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Piling up the largest score made by a Massillon football team in nine years, the Washington high Tigers raced through the frosty air on Massillon Field Friday evening to a 70-0 victory over New Philadelphia high; their fourth of the season and their third successive Northeastern Ohio league triumph.

Not since a powerful Tiger team crushed Alliance 77-0 and Wellston 70-0 in 1924 has Massillon registered such complete superiority on their gridiron as it did last night and
yet – the story is just the same as it has been in each preceding game – the first stringers only played one-half the game.

19 First Downs
The superiority of the Massillon team is not measured by the score alone, for the Tigers excelled in all but one department, that of passing. They made 19 first downs to New Philadelphia’s seven and on eight of the first nine times that they secured possession of the ball they scored touchdowns.

Not since the time of Jack Snavely has a Massillon team played offensive and deceptive football comparable to that displayed last night. Faking on every play the locals time and again fooled Quaker tacklers who rushed in to barrel the wrong man and left the ball carrier wade through a yawning gap for a long gain.

All the ball carriers had to do was run last night. The powerful line that one opposing coach has described as a string of box cars, splintered the New Philadelphia forward wall and cleared the path for the ball carrier and his five-man interference.

Strong On End Runs
The Tigers were especially successful on their sweeps around the ends for here most of their several hundred yards from scrimmage were gained.

The first touchdown came on a 30-yard sweep after a double reverse with Mellinger lugging the ball. Getting the ball for the first time on their own 46-yard line the Tigers started out on a touchdown march. Mellinger wormed through left tackle for nine yards but lost three on a triple pass on the next play. Krier circled right end on a reverse for a first down on the 43-yard line and McCants plunged through center on a spinner for 13 and a first down on the 30. Shertzer hurled a long pass to Lohr who was in the open but the ball was too high. On the next play Mellinger dashed around end for a touchdown. Krier’s placekick for the extra point was wide.

The locals kicked off to New Philadelphia which after failing to gain punted poorly to its own 37-yard line. On the second play Krier went over for a touchdown from the 27-yard line but the ball was brought back and Massillon penalized 15 yards for clipping. The Tigers came right back to carry the ball to the three-yard line, where they forfeited it on downs to the Quakers. A 15-yard penalty that followed enabled New Philadelphia to make its first first down of the game. However, the Quakers failed to make any more yardage and their attempted punt on the fourth down was blocked and Massillon took possession of the ball on the 24-yard line just as the quarter ended.

Mellinger Scores Again
Starting the second quarter McCants plunged for five yards. Mellinger was stopped without gain but Krier smashed through for a 14-yard dash to the five-yard line. McCants made a yard and Mellinger slid through left tackle for a touchdown. Krier again missed an attempted placekick for the extra point.

Krier kicked off to the 28-yard line and New Philadelphia was set back 15 yards for clipping. Mellinger returned the following punt 42 yards to the three-yard line, where McCants plunged over for the touchdown. Krier kicked the extra point this time and the score was 19-0 in the Tigers’ favor.

Again Krier kicked off and the ball was returned to the 19-yard line. A 15-yard pass gave New Philadelphia a first down, but Monroe hauled down a Quaker pass to give Massillon the ball on the 32-yard line. On the very first play Shertzer shot a beautiful pass to Lohr who took it on the run and ran over for the touchdown. Krier’s attempted kick was wide again and the score stood at 25-0.

Kicking off to the 12-yard line, Massillon held the Quakers to a total gain of four yards in three plays and a none too good kick gave the locals the ball on the 36-yard line. On the very first play, Krier circled right end for a touchdown and followed with a pass to Lohr for the extra point. This raised the score to 32-0.

McCants Romps 67 Yards
Following the next kickoff the Quakers worked a series of passes that carried the ball to midfield, where they were forced to punt, the ball going out of bounds on the 26-yard line. McCants made seven yards on a spinner and then romped away for 67 yards and a touchdown. He bowled over one of the secondary with a stiff arm and outran the safety man. Krier kicked the goal to give the Massillon team a 39-0 advantage at the half.

The second team played all of the last two periods, only Mellinger hanging over from the starting lineup.

