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Tigers Score Impressive 27-0 Victory Over Alliance


Sturdy Aviators Handed Shellacking Before 10,000 Spectators; Victory, However, Costly For Massillon With 4 Players Hurt


Well, Alliance will have to wait another year before it can dream again of a football victory over the Tigers of Washington high school – a dream which may eventually become a reality but which, for this year at least, is nothing more than a dream – and perhaps a lot of wishful thinking.

Deeds speak louder than words and if the Aviators of Alliance high school visit Mount Union stadium today they will find scattered about the field the pieces of their dream of conquest so rudely shattered Friday night by Coach Elwood Kammer’s Tigers who blasted their way to a 27-0 triumph over the Alliance gridders, recording their most important and impressive victory of the 1944 campaign.
A Surprise Party for Alliance Fans
There must have been a lot of surprised people among the 10,000 spectators who jammed every inch of space around the Mount Union gridiron last night. For some time prior to Friday night they had been told that Massillon’s famous Tiger was no longer the ferocious beast of old. They had been told that Washington high school’s gridiron jungle cat, the mere mention of whose name once upon a time caused mothers to call their children into the house, bar the doors and pull down the shades, this year was just a shadow of his former self.

The Tiger had been pictured as a decrepit, worn out old fellow blind in at least one eye, or maybe both with stiffened muscles and creaking joints – in fact so far gone that one more good sock on the whiskers would finish him and then the remains could be interred in some lonely spot and others might climb to the heights which the Tiger in his younger and more prosperous days, had occupied and held against all challengers.
Poor Old Tiger
In fact there might have been found among the spectators last night a few of the more kind hearted who came with tin cups and lead pencils. They had been touched by all the stories they had read of how this famous old jungle king had been shorn of his strength and they wanted to hang a tin cup around his neck, shove a flock of lead pencils into his paw and set him out on some street corner where other kind hearted individuals might toss him a dime now and then and thus make his passing a trifle easier and free of want.

Imagine their surprise then when instead of a washed up old animal they saw an up and coming young monarch of the jungle roam up and down the gridiron and slash into ribbons their Aviators who they had come to believe would administer the coup de grace to Massillon’s old moth-eaten warrior.

What they found was a Massillon Tiger who is fast becoming of age and not a worn out old monster. They also discovered that liberties may be taken with a Tiger cub but that as he grows older his claws become sharper and he is less inclined to stand for any frivolity.

The Tigers Friday night rode to their 12th triumph in as many years over the Alliance Aviators in a rip snorting exhibition of power that must have left the supporters of Coach Marcus Covert’s gridders a bit breathless and sent to bomb proof shelters some sports writers and radio announcers who had been rash enough to predict an Alliance victory.

The Tigers had it last night – everything they needed to fashion a resounding victory over the Aviators – courage, fighting spirit and ability. They conquered a mighty good ball club and in so doing they gave their most impressive performance of the 1944 campaign.

The Alliance team which the Tigers conquered last night was far from a weakling. It was a hard fighting, desperate outfit which wanted so badly to win but, when pitted against the speed and driving power the Tigers put on display was hopelessly outclassed and badly shellacked.
Tigers Score 4 Times
Four times the Tigers drove through the Aviators for touchdowns, once in the opening quarter, twice in the second period and again in the fourth stanza.

Several other times the orange and black lost golden opportunities to tally points because of penalties and fumbles – or shall we say some expert ball stealing on the part of the Aviators.

Only twice during the entire battle did the Aviators threaten to score. Once in the first half they drove inside Massillon’s 15 yard line. Once in the second half they worked their way inside the Tigers 10 yard stripe but each time an aroused gang of Massillon kids dug their cleats deeper into the sod and rose to the occasion and turned back their eastern Stark county foes.

It was Massillon’s fourth victory in 5 games. The defeat was the second for Alliance in the same number of contests. The victory was Massillon’s second over a Stark county rival, the orange and black having disposed of Canton Lincoln 12-0, 2 weeks ago.

It was a hard fought battle from start to finish with Alliance going all out in its bid for victory. The Tigers, who have improved steadily since their 6-0 loss to Cathedral Latin 3 weeks ago, gave every indication last night that as they gain experience they are gaining power and ability.

