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Massillon Gridders Will Travel to Southern Tip of State to Play Undefeated Spartans, Friday;
Squad in Good Shape After Encounter


Having commanded the attention of the state with their crushing 66-0 victory over Cleveland Shaw, Saturday, the Tigers of Washington high school today began pointing for their second successive invasion.

Thursday they travel to the southern tip of the state where Friday evening they battle Portsmouth, a team undefeated in three games and a team which annually ranks with the best in southern Ohio.

Portsmouth Has Strong Team
Down in Portsmouth they are preparing for a battle royal. The Spartans have no intention of stretching themselves on the ground and watching Massillon legs walk over them. In fact they see for themselves an opportunity to step into the limelight of the scholastic gridiron this week-end for a victory over the Tigers would put them on top in the scramble for the mythical state schoolboy title.

Paul Brown, Washington high school coach, is just as concerned about this week’s game; for Portsmouth right now looms as the biggest hurdle between now and the Canton game.

In fact the Tiger coach began his preparations for Portsmouth last week and one reason why the Massillon offense at times in the Shaw game looked like a flivver with a cylinder or two missing was the fact that Brown was using the game as a laboratory to test a few things he had been thinking about for next week.

Leave Thursday for Game
Brown is sufficiently concerned about Friday’s game that he is taking his squad to Portsmouth Thursday so as not to tire the team with a long ride the day of the game.

Fortunately the Massillon gridders came out of their romp with Shaw in good condition. There were few injuries and time was taken out but once Saturday and for the first time this season when Ed Herring, light halfback got lime in his eye and a bump on the head when two Shaw players tackled him at the same time. Jake Gillom got a swat on the leg, but the stiffness probably will be gone by Friday.

Shaw looked anything but a Snavely coached team as Massillon remembers the elevens he turned out here years ago.

There was weight in the squad of some 40 players who lined the bench and there were several capable ball carriers, but the machine-line precision which Jack always obtained in Massillon was missing and the players gave way quickly to injuries.

From the opening whistle there was no doubt left as to the outcome of the game. The Massillon forwards opened yawning gaps in their opponents’ line. The quarterbacks, Dutton and Byelene quickly sensed Shaw’s weak pass defense and hurled the ball for gains of 142 yards alone. They say a perfect pass cannot be blocked and that more than Shaw’s weak defense may be the reason for their success in the air. Furthermore, with a little better receiving, the Tigers would have scored at least two more touchdowns. The boys, it seems, dropped the easy ones and caught the impossible shots.

Gillom Leads Assault
It was long legged and shifty Jake Gillom who led the assault that produced 10 touchdowns and six extra points, but five other boys shared in the scoring.

It was little Ed Herring, who weaves with the rhythm of a Negro spiritual, who brought the spectators to their feet when he hit off tackle in the second period for a 68-yard touchdown sprint.

It was Augie Morningstar who went up into the air and pulled down a pass when two Shaw players had their hands on the ball.

It was Howard Dutton and Mike Byelene who shot the twisting passes into the arms of the receivers.

It was the entire Massillon team, cooperating in one unit, supported by 1,000 fans and a smartly stepping band that convinced Cleveland spectators that Massillon must be included again this year in the reckoning for state title.

Make 27 First Downs
There are several reasons why. In the first place the Tigers made 27 first downs and the fact that Shaw failed to make any speaks well for the unseen work of those men in the pit, Messrs. Morningstar, Anderson, Held, Buggs, Voss, Updegraff, Woods and the supporting cast.

In the second place, had Coach Brown wanted to do so, he could have piled up a much larger score, but as it was, he chose to substitute and used two full teams in the game.

The Tigers scored the first time they got their hands on the ball. Jake Gillom ran the kickoff back to the 35-yard line. Then he and Shaw made it first down on the Shaw 40. A 25-yard sprint by Gillom put it on the 15. Gillom and Glass put it on the one-yard line where Jacob went across. Glass’ kick for the extra point was wide.

Shaw kicked off again to Massillon, Charley Anderson running it back to his 40. When a pass and line play failed to produce sufficient yardage, Dutton punted to the Shaw 30.

The Tigers held and Cadiou punted back to the Massillon 30. Dutton and Gillom made it first down on the Shaw 40. A pass, Dutton to Anderson advanced the ball nine more yards and Gillom carried it to a first down on the 20. Then Dutton rifled the ball to Morningstar who was downed on the six-yard line. Glass in two attempts bucked it over. Dutton passed to Charley Anderson for the extra point.