Massillon’s kickoff went over the goal line and a poor New Philadelphia punt gave the Tigers the ball on the 12-yard line. On the very first play Dutton snapped a pass to Dietz for a touchdown. Mansbury’s attempted pass for the extra point was blocked. Score Massillon 45.

A five-yard return of New Philadelphia punt started the second march of the quarter from the 35-yard line. A forward pass having failed, Mansbury pivoted and wormed his way to the 20-yard line, going over for a touchdown on the very next play. His attempted kick was blocked and it bounded on the ground. Massillon 51 points.

Tigers Punt For First Time
The Tigers punted the next time they came into possession of the ball. It was their first punt of the game, a five-yard penalty and two incomplete passes stopping them from making a first down.

Morningstar put them back in the game, however, when he intercepted a pass on the
38-yard line. Chovan circled right end for 15 yards and a first down on the 23-yard line and Mellinger made nine more at left end. Mansbury made it first down and four to go and though Chovan lost five when bottled up on an end run, Mansbury came right back to wade through center for a touchdown. His kick was wide again. Score: Massillon 57.

Several minutes of the fourth quarter passed by uneventful, but Dutton suddenly came out of nowhere to snare a Quaker pass and run 40 yards for a touchdown. Sladavic was stopped on the line of scrimmage in his plunge for the extra point. This increased Massillon’s total to 63 points.

McDew Scores Last Points
Jimmy McDew, substitute end, had the honor of scoring the last touchdown of the game. A good pass receiver, McDew pulled down a 28-yard shot from Dutton and romped across the goal line. The same play was repeated, Dutton passing to McDew for the extra point.

The attack was diversified with forward passes last night for the first time this season and great improvement was shown in the aerial department.

Passes were responsible for three of the touchdowns and two points after touchdown. A total of two were completed for a gain of 121 yards in addition to two completed for the extra points. Five were intercepted.

New Philadelphia completed six passes for a gain of 69 yards and had three intercepted and two batted passes fell by the wayside and one down.

The New Philadelphia and Washington high bands furnished plenty of music and their drilling brought a rousing ovation from the 3,000 fans.

As the resume of the game shows, no Massillon player was outstanding last night, all ball carriers and linemen alike sharing equally in the triumph. Bob Sharke, who injured an ankle in the Wooster game a week ago, did not play. His place was capably filled by Mellinger. Hoernaman was outstanding for New Philadelphia. What ground was gained, he made, and he likewise tossed most of the passes.

Other high scores made by Massillon teams during the past nine years are as follows:
1932 – Massillon 26, New Philadelphia, 0; 1931 – Massillon 20, Canton 8; 1930 – Massillon 46, Dover 0; 1929 – Massillon 46, Akron Kenmore 8; 1928 – Massillon 32, Wooster 0;
1927 – Massillon 15, John Adams 19; 1926 – Massillon 46, Akron Garfield 0;
1925 – Massillon 18, Zanesville 0; and 1924 – Massillon 74, Wellston 0; and Massillon 77, Alliance 0.

Lineup and summary:
Massillon Pos. New Philadelphia
Lohr LE Resler
Birkish LT Masman
Porter LG Corbett
Monroe C Gopp
Snavely RG Shearer
Buggs RT Glass
Heisler RE Demuth
Shertzer QB Wortman
Krier LH Johnson
Mellinger RH Carlisle
McCants FB Hoernaman

Score by periods:
Massillon 6 33 18 13 70

Massillon – Wolf, lt; Dietz, le; Molinski, rg; Chovan, lh; Peters, rt; G. Schimke, re; Mansbury, fb; Dutton, qb; Smith, lg; Morningstar, c; McDew, le; Hutsell, lh; Sladavic, fb.
New Philadelphia – Jenkins, lt; Pryst, qb; Bedloin, g; Beitzel, c.

Massillon – Mellinger 2; McCants 2; Mansbury 2; Lohr; Krier; Dietz; Dutton; McDew.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Krier 2 (placekicks); Lohr and McDew (passes).

Referee – Shafer (Akron).
Umpire – Lobach (F. & M.).
Head Linesman – Rang (Akron).

Willie Monroe