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Brilliant Attack Gives Tigers 40-6 Win Over Mansfield
Three Touchdowns Scored On Forward Passes; Webb And McGuire Rip Invaders


The Tiger with the “I” is still a better football player than the Tyger with the “Y” and so the orange and black of Washington high school chalked up its fourth triumph of the 1945 scholastic campaign Friday night by plastering a 40 to 6 defeat on the Mansfield Tygers in another one of those knock down, drag out affairs at Tiger stadium with about 18,000 fans, a lot of them soaking wet, watching Coach Augie Morningstar’s Bengals put on display their smoothest and most productive offense of the season.

The Tigers really clicked last night and they ran the big, rugged invaders from Richland county right into the ground with a six-touchdown spree, three of them coming in a thrilling first quarter when the orange and black passed and ran the visitors off their feet in a brilliant burst of offensive power that had the big crowd in a wild frenzy of cheering.
Mansfield Still Looking For Victory
The Mansfield Tygers, with a record of four wins in five starts and a team of youthful giants that held a superior weight and height advantage over the Massillonians, thought this would be their year to trim the orange and black and they came here imbued with plenty of fighting spirit but for the 10th time in as many years they were to be disappointed.

They traveled back home last night defeated for the eighth time in those 10 battles with the local warriors. In the other two games, in 1937 and 1941, they were able to hold the Tigers to tie scores, the final count each time being 6 to 6.
Plenty Of Torrid Talk
The visiting Tygers talked a much better game last night than they played. In fact their verbal outbursts were so torrid Referee Titus Lobach several times warned them, and late in the duel tossed a Mansfield player out of the game for using profanity following a
15-yard penalty on the visitors for unnecessary roughness.

Because the weatherman kicked over the traces early yesterday evening and turned loose a drenching downpour that continued until 30 minutes before game time what would have been the largest crowd to see a game here this season was cut down at least 3,000 by inclement weather. Those who went to the stadium early were caught in a heavy shower but the rain ended at 7:30 and from then on the game was played in ideal weather.

Turning loose a dazzling forward passing attack that brought three of the six touchdowns and a running attack that clipped off big gains behind efficient blocking and interference, the Tigers iced the contest with a 20-point splurge in the first 12 minutes and then, with one exception, repelled Mansfield’s best efforts to score and added three more tallies during the final two periods.

Mansfield plunged and passed to its lone touchdown in the second period but was thoroughly checked after that by a sturdy and alert Tiger defense that outsmarted and outplayed the visitors’ big forward wall in a bruising battle.

The victory kept the Tigers in the undefeated class with four wins against two ties and sets the stage for their big battle next Friday night with the Warren Harding Presidents in Warren.

Scoring honors last night went to Bert Webb, flashy Negro halfback, who galloped for two touchdowns on dazzling runs and showed the invaders more speed than they have looked at all season, and Captain Fred Bonk who snagged two forward passes and raced for touchdowns. Jack Zeller chalked up another touchdown on a forward pass and Don McGuire rammed through the Mansfield line for his set of counters. Don by the way, did a lot of first class ball toting.

Although they had their bad moments and at times found the heavy Mansfield outfit hard to handle, the Tigers continued to play great defensive ball. Once again the entire orange and black forward wall handled its chore in a highly efficient manner with the hard and accurate tackling of Merle Darrah, Jack Zeller, Captain Bonk, Bernie Green and Tony Uliveto being outstanding.
Tigers Hold Big Edge
Although the first downs were 10 to 9 in favor of the Tigers, the orange and black piled up a big lead over Mansfield in yards gained. The Tigers had a gross of 385 yards with a loss of 27 for a net of 258. Mansfield had a gross of 211 with a loss of 10 for 201.

The accuracy of Massillon’s passing attack is shown by the fact the Tigers completed four out of five attempts for 119 yards with three of them producing touchdowns. Mansfield tried 17 passes, completed six for 90 yards and had one intercepted. Massillon punted but once during the game while Mansfield punted three times.

Once the Tigers gained possession of the ball they were hard to stop. They gained the leather three times in the first quarter and each time they roared to touchdowns.

