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Riddled by injuries and ineligibility, the Washington high school Tigers played inspired football before 3,000 fans at New Philadelphia, Friday evening, and whipped the Quaker Wildcats 26-0 in a game featured by long runs for touchdowns.

With Bo Kester, veteran and star backfield man of the team probably out for the rest of the season with an injured spine and Claire Foster, fullback, ineligible as well as three substitutes, the Tigers waded into their New Philadelphia opponents with a will last night, scored on the third play of the game and sparkled offensively for four complete periods.

No Effort For Large Score
The score might have been larger, but Coach Paul Brown did not care to make a complete route of it, and continually altered his lineup, using his complete strength but one full period of the game. An entire second team was sent in twice during the melee and the contest was concluded with a third team on the field battling the Wildcats to a standstill.

The rivalry between the two schools did not reveal itself to any great extent last night and tough the Wildcats occasionally showed bursts of offensive strength, they were unable to rise to the occasion as hoped by the home town fans in the booster game.

Only once did New Philadelphia threaten the Massillon goal line and then, unfortunately for the losers, the gun barked concluding the first half with the Wildcats in possession of the ball on the Massillon seven-yard line, first down and goal to go.

Tigers Constant Menace
The Tigers, on the other hand, were a constant menace to the Wildcat goal. There was Knowlton racing 38 yards on a deceptive spinner on the Tigers’ third play; there was Heben, racing around his left end for a 34-yard dash for a touchdown the second time the Tigers came into possession of the ball; there was Shrake intercepting a pass on his 30-yard line and running 70 yards for a touchdown behind perfect interference; there was Willie Hutsell, that new backfield find, getting off to long gains in a march up the field which did not end until he dashed over from the four-yard line and there again flashed Andy Heben, returning a New Philadelphia punt in a dazzling run of 60 yards only to be carried back by a ruling of the officials that the Massillon right end roughed the kicker.

It was these long runs that proved the undoing of the Wildcats last night and there seemed to be no letup whether varsity or subs were on the field. All played alike – snappy football.

The Tigers hardly gave the Wildcats a chance to catch their breath. Krier kicked off to the 10-yard line and Gopp immediately returned the punt to Knowlton on the New Philadelphia 43-yard line. Knowlton got two yards and Heben three yards. Knowlton then took the ball, faked, spun and turned clear around, dashing through the center of the New Philadelphia team for 38 yards and a touchdown. Krier placekicked the extra point.

Heben Goes Over
Massillon again kicked off. Krier hoisting the ball to Fisher, who took it on the 15-yard line and reversing his field, ran it back to the 34-yard stripe. Herron made six yards and Fisher two more at right tackle but Shively could only gain a yard at center.

Marshall fumbled on an attempted punt but recovered on the 34-yard line. It was fourth down, however, so the ball went to Massillon. On the very first play Heben circled his left end for a touchdown. Krier’s attempted placekick was wide and low.

The Tigers again threatened in the same period, carrying the ball to the 25-yard stripe where their scoring opportunity was lost on an intercepted pass. They scored but once in the second quarter. New Philadelphia gained the ball through a punt on its own 46-yard line and Johnson and Fisher made it first down on the Massillon 43. Gopp knifed through tackle for three yards, but Hoyman leaped into the air to bat down Herron’s pass. Gopp picked up two yards and on the next play attempted to pass to Herron, but Shrake came in fast to pull the ball out of the air. His interference formed quickly and New Philadelphia tacklers were cleared out of the way as the Massillon halfback dashed 70 yards for a touchdown. The attempted placekick was wide.

Gun Ends Wildcat Threat
New Philadelphia’s only scoring opportunity came in the closing minutes of the first half. Heben fumbled Gopp’s punt, Stein recovering for the Wildcats on the Massillon 28-yard line. Wolf hit his right guard for three yards and a pass, Gopp to Stein gained four yards. Another pass, Gopp to Zurcher, gained only one yard but a repetition of the play brought a first down on the Massillon seven-yard line. The gun ended hostilities before another play could be run off.

A complete second team scored the fourth touchdown. Brinker and Chovan were on the ends, Smith and Swihart on the tackles; Snavely and Critchfield, guards; Ripple, at center; Dietz at quarterback, Mansbury and Hutsell on the halves and Williams, fullback.

The subs were so impressive that many New Philadelphia fans thought the second team better than the first. The youngsters were a constant threat but only put on one touchdown march. That was in the third period. Hutsell was nailed with Gopp’s punt on the Wildcat’s 36-yard line. Hutsell stepped through right tackle for a gain of 20 yards and a first down on the New Philadelphia 16-yard line. Williams made four yards at left guard and Dietz picked up five on a spinner. Williams made it first down on the four-yard line. Hutsell squirmed through his right tackle for a touchdown and carried the ball over for the extra point.

Heben’s Long Run Called Back
Heben brought the fans to their feet early in the fourth quarter when he grabbed Gopp’s punt on the Massillon 40-yard line, made a dart between two tacklers, struck out along the sideline, cut across the field and spun through the last two tacklers for a 60-yard dash across the Wildcat goal. However, the play was called back, Referee Jenkins ruling that Gopp was bumped by Brunker, Massillon right end.

The Tigers threatened two other times in the fourth quarter but Coach Brown was more eager to give all of his boys an opportunity to play rather than score more touchdowns. As a result the Tigers after advancing the ball for a first down on the 11-yard line, were thrice penalized five yards in succession for taking too many times out necessitated by the injection of substitutes into the game. By t he end of the contest Coach Brown had his third stringers on the field.

Massillon made 11 first downs to New Philadelphia’s six.

The Wildcats have a band they can be proud of. The New Philadelphia high school band plays and drills better than most high school bands in this section of the state and demonstrated its brilliance between halves.

Lineup and summary:
Massillon Pos. New Philadelphia
Lohr le Stein
Burkish lt Stahl
Krier lg Earle
Hoyman c Carpenter
Schimke rg McIntosh
Monroe rt Mostako
Brunker re Riylee
Knowlton qb Marshall
Heben lh Herron
Shrake rh Fisher
Amic fb Shively

Score by periods:
Massillon 13 6 7 0 26

Massillon – Brinker, le; Snavely, lg; Williams, fb; Mansbury, hb; Dietz, qb; Hutsell, hb; Ripple, c; Smith, lt; Critchfield, rg; Swihart, rt; Chovan, re; Toles, hb; Sidaway, qb; Adams, t; Mason; Price.
New Philadelphia – Gopp, fb; Johnson, qb; Wolf, hb; Zucher, hb;

Massillon – Knowlton; Heben; Shrake; Hutsell.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Krier (placekick); Hutsell (carried).