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Tiger End Hurts Foot With Important Game With Canton Less Than Week Away; Barberton Beaten 35-7


The Washington high Tigers today began preparations for their state championship battle with Canton McKinley Saturday without the services of Charley Anderson, right end and one of the mainstays of the team.

Anderson is in the city hospital, suffering a foot injury, the seriousness of which has not been determined. Edgar Herring, who limped off the field at Barberton Saturday as the Tigers scored a 35-7 victory, their ninth of the season and 19th in a row, may not start against Canton, Coach Brown said today.
Junior Anderson’s Leg Improves
Immediately after the game Saturday, he announced that Herring was out. Today he had hopes of using Echo as a spot runner.

Junior Anderson, Tiger left tackle, who was kept out of the Barberton game because of a charley horse, is still dragging his leg, behind him but officials have high hopes that the injured leg will improve sufficiently this week to permit him to play Saturday afternoon.

This morning, Coach Brown, gloomy over the casualties of the week end, announced that Ernie Edwards in all probability would start at right end in place of Charley Anderson with Mike Byelene taking over the left halfback post and Dick Shrake the quarterback job. Under this setup, however, Byelene would continue to call signals.
Foot Hurts After Game
Charley Anderson’s injury was not revealed until after the ball game. He complained of his foot hurting him when the squad was eating. He started home but stopped in a restaurant. Members of the coaching staff were summoned to the restaurant and Anderson was taken to the hospital. He remained in the hospital Saturday night, Sunday and last night and will be kept there, today, Coach Brown said. The coaching staff is hopeful that in keeping Charley in the hospital he will rest his foot, something he probably would not do at home.

Herring, playing his first game in three weeks because of an injured leg, was removed from the Barberton game in the second period after he had scored three touchdowns against the Magics, two on runs and one on a pass. He was assisted from the field by his teammates and taken immediately to the dressing room. Coach Brown announced after the game that he was afraid Herring would be unable to play against Canton.

The Tiger attack bogged down with Echo out and Brown deciding not to chance injury to Bob Glass and Mike Byelene, also removed them from the game. They went back in at the start of the second half, however, to play part of the third period.

The Tigers will practice behind closed gates every day this week. Streets leading to the football park also will be closed and patrolled to keep anyone from eavesdropping as the Massillon eleven goes through its final preparations for the Canton game.

Neither team was impressive Saturday. The Tigers looked good the first quarter as they rolled up 22 points on Barberton but the attack bogged down the rest of the game and in the closing minutes it was Johnny Ries, Barberton left halfback who provided the fireworks with a 30-yard run through the Massillon second team after taking a punt from Roy Herman.
Canton Suffers Letdown
Canton only defeated Alliance 27-7, a team Massillon trimmed 51-0 under adverse weather conditions several weeks ago. The Bulldogs, however, did not use their full strength, for Pete Ballos only played a few minutes. Furthermore Canton keyed up for Steubenville, suffered the usual letdown after such a ball game.

The Magics gave the Massillon eleven more opposition than they expected Saturday and for the first time this season the Tiger eleven was behind in first downs, 9-10. Ten first downs were more than any other team could get against the local eleven and Barberton had the additional satisfaction of being one of two elevens to score on the local team. Mansfield shoved over a touchdown in the second game of the season.

Barberton gave the Tigers the kind of a workout they wanted, however, an open game with a lot of forward and lateral passes. Practically all of the Magics’ first downs were scored through passes, though penalties inflicted on the Tiger team, helped them to three of their first downs.

The officials in fact, did a better job of ball carrying than the Magic backs. They penalized Massillon nine times for a total of 65 yards. Barberton did not draw a penalty.

The ability of the Tiger forward wall to break through and block punts set the stage for the first touchdown and other points to follow. Don Snavely laid back in the secondary, but tore through a gap between guard and center as Rees tried to kick from the 25-yard line. He got in front of the ball and a mass of orange sweaters covered it on the Barberton 22. On the first play, Herring on a double reverse pranced around his left end for a touchdown. Byelene failed to run over the extra point.

Barberton fumbled on the third play after the following kickoff and Warren Wyatt, who played a fine defensive game Saturday, covered on the Barberton 20-yard line. After Herring had made two yards, Byelene ran to the two-yard line and there gave the ball to Herring, who took it over. Glass placekicked the extra point and the score was 13-0.
Tigers Score On Safety
Glass’ kickoff rolled and bounced back of the Barberton goal and when Rowe tried to run it out, he was dropped on the three-yard line. Ries dropped back to punt, but got a poor pass from center and was downed for a safety behind his goal line.

Barberton free-kicked to Massillon after the two points, Byelene running back to the
30-yard line and then tossing a lateral to Red Snyder who made five more. Glass hit center for five and Byelene hurled to Herring for a touchdown and tossed to Anderson for the extra point.

That was all the scoring in the first quarter and it was midway in the second period after Herring had been removed from the game, before the Tigers could score again. The Magics were backed up to their 14-yard line and Ries fell back to punt when a poor pass rolled behind his goal line where Charley Anderson flopped on the ball for a touchdown. Dixon tried to run the extra point across but failed.
Tigers Score In Second Half
The half ended 28-0 and the Tigers scored but once in the second half. Midway in the third period, Odell Gillom intercepted a Barberton pass on his 41. Byelene tossed 18 yards to Anderson for a first down on the Barberton 41. Another flip put the leather on the
six-yard line; Byelene went over but fumbled doing so and Jim Miller flopped on the ball for the touchdown. Snyder drove through for the extra point.

The Barberton score in the fourth quarter struck like a bombshell. Johnny Ries, who all afternoon had demonstrated his ability to cut back plays, gathered in one of Roy Herman’s punts on his 20-yard line and set his sails for the Massillon goal. Barberton fans had said that if Ries ever got started, Massillon couldn’t catch him and that’s what happened. He reeled off the 80- yards in less time than it takes to write it and didn’t have anyone within 15 yards of him as he crossed the final stripe. A similar run had given Barberton a 6-6 tie with Alliance two weeks ago and two such runs had helped the Magics trim Akron North.

Ties had no more than crossed the goal, until the fists began flying in one section of the fine concrete stadium. The reason for the clash, is not known.

Barberton was crippled for the game. Welby Broaddus, the other half of its backfield did not play because of injuries. Neither did Paul Maloney, a tackle.
It was Lynn St. John day at Barberton and the former Barberton school teacher, now director of athletics at Ohio State University, was paid special honors between halves. A sign, bearing his name, was pulled into the air by half a dozen gas balloons. At the same time a number of carrier pigeons were released. The Barberton and Massillon bands gave an exhibition between halves, the Barberton band winding up with “Hold That Tiger.”
Now For Canton
Massillon Pos. Barberton
Gillom LE Panchalk
Swoger LT Young
Miller LG Culbertson
Snavely C Petruska
Wyatt RG Ratzy
Peters RT Wells
C. Anderson RE Wadsworth
Byelene QB Rowe
Herring LH Ries
Snyder RH Glavitsch
Glass FB Rapp

Score by periods:
Massillon 22 6 7 0 35
Barberton 0 0 0 7 7

Massillon – Shrake, qb; Pizzino, fb; Sedjo, lt; Greenfelder, lg; Howard, rg; Bob Miller, c; Harsh, rt; MacMichael, lt; Edwards, re; Wurzbacher, le; Herman, rh; Dixon, lh.

Massillon – Herring 3; C. Anderson; Miller.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Glass (placekick); Anderson (pass); Sndyer (plunge).

Safety: Massillon.

Referee – Reger.
Umpire – Lindell.
Head Linesman – Worbleski.

Mike Byelene