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A warm up game with Kenmore Saturday as a part of preparation for the coming game with Canton McKinley this weekend, turned into nothing short of an exhaustive foot race that saw the Washington high school Tigers roll up their largest score of the season in downing their Akron opponents 46 to 8.

Kenmore came to Massillon with the reputation of having one good man and 10 other players and the score was somewhat as expected. In fact the Massillon reserve team was just about balanced with the Kenmore first stringers.

Seconds Start Game
Notre Dame’s plan of attack was used at Massillon Field Saturday afternoon when the Washington high regulars doffed their varsity shirts and handed them over to the yannigans. This deception somewhat fooled the Kenmore fans who were jubilant over the fact that their team had held the Tigers scoreless during the first quarter and had gained almost equally as much ground from scrimmage.

But the shouts grew faint when the regulars with torn and faded jersyes stepped upon the field and began giving the visitors a neat lesson in football.

The first stringers took no time in getting the ball into scoring position and soon after the opening of the second period Rice knifed through tackle for a touchdown. Two more followed in rapid succession as a result of recovered Kenmore fumbles within the 40-yard line. The teams’ first touchdown via the forward pass came when Kester flipped the ball to Clendening behind the Kenmore goal. It was followed by a drive from the 36-yard line which finally terminated when Williams bucked the ball across the goal.

Kenmore Can’t Stop Attack
Kenmore fought back at the Tigers with all its strength but that was only sufficiently strong to momentarily stop the locals at times during the game. At the conclusion of the first half the locals were out in front 20 to 0 and the third quarter had hardly opened until the score was boosted to 27 by a sensational run of 70 yards by Jack Clendening, shifty backfield ace. Rice, Getz and Kester banged across the visitors’ goal line before the end of the game, all three touchdowns coming as a result of long offensive drives directed at the Kenmore wings and tackles.

But the locals could not keep the visitors from scoring and therein the Akron supporters found great delight. The first points came on a safety when a substitute Massillon center passed the ball over Kester’s head, the ball rolling out of the end zone. The touchdown was no fluke and was scored on a succession of forward passes, one of which was muffed but declared complete when “Smiley” Weltner, umpire, ruled that Rice, Massillon back had interfered with the receiver. Forward passes carried the ball to the one-yard line and Caston, ace of the Kenmore backfield lugged the pigskin across.

Caston Constant Threat
Caston was a threat all the time but he was given little support by his teammates. Had he a good line in front of him he would make it miserable for his opponents. He hurls passes with deadly accuracy and is shifty when carrying the ball. Several times he got away for long runs and twice was tackled by the Massillon safety man.

The orange and black tried more passes Saturday than they have at anytime during the year and succeeded in completing four out of 13 for a gain of 83 yards. Kenmore tossed 20 passes and completed nine for a gain of 173 yards. Three were intercepted by the Massillon backs. In a matter of first downs the local eleven had a wide advantage, making the required yardage 26 times while Kenmore made 13 first downs. The Tigers were penalized 10 yards and Kenmore 25 yards.

Clendening Hits Stride
Clendening who was stopped in his tracks at Warren a week ago, got going again Saturday but played only a little over a quarter of the game. In that time he scored two touchdowns, one on a forward pass and the other on a brilliant run of 70 yards. He kicked three points after touchdown. Rice played his best game of the season and made many good gains while Williams and Kester carried on in their usual aggressive style.

Saturday’s crowd was small and would have been much smaller had it not been for the large number of junior high students who turned out to see the junior high preliminary.

First Quarter
Cargill kicked off to Mudd who returned from the 10 to the 39-yard line. Two plays failed to gain, and Kenmore was penalized five yards for being offside. Singer slipped through for a first down on the 47-yard line. Knowlton carried for seven yards and Bordner and Mudd made it a first down on the 36-yard line. Three plays gained seven yards but Singer’s pass on the fourth down to Bordner was too high for the latter to reach and the Tigers surrendered the ball on the 30-yard line. Stopped after a gain of six yards on two plays, Bachtel punted out on the Massillon 40. When his team could not gain Bordner returned the kick to the 35-yard line. Caston returning the ball five yards, Pullo failed to gain and Bachtel punted to Knowlton who was tackled without return on the Massillon 38-yard line. Mudd hit left tackle for three yards. Singer’s pass to Bordner was high, but on the next play Bordner got away around on a dash to the Kenmore 38-yard line. Mudd made four at tack le and a penalty advanced the ball five more yards. Singer slipped through for a first down on the Kenmore 27-yard line. A pass was incomplete but Singer found an opening for seven yards and Knowlton followed up with a first down on the 15-yard line. Three plays gained but four yards as the Kenmore line braced and Singer’s attempted pass on the fourth down was blocked, the Tigers losing the ball on the 11-yard line.

Caston got away for an 18-yard run for a first down on the 29-yard line. Pullo failed to gain but Caston ripped off 11 yards for a first down on the 40-yard line. Caston made three at left but Pullo failed to gain, as the quarter ended.

Second Quarter
Bachtel punted out on the Massillon 30-yard line. The Massillon first string team replaced the shock troops. Clendening passed over Williams’ head, but Rice and Williams picked up enough yards to make a first down on the 46-yard line. Clendening made two yards but consecutive penalties set the orange and black back 10 yards. Rice, however made up the loss and on a reverse play dashed to the Kenmore 25-yard line. Kester made five yards and Clendening a first down in two plays. Williams took the ball to the 8-yard line and Rice skirted left end for the touchdown. Clendening kicked the extra point from placement. Score: Massillon 7; Kenmore 0.

