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With a great display of offensive power which far excelled their previous four stellar performances, the Tigers of Washington high administered a humiliating 54-0 trouncing to Barberton high’s Magics on Massillon field, Saturday afternoon.

The decisive victory was somewhat of a personal triumph for Wendall Lohr, flashy left end of the Tigers, who scored six touchdowns, five by pulling down passes and the other by a thrilling 50-yard return of a punt.

Gives Great Demonstration
Lohr, whose clever play at end and as a safety man for the Tigers in past games was more or less overlooked by most fans as they watched other players in positions more adapted to ball carrying and scoring, rose to the heights of brilliance, Saturday, to give one of the finest demonstrations of pass receiving ever seen on Massillon field. On at least two occasions he negotiated seemingly impossible catches and ran for touchdowns.

Considerable credit must be given to Bob Shertzer and Mike Byelene, right end and quarterback respectively, who tossed the ball to Lohr, with deadly accuracy in the absence of Howard Dutton who was out of the game because of an injury. Their work showed that Coach Paul Brown has an abundance of good passers for use in emergencies.

Gillom, Krier Star
In passing out laurel wreaths Jake Gillom and Henry Krier must not be missed. Replacing D.C. McCants at fullback, the elongated Gillom showed that his performance in a substitute role a week ago Saturday was not a flash in the pan but a true indication of what he can do when given the opportunity. Krier performed in his usual excellent manner except that he devoted more of his efforts to defense, time and time again stopping Barberton ball carriers.

Aid Scoring
Gillom and Krier each scored a touchdown. Krier’s educated toe accounted for four of the Tigers’ six extra points while Gillom scored the other two. The fact that the Tigers made all but two of their extra points was especially pleasing to many fans who know the importance of scoring points after touchdown in a tight game.

The first half was all Lohr as he registered the two touchdowns scored in the initial period and one in the third. The Tigers climaxed their scoring spree with a four touchdown barrage in the third quarter, Lohr accounting for two after Gillom and Krier scored one each. Lohr’s final tally in the closing period was somewhat of an anti-climax.

Only in the first two quarters did Coach Jimmy Price’s Magics show anything. They registered two first downs in the opening quarter and three in the second, but after that the Tigers’ great line didn’t allow them a thing. Two of Barberton’s first downs resulted from 15-yard penalties on Massillon.

The Tigers registered 21 first downs, 11 in the first half and 11 in the second. Of nine passes tried the Tigers completed six for 140 of their 399 yards.

The first touchdown march of the orange and black gridders started the first time they got possession of the ball. With the pigskin on their own 45, McCants and Krier took turns at carrying and aided by a penalty on Barberton, advanced to the Magics 25. Three tries netted nine yards and it was fourth down and a yard to go.

First Touchdowns
On a fake, Shertzer, took the ball from Krier on a lateral, ran far to the left and heaved a pass to Lohr behind the goal line. The pass was good for 16 yards. Krier’s successful kick made the score 7-0.

Barberton got its only first downs of the quarter on the following plays. With the ball on his own 23, Glass broke away and was stopped by Lohr after getting to the 41. A 15-yard penalty on the Tigers gave the Magics the ball in Massillon territory, one of the two times in the game, but on the next play Hill fumbled. Byelene recovered and the Tigers were on their way to another touchdown.

McCants got five yards and Byelene added seven, making it first down. On the next play Byelene tossed 9 yards to Lohr who leaped far into the air for the pigskin, snagged it with his fingertips and scampered 35 yards for a touchdown. Krier’s kick failed and the score was 13-0.

The early portion of the second period was important only in that it was during that time that Barberton got two first downs, going a short distance into Massillon territory and the Tigers punted one of two times during the game. Gillom negotiated the kick after three plays netted but nine yards with the pigskin near midfield.

