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Largest Throng Ever To Witness Game at Mt. Union Field Surprised at Power of Massillon Team


The Alliance Aviators went air raiding last night but their bombs were tossed back into their faces by the Washington high Tigers who rolled up a 51-0 score to chalk up their 16th straight victory and sixth of the season before the largest crowd that has ever witnessed a football game in Alliance, 11,000 fans.

As expected, wily George Wilcoxon, the Alliance coach, had a scheme cooked up which he hoped would catch the Tigers off their guard, but too many cooks spoil the soup and the hands of the Massillon secondary made a mess of it.

Alliance Banked on Short Pass
Upon a short pass over the line of scrimmage hinged Alliance’s hopes for victory. All week the Aviators had been groomed for the air raid and they took off without delay.

They made it interesting for several minutes by scoring a couple of direct hits, but only one was good enough for a first down and soon the passes began falling into the arms of the alert Tiger secondary. The aerial fireworks turned out to be a boomerang when two passes were intercepted deep in Alliance territory and the attack was routed as Massillon made a counter assault from the air.

The Tigers’ first six passes found the waiting arms of a receiver, put the ball in position for the third touchdown of the game, scored the fourth touchdown and one of the extra points.

Aviators First Defeat
The overwhelming score was a surprise to those who had followed the success of the red and blue this season, for it was the Aviators’ first defeat in six games. The Tigers were favorites from the start, but ardent Massillon fans would give them no more than a
25-point advantage while the more skeptical would have settled for seven.

Believing they had an “outside chance” for vict6ory, Alliance ballyhooed the game as its biggest gridiron attraction of the season. Their hopes were based on the belief that their team had not reached its peak, was constantly improving and had withheld its real power for the Tiger engagement.

The ballyhoo brought to Mt. Union field the biggest crowd it has ever held. Fans overflowed the bleachers and flanked the sidelines of the playing field, but their expectations of a close game were shattered in the second period when the Tiger unleashed all its power and cunning and pounced about the field at will.

Alliance’s inability to check the Massillon advance, was a disappointment, not only to Alliance fans but to many Massillon rooters who had hoped to see a hard fought game. The Aviators’ supporters however, were loud in their praise of the Tiger eleven and particularly praised the team work and fine blocking.

The first period produced the type of game fans had expected to see and the Massillon machine was limited to one touchdown, that the result of a 61-yard run by little “Echo” Herring, behind as fine a blocking as you will see on any gridiron. It signaled the downfall of the red and blue. Every man did his part on that dash. The tackles pushed through and opened a huge gap in the Alliance line. The ends blocked, the guards swept out as interference and the other backs tore through to help clear the way. All Herring had to do was pick his hole and run. One by one an Alliance tackler was cut down. They even blocked the safety man out of the play and Herring went through without a hand being laid on him.

Blockers Demonstrate Value
That run was an open display of the value of Jim Miller, Warren Wyatt and Red Snyder, who are as important a part of the Tiger offense as the ball carrier. But for them, the end sweeps and off-tackle drives would not work as smoothly.

Mike Byelene tried to carry the extra point over after Herring’s spectacular dash but was bottled up in the Alliance line and fell short of his mark.

The Tiger struck again at the start of the second period. Grimes who had barely gotten away two previous punts, took too much time booting from the 30-yard line and the ball was blocked. Glass recovering for Massillon just as the first period ended. On the first play of the second quarter, the Tiger fullback, running from the same play that continually fooled New Castle a week ago, raced 30 yards for a touchdown. He tried to kick the extra point but it was wide of the posts.

Exchanging punts after a series of plays, the Tigers continually pushed the Aviators backward until they got the ball on the 38-yard line. A five-yard penalty and two plunges by Glass brought a first on the 23 and Byelene faded back to pass 17 yards to Odell Gillom for a first down on the six-yard line. Herring lugged the leather around right end and across the goal after Byelene had moved it up three yards. This time the try for extra point was successful, Byelene passing to Charley Anderson.

Three Passes Gain Touchdown
The Tiger passing attack flashed once more before the end of the half when Byelene snapped a 20-yard toss to Anderson that advanced the ball from the Massillon 40 to the Alliance 40. A nine-yard plunge by Glass and a 19-yard toss, Byelene to Gillom put the ball on the 11-yard line and Byelene hurled another to Herring for the touchdown. Glass’ kick was wide and the score was 25-0.

