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TWO well executed passes off the same formation, coming when passes were expected, enabled the Presidents of Warren high school to down the Washington high Tigers in the second half of Saturday afternoon’s 12th encounter between the two schools by a score of 12-0. The victory was Warren’s fourth in the 12 years of rivalry. Massillon has won the other eight.

Their string of victories brought to a halt at Alliance a week ago, the Tigers did not play with the same old snap Saturday that character-have taken something out of them, something which they must regain if they have any hope of winning Friday’s battle at Dover and the following traditional classic with Canton McKinley Saturday, Nov. 19.

Warren Disappointing
From the spectators’ standpoint the Warren team was a disappointment. Hailed as a powerful football outfit by virtue of its perfect record save for the one defeat by the Martins Ferry juggernaut, Warren looked slow and sluggish, Saturday, anything but a fast and alert football team. Furthermore there was little deception in its attack.

Had Massillon met Warren earlier in the season and Warren played the type of ball it did Saturday, the Tigers would have won. The light Massillon team, however, has depended almost entirely on deception to overcome its lack of weight and from game to game opposing coaches have gotten wise to the Massillon system, information has been exchanged and as a result the Tigers have little left with which to fool the enemy and lack the power to force their plays for gains.

It is difficult for a team of light weights to stand up under a training grind week after week and take a battering on successive Saturdays without a breather and that probably accounts for the lack of zip and alertness shown by the Tigers Saturday.

First Half Quiet
There was nothing to pant about in the first half. Massillon never got nearer than the Warren 40-yard line and Warren could only work the pigskin five yards nearer the Massillon goal. Play was largely confined to midfield as a result of poor punts, Sierra getting off two poor kicks for Warren and Knowlton booting one laterally for the Tigers.

The battle continued in no man’s land throughout most of the third period until Warren finally angled for a position, got it and marched to a score through a long forward pass.

A penalty that set the Tigers back to the one-yard line set the stage for the Warren touchdown. Heben was downed with a punt on the 10-yard line, but Schimke was caught using his hands on the next scrimmage and the Tigers were set back to the one-yard line. Heben standing on the end zone line had to kick quickly and hoisted a high one that only traveled out to the 11-yard stripe where it was downed by the Tigers. Davis tried to circle right end but was stopped without gain. Noland hammered center for a yard. H. Hartlett squirmed through to the five-yard line. Davis on the fourth down struck through right tackle for a first down on the one-yard line but the play was called back and Warren penalized 15 yards for holding.

Noland Scores
A forward pass seemed a certainty but the Tigers were caught asleep and Gisseralli was left wide open to snare Davis’ pass and was stopped a yard short of the Massillon goal, a first down by 18 inches. On his first attempt to carry the ball over, Noland was thrown for a one-yard loss. He went over the second time, however crashing through the left side of the Massillon line. Bray blocked Steele’s attempted drop for the extra point.

Warren scored again early in the fourth quarter. Backed up to his goal line, Knowlton punted to Davis who ran the ball out of bounds on the Massillon 35-yard line. Noland made two yards at right guard and Davis four more but Warren was declared offside and penalized five yards. Davis circled his right end for a 12-yard gain missing a first down by inches. Noland plunged through center for a first down on the 24-yard line. Noland lost a year on an end run but picked up seven on a spinner. Davis made three more but Warren was declared in motion on the play and was penalized five yards. Davis hurled a pass to Gisseralli for a first down on the 13-yard line. Noland waded through his left guard for two yards. H. Bartlett made four on a reverse. Davis lost a yard at right end. On the fourth down Davis hurled a pass to H. Bartlett who caught the ball on the goal line in the northwest corner of the field and fell over for a touchdown. Steele’s attempted drop kick for the extra point was low.

The Tigers opened up with a pass attack after the second Warren touchdown and succeeded in completing two before the alert hands of a Warren back intercepted one of Knowlton’s passes and the final gun found Warren again hammering away at the Massillon line, 17 yards short of the goal, third down and eight to go.

Massillon never had an opportunity to score. It never got closer toe the Warren goal than the 40-yard line and then only through a recovered fumble in the early minutes of the game. Warren’s pass defense completely stopped the Tigers overhead game on all but two occasions, two flat passes being completed, one for a gain of 18 yards.

Warren showed little more than a straight running attack depending principally on Noland for yards. Davis, however gained his share of ground for the visitors. Massillon made but three first downs during the afternoon while Warren made the distance 13 times. Massillon was penalized 25 yards, Warren 55 yards.

Line up and summary:
Massillon Pos. Warren
Lohr le Zoba
Burkish lt March
Ripple lg Hutchko
(Rest of line not available)