Caston returned Willison’s kickoff to the 37-yard line. Herman recovered a Kenmore fumble on the latter’s 42-yard line. Clendening ripped off 12 yards on the first play and Williams and Kester made it a first down on the 11-yard line. Kester stepped back and flipped a pass to Clendening over the goal line. He kicked the extra point from placement. Score: Massillon 14; Kenmore 0.

Willison kicked off to Caston who returned to the 27-yard line. Miller got away for a
nine-yard run but fumbled and Williams pounced on the pigskin on the 36-yard line. Rice and Kester brought a first down on the 25-yard line in two plays. Rice made a yard and Kester’s pass was blocked but Clendening broke loose for a first down on the 15-yard line. Kester picked up seven more and Williams plunged for a first down on the three-yard line. He went over for a touchdown on the next play. Clendening’s attempted placekick was blocked. Score: Massillon 20; Kenmore 0.

Willison kicked off to Caston who was dropped on the 25-yard line. Two plays and a
five-yard penalty gave Kenmore a first down on the 35-yard line as the half came to a close.

Third Quarter
Caston kicked off to Getz, who was tackled on the 30-yard line. A pass was incomplete, but on the next play Clendening circled right end and raced along the east side line 70 yards for a touchdown. He kicked goal. Willison kicked off to the 40-yard line. A pass, Caston to Stover brought a first down on the Kenmore 49-yard line. Another pass to Stover advanced the ball to the 32-yard line. Pullo failed to gain and Kester ended the threat by intercepting Caston’s pass on the 23-yard line. Williams made six yards.

Getz passed to Kester for a first down on the 38-yard line. Rice reeled off six yards around right end and Getz made it a first down on the Kenmore 45-yard line. Getz, Singer and Williams carried in turn and made a first down on the 30-yard line. Singer and Getz again advanced the ball to the 12-yard line, and Williams, Getz and Kester carried it to the two-yard line where Getz took it across. Williams bucked across for the extra point. Score: Massillon 34; Kenmore 0.

Caston returned Willison’s kickoff from the 20 to the 36-yard line. He passed to Pullo for a first down in midfield. When another pass failed and an end run lost eight yards, Caston punted out of bounds on the 34-yard line. Getz’s pass was wild. Williams made six yards. Kester ran to the nine-yard line and then placed the ball on the four-yard line as the quarter ended.

Fourth Quarter
Kester plunged for a touchdown on the first play of the fourth quarter. Williams failed to carry the ball across on a line buck for the attempted point. Score: Massillon 40; Kenmore 0.

Caston took the kickoff and returned it to midfield. Massillon began running subs into the game. Plays failed to fain and after one pass had been knocked down, Caston’s second pass was declared complete on interference, giving Kenmore a first down on the 35-yard line. Caston circled right end for a first down on the nine-yard line. Kenmore was penalized five-yards for being offside. A pass gained five yards but further gaining effort failed and Kenmore surrendered the ball on the nine-yard line. Hoyman’s pass traveled over Kester’s head and rolled by the end zone, giving the visitors two points. Score: Massillon 40; Kenmore 2.

Kester punted the ball from the 20-yard line to the Kenmore 35-yard line following the safety. Interference was again charged a Massillon back on a Kenmore pass and the visitors were given a first down on the local’s 27-yard line. Two passes were too long and brought a penalty of five yards but a third pass carried into the arms of Pullo who was tossed out of bounds on the one-yard line. Caston went across on the next play. His dropkick for the extra point waswild. The Tigers received, Singer carrying the kickoff to the 41-yard line. When the Tigers failed to gain, Bordner punted to the Kenmore 30-yard line. Three passes were grounded and Caston punted back to his own 40-yard line. Bordner passed to Beck for 31 yards and a first down on the nine-yard line. Rice went over for the touchdown. The attempted kick was blocked. Score: Massillon 46; Kenmore 8.

Kenmore received and opened up with more passes, Caston tossing one to Stover for a gain of 25 yards putting the ball on the 40-yard line. Singer, however, intercepted the next on the 34-yard line, and when the locals could not gain, Bordner punted to Kenmore’s 30. Another pass was grounded and a second was intercepted by Price as the game came to an end.

Line up and summary:
Massillon Pos. Kenmore
Beck LE Simmons
Spencer LT Clearwater
Price LG Rodehaver
Hoyman C Cargill
Snodgrass RG Smith
Shanklin RT Pyers
Krug RE Stover
Singer QB Caston
Bordner LH Bachtel
Knowlton RH Pullo
Mudd FB Moyer

Score by periods:
Massillon 0 20 14 12 46
Kenmore 0 0 0 8 8

Massillon – Getz, e; Houriet, e; Willison, t; Blatz, t; Roderick, t; Myers, e; Monroe, g; Doerger, e; Pfister, g; Herman, g; Hoagland, e; Rice, hb; Clendening, qb; Kester, hb; Williams, fb.
Kenmore – Blaine, e; Meadows, fb; Van Houten, g; Seifried, fg; Kline, t; Miller, hb; Armain, hb; Stahl, e.

Massillon – Clendening 2; Rice 2; Williams; Getz; Kester.
Kenmore – Caston.

Points after touchdown:
Massillon – Clendening 3 (placekicks); Williams (line bucks).

Kenmore – (center pass over end zone).

Referee – Morgan (Youngstown).
Umpire – Weltner (Akron).

Alfred Lewis