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First blood in the race for scholastic supremacy of Molly Stark’s domain was drawn Saturday afternoon by orange and black gridders of Washington high school under an overwhelming score of 41 to 0 on Mount Union field, Alliance.

It was a gain here and a gain there for the Tiger clad warriors. In fact the Alliance defense was unable to cope with the steady pounding of orange and black backs and had it not been for repeated fumbles by which the orange and black passed up golden opportunities to score, the east end footballers probably would have been swamped under a much larger count.

But regardless of the numerous muffs of the pigskin by Coach Stewart’s athletes, they far outclassed their ancient foe. Vast superiority in all departments of the game from the initial kickoff until the final whistle, was shown by the gladiators of the South Mill street institution over the east enders. As a matter of fact the wearers of the red and blue made but two first downs and one of these was the result of a Massillon lineman being too eager and getting a penalty for offside play. The only time they earned an advance of the 10-yard chain was on a long forward from White to Haney which netted a total of 25 yards.

Against this number of first downs for Alliance, Massillon made the required distance no less than 26 times, being aided once by a five yard penalty. Six first downs were registered in each of the first periods and eight in the final.


First Quarter
Ries returned the initial kick-off eight yards to the 29-yard line. Price hit the line for two and V. Define made an equal amount around end. Massillon was penalized for being off side. Alliance’s forward wall hurried Define’s punt and it was Alliance’s ball on the
40-yard line White was held and on the second down he punted to Define who was downed on his own 17-yard line. Price ripped off 20 yards around right end for the first first down of the game.

Line plunges by Define and Schrader gave the orange and black another first down. After Define was held to a one-yard gain, Alliance grounded a pass. Define punted and Alliance immediately returned the kick. On the second play Define kicked to Alliance’s 42-yard line Define returned White’s punt 15 yards to the 38-yard line. Massillon was held for two downs and Define punted. White lost a yard for Alliance and then punted to midfield.

Line plunges by Price and Schrader netted a first and ten. Price, Define and Fletcher negotiated a triple pass for 11. Massillon tried three times at the east enders line but failed to gain and with the ball on the 28-yard line Edwards dropped back for a drop kick. The boot was wide of its mark and it was Alliance’s ball on the 2-yard line. White punted to the 44-yard line. In two crashes at the line Schrader gained 10. After an incomplete forward pass, J. Define fumbled and Alliance covered on the 43-yard line. Alliance punted on its second down and Price fumbled the kick only to recover the ball on his nine-yard line. Define punted and on the next play Edwards intercepted a pass on the 35-yard line. Borza made 12 yards and V. Define was held as the period ended.

Second Period
Price went around end for six and Borza hit the line for nine. Borza again hit for five but fumbled on the next play and Alliance covered. White punted to V. Define who was downed on the 48-yard line. J. Define circled right end for 32 yards. On the next play Massillon was penalized five for offside. Borza hit for four and Price lost five on a double pass. J. Define lost four, Edwards again tried for a drop kick between the bars but missed. Alliance was offside on the play and was penalized to the 17-yard line. Borza hit for eight and V. Define squirmed through for a touchdown on the next play. Pflug kicked goal.

On the kickoff Alliance was penalized 15 yards to its own five-yard line. White punted out of bounds on his own 14-yard line and on the next play Massillon was penalized 15 for holding. A pass, V. Define to Price, netted 18 yards. On the next play Price fumbled on the seven-yard line, Alliance getting the ball. White kicked to V. Define who was brought down on the 25 yard line. Borza hit for two. J. Define added five more and V. Define advanced the ball to the four-yard line. After Borza had twice failed, Price plunged across. Pflug added the extra point.

Alliance kicked off and after three tries at the line V. Define punted out of bounds on Alliance’s five yard line. White punted 24 yards. After V. Define had lost four in two downs, Alliance gained the ball after a bad pass from center. Haney made six and White punted to Price in mid-field. Grant replaced J. Define and immediately passed to Fletcher for 13 yards. On a pass from Price, Potts recovered the all as it rebounded off two Alliance players and ran 14 yards for the third touchdown. Pflug kicked goal. Alliance kicked off as the period ended.

