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With second and third string players in the line-up during most of the second and third quarter, the orange and black scholastic football team of Washington high school Saturday afternoon had nothing more than a good workout in its annual fracas with Alliance high on the Central Steel Athletic field, burying the eastern Stark county aggregation under a 77 to 0 score in the first contest of the year between county rivals for the scholastic gridiron championship of Molly Stark’s domains. It was the largest score to be made by Coach David B. Stewart’s man eaters this fall and probably the largest to ever be run up in a duel between Stark County opponents.

Had Coach Stewart been inclined to leave his regulars in the fray throughout the entire engagement it is hard telling how high the score would have mounted. Had he kept his first string warriors on the sidelines throughout the entire game and sent the second team in to face Alliance it might have been a close battle but even against the second and third string men Alliance was helpless.

Eleven touchdowns, eight points after touchdown and a perfect field goal by Bill Edwards from the 40 yard line accounted for the points credited to the orange and black. Against the weak east enders, who have not won a game this fall, Captain Bill Edwards and his huskies did about as they pleased. They smashed the line, ran the ends and threw forward passes with reckless abandon, so bewildering the Alliance lads that after the first few minutes of play they were swept off their feet and wilted so quickly that they furnished little opposition during the remainder of the game.

With orders from Harry Giltz, their coach, to show some fight against the powerful Massillon aggregation, the Alliance team started off with a bang and in the first five minutes of play showed more real form than it has at any time this year. Getting the ball beyond mid-field in their own territory the visitors opened up with a series of long forward passes that soon took the oval deep into Massillon territory.

Two successful passes, one of 37 yards and the other of 18, carried the ball to Massillon’s one yard line. This show of strength on Alliance’s part was surprising even to the handful of Alliance rooters who had made the journey to Massillon with the team. But with the ball on the one yard line and a touchdown almost assured Rodebaugh fumbled the ball as he shot into the line.

Then out of the midst of struggling players appeared tow-headed Bill Price, the stocky Brewster lad, who scooped up the oval on Massillon’s one-yard line and dashed 99 yards across the Alliance goal for the local team’s first touchdown. Bill covered the distance from his own goal line to that of Alliance with such speed that by the time he put the oval on the ground back of the visitor’s goal line he was at least 50 yards ahead of the nearest visiting player.

That touchdown took the heart out of Alliance and from then on the orange and black scored points almost at will, rolling up 21 to the first quarter, 20 in the second, seven in the third when substitutes played almost the entire period and 29 in the fourth when the regulars once more were on the job. After that first brief flash of form Alliance never again came near scoring. The visitors were kept far too busy trying to stop Coach Stewart’s speeding machine to think about making any points themselves.

While the victory served to indicate that the local school should for the third straight year annex the Stark County scholastic championship it also furnished Coach Stewart with an opportunity of looking over some of the material he will have available for next year.

The Massillon tutor sent 29 men into Saturday’s game and from the way all of the boys played the local school should not be in such a bad way for material in 1925 although quite a few of this year’s team will be lost by graduation and ineligibility.

Two youngster who showed to good advantage and who will be heard from quite a bit in the future were Gump and Agler, a pair of ends. Both are playing their first year of varsity football but they showed plenty of ability. Gump playing a defensive game that was hard to beat while Agler brought the crowd to its feet by his spectacular catching of forward passes. Both boys are tall and rangy.

The orange and black, besides displaying a good running and line smashing attack, also uncovered a forward passing game that was a beauty, five of the local team’s touchdowns resulting from nicely executed overhead heaves. The orange and black worked nine of 17 forwards for a total gain of 281 yards, the gains running from 70 to 10 yards. Alliance intercepted two Massillon passes while six were grounded.

Alliance completed five passes for a total gain of 111 yards while nine were grounded and two were intercepted by Massillon. The local team made 18 first downs to 13 for Alliance but six of Alliance’s first downs came through the medium of penalties inflicted on Massillon for offside play.

The game started with Alliance receiving and after an exchange of punts the visitors opened up with a forward passing attack. Rodebaugh heaving a 35 yard pass to Siegenthaler to take the ball to Massillon’s 24-yard line. Then after gaining four on an end run Rodebaugh heaved another pass to Siegenthaler for an 18 yard gain, taking the ball to Massillon’s one yard one.