There was nothing to expect in the second half but more Massillon touchdowns and they poured over the goal line until Coach Paul Brown sent in his substitutes late in the fourth period.

The third period was costly to Massillon, however, for both Herring and Glass had to be removed midway in the third quarter with injured legs. Herring hurt his ankle in the Akron South game two weeks ago while Glass got his in a scrimmage session prior to the New Castle game. The injuries were aggravated at New Castle and again last night.

The Tigers took the kickoff on the 35-yard line at the start of the second half and marched for a touchdown. Herring taking the ball over after a five-yard penalty on Alliance for offside had placed the ball on the one-yard line. Byelene’s pass into the end zone was grounded and the score was 31-0.

It mounted to 38 when Phil Pizzino hauled in one of Huffman’s passes and raced back to the nine-yard line before being downed. Mussolini would have been proud of that. Shrake banged over for the touchdown and Charley Anderson kicked the extra point.

The score became 45-0 when Snavely pulled down another of Huffman’s passes on the
19-yard line and stepped back before being tackled. Byelene whipped a pass to Anderson for the touchdown and Shrake carried it over for the extra point.

Only one touchdown was scored in the fourth period, Byelene carrying the mail on a
37-yard dash around his left end. A new Massillon team went into the game after that score and played the remaining minutes.

Tiger Goal Never in Danger
Alliance was never able to penetrate into Massillon territory. Its only first down came in the first period on two completed forward passes. The Aviators completed six passes for 38 yards, but had three intercepted while eight others fell by the wayside.

Massillon completed 10 passes for 135 yards and one point after touchdown. One was intercepted and four grounded. The Massillon machine made 17 first downs, and lost 75 yards in penalties to 30 yards for Alliance.

The Aviators nearly worked the “sleeper” pass in the second half and would have gotten a good gain and Cottage not dropped the ball. The pass, if completed, would have taken the ball into Massillon territory.

The road between Massillon and Alliance was a string of tail lights. It looked much like a parade after the game as the hundreds of cars bearing Tiger fans, headed for home. It was tail light to tail light as far as you could see. How many Massillon fans were there no one will know. The 1,100 reserved seats sent to this city were sold out early in the afternoon. In addition a large number of student and general admission tickets were sold here while many others purchased their tickets in Alliance.

Alliance officials estimated the crowd at between 10,000 and 12,000. All reserved seats were sold long before game time and Alliance high school and city officials are to be congratulated for the fine manner in which they handled the crowd.

There was no congestion at the gate and all was orderly. Though Massillon went home with the ball game, Alliance took the money. The two schools schedule home and home series on a $100 guarantee basis. The Tigers got $100. Massillon and Canton work on the same basis and the Bulldogs will only get $100 for coming over here and playing before 20,000.

Fans Soaked Again
Those fans who had seats in the covered section were fortunate. They emerged with dry clothing while those in the concrete section were drenched.

The Massillon and Alliance bands put on a show between halves and Massillon fans had the opportunity of seeing the Alliance band wearing its new uniforms for the first time. The uniforms arrived ahead of schedule yesterday and even Alliance students were surprised when their band marched on to the field.

Alliance is building athletics again in an attempt to get back to the prominent spot it held several years ago. Six of the 11 men who started against Massillon last night will be back with Coach Wilcoxon again next season and others coming on will make his task much easier than that he faced at the start of this season.

Power To Spare
Massillon Pos. Alliance
Gillom LE Grimes
J. Anderson LT Streza
Wyatt LG Cacli
Snavely C Koch
Miller RG Allison
Peters RT Cobbs
C. Anderson RE Hartley
Byelene QB Huffman
Herring LH Gainey
Snyder RH Cottage
Glass FB Sina

Score by periods:
Massillon 6 19 20 6 51

Massillon – Shrake, qb; Edwards, le; Herman, rh; Pizzino, fb; Swoger, rt; Lee, c; Greenfelder rg; Howard, lg; Bob Miller, lt; Wurzbacher, re; Dixon, lh.

Massillon – Herring 4; Byelene; Glass; Shrake; Anderson.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Anderson 2 (pass and kick); Shrake (carried).

Referee – Howells (Sebring).
Umpire – Barrett (Sebring).
Head Linesman – Mackey (Mt. Union)

Mike Byelene