Third Period
V. Define returned the kickoff 32 yards to the 44 yard line. Schrader plunged twice for a total of 14 yards, but Borza fumbled on the 21-yard line. After Massillon held for two downs, White punted to the 41-yard line. Schrader and Borza made a first down. Massillon was penalized five for offside. A pass to V. Define made 14 and Schrader plunged for a first down. Three plunges by Schrader netted five yards and Mullac intercepted a pass and advanced to his own 3-yard line before being brought to earth . White punted to midfield. A long pass, Fletcher to Price, carried the oval to the 29-yard line. In two plays V. Define carried the oval to the five-yard line, from where Borza crossed the goal line. Pflug booted for the extra point.

Edwards returned the kickoff to the 47-yard line. Alliance held and Massillon kicked, Raudebaugh returning the boot to midfield. White made three, but Price intercepted a pass on his own 40-yard line. Punts were exchanged and on the next play White intercepted a pass on his own 43-yard line. Hartman passed to Raudebaugh for two yards and then White heaved to Haney for 25 yards, and registered Alliance’s first first down. The ball was on Massillon’s 30-yard line. Two passes were incompleted and Alliance was penalized 15 for holding. White punted. Schrader lost two but Massillon gained 15 on Fletcher’s pass to Potts. Edwards held and Massillon was penalized 15. V. Define punted and Haney lost one for Alliance as the period ended.

Fourth Period
V. Define returned White’s kick from midfield to the 10-yard line. Massillon gained seven in three plays and Define’s pass over the goal line was ground. Alliance getting the ball on the 20-yard line. White punted to midfield and on a second attempted pass Define gained 11 yards. White intercepted a pass on his own 38-yard line. He punted to Define, who made a return of 48 yards to the 27 yard line. Potts made 11 yards on a pass from Define. Schrader plunged to the five-yard line. On the second down V. Define went across. The attempt at goal was blocked.

Alliance kicked off and Price was downed on the 25-yard line. Massillon was penalized five. After trying two passes, Define punted. Alliance also kicked, Define returning the kick to the midfield. Alliance held and Massillon kicked. Massillon was offside and penalized five. Alliance kicked over Massillon’s goal line. Pflug punted. After trying a pass Alliance kicked, Price covering the ball on the 24-yard line after Define had fumbled. Alliance gained five yards in an exchange of punts, Grant and Schrader made 11 yards and V. Define hit off tackle for 35. Price went around end for 36 and a touchdown the final of the game. Pflug kicked goal.

Pflug received the kickoff on the 45 yard line. Grant passed to Potts for 12. Grant was held. Rohr received a pass from V. Define or a 13-yard gain as time was called.

Canton, Beware!
Massillon – 41 Pos. Alliance – 0
Potts L.E. Simpson
Brooks L.T. Nixon
Harris L.G. Miller
Edwards C Zuchero
Miller R.G. DeBee
McCarty R.T.. Mullac
Fletcher R.E. Seigenthaler
Price Q Raudebaugh
Ries L.H. White
V. Define R.H. Haney
Schrader F. Hartman

Score by periods:
Massillon 0 21 7 13 41

Massillon – J. Define for Ries, Pflug for Harris, Borza for Schrader, Grant for J. Defeine, Schrader for Grant, Grant for Borza, Rohr for Fletcher, Qugley for Potts.

Alliance – Boyle for DeBee, Tammario for Boyle, DeBee for Tammario, McCallum for White.

Touchdowns – V. Define 2, Price 2, Potts, Borza.

Goals after touchdown – Pflug 5.

Referee – Howells.
Umpire – Clark.
Head Linesman – Shaffer.

Time of periods – 15 minutes.

Carl “Ducky” Schroeder