But the resounding defeat the Tigers plastered on the Aviators may prove a costly one and impair the team’s chances of victories in coming combats. At least 4 members of the squad sustained injuries in the torrid battle that may be sidelined for some time.

Junie Pedrotty, midget fullback who plays a lot of football for his size, was severely shaken up in the third quarter in a head on collision with an Aviator and forced from the game with a neck injury. He was taken to the Massillon city hospital after the game for observation.
Krisher May Have Broken Wrist
Gene Krisher, versatile sophomore who last night played his first game at left end and did a masterful job, may have a fractured left wrist, sustained in the fourth quarter. He also was taken to the hospital for an x-ray examination.

Vic Turkall, regular left halfback had his left ankle twisted late in the game and limped off the field. Francis Cicchinelli, substitute guard, sustained a deep gash in his lower lip and several stitches may be required today to close the wound.

These casualties are evidence of the type of battle which was waged. It was slam bang from start to finish, with both teams tossing everything they had into the traces.

The Tigers, however, were not to be denied and they drove to victory in a convincing fashion. Every player who got into the melee performed in a hero’s role. Offensively the brilliant running and plunging of Pedrotty, Co-Captain Glenn Keller, Vic Turkall, Bert Webb and Don Sedjo stood out head and shoulders over the best Alliance could offer. On defense the Tiger line stood firm through every crisis with some able assistance from the secondary and Alliance’s vaunted aerial attack and razzle dazzle, for the most part was held in check by the alert and hard hitting Massillonians.

Statistics reveal a decided superiority for the Tigers. Coach Kammer’s lads made 14 first downs to 9 for Alliance, gained 315 yards net to 133 for the Aviators, having a loss of only 6 yards to 23 for their opponents. The Tigers tried 9 forward passes, completed 2 for 29 yards and had none intercepted. Alliance went in for the aerial game in a big way, attempting 18, 6 of which were completed for a total gain of 61 yards and 3 were intercepted.

Massillon fumbled 6 times and recovered only twice. Alliance fumbled 4 times and recovered 3 of them. Penalties totaling 65 yards were assessed against the Tigers while Alliance drew a total of 25 yards in penalties.

The fans hard hardly become comfortably settled in their seats before Alliance was knocking at Massillon’s goal line. The Aviators received and a fine punt by Donald Lawther which went out on the Massillon 6 put the Tigers in hot water early. Turkall got off a nice punt back to Massillon’s 36 but the Aviators began a drive that was not checked until the Tigers held for downs on their 11.
Then with their first opportunity of the game to show their offensive power the Tigers went to town in a big way and in 7 sizzling plays marched 89 yards and across the Aviators’ goal for their first points.
A Sizzling Tiger
Turkall carrying the ball on Massillon’s first offensive thrust of the game dashed off right tackle and scampered 19 yards before being downed on his 30. Webb breezed around left end on the next play for 20 yards to Alliance’s 40 before being nailed. Pedrotty drilled through the center of the line for 7. Turkall whipped around left end for 15 more to the Alliance 15 and Alliance fans began to say to themselves this was not the kind of a tiger they had come out to see. Pedrotty again cracked through the line for 7 to the Alliance 8. Turkall went off right tackle for 6 and Webb then drove across the goal line from the 2 for Massillon’s first touchdown. Turkall added the extra point on a dash through the line.

A fumble by Pedrotty a short time later gave Alliance the ball on Massillon’s 34 but the Aviators’ threat was wiped out when Keller intercepted Jack Robinson’s pass on the Tiger 34. Again the Massillon steam roller went into action but the drive was halted when Keller fumbled and Alliance covered on the Massillon 49. This occurred early in the second quarter.

Using a deceptive offensive with the generous use of passes and laterals the Aviators worked the ball to Massillon’s 23 but here their aerial games went haywire and paved the way for the Tigers’ second touchdown.

Robinson dropped back and cut loose with another aerial. But this one never came near its intended receiver. Streaking across the field was little Junie Pedrotty who snared the leather on his 30 and running behind splendid interference dashed 70 yards down the sideline and across the goal for Massillon’s second touchdown. It was a spectacular dash and a fine block by Co-Captain Bill Gable cleared the last Aviator from Pedrotty’s path and Junie did the rest as he outran the entire Alliance team in a race for the goal line. Turkall’s attempted place kick failed.

