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Largest Crowd of Season Moans And Applauds As Steubenville Outplays Massillon Eleven First Two Periods

By Luther Emery

An inspired Steubenville football team, guided by a capable son of Massillon, outplayed the Washington high Tigers for two periods here Friday evening, while 18,372 hearts pounded, but succumbed to its own spent efforts to absorb a 33-13 beating, its first of the season.

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The initial loss was far from disgraceful. The Big Red gave Massillon fans what they have wanted to see, a ding dong battle with the decision hanging in the balance and for the first time since the Tigers were defeated by New Castle, Pa., in 1937, they trailed at half. It was 7-6 at intermission.

Big Red’s First Half

Points and first downs were all in the Big Red’s favor the first two periods, and though a fumble cost Massillon a touchdown in the opening period, the Tigers were fortunate to as much as score thereafter in the half. It took a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness which nullified a loss of 15 yards on an attempt to pass, and moved the ball into position for their only score of the first half which came with 25 seconds left to play.

It was a poor first half as far as the Tiger brand of football was concerned, but it was a brilliant first half for the Big Red and an exciting one for fans of both teams as hopes flared and faded with fumbles and pass interceptions.

The Tigers began to find themselves in the last five minutes, but not until after the Big Red’s No. 1 player, Johnny Stojack, and the best to set foot on the local gridiron this fall, was carried off with injuries.

A Great Player

Stojack, who scored the Stubbers first touchdown, and gained practically all of the yards on the ground, was a bear as well on defense and played his heart out for his coach and team.

He returned to the game thrice after being hurt, but was only a shadow of the athlete who slashed through the Tigers the first period and a half.

Had he and Guido Mastroianna escaped injury and been able to have stuck out the entire contest, Massillon physicians would have found themselves overrun with heart cases today—the score would have been too close for comfort.

The star end and halfback, however, couldn’t stand up under the pounding and had to give way to substitutes who were far inferior to them in point of performance. An x-ray will be taken of Stojack’s shoulder today, but it is not believed serious. Mastroianna may have sustained one or more damaged ribs.

Here the Tigers had an edge. Their condition was superior and they had better replacements, two items that had a big influence on the score, and extended their undefeated string to 48 games.

It was evident from the opening kickoff that Brinker had the Big Red flaring. They raced out of the huddle and over the ball in a business like way and took off with the center snap so eagerly that they were frequently penalized for being offside. They were beating the Tigers to the first yard of turf, however, and when this is going on, you can expect an occasional offside penalty.

The Massillon attack, on the other hand sputtered under what appeared to be a poor selection of plays the first two periods, and poor ball handling had the team in the hole time and again.

The Big Red set up a 5-4-2 defense when the Tigers came out of the huddle, but jumped two men into the line just before the ball was snapped on single-wing plays thereby confusing the local players and at the same time massing the defense to face the ball carrier.

When the Tigers threw from punt formation, the Big Red secondary stayed put, and had men spread all over the field to guard against the aerial attack.

Once the locals began concentrating on a ground attack inside the Big Red tackles, they began to move, and soon had Steubenville on the defensive.

Changed Cleats

A change of cleats between halves may have contributed to the improved offense. The Tigers wore their short cleats the first two periods, and had a hard time standing up. Everyone worked feverishly in the dressing room during intermission to make the change over to long cleats and players had firmer footing the last two periods.

It was a big relief to Tiger fans to see their team finally begin hitting on all eleven and launch sustained drives that carried them into the promised land.

With the Big Red showing signs of weakening the last few minutes of the first half, most Massillon fans felt the Tigers would come through the last two periods, but few expected the score to mount to 33 points.

But with the exception of a couple of long passes over the heads of a second string Massillon backfield that produced a touchdown in the fourth period, the Big Red showed nothing the second half. They had packed all of their energy into the first two periods and when the Tigers came out after intermission to take the kickoff and march 56 yards to a touchdown, the collapse was complete.

Where the Big Red made seven points to Massillon’s six and rolled up six first downs to Massillon’s four the first half, the Tigers made 10 first downs to the Stubbvers two the last two periods and 27 points to their six.

The second half offensive gave the local team what margin it enjoyed in the statistics. First downs were 14-8 and the net gain in yardage was 344 to 233.

“Now maybe they will believe me,” was Coach Elwood Kammer’s comment after the game. “They were definitely the best team we played this year and if you don’t think it was hard going out there, look at these kids.”

The youngsters were emerging from the coach’s room at this moment and as each came out of the door, he swallowed a conditioning pill.

There were limps, bruised lips, weak wrists and skinned faces, nine names were on the casualty list with orders to report for physical examinations and possible treatment Saturday.

Big Red Suffered, Too

The same condition existed in the Big Red dressing room where Brinker and his assistant made hasty examinations of players and wondered whether several would be able to carry on next week.

When you think back over the first half, you wonder whether the Tiger team will be able to stand up under the battering it has been absorbing at the hands of heavier opponents this year. When you recall how the lines fairly rattled when they clashed as each eleven sought to push over the first touchdown, you realize why both squads bore visible marks of the struggle.