Mansfield won the toss and received but a 15-yard penalty for illegal use of the hands checked them and Ollie Cline punted out of bounds on the Mansfield 44.

Wasting no time the Tigers went right to work and in nine plays had manufactured their first touchdown with Zeller going over after taking a beautiful pass from McGuire.
McGuire To Zeller For Score
Gene Zorger plowed through a big hole in the Mansfield line for nine and McGuire made it a first down on the visitors’ 28. Webb picked up six yards in two plays, Zorger hit for two more and then Webb made it a first down by inches on the 17. Zorger was stopped without gain and Webb was tossed for an eight yard loss. On the next play, McGuire ran far to his left and then lobbed a long pass to Zeller who caught the ball on the three yard line and steamed over for the touchdown. Gene Krisher’s place kick was low.

Heads up football by the Tigers paved the way for their second touchdown. McGuire kicked off but the kick was poor and the ball headed for the sideline on the Mansfield 48. Just before it went out of bounds Bill Piper lunged at the leather but could not hold it. However, he was the last man to touch it before it went out of bounds and it was Massillon’s ball.

Once again the Tiger scoring machine was set into motion. Webb ripped off seven through left tackle and then McGuire slashed through the same spot and by a nifty place of running picked up 20 yards before being downed on the 17. Webb picked up four yards through the line but Massillon was set back five yards for being offside on the next play.

Then Webb unlimbered his pitching arm for the first time during the game and hurled a neat strike to Captain Bonk who snared the ball right on the goal line and stepped across for Massillon’s second touchdown. It required six plays to move the ball 46 yards for the points. This time Krisher plunged instead of attempting a place kick and he rammed over for the extra point.

The big thrill and most spectacular run of the game was to come a few minutes later with Bert Webb doing the running and his teammates opening a path for him by some first class blocking.

Interference by Massillon with a Mansfield pass receiver gave the visitors a first down on their 40 but once again they were stopped and Cline got off a long punt that Webb picked up on his 18-yard line. Tucking the ball under his arm Bert headed for the west sideline and then suddenly darted back toward the center of the field running through the entire Mansfield team and out into the open with only Ralph Majors, Mansfield safety man, blocking his path.
Webb Outruns Majors
But Majors was not quite equal to the task of catching up with the fleet-footed Webb who outraced him in a wild dash for the Mansfield goal line. Webb went over standing up to complete a brilliant 82 yard dash for a touchdown. Krisher made it 20 to 0 by again plunging through the visitors for the extra point.

Although training 20 points the Tygers came back in the second period to take command of the game and they kept possession of the ball throughout most of the quarter, finally scoring their lone touchdown late in the stanza.

With Kenny Horvath, Mansfield’s ace speedster, Cline and Majors lugging the ball, the visitors pushed the Tigers around quite a bit and kept play largely in Massillon territory. Gaining the ball in midfield on a punt by Webb, which proved to be the only time the Tigers punted all evening, the visitors marched right down to the Massillon four-yard line before being halted. Two five-yard penalties on the Tigers for offside helped them to advance the ball.

The Tigers, however, gained possession of the ball on their four when Darrah nailed Otto Schmidt short of a first down but a fumble by Zorger, which was covered by Cline on Massillon’s 23 paved the way for the visitors’ lone touchdown. Once again Massillon was set back five yards for being offside and then Cline tossed a screen pass to Majors who was downed on the eight by Darrah. Cline’s next pass, intended for Majors, failed but the next time he connected on a neat heave to Harold Amsbaugh for a touchdown. Nick Gagich’s attempted placekick was wide.

Massillon received and marched 57 yards in eight plays for its fourth touchdown with a brilliant lateral from Zorger to Dan Byelene and a 38 yard run by Byelene paving the way for the tally.
Lateral Sets Up Touchdown
Webb took the kickoff to start the third period and was almost in the clear when nailed by Majors on the Massillon 43. Once again the Tigers took to the air and McGuire hurled a neat pass to Webb for a 21-yard gain. The Tigers, however, were set back 15 yards on the next play when the officials ruled Webb intentionally grounded the ball when he failed to find a pass receiver open; Zorger then went through right tackle and tossed a lateral to Beyelene who romped to the Mansfield 10 before being downed. Once again the Tigers were halted momentarily when they were penalized five for backs in motion but Zorger plunged from the 15 to the two and two plays later McGuire smashed through for the touchdown. Virgil Cocklin made good on his placement to boost the Tiger total to 27.