A few minutes later the Tigers were headed for another touchdown. Snavely returned a punt five yards to Massillon’s 45. Gillom and Krier made it first and 10 on Barberton’s 44. Three more plays advanced the ball to the 31 and a pass from Byelene to Lohr was good for 12 yards. Gillom added two yards and Krier went through for seven. At this point Shertzer again took the ball from Krier on a lateral, ran to the right and tossed 10 yards to Lohr back of the goal line. Krier kicked his second extra point, making the score 20-0.

Massillon Penalized
Barberton had time only to try a play which brought a 15-yard penalty to Massillon and gave the Magics their final first down and to attempt a pass which failed before the gun ended the half.

Early in the third period Lohr started the Tigers on another touchdown march by returning a punt 15 yards to Barberton’s 40. On the first play Byelene slipped around left end for 30 yards, being stopped by Gazafy after he seemed to be on his way to the goal line. Gillom fought to the two-yard stripe and Barberton was penalized half the distance. Gillom hit the line for the touchdown and Krier kicked the point. The score 27-0.

Broaddics took the next kick deep in his own territory and was stopped on
Barberton’s 23. Two plays lost three yards and Glass punted to Barberton’s 30. Krier went around left end for 10 yards and two plays by Gillom and Krier put the ball on the six-yard line. Gillom made a yard before Krier went through for touchdown No. 5. Krier kicked for the point, making the count 34-0.

Another nice return of a Barberton punt by Lohr a minute or so later set the stage for another Tiger touchdown . He brought the ball back 23 yards to the Magics’ 29. On the first play Byelene threw a pass to Lohr. Surrounded by Barberton players, Lohr stuck his hands far above his head, grabbed the pigskin, side-stepped several would-be tacklers and went 28 yards for his fourth touchdown. Byelene’s pass to Lang for the point failed and the score was 40-0.

Barberton tried three plays before Lohr gave the crowd its biggest thrill of the afternoon. Taking Broaddics punt on the midfield stripe, Lohr raced down the west sideline and evaded the entire Barberton team to go 50 yards for a touchdown. Gillom crashed through the dazed Barberton line for the point to send the Tigers’ total to 47 points shortly before the quarter ended.

The Tigers had to travel 66 yards from their 34 yard line for their final touchdown. A neat nine-yard run by Gillom with Snavely and Krier furnishing interference and a five-yard penalty on Barberton made it first and 10 on Massillon’s 48. Gillom fought his way to Barberton’s 25 on the next play. A pass and a line play failed but Barberton was penalized five yards.

With the ball on the 20, Byelene shot another pass to Lohr and it was good for the final touchdown. Gillom bucked the line for the last point.

The game marked the end of the first half of the Tigers’ schedule. So far they have scored 209 points while their goal line has not been crossed.

The five games played so far were important but not as important as at least two, those with Alliance and Canton, of the remaining five.

Alliance Next Week
Next Saturday the Tigers travel to Alliance. This game has a two-fold importance in that it will be the Tigers’ first and only game this season on a foreign field and it will be their first battle in the Stark county championship series.

At the start of the season the Aviators looked weak indeed, but they have improved considerably as their 47-6 victory over Dover a week ago proves. The Aviators did not play the past weekend, probably because of their game with the Tigers this coming Saturday.

The smallest crowd of the year, less than 4,000 persons, attended the game here Saturday.

The summary:
Lohr LE Gerhardt
Buggs LT Johnson
Molinski LG Hackney
Morningstar C Lawver
Snavely RG Baker
Wolfe RT Chigges
Shertzer RE Hurley
Byelene QB King
Krier LH Glass
Lange RH I. Hill
McCants FB Gazafy

Score by quarters:
Massillon 13 7 27 7 54

Massillon – Price, rt; Gillom, fb; McDew, re; Herring, lh; Miller, lg; Peters, lt.
Barberton – Broaddics, rh; Getz, re; Finefrock, lt; C. Hill, lh; Mahaffey, rt; Minter, lt.

Massillon – Lohr 6; Gillom; Krier.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Krier 4; Gillom 2.

Referee – Howell.
Umpire – Boone.
Head Linesman – Barrett.

Cloyd Snavely