The play during the first half was terrific, with breaks figuring in nearly every series, which resulted in the ball changing hands most of the time without a punt. In fact the Tigers punted but once the entire game.

The Tigers were first to threaten, and would have scored were it not for an unfortunate fumble. Keve Bray put the locals in position when he intercepted Stojack’s pass that had been deflected by Weisgarber, on the 26-yard line. A five-yard penalty and two plunges by Holt gained a first down on the 14 and Holt smashed his way to the five on the next play where he fumbled and Stojack covered for the Stubbers.

That got the Big Red hopped up and though they were in poor position to do anything offensively on the next series, Roush intercepted a pass for them after they punted out and it looked like the Steubenville teams of 10 years ago as the Tigers rolled back to their 10-yard line. A 25-yard pass, Stojack to Percy Brown figured in the march and the Big Red appeared off to the races as Stojack in two attempts crossed the goal. But the ball was called back the second time and the Stubbers drew a five-yard penalty. The officials made up for it on the next play, however and gave the Big Red a first down on the Tiger one yard line for unnecessary Massillon roughness.
Call what followed, “The Siege of Stalingrad.” The Tigers imitated the gallant Russian defenders as they throw back the Big Red invasion and four ball carrying attempts for a net loss of five yards.

Threat Stopped

The eight man Massillon line bounced back everything that came its way and refused to budge. Brown was hurled at the center. He couldn’t gain an inch. Stojack took a crack at the middle. He got half a yard. Brown was tossed at the center again. He went down on a knee as he piled in for the loss of half a yard. Stojack was turned loose around his right end. Keve Bray sifted through and nailed him for a five-yard loss and the Tigers took over. They were doing nicely too, until Holt fumbled again on the 24-yard line and Johnny Chadnock covered for Steubenville.

Fred Cardinal had an opportunity to put on the feed bag when Stojack’s pass came his way, but in his anxiety to head for the oats bin he dropped the ball with a clear field ahead. Stopped in the air, Stojack took to the ground and on the next play a fake reverse, raced around right end for a touchdown. The shout that went up from the Steubenville stands was enough to roll the Ohio river. Mastroianna calmly kicked the extra point and the Tigers for the second time this season – trailed.

On the first play after the kickoff, the inspired Stubbers were given another lift when Roush intercepted Graber’s pass from punt formation on the Tiger 44. But Stojack was also injured on the play and the peppery Stubbers had an immediate relapse.

Brown tried to pass but Graber intercepted on his 38 and the door of the Tiger cage was open. Graber passed to Tom Jasinski for a first down on the Stubber 34 and the ball was advanced five more yards when Steubenville took a time out to get Stojack back into the contest. Graber fumbled and Holt covered for a loss of 17 yards. The Tigers were thrown back 15 more yards when Graber couldn’t find a receiver for his pass, but it did not count for the Big Red was charged with unnecessary roughness and penalized 15 yards, giving the Tigers the ball on the 28-yard line. Bray circled left end for nine yards and Holt took it to the 10. Stojack was again taken from the game with injuries. On the next play Holt plunged over the touchdown and the Tiger fans let loose a roar that must have been heard in Canton. Holt was thrown back when he tried to plunge the extra point across.

Only 55 seconds remained of the half and it closed two plays after the following kickoff.

Touchdown Parade

The second half was a Massillon parade most of the way, with the two most sensational plays, touchdown runs by Chuck Holt, called back because of penalties.

It was a tough break for Chuck. He went 51 yards on the one effort, but the officials tagged a penalty of illegal use of the hands on one player on the three-yard line and the Tigers drew a 15-yard penalty. They went over just the same.

On another occasion Graber tossed a 20-yard pass to Holt who juggled the ball on the 30-yard line, finally caught it and ran the rest of the way, only to have the effort nullified by an offside penalty. In this instance as well, the Tigers did not surrender the ball until they had crossed the goal.
The Massillon sails were set right after the kickoff of the third period. Fred Cardinal nearly got away but was tossed on his 44. Carrying the ball five consecutive plays, as the Tigers worked inside the Big Red tackles, Holt put the pigskin on the 21-yard line. The Big Red looked for Holt again, but his time Bray came around his left end behind good blocking and carried to the five-yard line where he was hauled down from behind while slowing up to give his blockers an opportunity to finish the job ahead. Holt was over in two plays and the Tigers had taken the lead. Graber ran the extra point across outside right end and the score was 13-7.

The next time the Tigers gained possession of the ball they marched to another score. It was a drive of 56 yards with Holt and Bray carrying to the 12-yard line. There they drew a five-yard penalty, but Holt more than got it back as he carried to the eight-yard line and Bray circled his left end for a touchdown. The Stubbers stopped the first bid for the extra point, but were offside. On the second attempt, Graber went over to boost the score to 20-7.

Holt’s 51-yard no touchdown run followed the next Steubenville series. After the penalization for illegal use of the hands, the Tigers were given the ball on the Big Red 18. Holt went to the one-yard line and Dallas Power took over. Holt kicked the extra point and it was 27-7.