Shaw again kicked off, Herring lugging it back to his 40. Byelene dashed to the Shaw
33-yard line. Herring gained seven on a reverse. Byelene passed to Herring for what would have been a touchdown but the ball was called back and a five-yard penalty inflicted on the Tigers. Snyder made seven yards and Byelene one, but when Snyder drove for a first down the ball was again brought back and a 15-yard penalty inflicted on Massillon for holding. Determined not to punt Byelene dropped back and shot a long pass which Anderson caught on the 10-yard line. Herring put the ball on the seven-yard line as the quarter ended.

Second Quarter
Byelene made five yards but both sides were off and the ball was brought back. Snyder went over in two drives at the Shaw line and carried it across again for the extra point that made it 20-0.

Anderson fumbled the kickoff and Cadiou recovered on the Massillon 40. Dutton came to the rescue, however, and intercepted Eisenhut’s pass on the 32. On the first play, Ed Herring hit through right tackle for a 68-yard run and touchdown. Glass kicked the extra point.

Herring brought the following kickoff back to his 45. Dutton made nine yards in two attempts and Herring made it first down on the Shaw 45. A triple pass lost three yards. Herring made six yards and Dutton shot him a pass for a first down on the 12-yard line. Dutton made three yards and Glass hammered through for the touchdown and kicked the extra point that made it 34-0 in the Tigers’ favor at the half.

Third Quarter
Shaw received at the start of the second half but quickly punted back to the Tigers’ 40. Jake Gillom and Dutton carried it to the 30-yard line where Gillom hit off around the right side for a touchdown. Dutton passed to Anderson for the extra point.

Shaw received and when Russell fumbled, Dutton pounced on the ball on the 28-yard line. An 18-yard pass to Morningstar made it first down on the 10-yard stripe. Dutton lost two and Anderson only made two on a mousetrap, but Dutton stepped back and sent the ball sailing down the alley to Jake Gillom who caught it behind the Shaw goal. Molinski’s kick for the extra point was low.

Morningstar kicked off over the goal line and the ball was put in play on the 20-yard stripe. The Tigers held and Gillom returned Cadiou’s punt from his 40 to the Shaw 25. Anderson dropped Dutton’s pass. Gillom made two at left end and Dutton went to the 10-yard line on a spinner. Snyder ripped through for a touchdown. A pass for the extra point failed and the quarter ended with the score 53-0.

Fourth Quarter
The fourth quarter was getting well along before the Tigers could score again, though they twice were down to the goal line, once losing a touchdown on a muffed pass and again fumbling on the one-yard line. The assault started anew, however when Herring caught a punt on the Shaw 40 and ran back to the two-yard line before being nailed. Byelene immediately wiggled over the goal. A pass was grounded for the extra point.

Taking the kickoff to the Shaw 40, the Tigers struck back for their final touchdown of the game. Byelene passed to Herring for a first down on the 25. Two five-yard penalties set the Tigers back, but Byelene again passed to Herring for a touchdown. His pass to McDew provided the 66th point of the game.

The game was the first road trip for the Tigers this season and nearly 1,000 fans followed the team by auto. A caravan of some 100 autos escorted by police, left at noon. Many others followed at a later hour.

The school band made a great showing, particularly when pitted against the Shaw musicians who have one of the best scholastic bands in the United States.

Lineup and summary:
Massillon Pos. Shaw
Anderson LE McGinnis
Held LT Russell
Updegraff LG Jack
Voss C Hill
Woods RG Wilson
Buggs RT Drickamor
Morningstar RE Halliday
Dutton QB Nolish
Gillom LH Cadiou
Molinksi RH Eisenhut
Glass FB Hermanson

Score by periods:
Massillon 13 21 19 13 66

Massillon – McDew, re; O. Gillom, le; Moffet, rt; J. Anderson, lt; Miller, lg; Russ, rg; Snavely, c; Byelene, qb; Herring, lh; Spillman, rh; Snyder, fb; Carter, lh.
Shaw – Edney; Oliphant; Ring; Berkey; Neary; Chapell; Campbell; Moore; W. Russell.

Massillon – J. Gillom 3; Glass 2; Snyder 2; Herring 2; Byelene.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon –Anderson 2 (pass); Snyder (plunged); Glass 2 (placekick); McDew (pass).

Referee – Brubaker (O.W.U.)
Umpire – Gross (Marietta).
Head Linesman – Scullion (O.W.U.).

Augie Morningstar