Then it was that Alliance fumbled and Bill Price came out of the melee to pick up the oval and race 99 yards for Massillon’s first touchdown. It was a sensational bit of playing. Touchdowns began to come thick and fast after that.

A few minutes later King ripped off a 25 yard gain around Alliance’s left end, putting the oval on the five yard line from where Kammer cracked open the Alliance line on a buck and carried the ball over. About this time Coach Stewart was pulling his regulars out and sending in substitutes but still Alliance was not able to stop the orange and black. Getting the ball on the 45 yard line after a punt Grant heaved a pass to Gump for 35 yards and then Kammer in two plunges carried it over for the sixth touchdown of the game.

With only one or two Massillon regulars in the game Alliance found itself able to check the local team during the remainder of the second quarter and for the greater part of the third. But things soon changed toward the end of the third period when Coach Stewart began sending his regulars back in.

The first half of the third quarter was largely a kicking duel until Bill Edwards got back into the game and the first thing Bill did was to block an Alliance punt and cover the ball on Alliance’s 15 yard line. That started a march for another touchdown, Borza and Grant making a first down in three plays and then Smith hit the line for the points.

In the fourth quarter Coach Stewart instructed his lads to open up and Alliance was buried under a flock of forward passes. Early in the final quarter Alliance held Massillon on the 30 yard line and Captain Edwards dropped back to the 40 yard mark and booted a perfect field goal for three more points. It was a fine bit of kicking.

Massillon received after that and on the second play King heaved a pass of 35 yards to Define who ran the remainder of the distance for a touchdown, the entire gain being 70 yards. A short time later Jimmy Price ran around Alliance’s left end for 20 yards and another set of counters.

Then the Define-Agler forward passing combination got in some work. Define heaving two passes to Agler within the space of a few minutes for two touchdowns. The first was good for 34 yards while the second was for 42 yards, Agler making a great catch of the second pass. He took the ball over his shoulder while running at full speed. It was one of the best plays of the game.

With but 30 seconds left to play Massillon tried hard for another touchdown but Alliance intercepted a pass just as the final whistle blew.

Poor Alliance
Massillon – 77 Pos. Alliance – 0
W. Price LE Lehnis
McCarthy LT Roth
Hise LG Shively
Edwards C Lindamood
Halco RG Byers
Weidman RT DeBee
Thomas RE Siegenthaler
J. Price QB Rodebaugh
King LHB McCallam
Define RHB Callbria
Kammer FB Bertilon

Score by quarters:
Massillon 21 20 7 29 77

Massillon – Gump for W. Price, Agler for Thomas, Smith for Hise, Grant for J. Price, Brooks for Weidman, P. Smith for Define, Williams for Agler, Fulton for Gump, Storey for McCarthy, Borza for King, Brown for Kammer, Fricker for Edwards, Hise for Fricker, Crone for Smith, Weymiller for Brooks, Gump for Fulton, Rudder for Williams, Dewald for Storey, Spencer for Halco, Herbst for Rudder, McCarthy For Dewald, Weidman for Weymiller, Edwards for Hise, Reis for Spencer, Hise for Crone, Leroy for Brown, Define for Leroy, Kammer for Borza, J. Price for Grant, King for Smith, W. Price for Gump, Thomas for herbst, Halco For Weidman, Agler for W. Price.

Alliance – Newshutz for Callbria, Hartman for Newshutz, Furkow for Roth, Shoemaker for Byers, Myers for Shoemaker.

Touchdowns – J. Price 2, Kammer 2, Agler, 2, W. Price, Gump, P. Smith, Define.

Points after touchdown – Edwards 8.

Field goal – Edwards.

Referee – Maurer (Wooster).
Umpire – Schaefer (Akron U.).
Head Linesman – Michels (O.S.U.).

Time of quarters – 15 minutes.

Wellston High Scheduled
For Next Saturday

Wellston high, reported to have one of the strongest scholastic football teams in southern Ohio, will be here next Saturday to oppose the orange and black Washington high, W.G. Hopper, local faculty manager, announced today that he had closed with Wellston to fill the date left open by the withdrawal of Mingo Junction.

Wellston wrote here for a game and school authorities say the team has been very successful this fall and hope to give the local eleven a hard tussle.

Bill Edwards