Score On Second Backfield

Kammer sent three new faces into his backfield to make the change in the ball carrying department complete. Weisgarber blocked a Steubenville punt and the Tigers covered on the 36. The second string backs moved the ball to the two-yard line where they lost it on downs. The youngsters held, but were tagged with roughing the kicker, and the Big Red was given a first down on its 10-yard line. Throwing from behind his goal, Brown pitched to Bill Snyder for 38 yards and a yard short of midfield. On the very next play he fired to Dick Roush, who caught the leather on the 30 and went the rest of the distance for Big Red’s second touchdown.

An attempt to kick the extra point failed.

Kammer sent in his first string backs again and Holt immediately took the kickoff and raced back to the Big Red 48 before being downed. The Tigers drew a 15-yard penalty for clipping on the play, however and lost the ball on Bray’s fumble. Graber got it back on an intercepted pass and the locals were on the march again. Came the beautiful no count, catch by Holt followed by a five-yard penalty for offside that set the locals back to their own 45. Another five-yarder for too many times out pushed them back to their 40, but a 39-yard pass, Graber to Jasinski, gained a first down on the Big Red 20 and the backs alternated carrying the ball to the one-yard line where Graber went over for the final points of the game. On the first play after the kickoff, Graber intercepted Brown’s pass and got back to the Big Red 25 but the game ended before another play could be run off.


Massillon Steubenville
Willmot le Snyder
Edwards lt not readable
R. Wallace lg not readable
B. Wallace c not readable
Weisgarber rg not readable
Paulik rt not readable
Jasinski re Mastroianna
Cardinal qb Chadnock
Graber lh Stojack
Bray rh Roush
Holt fb Brown

Score by periods
Massillon 0 6 21 6 – 33
Steubenville 0 7 0 6 – 13

Substitutions – Massillon: Kanney, Power, Gibson, Pellegrini, Mastriann, Williams.
Steubenville: Gregory, Watkins, Mike, Parisi, Quattrone, Wagner, White.

Touchdowns – Holt 2, Bray, Graber, Power, Stojack, Roush

Points after touchdown – Graber (carried), Holt (placekick), Mastroianna (placekick)

Referee – Jenkins.
Umpire – Graff.
Headlinesman – Rupp.
Field Judge – Boone.

Game Statistics
Tigers Big Red
Total First Downs 14 3
Yards Gained by Rushing 266 127
Yards Lost by Rushing 18 16
Net Yards Gained by Rushing 248 111
Net Yards Gained by Passing (a) 96 122
Forward Passes Attempted 10 14
Forward Passes Completed 4 4
Passes Had Intercepted 2 4
Number of Punts 1 1
Average Distance of Punts (b) 24 24
Yards Punts Returned 18 0
Number of Kickoffs 7 2
Number of Fumbles 4 2
Times Ball Lost on Fumbles 3 0
Number of Penalties 9 10
Yards Lost by Penalties 78 56


Steubenville Succumbs After Leading at
Half, 7 to 6

MASSILLON, OH., Oct. 16 – Trailing at half time, the Massillon High Tigers, undefeated since 1937, struck back in the two final periods to trounce a fighting Steubenville Big Red eleven, 33 to 13, before 18,372 fans here tonight.

It was Massillon’s 48th straight game without defeat.

Paced by John Stojack, hardest driving halfback seen in Tiger Stadium in four years, Steubenville led Massillon, 7 to 6, at half time.

Stojack repeatedly raced through the Massillon defense, finally scoring on a 23-yard jaunt off right tackle. Guido Mastrioanni, left end, kicked the extra point and the visitors took a second-quarter lead of 7 to 0.

The Tigers then lashed back. After an exchange of intercepted passes Massillon started from its 43. Capt. Chuck Holt culminated the advance by smashing left guard from the 9-yard line. Holt missed the extra point when he bucked the line. The half closed a minute later with the Stubbers in front 7 to 6.

Previous to the invaders’ touchdown the Tigers held for downs on their 1-yard line. Steubenville finally ended up on the 6-yard line.

In the third quarter the Tigers reeled off three touchdowns while the Stubbes were checked without a threat. Starting from their 44, the Tigers took the lead when Holt shot over from the 1-yard line. Graber ran over the extra point and the Tigers jumped ahead, 13 to 7.

The Tigers then started another march from their 44 with Right Halfback Keve Bray circling left end from the 8. Graber ran around right end for the 20th point.

A 52-yard drive ended the third-period scoring. Substitute Dallas Power went over from the 2 on a quarterback sneak. Holt converted and Coach Elwood Kammer’s club led 27 to 7.

Both teams registered six points in the final stanza. A series of aerials produced the second Steubenville touchdown. Standing on his 49-yard line, Percy Brown, fullback, pitched a long heave to Right Halfback Dick Roush, who dashed over unmolested.

With the score at 27 to 13, the Massillon first-string backfield again was inserted. On fourth down Graber drove off right tackle from the one, making the final score 33-13.


Chuck Holt