Another Massillon touchdown was to be recorded before the second quarter ended but penalties almost frustrated the local teams’ drive for points. The points finally came, however, and Keller was the lad who held the spotlight this time as he dashed through and around the bewildered Aviators for a flock of sizeable gains.

An Alliance punt gave the Tigers the ball on the Aviators’ 45. Keller ripped through left tackle for 16. A pass play failed and then Keller blasted through right tackle to the 24. On the next play the husky Massillon back drove around left end and down to Alliance’s 4 but Massillon was set back to the Alliance 37 on a holding penalty. Alliance held and Massillon surrendered the ball on the 26., Turkall, however, again gave the Tigers the leather when he intercepted an Alliance pass on the 47 and ran it back to the 19.

Keller then steamed around left end and across the goal line behind fine interference but again he lost a touchdown when the officials ruled the Tigers guilty of clipping and penalized them 15 yards back to the Alliance 24.
This Time Keller Scores
Turkall again passed to Krisher who picked up 16 yards to the Alliance 8 from where Pedrotty smashed through to the 1-yard line. Again Keller romped over the goal line and this time it was good. Turkall’s place kick sailed over the bar and the Tigers were leading 20-0.

The third quarter was a ding dong battle with Alliance making an early threat to score but losing the ball on downs on the Massillon 24. Late in the quarter a fumble by Sedjo gave the Aviators the ball on their 38 and from here the Alliance lads launched a determined drive which early in the fourth period carried to Massillon’s 11. But when Don Strait fumbled on a lateral Turkall pounced on the ball on the Tiger 8. Keller, turning loose the best punt of the game, booted the leather from behind his own goal line down to the Alliance 36 to wash out the Aviators’ scoring threat.

An Alliance punt gave the Tigers the ball on their 31 yard line and in 5 plays the Massillonians picked up 69 yards and their fourth touchdown. Sedjo started the march when he crashed through the line on a spinner and romped 32 yards to the Alliance 27. It was on this play that Krisher was injured. Webb reeled off a first down around left end to the 16. Sejo in 2 smashed drove to the 4 yard line from where Don McGuire, who had replaced Turkall when he injured his ankle, romped through right tackle and over for the touchdown. Keller booted the extra point from placement.

Both Kammer and Covert used substitutes freely. Alliance held a weight advantage over the Tigers, particularly in the backfield.
Atta Boy, Tiger!
Massillon – 27 Pos. Alliance – 0
Zeller LE Thompson
Ielsch LT Penney
Heltzel LG Stivers
Bonk C Rosler
Gable RG Pucci
Gibson RT Post
Luke RE Krahling
Keller QB Lawther
Turkall LH Strait
Webb RH Bench
Pedrotty FB Robinson

Score by quarters:
Massillon 7 13 0 7 27

Massillon – Webb; Pedrotty; Keller; McGuire

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Turkall (plunge) 1; Turkall (placekick) 1; Keller (placekick) 1.

Massillon – Cicchinelli, lg; Krisher, le; Sedjo, fb; Giloff, fb; Brooks, lg, Green, rt; Featheringham, le; Carey, rh; McGuire, lh; Edie, qb; Bishop, re; Weeks, lt; Makowski, lh.
Alliance – Russ, fb; McGowan, lh; Reese, rg; Welbash, rg; Albright, lh; Galieti, rh; Dietrich, re; Plum, rt.

Referee – Gross.
Umpire – McFee.
Head Linesman – Boone.

Mass. All.
Total first downs 14 9
Yards gained by rushing 292 95
Yards lost by rushing 6 23
Net yards gained by rushing 286 72
Forward passes attempted 9 18
Forward passes completed 2 6
Yards gained by passing 29 61
Total net yardage
rushing and passing 315 133
Passes had intercepted 0 3
Number of punts 3 7
Average distance of punts 40 28
Number of kickoffs 5 1
Average distance kickoffs 24 40
Number of fumbles 6 4
Times ball lost on fumbles 4 1
Number of penalties against 7 3
Yards lost by penalties 65 25

Glen Keller