying star. Bob Grier scored three of the locals’ touchdowns, one from 22 yards out and the others on two and one-yard plays.

The Tigers used a pressing defense that caused many in the stands to wonder why the Big Red did not pass when the Massillon secondary was so near the line of scrimmage. The answer was furnished in the later stages of the game when the Big Red did most of its passing, none coming close to the intended receiver.

The Tigers tried 10 passes and hit on three for 78 yards. Two others were dropped by their receivers.
* * *
FORTUNATELY the locals came out of the game from what appeared to be no serious injuries. “We are thankful for that,” said Mather in the dressing room after a quick check of all players.

Fans groaned when they saw big Cliff Streeter sprawled out on the turf but it only proved to be a severe leg cramp.

Thirty-three players were used in the game but many of them played only a few minutes.
* * *
THE FIRST period was seven minutes old when the Tigers chalked up the first of their five touchdowns. They lost the ball on a fumble on the kickoff but began rolling after an exchange of punts in which they got the ball on the Big Red 47-yard line. Freddie Close on first down hurled a fine 37-yard pass to Cliff Streeter who was nailed on the 10-yard line. Russell banged his way to the two and Bob Howe plunged it over for the score.

A poor punt after the following kickoff gave the locals the ball on the Big Red 40 and placed them in position to drive for another touchdown. Russell, running beautifully from a trap, went 24 yards to the 16. The Big Red dug in and was hard to move from there on. Grier banged for three, Russell four and Howe made it first down on the four. Howe hit again for two and Russell smacked center….. (NEXT LINES ARE UNREADABLE)

….ball most of the second period with its 88-yard touchdown drive. The Big Red got the ball through a punt on their own 12.

With Benny Bunch and Clarence Lawson doing the lugging, the visitors reeled off six first downs, principally on end runs to put the pigskin on the six-yard line. An off side penalty against Massillon advanced the leather to the one-yard line where Lawson went over for the first touchdown against the Tigers this year. Bunch’s attempted kick for the extra point was low. All of Steubenville’s first downs were packed into this one drive.
Score: 14-6.
* * *
THE TIGERS took the kickoff and aided by two passes, Close to Streeter for 16 yards and Close to Bill Stoner for 25, had the ball on the 19-yard line when the half ended.

The first time the local team got the ball in he second half it scored. A Steubenville punt went out of bounds on the Massillon 36, Grier ripped off 29 yards for a first down on the visitors’ 35 and Russell narrowed the distance by 13 more yards. Grier went around end for 22 and the score. Score: 21-6.

Steubenville was forced to punt after the kickoff, Stoner being downed with the ball on a short return on his own 45. It took a lot of hard driving to get to the goal.
* * *
THE TIGERS rammed over their final touchdown with less than a minute left to play in the fourth quarter. The drive started from the Massillon 35 where the local team took the ball on downs. Howe got away for a 37-yard run that moved the pigskin to the Big Red 28. Steubenville was penalized five yards and Freddie Waikem raced to a first down on the 15. Lee Nussbaum picked up six and Howe placed the ball on the four. Ray Lane narrowed the distance to two yards and Grier went over for the final points of the game.
Score: 35-12.

Jerry Krisher kicked all of Massillon’s extra points after touchdown, giving him a string of 13 without a miss. Unofficially it should be 14, since he had to kick one twice because of the Tigers being off side.

Today, 50 members of their teams and their dads were taken by the Tiger Booster club to Columbus to see the Ohio State-Pitt football game. They made the trip in private autos. A chicken dinner at Centerburg was on the schedule.

The line-up and summary:

ENDS – W. Brenner, Streeter, Woolbert.
TACKLES – Gibson, Grunder, Strobel, Younker, Geiser, Mitchell.
GUARDS – Tunning, Reichenbach, Moyer, J. Howe, Sapia, Gleason, Laps.
CENTERS – Krisher, Dowd.
HALFBACKS – Grier, Russell, Waikem, Nussbaum, Stoner, Khoenle, Francisco, Lane, Stewart.

ENDS – Gilliam, Jones, Fields.
TACKLES – Ruggieri, Linn, Yohn, R. Conkel.
GUARDS – Bodo, Suggs, Churchwell, Morrow.
CENTERS – Wells, Locust.
QUARTERBACKS – Medves, Wickham.
HALFBACKS – P. Jeter, Thompson, L. Jeter, Lawson.

Score by periods:
Massillon 14 0 14 7 35
Steubenville 0 6 6 0 12

Massillon – Howe; Russell; Grier 3.
Steubenville – P. Jeter; Lawson.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Krisher 5 (placekicks).

Referee – Rupp.
Umpire – Brubaker.
Head Linesman – Grubbs.
Field Judge – Jenkins.

Statistics Of The Game
Mass. Steub.
First downs 18 6
Passes attempted 10 8
Passes completed 3 0
Had passes intercepted 7 0
Yards gained passing 78 0
Yards gained rushing 288 192
Total yards gained 366 192
Yards lost 17 37
Net yards gained 340 155
Kickoffs 6 3
Average kickoff (yards) 43.6 33
Yards kickoffs returned by 22 101
Punts 3 8
Average punt (yards) 38.3 25.3
Yards punts returned by 9 15
Times fumbled 4 2
Lost ball on fumble 2 1
Times penalized 6 3
Yards penalized 40 13.5

Jim Reichenbach