A fumble by Byelene after taking a Mansfield punt gave Mansfield another chance to bid for a touchdown. Dave Richards covered the fumble for Mansfield and a 33 yard pass from Majors to Amsbaugh put the ball on Massillon’s 23. Majors then attempted a pass which was intercepted by Darrah, who tossed a lateral to McGuire and Don raced all the way for a touchdown but the ball was called back and Massillon handed a 15 yard penalty for roughing the passer. This put the ball on the Massillon 20 but once again the Tigers stiffened. Two Mansfield passes were batted down and the third was intercepted by Darrah who ran it back to his 18.

This was the signal for Webb and McGuire to cut loose and they did in quick order. Webb raced around right end for 28 yards. Then McGuire steamed around left end for 20 yards and the ball was on Mansfield’s 28. On the next play Webb cut neatly through a hole outside of right tackle and raced unmolested for Massillon’s fifth touchdown. Cocklin’s attempted place kick was wide.

Again Mansfield drove down into Massillon territory after the kickoff and again the Tigers were equal to the occasion, holding for downs and gaining the ball on their 22. And again they started a touchdown march with Webb and McGuire knifing through for good gains and Webb and Bonk then teaming up to make good on a 52-yard forward pass for the touchdown.
Webb To Bonk For Another Score
Eight plays were required to move the ball 78 yards with Webb putting the clincher on the drive by tossing a pass to Bonk who took the ball on the Mansfield 30 and raced the remaining yards for the score. Webb went over for the extra point on a line plunge.

It was then Coach Morningstar decided his regulars had done a good evening’s work and sent in his second team to finish the combat.

Bob Richards was the only Tiger casualty last night. He was injured about the head late in the second period and was temporarily blinded but was recovering his sight rapidly later in the evening. Ollie Cline, Mansfield’s ace passer, was badly shaken up when tackled hard in the second period and did not play during the last half, Majors taking over the forward passing duties.
Smearing The Tyger
Massillon – 40 Pos. Mansfield – 6
Zeller LE Amsbaugh
Green LT Beard
Uliveto LG Richards
Darrah C Emerson
Piper RG Gross
Krisher RT Boals
Bonk RE Sinerson
Edie QB Cline
Webb LHB Taddeo
McGuire RHB Majors
Zorger FB Horvath

Score by periods:
Massillon 20 0 13 7 40
Mansfield 0 6 0 0 6

Massillon – Bonk, 2; Webb, 2; Zeller, McGuire.
Mansfield – Amsbaugh.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Krisher, 2 (plunges); Cocklin, 1 (placekick).Webb, 1 (placekick).

Massillon – Young, rt; Brooks, rg; Richards, rh; Giloff, fb; Byelene, lh; Cocklin, rh; Bishop, le; Johnson, re; Ceckler, lt; Tomasevich, lg; Schumacher, rg, Dowd, c; Yost, qb; Bardarnza, lh; Gutshall, fb.
Mansfield – Rondy, lh; Schmidt, rh; Wentz, c; Gagich, fb; Lindsay, rt; Henke, re.

Referee – Lobach.
Umpire – Ruff.
Head Linesman – Long.
Field Judge – Brubaker.
Mass. Mans.
First downs 10 11
Yards gained by rushing 266 121
Passes attempted 5 17
Passes completed 4 6
Yards gained by passing 119 90
Gross yardage 385 211
Yards lost 27 10
Net yardage 358 201
Number of kickoffs 7 2
Average distance of kickoffs 36 46
Average return of kickoffs 32 9
Number of punts 1 3
Average distance of punts 29 33
Average return of punts 27 0
Fumbles 2 3
Times ball lost on fumbles 2 1
Times penalized 9 4
Yards lost on penalties 65 50

Fred Bonk